Exploring the Pros and Cons of Living in Esenyurt: Is it the Right Choice for You?

is living in esenyurt good

A brief overview of Esenyurt, Turkey

Esenyurt is a district in Istanbul province under the rule of the Istanbul municipality. As an investor, you may be curious about living in Esenyurt. Most investors who want to live in Esenyurt ask, is living in Esenyurt good?

Esenyurt recently experienced a construction boom and benefited from significant development that will make the area suitable for living.

Esenyurt is located on the European side of Istanbul and borders Acilar, Buyukcekmece and Kucukcekmece lakes on the west Basaksehir, Arnavutkoy and TEM road on the north and Belikdozo and E-5 motorway on the south.


Is Esenyurt Istanbul a good place to live?

Esenyurt is ideal for immigrants since the region is filled with new constructions and modern public amenities that change the neighborhood’s appearance. Note that the area offers reasonably priced properties, a strong point in attracting many immigrants. Therefore, is Esenyurt an excellent place to live? The answer is, Esenyurt provides a new and modern lifestyle at a low price; hence Esenyurt is an ideal place to live.

What are the Pros of Living in Esenyurt?

Whenever you plan on living in Esenyurt, it would be better to be informed about the pros of living in the district, and you can find a fulfilled answer to the question that you have in your mind: is Esenyurt an excellent place to live?

Access to amenities and services

It is easy to get to Esenyurt from other parts of Istanbul since there are many transportation alternatives. Also, it is easy to get to Istanbul from Esenyurt by subway. Moreover, traveling inside Esenyurt is easily possible by transportation systems such as mini buses, taxis and buses continuously moving in the neighborhood. In AdditionAddition, by way of Istanbul airport, you can travel to other countries from Esenyurt without any problem. 

Affordable housing options

Esenyurt is famous for its brand-new apartment and reasonably priced properties. Since property values are rising persistently, many investors are looking for a neighborhood with modern facilities at low prices. Esenyurt offers affordable options with solid future growth in a contemporary environment.

The growing economy and job opportunities

Since Esenyurt has many shopping centers, universities, and other public facilities on the one hand and affordable properties on the other, it leads to overpopulation that causes a growing economy and job opportunities.  

The vibrant social and cultural scene

 There are four cultural centers in Esenyurt such as Esenyurt Cultural Centre, Saadetdere Cultural Centre, Yenikent Cultural Centre and Yunus Balta Cultural Center; also Esenyurt is home of Istanbul Esenyurt University; moreover, it is close to Beykent University, Fatih University, Istanbul Arel University, Istanbul University and Istanbul Gelisim University. In AdditionAddition, Esenyurt hosts many international exhibitions. This cultural atmosphere gathers many nations in Esenyurt. Arabian, Egyptian, Yemeni, Syrian, and Iraqi families are eager to live in Esenyurt.

Safety and Security

Esenyort has law enforcement in terms of street fights. From time to time, police arrest drug dealers. But according to statistical reports, the crime rate in Esenyurt is lower compared to the USA, and this area is 78% safer than the USA.

What are the cons of living in Esenyurt?

An immigrant who wants an affordable living place will find Esenyurt a lovely neighborhood. But every district has disadvantages; since the writer wants to be honest and gives you a complete overview to choose wisely, here brings you some cons of living in Esenyurt according to the citizens’ point of view.

  • It takes time during weekdays to get somewhere such as size.
  • Some areas in Esenyurt far from Metrobus are primarily insecure.
  • Esenyurt needs to have a historical place.
  • The area is not a tourist attraction zone.
  • Poor green space is visible in Esenyurt.
  • Society’s culture is traditional. 

Where do most ex-pats live in Istanbul?

Overview of popular expat-expat neighborhoods in Istanbul

Here is the most popular neighborhood for ex-pats in Istanbul:

Central of Istanbul. The areas in central Istanbul, such as Etiler, Ulus, Levent, and Ortaköy, host many immigrants. Levent is the most expensive neighborhood in the central part of Istanbul.

The European side of Istanbul always successfully attracts prosperous and educated ex-pats. This area donates a beautiful scene to citizens due to the phosphorus bridge.

Since property prices are usually high in the European side of Istanbul, besides some people prefer to run away from the crowded, the suburbs of Istanbul offer them a reasonable investment; also, they will be pleased with peace.

Comparison with Esenyurt

Esenyurt, in contrast with Istanbul, is a relatively quiet neighborhood. Since the area lacks tourist attractions, the area is not full of tourists during holidays. The opposite of Istanbul Esenyurt demonstrates a traditional culture.

Poor green space is the most devastating part of the lifestyle in Esenyurt. But the government follows some policies to do much development in this area. As a helpful overview, Esenyurt is a good neighborhood with a future growth guarantee. 

Is Esenyurt on the European or the Asiaian side of Istanbul?

The geographical location of Esenyurt

If you want to know, is living in Esenyurt good? The first step is to have information about the geographical location of Esenyurt. The area is located on the European side of Istanbul. As you know, the European side of Istanbul is popular among ex-pats. Esenyurt borders Beylikdüzü on the north. Also, Esenyurt is close to the E-5 meters from the south.

Importance of knowing the location

No matter where you want to buy a property or live permanently, the best way to know whether the chosen area is your cup of tea is to get information about the location. Istanbul is a metropolitan with many neighborhoods, each of which has its characteristics; therefore, you need more information about the area’s place to choose the best location for yourself.  

Is Istanbul a good place to live for foreigners?

Overview of living in Istanbul as a foreigner

Istanbul has four years of seasons, cold winter, hot summer, chilly autumn, and spring. It prefers cheap health care, bright life, and cultural diversity. Also, Istanbul is a city of delicious local foods. Due to the high lifestyle and affordable expenses, Istanbul has changed into the heaven of Europeans. 

Pros of living in Istanbul

The pros of living in Istanbul are unlimited:

Beautiful nature

Welcome Citizens

Scientific universities and schools

High-level public facilities

Cheap life expenses

Numerous positions for economic activities

Good place for investments

Dynamic economy system

Clean and fresh air

facilities in esenyurt

Cons of living in Istanbul

Due to tourist attractions, Istanbul is crowded, although you can find some calm neighborhoods.

Istanbul is a metropolitan; therefore, finding an affordable investment or place for permanent life is not easy without investigating in advance.

What are the Important Areas of Esenyurt?

Overview of critical locations in Esenyurt

Esenyurt is a famous place in Istanbul located on the European side of the city, under the rule of the Istanbul municipality.

Description of essential areas and their significance

Esenyurt comprises 33 regions, including Ataturk, Jomhori, Ornak, Esteghlal, and Pinar.

The areas which are near Metrobus are safe for living. Also, areas near universities are safe, and most citizens are educated. The areas far from the Metrobus need to be more secure to settle.  

What are the Malls in Esenyurt District in Istanbul?

List of malls in Esenyurt

Like other areas in Istanbul, Esenyurt has shopping centers. The most famous shopping centers in Esenyurt are: Akbati

  • Eskule
  • Torium
  • Marmara Park
  • Bauhaus
  • Isik Mall
  • City Center Mall
marmara park

Description of each mall and its facilities

  •   Eskule shopping center is the central part of Esenyurt, with 100 stores and restaurants. Esklue shopping center is both too big and too small.
  • Marmara park is a two-floor mall; a vast open area at the park entrance links to the first floor, which contains stores that prepare different products, from new brand clothes and shoes to home utensils. The second floor of Marmara mall is full of restaurants that offer Turkish and international foods. 
  • Torium shopping center is adjacent to the metro bus and offers good local products. Also, it has a food court with tasty menus.

Benefits of owning an apartment in Esenyurt

Buying an apartment in Esenyurt means an affordable investment in an environment with modern public facilities. Also, Esenyurt experiences fast development that guarantees your property raises the price.

Comparison with other neighborhoods in Istanbul

If you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul, you must pay much more than an apartment in Esenyurt with the same condition.

What are the Investment Options in Esenyurt?

Overview of investment opportunities in Esenyurt

Suppose you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul and make an affordable investment. In that case, Esenyurt is your place with fast development with high growth in the property index in the Turkish real estate market. 

List of popular investment options

Houses and apartments for sale in Istanbul are the most popular investment options. 

popular investment options in istanbul

How to Invest in Real Estate in Esenyurt?

Steps to invest in real estate in Esenyurt

First, you should set your goal of buying a property in Esenyurt. Whether you want to buy a property for renting, permanent living, or benefit from future growth, choose a location based on your investment intention. Then you get information about the range of prices in the area. If you ask for help from a professional real estate agency, you can get what you want quickly without getting yourself in trouble.

Advice and tips for successful investment

  • Investment analysis
  • Choosing the best area
  • Be informed about real estate investment law in Turkey
  • checking the title deed before buying
advices on successful investment


Summary of key points

This article tries to cover the question: is living in Esenyurt good? The answer is Esenyurt is a good place for immigrants or ones who put their feet on the property investment market ladder for the first time because Esenyurt offers reasonable properties with future investment growth.

Final thoughts on living in Esenyurt

If you’re curious, is it good living in Esenyurt? 

It’s better to know Esenyurt is an opportunity in the Turkish real estate market since it experiences fast development and guarantees future prosperity.    

What is the use of Nomaratage in Turkey?!


Numarataj number is one of the most important documents that can bring you Turkish residence. The positive features of Turkey, such as unique employment opportunities, economic growth and income generation, etc., have made immigration to this country a priority for Iranian citizens. But today, Turkey has considered new laws for immigrants to ensure their intention to settle. Obtaining a registration form is one of the new immigration laws of this country, which will be required to be received and submitted to the immigration office for all people who decide to obtain Turkish residence through the purchase of property.

Methods of obtaining permanent residence in Turkey

Today, Turkey has become one of the countries that accept immigration, where countless foreign nationals seek to obtain citizenship and permanent residence in this country every year. One of the simple ways by which you can obtain a permanent residence permit in Turkey is buying property and apartments in different cities of Turkey, including buying and selling apartments in Istanbul . Of course, provided that its value is more than 400 thousand dollars.

For this reason, after purchasing a property at the value set by the Turkish government, foreigners can apply for residency in this country. However, in order to realize this, it will be necessary to present valid documents that show the seriousness of people to obtain Turkish citizenship. One of these documents is a sheet known as numbering or numarataj, which we will discuss in detail below.


What is Numarataj?

Currently, there are whispers about Turkey’s new immigration laws, which foreign nationals are required to comply with in order to receive the citizenship of this country. Although the presentation of the number sheet is not mentioned as an official document on the Turkish immigration website, but according to the predictions, this law will probably be implemented seriously from the beginning of the new year.

According to this new law, citizens who want to obtain permanent residence in Turkey must submit the number document to the Immigration Department of this country. Numarataj sheet is a valid document issued by the Turkish government and provides detailed information about the map address of a person’s habitable property in this country and its legal details to the immigration officers.

How to obtain a number

According to the recent strictures of the Turkish government to provide citizenship rights to immigrants, receiving a number sheet has become a necessary and mandatory matter. In order to receive this document, immigrants need to go to the municipality of the area in which they want to buy property and submit the request for the Numara Taj document along with the required additional documents to the relevant staff. The municipal officials will also issue the number certificate on the same day after reviewing the documents provided by the immigrants. It is worth noting that the municipality will not charge any fees for the issuance of number plates and all the services provided in this regard will be provided to the immigrants for free.

The documents required to receive the NumeraTaj card

One of the solutions that can be considered as a positive point for you to receive Turkish citizenship as soon as possible is to submit the required residence documents in a completed form. Because if there are defects in the documents, your appointment at the embassy will be postponed. For this reason, it is recommended that you receive the number sheet from the municipality as soon as you specify the residential property. But you should know that in order to receive this official and important document, you must also deliver documents to the municipality.

The first document required to receive the number sheet is the rendezvous message, which is sent to immigrants via email or SMS. Presentation of tapu is also considered as one of the important documents for obtaining nomarataj. Note that if you cannot afford to buy the property and you are a tenant in a residential unit, you must submit your lease to the municipality in addition to the tapu for review.


What does tapu have to do with numarataj?

In Turkey, residential property ownership documents are known as tapu . In fact, if you buy a residential property in this country, a title deed will be issued in your name. This document is one of the most important documents that you have to submit to the municipality in both original and copy form to receive the numarataj. Contrary to the opinion of some immigrants, it will be possible to get Turkish citizenship even if you live in rented houses.

In this case, it is necessary to deliver a copy of the title deed of the rented house in the name of the owner to the municipality. Do not forget that along with the owner’s tapu, it is necessary to provide the original and copy of the lease along with other documents to the employees of the municipality’s immigration department.

Email rendezvous

The Turkish government, like other countries, provides several different types of visas to those interested, the most common type of visa in this country can be considered a tourist visa. In general, the validity period of a tourist visa is three months or 90 days, and after the expiration of its validity, foreign nationals are required to return to their country. Of course, if foreigners decide to obtain permanent residence, they must first obtain a tourist visa and arrange an appointment with the Turkish Immigration Office before its validity expires.

Requesting an appointment with the Turkish immigration staff is known as a rendezvous, and all foreign nationals who intend to obtain permanent residence in this country must submit their rendezvous request to the Turkish Immigration Department. After that, a message about reserving the date and time of the rendezvous will be sent to the expatriates via SMS or email. After receiving the rendezvous message, the immigrants should go to the municipality and show it to the relevant officials.

Submitting a rendezvous request in order to receive a registration number is for the municipal staff to ensure the serious intention of the immigrants to stay permanently in Turkey. It should be noted that if you do not intend to obtain the right of Turkish citizenship, but you want to extend your tourist visa, you must go to the Turkish Immigration Office and submit your request to attend the rendezvous meeting to the immigration officials.

The validity period of the number card or Numarataj

In general, it can be said that the validity period of the numbering document depends on various factors. If you have purchased a property in the first year of your stay in Turkey and have received its registration form, you can easily apply for your residence in this country by visiting the Turkish Immigration Office. The registration form obtained under these conditions does not need to be renewed in the following years, and the immigrants in the following years can receive the right of Turkish citizenship again with the same number registration document as their previous one.

However, if you sell your current property and buy a new residential property in the following years, the current Numarataj will no longer be valid and you will have to get a new Numarataj form again through the municipality. However, this process has no effect on obtaining Turkish residence, and for this purpose, only one registration form will be issued. This has caused administrative activities related to residence extension to be reduced and residence extension processes to be carried out more quickly.

Information recorded in the Numarataj

All the information recorded in the numbering document actually proves your ownership of a property and your residence in it. In other words, this document is known as the TAPU supplementary document and its receipt will be mandatory for all foreign applicants to obtain Turkish residence. In this document, two types of general information can be seen, the first type belongs to the personal information of the owner.

In this section, the owner’s name and surname, age, nationality, marital status, education status, employment status, etc. are mentioned in detail so that the immigration department can obtain detailed information about the owner of the house. In the next part, all the properties of the purchased property will be recorded in detail, including the size of the property, its real value, etc. It is worth noting that this document is only for the purpose of informing the immigration department about the residential status of the immigrants and will not have any other use.

The services of CityRealty real estate agency in order to receive registration number

Obtaining Turkish residence requires timely attendance and submission of various documents to the immigration office of this country, which will be accompanied by difficulty in knowing all the steps and completing them on time. For this reason, the presence of an intermediary company can help you in immigration matters. CityRealty real-estate Agency is one of the reliable Iranian institutions active in Turkey, which will guide immigrants to buy suitable properties.

This well-known brand also has extensive activities in the field of acquiring number registration documents, and its consultants and experts can facilitate the process of obtaining number registration and finally obtaining Turkish residence for immigrants. In order to get more detailed information, you can contact the real estate consultants of the city.


It is possible to obtain Turkish residence through various methods such as buying real estate, employment, establishing a company, studying, etc. However, if you have a good financial situation, buying residential real estate will be the best option to get residence in this country. For this purpose, it is necessary to receive the number sheet. This document is actually a document proving your ownership, which will be issued by the municipality and must be provided to the immigration department. Numbering is known as a positive point for obtaining Turkish citizenship and will speed up the process of obtaining residence in this country.

Is it profitable to buy property in Turkey?

Is it profitable to buy property in Turkey?


In response to the question, is it profitable to buy property in Turkey? It should be kept in mind that many factors will make people want to invest in buying property in this country.

Turkey is known for its unique tourist attractions, which is why many tourists will want to stay in this country for a long time.

So many people want to buy a villa in Antalya or buy a house in Istanbul . In addition to receiving residency, one should think about whether buying a property in Turkey is a good investment. Or sometimes it proves the opposite.

For this reason, in this article, to the basic questions in this field, especially the question, is it profitable to buy property in Turkey? We will respond at CityRealty real-estate Services Company.

Investigating the purchase of property in Turkey

Undoubtedly, buying a property in Turkey is one of the fastest ways to obtain citizenship of this country. In addition to this, it should be kept in mind that people will get one of the best passports in the world by buying real estate in Turkey.

Also, by buying property in this country, a positive step will be taken for profitable investment. As it is evident, buying property in Turkey is the goal of some big investors, and since this country is known as a tourist hub, the demand for buying property is increasing day by day.

One of the main points in answering the question, is buying a property in Turkey profitable? Paying attention to the laws related to how to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying property. For more information on how to obtain Turkish residence, you can visit the website of the Turkish Immigration Department .

Rules for obtaining residence by buying property in Turkey

A lot of investors are buying villas in Antalya or buying a property in Istanbul in order  to obtain citizenship from Turkey and invest economically .

Undoubtedly, there is a minimum amount and cost for buying a house and property in Turkey by the government of this country. This has a significant effect on the answer to the question, is it profitable to buy property in Turkey? Will have.

Investors can own a property in the tourist country of Turkey by spending 400,000 dollars. Of course, after completing the process of buying a house, people must submit their request for citizenship to the official register.

Also, in order to maintain their citizenship title as Turkish nationals, the aforementioned investors must comply with some predetermined criteria and adapt themselves to these criteria.

The government of Turkey has imposed some legal restrictions to create obstacles for real estate brokers and intermediaries in this country, which are mentioned below.

  • Not allowed to sell the property for up to three years
  • In order to receive a three-year residence in Turkey, it is necessary to pay 60,000 dollars.
Is it profitable to buy property in Turkey?

Necessary documents to buy property in Turkey

In order to go through the legal process of property registration in any country, it is necessary to provide some documents. Therefore, the Turkish government will force the applicant to submit some documents to register the property.

In the following, some of these documents are mentioned by the CityRealty’s real estate trading agency. Of course, it is recommended to contact the consultants of this company to get more information in this field.

  • Provide photos of the seller and the buyer
  • Provide all identity documents
  • Providing an earthquake insurance policy is mandatory.
  • Registration of real estate evaluation report
  • Providing the official and legal document of the traded property

Obtaining permanent residence in Turkey

Those interested in obtaining permanent residence in Turkey will quickly achieve their goal by purchasing a property worth 400,000 dollars.

In fact, these people will receive a residence permit for one year by registering the property in this country. Of course, every five years a person must renew his residence.

Applicants for permanent residence are also required to pay 60,000 US dollars, so that after paying the said fee, they will receive a temporary residence card and renew it after one year.

It should also be kept in mind that in order to obtain permanent residence in this country, the applicant must be present in this country for 3 years and 11 months each year.

Comparison of property purchase in Europe and Turkey

In some cases, applicants to buy real estate in foreign countries will have difficulty in deciding where to invest. To answer the question, is buying a property in Turkey a good investment? It should be kept in mind, it will require a more comprehensive view.

It can be mentioned that the time required to obtain a residence in Turkey is much shorter. This is if in European countries it takes 5 years to obtain residency. Also, the principles and rules of obtaining residence in Europe are far more complicated than in Turkey.

Of course, it goes without saying that Turkey’s economy is weakening, while Europe has maintained the material value of its money.

Advantages of buying real estate in Turkey

In this section, in order to complete the above information and a more complete answer to the question, is it profitable to buy property in Turkey? We will discuss the main advantages of buying property in Turkey.

As mentioned, buying property and investing in Turkey can be a launching pad for increasing the capital value and financial reserves of investors. The advantages of buying property in Turkey include the following.

  • Obtaining Turkish residence and passport after 60 to 80 days
  • Get a bank loan with the lowest interest rate
  • The possibility of opening an account
  • Get free medical services
  • adoption of the tax code
  • The possibility of free education in this country
  • Low cost of living in Turkey
  • Increasing the probability of receiving a Schengen visa

Investigating the conditions of buying property in Turkey

The conditions for buying property in Turkey are a little smoother than in Iran. In such a way that by purchasing real estate in this country, people will be able to get many facilities and desirable housing by spending less money. Also, it is not far from expected that in this country depending on the specific situations, the price and costs needed to buy real estate vary.

The factors affecting property prices in Turkey are as follows.

  • The desired place to buy property
  • The distance between the property and the sea
  • The amount of infrastructure
  • What type of housing

Investigating the purchase of a villa in Antalya

Antalya is considered one of the most popular regions in Turkey, due to its beautiful nature and many tourist attractions, many businessmen are interested in investing and buying property in this region.

Antalya is known as one of the top five provinces of Turkey, and due to the desire of investors to buy housing in this region, its housing situation is subject to severe fluctuations.

For this reason, it is suggested to consult with professional consultants in this field in order to buy a property in this area. You can also access the required information about buying housing in this area by visiting the CityRealty real estate website.

Conditions for buying a house in Istanbul

According to the analysis of some information obtained by the Turkish Statistical Institute, the average cost of each square meter of housing in the Istanbul region will be 485 euros.

Also, the average cost of buying an apartment in this area is about 56,000 euros. Of course, it should be kept in mind that buying a property in this area, like buying a property in Antalya, is associated with difficulties and unfavorable economic fluctuations. It should also be kept in mind that real estate prices in Istanbul will always rise.

Basic points before buying a property in Turkey

To answer the question, is it profitable to buy property in Turkey? In addition to the above, you should pay attention to some points before making any purchase.

In the continuation of the contents of the reliable CityRealty real-estate Company, in order to further guide its audience, it has mentioned some points related to measures before buying a property in Turkey.

  • Comprehensive review of the area for investment
  • Field and in-person visit to the said area
  • Get advice from experts and real estate consultants
  • Submitting a power of attorney to a trusted lawyer to purchase commercial property
  • Obtaining an insurance policy and determining the amount of tax paid


In this article, we tried to answer two questions: Is it profitable to buy property in Turkey? And the question: Is buying a property in Turkey a good investment? Provide a complete and efficient answer.

Of course, it is recommended to refer to CityRealty real-estate website for more and more detailed information in this field and benefit from the information of this company’s consultants.

The cheapest neighborhood in Istanbul to buy property in 2022

The cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul


Due to its proximity and neighborhood with Iran, Turkey sees many immigrants from Iran every year. One of the best Turkish cities that has always been attractive to Iranians is Istanbul.

This city is divided into 39 urban areas, some of these areas are located in the Asian part and some are in the European part. If you want to buy a property in the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul, we recommend that you stay with us until the end of the article.

In Istanbul, as we get closer to the Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus Strait, we see an increase in real estate prices. So, if you are looking to buy a property in Istanbul at a reasonable price so that you can easily obtain Turkish residency and citizenship, it is better to stay with us.

In this article, we will introduce the cheapest areas of Istanbul so that you can invest in the most suitable area by fully knowing this beautiful city. You know for sure that the price of real estate varies according to the area, size, year of construction, etc.

Istanbul, with a population of about 15 million people, is considered the largest crowded city in Turkey. It is better to choose your place of residence near your workplace to save your time and money. Of course, it goes without saying that Turkey has made significant progress in the development of public transportation and has developed its transportation system well.

As you know, one of the prerequisites for immigrating to another country is knowing the prices and how to live there. This issue will be discussed further.

Advantages of buying cheap property in Istanbul

Investing in Turkey has many advantages, including the favorable economic conditions of this country and obtaining residence and citizenship of this country, which is possible by investing with a certain minimum amount. To buy a house in Istanbul , you must first determine your goal, in which area and in which type of property you want to invest. 

Many people want to buy an apartment in Istanbul. These people have chosen this option for the reasons mentioned below:

1. Price

2. Building quality

3. Dropping the price temporarily or permanently

4. High amenities

5. The annual increase of tourists and the possibility of high rent

6. The best opportunity to invest in a foreign country

The cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul

Introducing the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul

1. Esenyurt neighborhood

Esenyurt is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul. This area is located in the European and western part of Istanbul and is a short distance from the city center and is very popular among Iranians living there. Esenyurt neighborhood has made significant progress in the last few years and engineers have transformed the face of this part of Istanbul with huge construction projects. This neighborhood mostly has residential apartments, among which there are also commercial units. The presence of parks and abundant green space covers the existing gaps.

2. Sultanbeyli

The Sultanbeyli area is located in the northeast of Istanbul and is considered to be the place where most of the non-natives of Turkey live. This part has a very favorable climate and also the price of real estate in this area is low. For people who are looking for good and quality weather, and in addition to that, low real estate prices are important, they choose this part for residence and investment.

The fame of this area is due to the presence of the historic Aydos Castle, which has attracted the attention of many tourists. The SultanBeyli area is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul, and this area has made life in this area easy for people due to public amenities, including the development of taxi transportation and the construction of the subway.

3. Büyükçekmece neighborhood

One of the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul is Buyukcekmece neighborhood, which is located in the western part of Istanbul. The mentioned neighborhood is more far from the center of Istanbul than other neighborhoods. This sector has a good potential for development and a bright future is waiting for it. The prices of villas and houses in this neighborhood are much cheaper than in other areas.

4. Arnavutkoy neighborhood

If you are planning to buy a house in the northern part of Istanbul, Arnavotkoy neighborhood will meet your needs. This area is near Istanbul Airport and is the most popular neighborhood after Basaksehir. Arnavotkoy has the longest coastline of the Black Sea. This neighborhood had a relatively low cultural level before 2016, but after 2021, due to the increase in the number of immigrants, the cultural level of this area of ​​Istanbul has also improved significantly. This neighborhood has many fans among non-native singles.

Arnavutkoy neighborhood is famous among tourists because of the presence of beautiful Ottoman houses.

5. Tuzla neighborhood

Tuzla is located in the eastern part of Istanbul. This area is mostly considered as an industrial area, because most of the parent factories are located in this area. And it is suitable for people whose workplace is nearby. This section also has beautiful buildings and apartments. It goes without saying that the largest area for keeping ships and shipyards is located in this area.

6. Silivri

People who want to buy a property in Istanbul in the western part and near the sea of Marmara, Silivari neighborhood is the best option for them. This neighborhood has water sports facilities. The price of a villa in Silivari is very reasonable, and this area is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul, and people who want to invest in buying a villa in Istanbul, this area is the best option. The apartments in this area do not have the same facilities, it is better not to rely solely on the photos to buy an apartment in this neighborhood. The reputation of Silivri neighborhood is due to high quality livestock and dairy production.

7. Avcilar

One of the neighborhoods located in the European area of Istanbul is Avcilar, which is 27 kilometers away from the city center. Due to its proximity to the E5 highway and various universities and industrial centers, this neighborhood is in a favorable condition in terms of comfort, and also because it is considered one of the happy areas of Istanbul, it attracts a large number of tourists, which causes the opening of restaurants and There are many cafes in this area. In addition to the mentioned points, due to many beautiful construction projects, despite all these positive features, this area is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul, and the price of real estate in this area is low.

8. Sultan Ghazi (Sultangazi)

According to the Iranian immigrants in Istanbul, the Sultan Qazi area is increasing day by day due to the easy access to the north and west of Istanbul and the location of the most important aqueduct of the Ottoman Empire in this area, as well as the proximity to the sea and the Ali Bay Dam. and it is one of the best, most desirable and cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul for investment by buying property.

The cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul

9. Başakşehir

One of the European areas of Istanbul is Başakşehir, which since 2009, due to the increase of immigrants, has made significant progress in amenities and… Başakşehir is the most unrivaled district of Istanbul in terms of the number of schools and amenities.

10. Kasimpasa

Qasim Pasha neighborhood comes to you from the old areas of Istanbul and the old markets are also located in this area. From the beginning, this neighborhood has been the residence of low-income people and also has fewer amenities than other neighborhoods.

11. Esenler

This area is very suitable for people interested in discovering lesser known attractions. It is also located near Ghazi Osman Pasha and Bagcilar. The residential part of this area is very popular because of the beautiful and quiet residential houses.

12. Caglayan

If you are looking to buy a house near the center of Istanbul that has a reasonable and cheap price, Caglayan area is a good option for you. Although this area is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul, the amenities of this area have improved significantly in recent years.

13. Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu is one of the areas where the number of apartments is more than other properties. The quality of the buildings and their distance from each other is very suitable, and it also has many fans due to its proximity to Esenyurt and the sea coast. Most of the residents of this area are educated people with a medium income level.

CityRealty properties

If you also want to invest in the neighboring country of Iran, Turkey, you can choose the desired area and property from the CityRealty real-estate website according to your budget and priorities, and then contact our consultants to get the best result for you. Buy property in Turkey. By buying a cheap property in the cheapest neighborhoods of Istanbul, you can easily get residence and citizenship of the Turkish government.



Spring in Turkey, Is Turkey a Good Place for Vacation?

spring in turkey

Why do people like to vacation in spring in Turkey?

Spring is a popular time to vacation in Turkey because of the mild temperatures and comfortable weather. During this time of year, the temperature is typically in the high 60s to low 70s Fahrenheit, making it comfortable for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Additionally, spring in Turkey brings beautiful scenery and blooming flowers, making it an excellent time for nature lovers. The country also offers rich culture and history, which can be enjoyed by visiting historic sites and landmarks, experiencing local customs and traditions, and trying delicious Turkish cuisine. Additionally, many popular tourist destinations such as Istanbul, Cappadocia, and Antalya are less crowded in spring, making it a more pleasant vacation experience.

Spring is a great time to visit Turkey, and Istanbul is one of the most popular destinations in the country. The weather is mild and comfortable, making it perfect for exploring the city’s historic sites, landmarks, and cultural attractions. As for buying a property for sale in Istanbul, it can be a good investment option. The city is popular among tourists, making it a good location for rental properties.

Do you think about traveling to Turkey in spring?

Most people believe summer or winter is the best time to visit Turkey. But you may be surprised if you know spring in Turkey is the golden time for a vacation. Here the writer brings some reasons why spring in Turkey is a fantastic time for a vacation.  

The first reason it makes sense to prefer spring as a traveler to make your vacation trip to Turkey is calmness. Spring in Turkey is non-overcrowded. If you are looking for an indulgent place for vacation without being crowded, head to Turkey in spring.

Most European citizens wait for the summer holiday to go on vacation. It means summer is a crowded holiday season in most tourist destinations, and Turkey is no exception. Summer is a tourist peak season.

The other reason that turns Turkey in spring into a fabulous tourist destination is the eye-catching nature and plenty of options for outdoor activities such as hiking, walking, judging, and horse riding. I bet nothing could be more cheerful than doing outdoor activities through the jungle, with flowers smelling and the green scene or walking along clean and sandy beaches unique all around the world. 

Turkey in spring is a country of tulips blooming at every corner; also, in Taksim square, you can visit an incredible tulip display in spring.

Moreover, spring in Turkey is a unique time for visiting wild animals, especially birds; both migratory and local birds prepare for breeding during spring.

Animals also come out for feeding due to abundant food, and you can see them, which will be a memorable experience, you have not seen before.

The moderate climate is the other reason to travel to Turkey in spring. Spring in Turkey is the best time for vacation due to the pleasant climate, neither scorching nor cold, and you will not be afraid of the sun burning or freezing while walking out. 

While it can rain from time to time during spring in Turkey, it will never affect the vibes and charm of outdoor enjoyment.  

Is Turkey famous for vacations?

It is not easy to list all the favorite tourist attractions in Turkey, but here the writer tries to introduce some of the most adorable tourist attractions in Turkey.

One of the incredible tourist destinations in Turkey that you would better have on your list is the hot air balloon tour. If you want to attend a hot air balloon tour, you will be picked up from your hotel at 4 AM and served coffee and luxury breakfast; then, you will travel 1200 feet, and head into valleys with up-close cave houses built right into the valley. While other balloons surround you, the sun rises with colorful vibes changing from pink to blue and orange. You will never forget this scene for the rest of your life.

The other reason for traveling to Turkey is the Turkish recipes. Turkey is the country of food, so you should avoid sleeping through it.

Especially make sure to catch traditional Turkish breakfast offering everything from fresh fruit to varieties of bakeries, different slices of bread, omelets, cheese, homemade jams, and sausages.

Turkish scrumptious foods satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

It is better to know that even though Turkey is a country of fantastic food and unique recipes, you can try the best food at a highly reasonable price.

Witnessing tulips from where they were originally 

Tulips are Turkey’s national flowers. During spring in Turkey, you can visit eye-catching rainbow tulips all over the country, particularly the seaside Bosporus in Istanbul and around Taksim square.

You are highly recommended to visit Emirgân Korusu park, famous for its tulips in spring. I bet you enjoy visiting tulips blooming in every corner of the county during spring in Turkey.

Little fact stories about tulips in Turkey

Tulips, known as luxurious, extravagant, and stunning flowers in the west, originally came from the east. Although these days the Netherlands is well-known for its colorful tulips, these flowers’ hometown is Turkey and some other countries in the East, such as Azarbayjan.

Different radiant colors of tulips convey diverse meanings in cultures. For many years the red tulip has been a sample of true love, the purple tulip is known as a symbol of loyalty, and the yellow tulip shows missing love. Pink tulips represent best wishes and hope, and tulips are considered purity and respect.

Tulips have an important place in Turkish culture, art and design. They treat tulip raising with respect toward tulip raising and make this flower a national sample.

spring in turkey


Yildiz park is a historical urban park in the Besiktas neighborhood in Istanbul and the largest public park in Turkey.

Sultan Abdolhamid II built Yildiz park, part of the palace, used only by palace dwellers. These days part of this walled park welcomes tourists. Yildiz park offers a panoramic view of the Bosporus and hosts different species of plants and flowers with a complex of plenty of trees and attracts you with green and robust trees and flourishing flowers. Some kinds of trees in Yildiz park include bay leaves, Judas trees, silver lime, and horse chestnuts. Also, Yildiz park shelters ash trees, pine, oak, yew, cedar, and cypress. Besides, the park has two artificial lakes. 

yildiz park


Istanbul has many clean and beautiful beaches, located 20 to 60 km away from the city, and offers diverse entertainment. As a beach-goer, you can walk along the neat and sandy beaches, lounge under the sun, and sunbathe. Also, many sea activities are available for adventures, such as rafting, sailing, boating and diving. Moreover, you enjoy sipping brandy cocktails in bars or sunbathing on Istanbul international beach. It is better to know that most beaches in Turkey have international licenses for cleaning and facilities.

Remember, you can check the cleanliness of the water sea from the Turkish Ministry of Health’s Sea Water Measurement System.

istanbul beaches

Florya Güneş Beach

Istanbul has many beaches as the city is between the Marmara sea and the Black sea, but it is challenging to find serene and top beach facilities. Florya Güneş Beach is the number one beach in Istanbul, which offers a clean beach, top beach facilities, and fantastic restaurants; never miss it. Florya Güneş Beach is affiliated with the Istanbul Municipality Administration and is considered one of the Marmara sea beaches. There is no regret while lounging under wooden umbrellas and drinking cool beverages on a calm, clean beach with a blue sea overview in front of you.

Remember you need to pay an entrance fee compared with private beach costs before coming to the beach. 

florya gunes beach


Bosphorus tours are a terrific choice to swap from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul streets and experience a calm and maybe a romantic sea sightseeing. There are different boats with miscellaneous fees and facilities. You can have dinner or lunch and enjoy live music or other entertainment; if you want to plan a romantic tour or prefer a private tour with your family, reserve a private cruise tour.

bosphorus cruise tours istanbul


Rumelihisari is a fortress on the European bank of Bosphorus and built on a series of hills. The fortress gets its name from the nearby neighborhood around the Sariyer district. 

Rumeli Hisari fortress was built on the order of Sultan Mohamad II between 1451 to 1452. The Rumelihisari complex was planned and built to siege the Byzantine city of Constantinople to cut off military aid to Byzantines that was swapped to Byzantine through Bosphorus.

In 1951 on the order of president Celab Bayar, the inhabitant was renewed and extended. After that, Rumelihisari was changed into a museum and opened for public visit. Also, the place is used as an open-air theater and concerts during summer.

rumeli hisari


Gulhane park is translated to Rose Park adjacent to Top Gapi. Gulhane Park is the oldest and largest urban park in Istanbul. Previously the park was used as an outer ottoman palace garden and was not open to the public. Since 1912 the park has been serving the public with its old walnut and oak trees. The park also is surrounded by numerous monuments of Istanbul and museums. 

During spring in Turkey, GüLHANE PARK is decorated with colorful and radiant tulip flowers and creates a magnificent landscape. It will be a massive regret if you miss GüLHANE PARK on your trip to Turkey in spring, especially between March to April.

Note that many people who came as tourists to Istanbul were attracted by the beauties of Istanbul and consider Istanbul a satisfying place for permanent living. Then they set their goal to purchase a house in Istanbul.

gulhane park


Phaselis is a new destination for tourists who want a privileged holiday in Antalya and Kemer. Phase is an archaeological and worthwhile historic landmark next to the Mediterranean sea. If you want to do something special when settling in Antalya, visit Phaselis in the Tekirova region.



Cappadocia is famous for its rock formation nature and hot air balloon tours. It is the most popular Turkey landscape and natural wonder in the world.

Cappadocia is one of the Unesco world heritage sites, which is famous for Ghormeh national park with epic rock formations called fairy chimneys. Inside the rocks, you will visit houses, churches and other ancient constructions. Every day, early in the morning, tourists can experience a hot air balloon tour as the wind condition is the best for flying balloons in the early morning, then before sunrise, balloons are released into the sky. It will be fantastic to look at a spectacular sun-rising scene in the middle of the sky and enjoy the color changing of light from blue, pink, orange, and yellow to white. Plan at least two days to stay in Cappadocia to visit all highlights. If you want to participate in a balloon tour, think about a two-day special, as sometimes the tour may be put off due to weather conditions.



Kursunlu is one of the natural highlights of sightseeing in Turkey- Antalya. Kurşunlu waterfall is a unique and fantastic waterfall at the foot of the Taurus mountains. Be sure you will have an enjoyable time with your family and friends at Kursunlu waterfall.

Do not forget a 4-century water mill on your way to KURşUNLU WATERFALL, which still meets the village dwellers grinding needs.

The best season to visit KURşUNLU WATERFALL is spring, as snow storages start melting, and you will have a chance to see a waterlogged waterfall.

kursunlu waterfall


Safranbolu is a traditional town located in Karabuk province, west of the Black Sea in Turkey. The town earned a UNESCO heritage inclusion list because it successfully preserved historical sightseeing.

Safranbolu has collocated glorious ancient ottoman houses and other worthwhile old and historical stuff representing and reflecting Turkish culture and lifestyle during the past decades.



It serves as a center of religious, political, and artistic life for Byzantine life and reveals a worthy scholarly sight of the Byzantine period.

In 1453 after Sultan Mohammad II conquered Constantinople, Hagia Sophia was designed as a masque structure.

In 1935 Hagia Sophia was turned into a museum on the order of Ata Turk, and in 1953 was designated as a component of the UNESCO heritage list. After that, Hagia Sophia was called the historic area of Istanbul.

hagia sophia


Grand Bazar of Istanbul is located in the Fethiye neighborhood and easily accessible from Sultanahmet- Sirkeci tram. Grand Bazar is the largest covered mall in the world, with 63 covered streets and 4000 shops, 

It is 30700 square meters.

grand bazar


Dol, apache palace is located in the Besiktas district in the Istanbul European side of the Bosphorus. It was built on the order of sultan abdulmecid I between 1843 to 1856. Previously the Ottoman Sultan and his family lived in the Topkapi complex, which did not offer comfort and facilities like European palaces; he decided to construct the new palace on Besiktas Sahil. Dolma Bahceh was taken from the Turkish language. Dolma means file, and Bahceh means garden. Many wooden pavilions and summer places were built in Dolma Bahceh, and the place is known as Besiktas waterfront palace.

lDolma Bahceh is confined by Bosphorus on the East, and there are steep precipices on the west, and gardens surround the whole monoblock palace. The Dolma Bahia palace is the largest palace in Istanbul that consists of two main parts. Northern wing and southern wing.

The northern wing was a private part and related to the Sultan and his family; also, the haram is located in the northern wing.

The southern wing was the public part used for foreign diplomats and other formal meetings. 


Uskudar is a neighborhood of Istanbul on the Asian side of the Bosphorus across the Besiktas. Uskudar is famous for its beautiful coastline. You enjoy walking along the coastline, bathing, and many other outdoor activities. 

uskudar coast walkway


It is an ancient library building in Ephesus, Anatolia, today near the modern city of Selguk, in the Izmir province in western Turkey. Celsus library is considered an excellent architectural site and is the only sample of ancient libraries worldwide.

celsus library ephesus


The giant ancient cistern related to Byzantine emperor Justin I. Basilica Cistern is located beneath Istanbul. A cistern is a waterproof space for gathering rainwater. These days in the Basilica Cistern, there is little water for public access inside the space.

basilica cistern


HADRIAN CASTLE GATE, or UC kapilar in turkey, means three doors, and it was built in honor of Hadrian, the emperor of Byzantine, who the first time he visited Antalya. HADRIAN CASTLE GATE is the only remaining entrance door in the wall surrounding the city.

hadrian castle gate


It is a national rafting park in Antalya. The canyon is 400 meters deep somewhere and 14 Km along the Kurpu river. Whenever you make a trip to Antalya, never miss the KöPRüLü CANYON. Remember to try seafood restaurants in this area.


Antalya castle

Antalya castle was built as a part of the Kizil Kala campaign on the order of Alaeddin Keykubad I, one of the Seljuq Sultans, following the conquering of the Rum city in 1220. The construction was built on the remnant of Byzantine and Roman eras fortification. After the ottoman got control of the area, the castle was not used as a purely defensive construction, and many villas were constructed in the 19th century.

These days Antalya castle embraces tourists as an open museum. Some parts of the building, including seawards, are ticked, but others, such as landwards, are free. Antalya castle is located 250 meters high on a rocky peninsula jutting inside the Mediterranean sea, surrounding the castle from triple edges.

antalya castle

Fewer Crowds and Better Prices in Turkey

You can enjoy traveling to Turkey with any budget if you know when to plan for traveling and booking affordable flights and accommodations. Also, plan to travel to Turkey and enjoy sightseeing with low crowds in a peaceful environment to concentrate on historical places, lounge on the beach, sunbathe, or walk along the beach. Peak tourist season will be a different time. 

The best time for traveling to Turkey is between May and April and between September and October.

Remember, Turkey in spring is full of tulips that bloom in every corner of the country. Also, you have a chance to visit the tulip festival, which turns into an unforgettable memory.

Seasonal Spring Products in Turkey

Turkey has fertile soil, and most areas can raise agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, Turkey is surrounded by several seas, the Marmara sea, the Mediterranean sea, and the Black sea, so the country is the capital of delicious sea foods. Spring in Turkey is the right time to try fresh Turkish traditional foods and also international recipes prepared better than their original taste.

Longer Spring Days and Better Health

Spring in Turkey is the best time for traveling due to the pleasant climate and longer days that give you much more time to enjoy outdoor activities and inhale fresh air into your lungs.

Spring Festivals in Turkey

One of the important festivals in Turkey is the cappadox festival, which attracts many international artists from around the world in different fields such as music, theater and others. This festival is held annually in April.

The other festival in spring is the tulip flower celebration that attracts numerous tourists from every corner of the world. The tulip flower festival is celebrated in the last three weeks in April annually when tulip flowers are at their best attraction. Contrary to many people’s knowledge, tulips are Turkish ethnic flowers.

Alaçatı Herb Festival from the 5th of April to 8th

According to many tourist narratives, Alacati in the Cheshmeh province is the secret joy and beauty of the Mediterranean sea. Alacati could be your luxury destination in Turkey, a fishing village with cobblestone streets, exciting alleyways, and windswept beaches. All these natural features could be more excellent with coffee smiling from coffee shops that urge people to sit and dine in a calm and alluring atmosphere.

Although it is enchanting so far escaped mass tourists, these days has changed into the elite’ favorite place and is known by foreign tourists.

alacati herb festival

The Best Beaches in Turkey

best beaches in turkey

Turkey has been the prime beach destination with the longest western coastline that laps to the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Flocks of tourists every summer reach Turkey in their droves to soak up sun, sea, and sand for a few weeks. With the huge number of beach activities, every tourist has something to do, even the picky ones.

Antalya is a popular tourist destination offering visitors a diverse range of activities. Whether you’re looking for a beach vacation or a mix of city and nature, Antalya has something to offer. The abundance of tourist attractions in the area has led many people to invest in property for sale in Antalya and rent it out to tourists.

Additionally, the city’s beaches are known for being both uncrowded and picturesque, making them an ideal spot for those seeking a peaceful and natural setting to spend time with family and friends.

If you are looking for a place in Turkey to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, it would be better to set your trip time in spring. Otherwise, summer is the peak tourist time, and prices are skyrocketing.

Find the best places for your next seaside vacation with the help of our list that gathers the best beaches in Turkey. 

Best Beaches in Turkey

If you’re thinking about jetting off to the Aegean sea, you are probably curious about where to find the best beaches in Turkey. Frankly speaking, you will be hard-pressed to find a Turkish beach that does not hit the spot but here, the writer selected favorites from the family spot to off-the-beaten-track games. These highlights will urge you to book the ticket in no time.

Bodrum Peninsula Beaches

Bodrum beach laps the Mediterranean and the Aegean sea. Like most beaches in Turkey, the beach won the blue flag award for its crystal clear and turquoise water. Bodrum’s clean and warm water brings numerous outdoor activities like snorkeling, swimming, and diving. Shingles and golden sand cover Bodrum beach. Every year army fans of Bodrum beach head here and stay at least two weeks to enjoy the sunshine. Most travelers to Bodrum beach are from European countries.

Bodrum Peninsula Beaches

Altinkum Beaches

Altinkum beach is located 123 Km from Aydin city. The beach laps the Aegean sea and deeps into ancient Apollo temple ruins and Lonia city. Altinkum beach has grown recently and has become one of the fun-loving resorts; the beach’s reputation is in sudden drop, thanks to ancient Didim city near Altinkum beach. The name Altinkum means golden sand, and due to the shining golden sand that covers the beach, the beach is called Altinkum. Altinkum beach has three impressive beaches and attracts many beach lovers every year.

Altinkum Beaches

Cesme Peninsula

Cesme peninsula belongs to Izmir province in the Aegean region, the largest metropolitan center in the Aragon region of Turkey. Cesme is a popular holiday resort due to many tourist attractions such as cesme castle, Alacati, and waterfront cesme.

Cesme Peninsula

Patara Beach

Patara beach is the longest beach in turkey, 18 Km, with minimal development. It is easy to find a spot and enjoy it privately. Patara beach is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and long walks on sandy beaches. Patara has warm and shallow water. This unspoiled paradise is made of limestone and ruling white dunes that are part of national parks. Beach is a protected breeding ground for loggerhead turtles. Because of that, Patara beach is not too developed to prevent a safe place for turtles. There are just small communities such as cafes, and also you can rent parasols. When the sun sets, Patara beach is off limits for humans to make a safe and free range of sand.

Patara Beach

Kaputas Beach

Kaputas beach is the most beautiful beach in Turkey, the coastal road between Kas Kalakan. The stunning beach is set beneath two forest cliffs at the entrance of Kaputas canyon. There is a staircase of 178 steps that rich you to the canyon. Don’t forget to memorialize this scene in the camera while down the stairs, marvel at the view, and join other details. 

Once you descend, you can sprawl on pale pebbled sand and sunbathe. Also, you can enjoy snorkeling and swimming in clean, pure, and turquoise blue water in the Mediterranean climate. Kids also experience pleasant moments by swimming in shallow parts of the sea. All family members can take advantage of modern amenities recently added to Kaputas beach. While Kaputas is popular with locals and tourists, you do not need to be concerned about crowds during your vacation. Just enough visitors keep beach cafes running. 

Kaputas Beach

Limanagzi Beach

To be suggested, start your trip from Kas municipality beach, then route to Limanagzi beach with fabulous nature and views. There are many bays around the Kas coastline, and Limanagzi is one of the bays worth visiting. Limanagzi beach is located south of Uzun Caris. The only way to reach Limanagzi is by boat, which must be one on your Kas tour list. Limangagi is on the left of Kas. This location leads to the long sun shining in the bay. Limanagzi beach is located at the foot of steep hillsides, and hills start from the water; therefore, the beach area is small. The hills behind the beach are covered by vegetation.

Limanagzi Beach

Kalkan Beach

Kalakan is famed for its turquoise beach, known for its crystal-clear water, hidden deep in Lycia ruins. If the solace of the empty bay is more to your liking, drive through the coastal road to Kas, and enjoy more privacy. Kalakan white pebbles indicate pure and clean water. The beach holds blue flag statues. Kalakan beach has easy access to the central part of town and propers good facilities like restaurants and others. Keep in mind that in summer, Kalakan is a busy coastal vacation destination in Turkey.

Kalkan Beach

Cirali Beach

It is unbelievable that the serene Cirali beach is just one hour’s driving time away from Antalya, tucked away in the middle of the Taurus mountains.  

This unspoiled shingle beach is a dream spot for everyone, even the pickiest tourists. Cirali beach is a place for nature lovers and history buffs. On one side of the beach, you can see the ruins of Olympus, and on the other side, the eternal flame of the illusion is visible. Endangered loggerhead turtles nest in a protected area on the sandy road between two of these monuments.

Cirali beach is hard to reach unless you know exactly where to go; therefore, the beach lacks overpopulation, and since Cirali Beach is a protected national beach and kept low-developed, you will not be bothered by loud bars, restaurants or shopping centers. There are just a handful of restaurants, sun loungers, and picnic areas. Visitors enjoy crystal clear water, swimming and snorkeling.

Cirali Beach

Merril Beach

It is out of your mind that you can find a fantastic beach in the heart of bustling Antalya, but it is possible. No more than a stone’s throw from the center of Antalya, Mermerli beach is tucked away next to the old port. Since Antalya is a pedestrian zone area, the only way to reach Mermerli is on foot. Keep in mind nothing is more worthwhile than swimming, relaxing, sunbathing and trying tasty food after a morning walking in a pleasing environment.

Not that you reach the beach through a descending wooden stairway. You need to pay a fee at the entrance of Mermerli beach consisting of sunbathing seats, parasol, eating and drinking from restaurants that bring your orders right to your sitting place. Wooden terraces and a stone plateau to the golden sandy seashore extend the beach.

Merril Beach


Konyalti beach is the best place to spend a whole afternoon with your family and enjoy lots of activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and parasailing. Besides, Konyaalti beach is developed, and you can easily access restaurants and other facilities. Entrance to konyaalti is free for visitors unless you want to use sunbathing seats, drink and eat. Keep in mind Konyaalti beach is a pebble beach. If you like sandy beaches, then it would be better to choose another beach for your coastal vacation.

Kleopatra Beach

Kleopatra is a reputed beach in the center of Antalya, at the foothill of its iconic medieval fortress, Antalya castle. Kleopatra beach extends 2.5 Km, and its name is related to the well-known Cleopatra queen, who gave this name to the beach as the marvelous turquoise sea water allured her. You will understand her sense if you see the shining blue sea at Kleopatra beach.

Cleopatra is a spotless beach lined with a picturesque walkway, with certain amenities to match and families relax knowing kids’ facilities are on offer. Because of Kleopatra beach’s beauty and relaxing environment, every year, 2 million visitors make their seashore vacation destination to this beach. Cleopatra beach has warm, clean water suitable for swimming, snorkeling and every time sea sports like surfing and paragliding are available.

Lara Beach

Lara beach’s reputation is for upscale beachfront hotels with top and modern facilities, besides clean sanded and clear water, that turn the beach into a favorite coastal destination for families. Kids have lots of fun. Lara beach’s coastline meets the Mediterranean sea and the Aegean sea. The beach won the blue flag beach award. Lara sandy beach is an authentic coastal vacation destination with a golden sandy beach that stretches 12 Km. At the same time, the clean and warm water is the best place for swimming with entire family members as the shallow parts of the sea are safe for kids.

Kabak Beach

Kabak is 25 Km away from Oludeniz; you come across Bohemia village to reach Kabak beach, frequented by yogis, nature adventurers, and backpackers. It takes 30 minutes on foot to take you to the steep trail leading down to Kabak beach. The bay is surrounded by pine trees and mountains accessible just through by steep, and you can reach there by descending food, but the serene and alluring beach is well worth the effort.

On the pebbled sandy beach of Kabak, you will be in the company of locals and backpackers travelers through the Lycian way. You will not find beach seats, watersports, or other amenities. People come here mostly for pleased nature and undisturbed stillness during their holiday. There are some shaded areas to escape from the sun with beer and juice that you grab from the bars. Moreover, loggerhead turtles keep you company.

Kabak Beach

Belek Beach

Belek beach gives you everything you expect from a Mediterranean beach that won a blue flag reward for its clean water and shining sandy beach extended a long distance. Belek beach is located on the southern Turkish coast. Belek beach is known for its hotels with top facilities for families and spas. There are different spas and mineral water for nature lovers and history buffs. Pine forests and vegetation surround the beach. Also, Belek hosts lots of historical monuments like the Roman ruins at Perge and the Aspendos amphitheater.

Belek Beach

Olympos Beach

You can get to Olympos beach by bus from Antalya. Buses are available every minute at Antalya bus station and carry passengers to Kumluca- Fethiye direction to Olympos station. Also, You can take a bus from Antalya airport to Olympic station. 

Olympos beach is a string of pensions and tourist activities strung from a narrow road to the bottom of a valley. Olympos beach is considered part of the Mediterranean sea beaches and is located in the ancient Roman city of Lycia. Olympos has great nature that is worth it to visit.

Olympos Beach

Ladies Beach

Ladies beach gets its name from the segregation of women’s bathers. In Turkish, the beach is known as Kadinlar Deneizi. Ladies beach is located in Kusadasi.  

Ladies Beach

Kadirga Bay

Kadirga bay is located just before the ancient Assos city on the beautiful Assos coast. The bay crosses directly to Lesbos island. It is 35 driving away from Lesbos. Kadirga is known for its blue water and sandy beach and is a protected national park to preserve pure nature.  

Kadirga Bay

Pırlanta beach Alaçati

Penalty beach is located in Izmir, a protected area; therefore, it provides visitors a fabulous nature with a turquoise sea and shining sand like diamonds. The water is warm and shallow, nice for kids and family. The length of the beach is about 450 to 500 meters, and the sea level is around 200 meters.

Akbuk Beach

Akbuk beach is located in Mogula province, surrounded by trees that give an alluring scene of nature. The best thing about Akbuk beach is that it is not too crowded during the season. Akbuk is a suitable coastal destination for travelers, like relaxation gateway lovers, lonely travelers, and nature lovers. Akbuk beach is open to everyone and provides sun loungers, toilets, restaurants, and boat riding. Also, you can do outdoor activities like swimming, snorkeling, and diving. 

Lifeguards supervise the area during the season.

Incekum Beach

Incekum beach is a beautiful tourist zone in Turkey related to Alanya province. The beach belongs to the Mediterranean sea beaches and attracts a flock of tourists from every corner due to the white sandy beach and turquoise water. The beach extends around 4 Km and covers the entire city. Finding a hotel is not hard, as many hotels with top amenities are available beside the beach.

Incekum Beach

Ilica Beach

Llica is a famous and popular beach in Cesme. Also, Llica is the longest beach in Cesme. It is 12 Km away from the cesme center and 4.5 from Alcatel. Llica stands out for its warm water, especially its adjacency to underground spring water. Llica is the best place for travelers who want to benefit from the thermal water medical effect. You can stay in llica beach comfortably with different kinds of budgets. Domestic and foreign travelers visit Llica.

Ilica Beach

Amos Beach

Amos beach is a popular beach in Mogula province. The beach is known for its fine pebbles and soft sands. Also, the turquoise water with surrounding mountains creates a picturesque scene. Ammos beach is a great coastal holiday destination for different kinds of travelers, like, relaxation gateway lovers, lonely travelers, partygoers, and families. The coast line of Ammos beach is accompanied by numerous bars and restaurants, and resort visitors can use coastal facilities like sun loungers, umbrellas, showers, toilets, and changing rooms.  

Amos Beach

Gumusluk Bay

Gumusluk beach is located in Mogula province that has beautiful nature and beeps in the heart of the mountain. Gumusluk is a destination for travelers looking for a luxury holiday in beautiful nature. The bay is full of luxury hotels with modern facilities. The turquoise water and sandy beach attract a string of tourists every year. Keep in mind Gumusluk is a crowded place in high visitor seasons.

Gumusluk Bay

Oludeniz Beach/Blue Lagoon

Oludeniz, or blue lagoon, is the most beautiful beach in Turkey. Many buffs visit the beach because of its alluring nature; few places in the world match this natural beauty. Tourists are drawn to the vibrant nature and blue waters for a few hours of unwinding by the sea.

The bay is located where the Aegean and Mediterranean sea meet each other, inside the protected national park, with Babadag mountain in the background. Most visitors preferred shallow parts with warm water safe for early 1980; Oludeniz was mostly hidden and known to backpackers and nature adventures. These days the area is well-developed with bars, restaurants, and numerous activities. One of the most picturesque scenes to enjoy is paragliding near the mountain. You can also stay at sea level and rent a paddleboat to explore the bay.

Oludeniz Beach/Blue Lagoon

Iztuzu Beach

Iztuzu is an eye-catching beach, and it is a fantastic place for travelers looking for a calm place and less crowded with pure nature. Iztuzu beach is surrounded by pine trees, golden sand and turquoise water. The beach laps Delta water from one side and the Mediterranean sea on the other. Iztuzu is a habitat of endangered turtles and a protected natural area.  

Tourists can visit this unique area from 8 AM to 8 PM to give turtles a safer environment. You can rent a boat to explore more of that area. There are minimal constructions around the beach to preserve the pure nature of Iztuzu beach, with just a few cafes and restaurants.

Iztuzu Beach

Butterfly Valley  

Butterfly valley, in Turkish, is called Kapaklar visit, related to 100 species of butterfly habitat. 

Butterfly valley is a paradise in Fethiye frequented by campers and backpackers eager to connect to pure nature in a friendly atmosphere.

If you are not into staying in a tent during the night or eating an ordinary meal around a fire, then Butterfly is not your cup of tea.

The valley is reachable by boat from Oludeniz, or steep hiking is better left to veteran climbers. Note that Butterfly valley is a bit off the beaten track and tacked to the foothills of Babadag mountain.

Butterfly Valley

Icmeler Beach

Icmeler beach is located in the Dalaman area in Icmeler itself and takes 10 minutes to drive from Marmaris. The beach is wide and sandy, and the sea is clear. Icmeler is a calm mediterranean sea surrounded by pine forests. The beach is full of bars and restaurants, and you have everything from lazing on the beach to scuba diving.

Icmeler Beach

Ovabuku Beach

If you are looking for a peaceful beach in touch with nature, the Ovabuku in Datça is your place for vacation; never crowded during the season, thanks to the vast land. The beach is a mixture of pebbles and sand. There are many restaurants in front of the sea, and you can try fresh seafood.

THE Best Restaurants in Izmir 2023

best restaurants in izmir

Izmir is located on the Aegean sea coastline and is known as Smyrna, which means an antique city. The city’s history goes back to 3000 B.C and has a fertile culture and historical background. Izmir’s deep roots in history affect the food culture of the city. These days Izmir is known as a famous center of different delicacy foods such as Boyoz to Kumru. Izmir is the center of food in Turkey and has the authority to put specific names on food besides their general Turkish name. In this paper, you get familiar with restaurants, worthwhile to see and taste foods with magnificent tastes.

Best Restaurants In Izmir

Meşhur Hisar Söğüşçüsü

Offal has occupied an important place among Izmir cuisines. The most important offal in Izmir, as well as in the whole country, is Sugos. Kella sugos is the most popular sugos in Izmir due to its special taste, a mixture of offal from the meat of lamb’s head. Walking in the street, you find ubiquitous offal restaurants in every city’s niche. Still, if you want to try an unforgettable taste of sugos, you can check out Meşhur Hisar Söğüşçüsü, famous for its cold cuts. Here sugos are made of the tongue, cheek and brain, chopped and served in a wrap with parsley, tomato, and onion. Meşhur Hisar Söğüşçüsü has served many tourists and local citizens since 1975.

Izmir Girit Restaurant – Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

Vegetables are an indispensable part of the dish in Turkey. Stuffing foods made from different kinds of vegetables are a special Turkish cuisine. Stuffed Zucchini Flowers are a particular Izmir cuisine made of zucchini flowers collected in the first hours of the morning. This unique Izmir cuisine is light and delicious, and you will lose one of the most fantastic flavors in the world if you do not try it when you come to Izmir. In Girit Restaurant, you can check out the tastiest stuffed zucchini flowers.

Köfteci Mehmet Irmak – İzmir Meatballs

One of the famous meat dishes in Izmir is the meatball, a special cuisine in Izmir. If you want to try a tasty meatball dish, the best address to come from all across Turkey is Izmir. Izmir meatball cuisine is the best recommendation for those who suppose Izmir cuisine mostly includes vegetables. Izmir meatball dish history dates back to the Turk nation’s fertile history. It is served all across the country, but if you want to experience an unforgettable meatball taste, never lose Köfteci Mehmet Irmak. 

Kumrucu Ömür – Kumru

The other cuisine tied to Izmir’s reputation is Kumru, a delicacy recipe made of salami, sausages, cheese, pickle, tomato, ketchup, and mayonnaise with a slice of unique sesame bread. Kumru is the most popular cuisine, especially in the Cesme of Izmir. The particular kind of Kumru is the kumru sandwich, used after putting the special fresh dough in the refrigerator for at least 14 hours. Then it is ready to eat. For those who dislike eating Kumru with the mentioned mixture, other bakeries are served with plain sesame bread. Though in all of Turkey, Kumru is available, in Izmir Kumru, the taste is different from other areas in Turkey. Do not leave Izmir without trying Kumru, and Kumrucu Ömür is the best restaurant that welcomes you with tasty Kumru in a neat, and beautiful environment. Kumrucu Ömür has been a hub of tourists and welcoming overseas visitors, and citizens with its toothsome Kumru, since 1962.


a Dostlar Fırını – Boyoz

The first delicacy of local Izmir cuisine that comes to mind is Boyoz. According to Turkish beliefs, Boyoz is the best food for starting an energetic day. Boyoz is a kind of pastry made of unleavened dough and a lot of oil stuffed with cheese, chocolate, vegetables and others. Though boyoz is ubiquitous in every corner of Izmir, Dostlar Firini restaurant serves you the unforgivable taste of boyoz in a cozy and alluring ambience. Also, it is possible to buy frozen Boyz and keep them in the freezer for the next meal. Dostlar firini is waiting for you in Alsancak.

Çelebi Unlu Mamülleri

Bomba is a famous Izmir cuisine, liquid chocolate in a thin dough membrane, and a delicacy choice when you crave chocolate. Imagine sitting in front of the Seaview and feeling the breeze from the sea while serving a cup of Turkish coffee with delicious Bomba. It is possible to eat Bomba as soon as it comes out of the oven; it is enticing to eat fresh liquid chocolate in the middle of the dough. Though Bomba is a special dessert related to Izmir, it carries its reputation all over the country. You can find Bomba in every corner of Izmir while stepping into the city. Still, dropping in Çelebi Unlu Mamülleri, located in Konka and one of the famous traditional flavors in Turkey is recommended. 

Zeynel Ergin Gevrek Bakery – Gevrek

Sime is a well-known pastry and indispensable for breakfast in Turkey. It is a bakery with a lot of sesame seeds and is classified as a kind of Bilvrak, popular for breakfast time or evening snacks. Simit with a slice of tasty cheese, olive and a good-smelling hot cup of tea is the most memorable breakfast in the pleasant Izmir climate. Zeynel Ergin Gevrek Bakery is waiting for you with its special crispy simit and a cup of tea any time in Alsancak of Izmir.


Izmir is known as the bride of Turkey. It has a long history, host to various nations such as Amazons, Lydians, Alexander the Great and his generals, Romans, Arabs, Umayyads, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans. According to legend, Alexander the Great fell asleep under a tree after hunting, and the Nemesis goddess ordered him to rebuild Smyrna in the exact place of Izmir, the most prosperous city in its history.

Izmir is located at the start point of a bay and is decorated by cruise ships and yachts. Izmir is a beautiful coastal city with a typical Mediterranean climate and a cool breeze from the sea that takes away the sun’s heat. Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey; it is a cosmopolitan city and occupies the dominant place in Turkish culture since the numerous international Festivals and Fairs are held in Izmir every year. All coastal roads are enchanting, and you have a lot to do on the Izmir coastlines, from walking and playing with your kids on the clean and beautiful beach to doing different summer activities. Also, remember that Izmir welcomes guests with its unique dishes and hosts many local and international restaurants. Alsancak and Karşıyaka are the best places and are full of restaurants and coffees that you must try.


One of the Best Kebap Restaurant: Tavaci Recep Usta

Tavaci Recep Usta is open from 8:30AM to 1PM every day, and it’s our pleasure to serve you a delicious Turkish meat dish, besides unique desserts such as Baklava and semolina halva. Kebab is served with rice, ribs, and tandoori rice. 

Enjoy the Live Music in Cafe Plaza Brasserie Bomonti

Cafe plaza is located on Gul street, the most crowded place in Alsancak and the best place for celebrations. Live music is played from time to time. You can order drinks, beer, wine, or other types of drinks, as well as snacks. If you do not want to lose the liveliness of the city and crowdedness, and have fun, on the one hand, Cafe Plaza is the best choice.

An Amazing Atmosphere in Less Ordinary

Here is where you need to stop when you come to Izmir. You have a chance to drink different beverages, food, snacks, and flavors you can not find anywhere. Lavender is a pricey and high-quality beverage, which you can not find easily anywhere, and is served here. Less Ordinary welcomes guests in a lavish environment with an open guard.

Have Your Meal by the Sea in North Pier’s

North pier is located in Konak Pier, the modern shopping center in the Alsancak region. The North Pier restaurant is a fantastic combination of European and Turkish menu. It is a famous restaurant for seafood lovers since North pier is well-known for its seafood and delicacy red wine.

You should visit the North Pier, with its beautiful and delicious ambience, before leaving Izmir, as you can have your drink while looking at Seaview, take care of your body and food and recover yourself.

Italian Vibes in Murano’s

It is hard to find someone who does not like Italian cuisine. At this time, when I write about Italian food, Pizza, Pasta, cheese, and others, my mouth gets watery, and I think you do too. It could be interesting to find Italian cuisine outside of Italy, with incompatible prices, fresh ingredients, and amazing tests.

Italian Vibes in Murano is the best restaurant that serves you simple, delicious food with the best ingredients, inspired by northern and southern Italian cuisine.

Have a Good Evening at Soiree Restaurant

Soiree restaurant is located in the Konak shopping center, like Pier restaurant. Soiree in French means evening. Soiree restaurant welcomes you with an opening garden and Seaview, besides a delicious menu and pleasant beverages.

Though soiree restaurants mean evening restaurants, their breakfast cuisines are highly recommended according to clients’ points of view. In addition to all these, do not forget to try Soiree restaurant’s nice cocktails.

Soiree restaurant is ready to serve clients from 10 AM to 1 AM.

Is Turkey Cheap to Live?

is turkey cheap to live

Cost of Living in Turkey – How Cheap is Turkey?

An average budget for a family of four without renting is around 22,870TL, equivalent to 1,242$ in a month. Single person needed 6,523TL, equivalent to 354$ ,except renting.in general, to answer the question, how cheap is Turkey? It would be best if you compared expenses with other developed countries.

Statistic researchers prove that it is cheaper to live in Turkey compared to other developed countries such as the United states. For instance, the cost of living in Turkey, on average, is 60.96% lower than in the United States. Moreover, renting cost in Turkey, on average 85.91%, is lower compared to the United States.

What are the living costs for Turkey?

You would better know the cost of living in Turkey is incredibly cheaper than in other developed countries like European Union countries. Turkey’s most budget consumer sectors are food, rent, transportation, health care and education, which are significantly lower than Germany, Sweden, and Russia.


Restaurants are affordable in Turkey; even you can order in a nice restaurant at a reasonable price. A paw tiger, Turkey is the era of foods and desserts. You will never be in a shortage of food. Varieties of food and desserts, sweets, and pastries are ubiquitous on every corner. On average, the cost of food in a street restaurant is 60 TL, and expensive restaurants with luxury service start from 300TL.


Groceries in Turkey generally are fresh, affordable and ubiquitous. The only things that might be a bit expensive compared to other groceries are red meat and fish. Vegetables and fruits are fresh to use and cheap, especially during the weekly bazaar. Other essential requirements, such as dairy products, are delicious and inexpensive. Cleaning solutions like shampoo, body cleaning lesions, and others are high quality at reasonably priced.


A single ticket for the public transportation system is 15 TL for a passenger. It is possible to buy two 2-ride tickets for 25 or three ride tickets for 35. Also, an innovative digital cart is used for all transportation systems. 

Note that the entire Turkey is covered by a capable transportation system, like long-distance buses, minibosses, and domestic flights. Also, these days an age railroad transportation system is overhauled with a modern and decent one that connects the main capital cities in Turkey.

Traveling to Turkey is possible by bus and plan. It is obvious traveling to turkey by plane is the quickest choice; also, domestic flights in Turkey give service at amazingly reasonable prices.

The other option for traveling to Turkey is using buses. Modern and comfortable buses transfer passengers to Turkey for 8 TL per 100 Km(63ml). Intercity bus care varies by company, day of the week, time of day, distance and special events.

Taxis in Turkey are classified as an expensive transportation system. Although taxi fares are calculated based on per meter, in capital cities like Istanbul, due to traffic jams, the final fare usually is more than expected. Note that Turkey’s taxi scam is a regular event, especially in capital cities. So you should be cautious if you do not want to be overcharged.



The electricity bill for a two-bedroom apartment in Turkey is around 80 to 200 TL per month. The central rising electricity consuming item is the air conditioner. Because of that, many citizens install standing or ceiling fans to lower their electricity bills.


Gas in turkey is used for the oven, and depending on how much you use the oven, the bill rate will change. Also, there are special bottles of gas at the market, sold at 70 TL. Depending on the amount of usage, you can change the bottle.


Old-fashioned water meters are replaced with pay-as-you-go meters. The average cost for water usage is one lira per cubic water. A large family needs to pay 30 Lira per month for water consumption.


The internet will cost about 50 lire per month for all-year-round living. If you drop in during holidays, you can lease dongles from companies that deliver to your doorstep.

Sport and leisure 

Sport and leisure cost an ignorable price for foreigners. Movie tickets are mainly the most negligible leisure activity to pay, which cost 2.50 dollars, at high-tech movie saloons. As a foreigner, you can afford tennis courts or others as your purchasing power is higher than the lira.  

cost of living in turkey


If you know it or not, Turkey is one of the most potent sectors in textiles and clothes manufacturing. Therefore ubiquitous, trending clothes are available across the country to cater to a wide range of preferences and budgets. With different modern and traditional shopping centers and high-quality clothes production, turkey has turned into a hub of clothes lovers from every corner of the

 It estimates casual clothes and shoes cost around 250 to 300 TL on average. However, it could be changeable based on individuals, clothes brands, and seasons. Usually at the end of each season clothes are offered at a considerable discount.  


No matter where you want to live in Turkey, the main expense is rent. On the Aegean and the Mediterranean, the expected renting cost is around 4.000 TL to 6.000 TL per month for an ordinary two-bedroom house.

However, renting expenses in Turkey vary depending on location. For instance, rent in Istanbul, the black sheep of Turkey, is significantly higher than in other cities in Turkey. An introductory studio on the outskirts of Istanbul costs as much as 3500 TL. Not to mention, prices are rising for homes near the city’s center.

Renal costs in Taksim and other dominant locations can reach as much as 100000 TL.

Costs of healthcare and medicine in Turkey

It takes 150 TL if you make an appointment with your doctor once a month. If you are taking traditional medicine and vitamins, it will average cost 200 LT. Note that medicines in Turkey are manufactured in high quality based on European standards.

You can join SKG, Turkish official insurance, as a foreigner, after getting your residence permit. When you become one of SKG members, you can use free-charge state hospitals service, and all your family members can benefit from free-charge health care and treatment services at state hospitals. In 2021 SKG costs 700 LT for a year. 

Remember, foreigners are not obliged to provide this insurance.

Average Salary, Minimum Wage & Mortgages in Turkey

The local currency in Turkey is Lira. One dollar is equivalent to 8.65 TL, and 1euro equals 10.26 TL. However, these estimations relate to the date of this article. The minimum wage in Turkey is almost 2,825 lira in a month. A full-time worker in Turkey earns around 7.830 TL each month. Salaries tolerance between 1980TL the lowest one, to 35000. Note that salaries vary in a wide range depending on occupation level. 

According to Turkish legislation, in coordination with foreign investment absorption, banks offer different loans to foreigners who intend to buy a property in Turkey. Banks differ in loan quantity, interest rate, and offer condition. Turkish banks give mortgage loans to foreigners only in local currency. Although it is permissible to take a loan to cover the entire value of a property, It is common to secure a loan for some percent of a property value.

Inexpensive Cities in Turkey to Live in

The cheapest cities in Turkey are Sanliurfa, Kayseri, Mersin, Konya, Iskenderun, and Hatay. They show off alluring nature, with a satisfying living standard at a low price compared to other cities. But the negative point is, the mentioned cities are far from the capital. 

According to statistical research, the surprising result revealed that among the ten cheapest cities in the world, two cities from Turkey sit on top of the list. Ankara and following Istanbul are respectively the first and sixth cheapest cities in the world.  

Additional expenses in Turkey

There are some additional expenses, such as a mobile network price of 100 Turkish lira, going to coffee shops three times a week costs around 350 lire, and the cost of extending your residency permit is around 100 lira. Total additional expenses in Turkey averagely is 700 lire, equivalent to 90 dollars.

inexpensive cities in turkey

How Does the Average Person Spend Their Money in Turkey?

Spending pattern in Turkey, like any other place in the world, depends on your living location and your lifestyle. The cost of living in capital cities like Istanbul or luxurious cities like Antalya is higher in terms of public services, supermarkets, and food shopping. The primary budget consumption is renting. Due to high renting fees, many applicants prefer to live on the outskirts.

Families who have a property in Turkey and do not have to pay rent can save 15% of their salary and benefit from a high-level lifestyle.

If you have a plan for permanent living in Turkey, it would be better to decide to buy a property for sale in Istanbul or other cities in Turkey before moving. In this case, your cost of living in Turkey will decrease.

Without rent, the expenses related to shopping from supermarkets and the expenses related to clothes. Buying property in Turkey not only helps you to save money, but also it is an affordable investment with a prosperous future growing. Moreover, by buying a property in Turkey, you have a chance to get a residency permit, and under special conditions, you can get your citizen’s permission.

In conclusion, the ranting fee sits on top of expenses in Turkey. Although as a foreigner who lives in Turkey on a wage from own country, the rent is not high, it would be better to buy a property, to save your money and leverage your lifestyle, besides you could benefit from financial prosperity. 

Best Places to Take Children on Holiday in Turkey

best places to take children on holiday in turkey

Best Places to Take Children on Holiday in Turkey 

How is Turkey for traveling?

Is Turkey suggested for family holidays?

How is children holiday in Turkey?

Where are the best places in Turkey for children?

How much are the fees in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the best tourist resorts and family holiday destinations. Turkey is the first choice of European families. Different reasons make Turkey the hub for families to have a fantastic time with their children. 

This country has eye-catching and clean beaches, attractive places for enjoying the sun and walking on sand. 

There are numerous sea activities for all family members. Moreover, Turkey hosts great comfortable hotels with unique entertainment for kids, from facilities for varieties of sports to computer games. Turkey provides countless activities for adults and kids. 

The critical characteristic of Turkey as a popular destination is affordable prices compared to other countries. In addition, this country is safe and welcomes different cultures and people from every corner of the world. 

Turkey is a place that provides vast amounts of entertainment for kids and family members that creates memorable moments for them. 

More than this, tourists need to have a travel plan in advance to make optimum use of their time due to limited time. In this article, the writer tries to introduce parents to the best places in Turkey to spend impressive time with their kids.

Positive Aspect of Taking Children to Turkey on Holidays

Among numerous activities in Turkey, like beach activities, the most positive aspect is the optimal value of money. 

  1. The price of accommodation, food and entertainment are much more suitable than in other countries, and the flights are short and inexpensive. Therefore families can travel to different parts of the country like beaches.
  2. Turkey has visa-free contracts with most countries. Thus, you can plan to travel at any suitable time and take advantage of registering for tours.
  3. Turkey hosts large inclusive hotels with countless conveniences like complete reasonable meals, various entertainments, and accessible accommodation.
  4.  More than one hundred beaches are marked with blue flags that guarantee cleanliness and safety and are free of business enterprises.
  5. Turkey has deep roots in history with worthy historical places attractive to the young generation.
  6. Turkey is famous for its delicious foods and sweets that many nations and whimsical people prefer to try.

Is Turkey a Safe Place to Take a Vacation?

According to many visitors, Turkey is safe for traveling, although you are always advised to be cautious and intelligent- traveling, especially in major cities. 

There are some places you really must not go. Any place 10 Km from the Suriya border and Diyarbakir region is not safe to go.

Remember, Turkey is a vast tourism drag. In 2014 the country was nominated the 6th tourist resort in the world. The Turkish government pays close attention to the tourism industry as it is a primary income source for the country.

Thus the government gives all of itself to prepare tourist security. Visitors are the top priority of the government and the Turkish people.

What Should be Considered while on Holiday in Turkey?

When you want to travel to Turkey, it would be better to consider some important items. First of all, remember to take your passport, visa and payment card. It is necessary to always carry your passport during your stay in Turkey. 

Moreover, you can stay in Turkey with your passport for 150 days from arrival. You need to unblock your payment card to use it outside of the European Union. 

Some countries’ citizens are part of legitimate visa-free travel to Turkey, but if you need to get a visa, please apply for it through online services in advance.

You need to have your insurance pass, flight ticket and hotel reservation. Also, you need supplementary information such as the phone number of your traveling organization and the address of the place you will stay.

Note that it would be better to make a copy of your important document.

If you travel with kids or older people, remember to take enough clothes suitable for various weather conditions. Turkey has different types of climate, even on a single day.

great aspects of taking children on holiday in turkey

The Best Places You Have Better to Go in Turkey

Parents always wonder where the best places are to travel with their kids in Turkey. The best recommendation for parents is a place with a clean beach, pleasure temperature, and many options to do, near the main cities and airport for easy movement. 

The places that meet these aspects are Belek and Antalya, especially Kemer and Marmaris, which are suitable for six years old kids and older.

If you are looking for children-friendly resorts with top accommodations and inclusive hotels, then you can focus on Belek. A large part of this area hosts five-star hotels. Beleck welcomes you with a clean golden sandy beach, a green walking area, and impeccable hotels. 

The cost of traveling to Belek is 30%-35% more expensive than other tourist resorts in Turkey, but the price is fair according to extensive conveniences. It takes 40 to 45 minutes from Antalya airport.

If you are looking for a budget tourist resort with attractions for kids, then Antalya could be your choice.

Beaches in Antalya are clean, but all of them are not sandy. Some of them are covered by pebbles. However, the Mediterranean sea climate has a beneficial effect on children and adults. You can resort.

Different Areas in Turkey Cater Tourists’ Expectations

  1. July to August is the best time to rest with your family along the Aegean sea and the Black sea coastline because you will be pleased by the moderate temperature and humidity. The Mediterranean and Marble coastlines could be your top preferences in late spring and early fall.
  2. Kemer is another beautiful beach to spend peaceful moments beside your family. If you are sensitive parents, it is better to know that pebbles cover the length of Kemer beach. Kemer is full of pine crops that turn the area into a center of climatotherapy.

The positive side of traveling to Kemer is you will not come across a language barrier.

  1.  On The other side, there is the other tourist attraction zone with the less green area; beaches are sandy, with sharp to gentle slopes. If you have a three years old infant or under, please specify whether hotels have convenient conditions for holidaying with three years old kids or younger.
  2. Places around Marmaris mountain are highly recommended traveling destinations for families with sandy-pebble coasts. These regions are safe for children due to the lack of tall waves, and an island locks the bay’s entrance. The price of vacation is mostly waving at lower ranges.

Where to Visit and How to Entertain Children in Turkey?

Turkey has a long and deep history; thus, if you are a fan of historic places and want to walk in the history, you will not have enough time for a beach holiday. 

It is better to save your time by employing a guided tour which takes you to visit sightseeing around the place you settle. Historical places are not only informative for children but also exciting. It is better to give preferences to manage your time. 

Here the writer has some suggestions for you: Marmara Kalsi in the heart of Marmaris, Cleopatra Island, ancient Kenidos town. Also, there are many picturesque suggestions like the Marmartaris Singing Fountain, the Dolphinarium and Atlantis Water Park. 

Numerous children’s entertainment centers can be selected according to your family’s preferences and wants. Here the writer introduces some leisure activity centers for children. 

Izmir, Cesme

Cesme sits on the west coast of Turkey in Izmir province. This beautiful niche turns into a whimsical tourist drag in the country, thrives on tourists and is famous for its clubs, restaurants, different beaches, and easy access to Greek islands. 

Cesme hosts waste and eye-catching scenes of aniseed, artichoke, sesame, fig and gum trees. There are lots of activities in Cesme to do in the company with your family. Cesme owns numerous beaches, ideal for taking children and spending memorable moments. 

One of these beaches is Ramo Beach, which has a shallow section of the sea, aqua-clean water, and a clean sandy beach. Also, Ramo beach is full of restaurants serving Turkish and fast food.

Moreover, Cesme is well-known for its nightclub and summer music festival, where many famous artists are invited to hold various concerts.

Mugla, Kusadasi

Kusadasi is attached to Aydin and counted as one of the country’s first tourist drags. Kusadasi is known as the largest harbor in Turkey. Most popular cruise tours are easy to access in this region.

Kusadasi is a paradise, which gets attractions thanks to its unique nature and magnificent historical sightseeings, and can be a perfect destination for vacation expectation in every feature.

You can cater to your kids’ craving for new experiences by choosing Kusadasi as a vacation destination.

Dilek Peninsula National Park in Kusadasi is recommended to drop in with your kids.

Beaches in Kusadasi are safe and clean for kids’ activities. Also, all hotels in Kusadasi have inclusive convenience facilities for kids. 

Mugla, Fethiye

Fethiye is found on historical sites of the ancient city Telmessos and sits along the Mediterranean seashore. Fethiye features reflect a cosmopolitan beach with deep roots in history. A boat trip to Fethiye is fabulous for enjoying nature and secluded islands. 

If you are looking for a cozy place with beautiful nature to carve unforgettable moments in your family’s mind, then Fethiye is for you. Fethiye is a protected bay with fresh, clean beaches, safe for children.

Mugla, Bodrum

Bodrum, on the southern coast of Turkey, offers a mix of sights and pleasures from aquatic, ancient, and nocturnal. A day trip in Bodrum with clear blue sky, turquoise sea, and fresh air, then let loose in a bar or restaurant, could be enchanting. 

One day you do not want to have a hangover; take a glimpse of Bodrum’s incredible past. By making a trip to Bodrum, you can explore the Greek too. You can have your fair share of Greece sites here in Bodrum. 

You can have a day trip around Bodrum. Bring your swimming suit, you will spend a lot of time, with your family, in the ocean. 

You can get a boat and make a journey to the ocean. These boats stop in the middle of the turquoise ocean for swimming and snorkeling, which are enjoyable for children. Sunbathing and relaxing are other stunning adventures you can take with your family. Traveling boats usually serve drinks and meals.

Antalya, Kemer

Kemer is one of the rare holiday resorts where Halliday makers can find loads of entertainment and outdoor activities.

Also, Kemer has an enchanting umbrella of crystal clear sky.

Kemer is one vacation destination that boasts about anything, such as fantastic beaches, water sports, cruise journeys, boat trips, theme parks, and water parks. Also, you can enjoy outdoor adventures like cycling, hiking, jogging, mountain biking, and sailing. 

Other leisurely activities like shopping, sightseeing, and daily excursions are available. More than this, Kemer is the center of various restaurants and bars that serve delicious food with fresh vegetables and fruit.

Antalya, Kas

If you are looking for a vacation destination in Turkey that is cool but not snoopy, hip but not commercialized, refined but not cozy, then Kas is suitable. 

Kas offers chill vibes, unparalleled beauty, and a unique ambiance for relaxing far from crowded big cities and spending time with the people you love.  

Antalya, Alanya

Alanya is on the southern coast of turkey. Visitors always like Alanya’s golden sandy beach and crystal clear aqua sea. 

Alanya has turned into a tourist attraction in Turkey and draws millions of tourists every year, not only because of its fine beaches but also because of numerous water activities like swimming, sunbathing, windsurfing, parasailing, and banana boating. 

Alanya owns different beaches. You can make a trip and create pleasant moments for the people you love. These recommended beaches are Kleopatra Beach, Damlatas Beach, and Tosmur beach.


Istanbul has timeless charms thanks to its beautiful nature and historical monuments visible all around the city. Moreover, the city is full of modern malls and shopping centers, like amusement parks, with top leisure activity centers for kids. 

Also, cruise and boat trips are available for sea touring around Istanbul. Usually, boats and cruise ships serve meals and welcome guests with live music. You need almost more than one week to visit Istanbul completely.


Sakarya is the capital of the same name as a province in Turkey, near Istanbul. Sakarya is located in northwestern Turkey. The city owes its beauty to the Blak sea on one side and Sapanca lake on the other. 

The adjacency of the Anatolia highway to Sakarya makes it easily accessible. Beautiful nature, friendliest people, and easy traveling facilities turn Sakarya into a hub of tourists.

Note that these are just samples of millions of exciting places you can take children and create memorable moments. Every city in Turkey offers its adventures. 

Where to Visit and How to Entertain Children in Turkey

What are the Advantages of Taking a Holiday in Turkey?

Turkey is a country that is recommended to take a trip at least once a year. Numerous documented reasons make Turkey a holiday resort that offers noticeable advantages.

First of all, the price of beverages and meals is still low. 

It just costs 300 lire for a family of four to eat out. Also, hotels have cooking facilities for those who prefer to make food in their corner. Fresh vegetables, fruit, and other ingredients are available in supermarkets and malls. Turkey is well known for its tasty agriculture and other food ingredients. 

After That, Turkey owns at least 400 beaches that cover 8000 Km of coastline. Most beaches are granted blue flags that are signs of clean and safe beaches. 

Also, many water activities are available for sports lovers. You can relax and sunbathe or spend time with kids on golden sandy beaches. Also, many restaurants with international menus welcome visitors. 

Lastly, the transportation system in Turkey is one of the most capable transportation organizations in the world. Buses, taxis, and ferries are ready to give service to passengers. Also, the subway is available in big cities. However, it is possible to hire a car from car renting firms.

Turkey has international airports with absorbent departure to Europe, and their countries and holidaymakers can easily travel to Turkey. Note that domestic flights in Turkey are reasonable. 

The Best Seasons for Holidaying with Children in Turkey

Like most tourist resorts, Turkey has high and low travel seasons. It is vital to consider climate features because this country has an excellent geographical position that comes from various types of climate in different tourist resorts. 

Turkey has long-length seashores with four seats: Mediterranean sea, Marble sea, Black sea, and Aegean sea.

Although each season in Turkey has its unique beauty and attraction, the best time for setting traveling time is from early April to late October. The reason is, during this period, your family enjoys a sunny beach, and the temperature is usually steadily warm during the day. 

In the evening, your kids benefit from the pleasant cool breeze from the sea. Moreover, from April to October, you can go out to eat with your family and benefit from fresh vegetables and food in all markets, restaurants, and hotels.

On the other hand, from April to October, the travel plan is more affordable because several tours offer fantastic and reasonable prices. Also, you can do reasonable shopping with great discounts because shops want to sell their previous products and bring new ones for next season. Keep in mind, take warm clothes for kids as evenings are cool.

What can be done During the Summer Vacation with Children in Turkey?

It is better to set enough time during summer vacation in Turkey because there are countless offers in this country, from visiting beaches to different water activities. 

Nothing is worthwhile than taking a boat trip around the alluring sea and relaxing in a cozy bay, then letting loose in a night beach club or restaurant. Also, green and untouched jungles around the country provide a terrific chance to fill your lungs with fresh air.

Put swimming in the ocean and sunbathing in your trip schedule. Keep in mind Turkey has loads of historical sights to visit.

What can be Done with Children During the Winter Holidays in Turkey?

Most visitors think of traveling to Turkey during summer vacation. Although Turkey hosts flocks of visitors from August to October, this country is a suitable place for winter vacation. Stick to reading to get information about the best leisure place when water is dominant.


Next to Istanbul city, there is a lake called sarpanch next to Istanbul city with a picturesque scene worth visiting every season. It is ideal for those who want to escape from a noisy and crowded city and relax in a beautiful, calm corner. 

Sapanca offers numerous friendly accommodations in the middle of lush nature, and you can make a long memorable time for your family, especially kids who are fans of adventures. 


 If you are looking for vigorous and exciting events when winter is dominant, then Kartalkaya is a suitable place to choose. Kartalkaya owns an esky center called Blue that attracts much attention due to its beauty and rich nature.


For winter sports lovers,palandoken is a modern esky resort, which can cater to visitors’ expectations from an unforgeable winter vacation. Palandoken hosts the longest ski slope. There are many tracks in Palandoken that vary according to the difficulty level. 

Also, there are specific tracks for children. Hotels with panoramic views are at your service for those who prefer a cozy corner with a hot cup of tea. You can sit in a hotel, relax and enjoy daily sports in Palandoken.

Exciting Camps for Children in Turkey

Summer holidays are exciting for students. Turkey is a popular summer vacation destination for students and school-age children. Thus if you want to present memorable times for your children in Turkish summer camps, you need to book six months before the expected traveling date. 

You would not have a problem selecting refugee camps in Turkey as there are numerous student camps at every seaside. Here the writer brings some top student camps to help parents to choose the best for their children.

  • The Benan camp in Analay is a well-known resort club in Turkey offering organized food, language practicing and tours.
  • Wizard club in Marmaris is another main camp designed for school-age children under the license of Wizard Language School with the perspective of learning the English language in combination with daily life interaction during summer vacation.
  • Bodrum camps also are popular, serving 8 to 18-year-old students. They are based in both English and German languages. Bodrum camp fans steadily increase because of high-quality services and modern pedagogical procedures. 
  • Naika Children’s Camp in Kemer is a scientific couple for 7 to 12 years old children, a pioneer in holding a meaningful vacation for children.

Where to Buy a Summer House in Turkey?

Holidaymakers are into buying a summer house to extend their stay during summer time and enjoy relaxing beside their family. Different summer options at reasonable prices are offered in Turkey, along the Aegean and the Mediterranean coastline. 

These summer houses are built based on the latest standards and designed by well-known firms. Besides, buying a summer house in Turkey is an affordable investment if you wish to let it out when you do not use it. Also, buying a summer house in Turkey is an opportunity for rental return.

Kusadasi is one of the most popular places to buy a summer house among buyers, located on the Aegean coastline and caters to a wide range of tastes and budgets.

The other recommended place to buy a summer house in Turkey is Izmir, which provides top popular facilities for citizens.

Antalya and Alanya are the ideal locations for buying a summer house along the Mediterranean sea. These mentioned locations have a large international airport and a mature tourism industry.

Note that properties in Turkey are offered with exceptional facilities and different beneficiaries at a reasonable price compared to other developed countries. We recommend you to take a look at property for sale in Istanbul or other pages in the site and if you liked you can buy your preferred property with CityRealtyTurkey.

Where to Buy a Summer House in Turkey

Last words

In conclusion, traveling to Turkey is an unforgettable vacation and an opportunity to have golden memories with your family. It is better to book a hotel or rent an apartment in advance to have a successful vacation. Moreover, you need a complete traveling plan and a list of things to do.

Everything About Living in Antalya

living in antalya

Where is Antalya?

Have you ever heard about Antalya?

Have you ever considered Antalya as a permanent living destination?

Do you know about living features in Antalya?

Are you looking for a reliable source to get complete information about living in Antalya?

Antalya is Turkey’s fifth most populated city and the capital city of Antalya province. The city borders Taurus mountain from the southwest and is the largest city along the Mediterranean coastline. Antalya itself has an almost one million population.

Antalya is a Riviera city in Turkey and has established itself as a top tourist zone. Antalya is the first tourist destination in Turkey. 

Moreover, Antalya is a nice place for expats to live. It is not hard for the city to attract people as tourists due to its deep roots in history; besides, many tourists wish to live permanently because of adorable nature, like golden, clean sandy beaches and modern living facilities.

Many people fall in love with Antalya easily and vow to back because of the combination of sun and sea with the shining sandy beach of the Mediterranean sea and, more than alluring nature; the city stepped in history that boasts the unique situation to take attention of people from every corner of the world with various destinations from traveling and relaxing in a wave of peace, to long life leaving. 

Antalya ticks all boxes for tourist expectations and desires. But the scope of the paper is to explore everything about the living features of Antalya. 

How is Antalya Living?

When you choose the destination for a holiday, it is completely different from a permanent living purpose. During vacation, we ignore some infrastructure in return for unique experiences. But when you consider living permanently, you should put on a practical hat. 

If you wished to be a citizen in a city as an expat, you would need fundamental comfort and modern infrastructures to enjoy day-to-day life. 

It is crystal clear Antalya is a hub of tourists looking for a compilation of nature and history, but stick to reading to find out whether Antalya is a place that caters to applicants’ needs for daily life.

You will be shocked if you realize Antalya is Turkey’s second sought-after place for foreign property buyers, the majority of them buy villa for sale in Antalya. This characteristic changes Turkey into a global place with international citizens consisting of more European nationalities rather than Turkish. 

 One of the best possibilities for Antalya is that the city consists of numerous expat hotspots, villages, and coastal cities; therefore, citizens do not have to settle in Antalya It self.

Antalya’s other fantastic life feature is that citizens have metropolitan life, and everything related to modern day life is available ,simultaneously; the city feeds your appetizer for nature and meets the needs of people who skip the typical urban lifestyle. 

On the other hand, shopping in Antalya is delightful as abundant malls offer new brands and supermarkets with top-brand production. Colorful malls , shopping systems, and different offered choices  in supermarkets, provide ease and a sense of luxury before citizens yearn for ease.

The surprise of the Antalya market is the compilation of quality, fashion, and reasonable prices.

Daily life requirements are much lower than European countries such as Russia and Cyprus. 

Note that the Antalya market is not the center of trend in cosmopolitan productions. It is also a prominent traditional mark that catches the attention of hand-made arts like rugs and local agricultural products such as dried fruits, jams, spices, and others.

Citizens in Antalya have lots to do. They never experienced shortages of entertainment because the city is a dominant tourism destination designed for high tourists absorption. Some many modern cinemas and theaters release novel movies in English and Turkish languages.

Also, citizens in Antalya benefit from magnificent parks, for instance, Dedeman Park. Also, Antalya hosts the longest beach in Turkey, Lara beach, which is 12 Km long. Lara beach is near the central part of Antalya, and citizens who settle in the central section of Antalya can enjoy walking every day. 

Although property prices along Lara beach are higher than in other parts of Antalya, citizens are happy to set back more for a beach-side urban lifestyle. 

how is living in antalya

The best residential areas in Antalya

  • Antalya, Konyaalti region

Konyaalti is a luxury place in Antalya and more convenient for living. People prefer Konyaalti both for vacation and permanent living. Konyalti is the best beach in Antalya and sits on the city’s west side, surrounded by the alluring turquoise Mediterranean sea and sky-touching Taurus mountain. 

Konyaalti is the longest beach in Antalya, and one of its most famous beaches is the pebble, extending eight kilometers along the coastline.

Konyalti has many facilities for leisure time, such as a basketball court, exceptional cycling path, jogging and hiking road, fabulous parks and fountains for kids. Also, Konyalti was granted an international blue flag for its cleanliness.

  • Belek district in Antalya 

Black is 36 km east of Antalya and south of the Mediterranean sea; it is a hub of tourist vacation thanks to modern coastal resorts such as luxury hotels and lush golf courts. 

  • Lara district in Antalya

It sits in the Antalya Aksu region, a famous tourist zone in Turkey. Most hotels model themselves after global landmarks such as Tajmahal and Kremlin. Lara is nominated for small Las Vegas in Turkey. 

All hotels are inclusive with top convenient amenities like swimming pools and kids’ activities. Every year during Christmas, a vast festival takes place in Lara, and hotels are full of visitors during the new year celebration. A tiger paw, when you come to Lara, you will never like to leave unless exploring other parts of Antalya.  

  • Muratpasa district, Antalyal

Muratpasa is a famous beach in Antalya, extending 20 Km along the Mediterranean sea. Muratpasa is a borough of Antalya with impressive landmarks and attracts the attention of local and overseas visitors. 

Muratpasa is close to the turquoise Mediterranean sea and makes a decisive scene. Also, Muratpasa has significant must-see landmarks such as Duden waterfalls related to the Selcuk structure and others. Moreover, the strong point of Muratpasa is near the city center and amenities. 


  • Serik district in Antalya 

Serik is one of the essential boroughs in the Antalya district overlooking the Mediterranean sea. It extends over 1550 along the coastline and has a population of 124,335. Serik is the seat of different civilizations of past nations throughout history. 

Tourism is a vital sector during summer vacation and is the primary source of income in serik. Although the working life in Serlik depends on the seasons. In winter, most of the serik population work in agriculture. Generally, tourism and agriculture are primary income sources in serik. 

Serik has a Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters.

Zeytintaşı Cave, located in the village, and the Uçansu waterfalls in the village of Akçapınar are natural wonders in serik. Also, famous water currents from Serik leverage the borough’s beauty.

How Much Does Life Cost in Antalya?

One of the main reasons that turned Antalya into a destination for foreigners’ permanent life is the low cost of living as opposed to European countries and America. Living in Antalya becomes more deceptive when citizens access high-tech and low-price amenities. 

Also, fresh vegetables and fruit are on hand in all corners of Antalya at a fair price. The bottom line is life is pleasant and cheap in Antalya.

It is possible to live in Antalya for 500 dollars a month and rent a one-bedroom small flat in a mid-range price area. After paying rent, a family needs 1000 dollars for health insurance and residency permission. Take in mind health insurance is obligatory for people over 65 years old. Day-to-day living expenses like grocery shopping and utilities are cheap.

 If you are economical, price-sensitive, or on a short budget, you can save money by using the public transportation system, eating at cheap restaurants called yukata, and buying from low-cost supermarkets. 

The other life feature of Antalya is its capable international transportation system. It is easy to travel through excellent airlines. Due to competitive flight prices, it is easy to find bargain flights to Europe. 

More than this, Antalya has a modern and scientific health center with highly educated experts that provides top services in different fields with high-tech equipment. Many foreigners prefer turkey for health service purposes due to its high quality and low price.

 advantages of living in antalya

Advantages of living in Antalya

Antalya has all the advantages and characteristics of a big city. Like low crime rate, accessibility to public transport, many cultural leisure activities, education, shopping, and a large variety of real estate available for purchase. 

It is still a comfortable place to live in, all thanks to its cheaper cost of living, friendliness of the local population and its fantastic equipped vacation zone. The most important thing that increases fans of Antalya is the excellent subtropical climate with 300 sunny days a year. 

The temperature never drops below zero, and the incredible Mediterranean sea with many beaches was granted the international blue flags award for its cleanliness.

 Antalya hosts abandoned modern and scientific universities and schools. Also, there are many well-equipped hospitals with well-known specialists.  

Disadvantages of living and residence in Antalya

Antalya is a beautiful and alluring city with complete modern amenities and facilities. It is hard to find a weak point. But it could be mentioned that Antalya is changed into a hub of international tourists and visitors from August to October. 

The constant flow of tourists may spoil the calm environment of citizens who prefer to stay in their corners and relax.    

Last words

Antalya could be your choice for permanent living for several reasons. First, Antalya has an ongoing and prosperous economic system because of its successful tourist industry. Also, Antalya hosts capable infrastructures for day-to-day life. 

Above that, Antalya is a heaven on earth with a glistening combination of the shining sun. Golden sand and a turquoise sea surrounded by mountains and green plants. 

It is a place for those who want modernity in a beach-urban feature to experience peace in a vigorous environment. Ultimately, the cost of living in Antalya is extremely lower than in other modern European cities.  

Can I Buy Property in Turkey with Cryptocurrency?

buy property in turkey with cryptocurrency

In a short answer to the question, you would better know that yes, you can buy property in Turkey with cryptocurrency. One of the first generations of digital currency has been bitcoin, which was introduced as a well-known cryptocurrency. 

One question that may pop into your mind is, what is the beneficiary of paying fees with Bitcoin or other types of cryptocurrency?

The main advantage of paying fees with cryptocurrency is that you will be able to pay for services and goods from any corner of the world in no time without needing any intermediary system, such as a bank or exchange. In other words, Bitcoin has an international currency function. 

Although Bitcoin decreases your limitations, such as time, place, and payment amount, governments can not control and dictate Bitcoin’s financial and trade policy. In other words, governments have no power to interfere in Bitcoin flow. 

Therefore Bitcoin is not accepted as a legal currency so far by governments. The decentralization feature of Bitcoin prepares a money network out of central authority interference. Decentralization characteristic of Bitcoin results in peer-to-peer or person-to-person transactions without any intermediaries between parties.

In this article CityRealtyTurkey aims to answer every question about buying property with cryptocurrency. 

Buying Real Estate with Cryptocurrency

Buying real estate with bitcoin occurs nowadays, although it may be contended for some unacceptable reasons. On the other hand, columnists are clamoring and energizing for the new currency. 

But in reality, most sellers and vendors use the money for advertising their property and selling. However, a few superhouses are hitting the bitcoin market. This pattern will be proceeding and making news, but the pattern is not revealed yet.  

Is there any opportunity for the property market with bitcoin? Most young generations prefer bitcoin over established ones. Also, renting with bitcoin is less than buying. In the future, paying leases will be a pervasive reality and will prompt us to do more deals with them. 

buy property in turkey with bitcoin

Can You Buy Property with Bitcoin in Turkey?

In 2013 the Turkish government and the Turkish Banking Supervisor declared that bitcoin activities are legal. After That, Bitcoin and other virtual digital are used in purchasing properties in Turkey. 

Due to expansion and facilities, digital currency payments from now on, all buyers can purchase property with Bitcoin or other valid digital currency in the market.

You may be shocked if you realize buying properties in Turkey with cryptocurrency is rising conspicuously. Ongoing rising demand for buying real estate in Turkey leads to the establishment of a cryptocurrency ATM at Ataturk Airport, the 14th busiest airport in the world.

The digital currency trend is significantly alluring to young investors seeking to buy real estate with crypto in Turkey. The digital currency value is unstable and constantly changing; therefore, the payment valuation will be calculated based on the daily value of cryptocurrency as opposed to the dollar or lira.

For more than 11 years since the digital currency was established, buying property in Turkey with bitcoin or other accepted digital currency has not encountered any difficulties. After transferring the digital account, the document is sent to the buyer in no time, on the same day and without delay.

Growth of Buying Property with Digital Currency in Turkey

Due to the growing digital currency, for instance, Bitcoin, during previous years, most real estate agencies are reluctant to buy and sell properties in Turkey with cryptocurrency. 

To facilitate the payment and immediate transferring of funds, also to deliver documents to buyers within minutes without needing cash and checks, the Turkish land registry has established a system for transferring real estate contracts. 

More than this, some real estate firms in Turkey are selling some of their properties in exchange for Bitcoin. With the help of this system, accuracy and clarification of the transaction are increased since the payment is done through a digital system, confirmed and approved by two parties immediately.

Is It Secure to Buy Property in Turkey With Cryptocurrency?

According to the news, since Turkish citizens are demonstrating interest in buying and selling real estate with Bitcoin in Turkey, this kind of digital currency is used and accepted in real estate transactions more than before.

Successful establishment of buying Property in Turkey with cryptocurrency such

 Bitcoin brings a vigorous international real estate market to Turkey .Lots of European and American citizens are into buying and selling real estate with cryptocurrency in Turkey eagerly.

Economists believe cryptocurrency and bitcoin are part of the global market, and this new phenomenon in the transaction system must not be ignored. Bitcoin infrastructure is a crucial advantage for Turkish investors, particularly real estate investors, and catches their interest. 

Decentralizing digital currency codes and eliminating intermediaries are the most positive points of digital currency, making investors eager to do transactions with digital currencies.

Before buying real estate with crypto in Turkey, it would be better to apply for residency permits. It is possible to obtain a Turkish passport if you buy 400000 dollar property in Turkey With Cryptocurrency. 

According to Bitcoin News, you do not need to have a visa in case you have a Turkish passport. Due to the crisis, the Turkish real estate website declared that using Bitcoin, Atrium, and Ripple are elevated in real estate transactions. 

buy real estate in turkey with cryptocurrency

The Boom of Digital Currencies in Turkey

Based on valid documents and reports, the use of cryptocurrency in Turkey is rising for several reasons. These reasons are high inflation, currency problems, and the absence of robust banking. 

On the other hand, digital currency has an easy and rapid international transferring ability. Therefore most administration among nations will be situated in this business sector. 

The other reason for global rising digital currency utilization is extracting different types of cryptocurrencies with graphics cards; thus, many developing or recently industrialized countries are not struggling with the restriction of Mastercards charges or admittance anymore.

How to Buy Property in Turkey Using Cryptocurrency?

There are some options to buy property in Turkey with cryptocurrency. Stick reading to find out.

Convert Cryptocurrency to Cash

The simplest way to buy property in Turkey with cryptocurrency is using the BitPay service. It helps you sell your cryptocurrency for the daily value of money, such as dollars, euros, and lira. They use the money to purchase real estate in Turkey. 

The main point is that you must keep many in your account for at least two months before buying a property. Otherwise, depositing that large amount of money will be flagged by the IRS.

Borrow Against Cryptocurrency

Some companies like Nexo make it possible to use cryptocurrency as collateral and give loans with fiat money. It would be better to consider the interest rate is higher than a typical loan, around 8% or more. 

Note that your account may be flagged by the IRS when a huge chunk of money appears in your account. 

Transfer Cryptocurrency to Seller Directly

 Sometimes it is challenging to find sellers reluctant to get cryptocurrency as the property’s value. But others are warmed up by cryptocurrency offerings. Some property sellers are looking for digital currency. Therefore offering cryptocurrency may push your offer to the front pack.

What Are the Actual Benefits if You Buy Property in Turkey with Cryptocurrency?

The pros and cons of buying property in Turkey with cryptocurrency widely depend on the method you choose to use cryptocurrency. However, the writer brings some benefits of buying property in Turkey with cryptocurrency.

Converting less stable assets into more stable ones. As you know, cryptocurrency value fluctuates monthly, even weekly and daily. Opposite to cryptocurrency, property value changes slightly and constantly for a long time.

Transferring cryptocurrency is faster than traditional methods. Direct cryptocurrency transferring cuts done paper works and other hassles related to mortgage-founded home sales. 

Moreover, you can get a good deal. 

Some sellers are warmed up with cryptocurrency offers, looking for digital currency to pad their digital accounts. If you offer cryptocurrency as property payment, sellers will be willing to offer the property with a significant discount.

Direct and Unmediated Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange occurs between two parties, and there is not any other mediator as a third party. Therefore you do not need to pay a commission. Just digital transfer value is deduced in the Chinese blockchain as a digital transferring fee.

International Transactions

Bitcoin is the most simple and direct approach to global exchange. The advantage of doing exchanges with bitcoin is you do not have to pay additional expenses to the beneficiary for various added. You can move more than 1000000 dollars with a fair fee.

Turkish Government Stance on Bitcoin

In 2013 the Turkish government and Turkish Banking Supervision Authority announced digital currency activities such as bitcoin and other virtual currencies are legal. Today bitcoin is used for buying property in Turkey. 

Do Turkish Banks Support Cryptocurrencies?

Most Turkish banks support cryptocurrency. What you need is 

Opening a bank account in one of the bank branches as a foreigner. Acquiring Turkish citizenship or residency would be helpful before opening a bank account. 

In this case, it does not matter which bank you choose to open the account. You have permission to withdraw 1000 lira per day. You must pay 1% of transferring cryptocurrency to the bank account as a transferring fee, which is deducted instantly.

Papara Bank

Papara bank is a financial innovation offered by the Turkish financial framework. It ought to be noted Paparo Bank is pulling millions of Turkish citizens’ consideration from Turkish citizens as unfamiliar customers due to its straightforward strategy and swift cash flow speed. 

Paper bank interfaces your bank record; then, you can get cash from the ATM whenever you want for 24 hours. These days Paparo bank has the most deducted cash move rate compared to other banks in Turkey.

Binance Turkey

Binance Turkey is a Cryptocurrency buying and selling platform. With the help of this Platform, the Users buy or sell Cryptocurrencies to each other by bidding or underbidding. Finance Turkey mediates this transaction via the Site.


Btcturk is an abbreviation for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading Turkey. It is the fourth worldwide bitcoin platform, founded in July 2013. 


Paribo was founded by a software team under Yasin Oral leadership and started working on the twenty-fourth of February 2017. Paris bombed in the market in a short time. These days, Paribo serves more than 600000 users in digital currency, particularly Bitcoin.

buy property in turkey

Last words

The world is moving quickly towards digitization, so if you are also interested in buying property in Turkey wıth cryptocurrencies, you can contact CityRealtyTurkey and buy a properties such as buying property for sale in Istanbul, one of the most important metropolises in Turkey. We are here to answer your questions and help you to make a good investment. 

Legal Requirements for Marriage in Turkey

Legal Requirements for Marriage in Turkey

Is it legal as a foreigner to get married to a Turkish citizen?

What are important marriage legislations as a foreigner you need to know?

What is the process of marriage in Turkey?

What is the legal document needed for official marriage in Turkey?   

An old saying goes that love is beyond the boundaries and borders; therefore, many international marriages occur in every corner of the world. This article is about legal documents for marriage in Turkey for foreigners and Turkish citizens. 

The marriage process in Turkey is simple and straightforward. The critical point about carrying out the issue is to be informed about the process and complete the required document at a determined time. 

In this article, the writer endeavors to pass information about legal required documents for getting married in Turkey that paves the path to taking the necessary steps for official marriage in a short while time. Here is the right place with compiled information, useful for foreigners who want to get married to a Turkish citizen.

Before starting reading, take in mind that although the writer brings a complete overview of legal documents needed for a foreigner to marry a Turkish citizen, changes are possible at any time. 

Also, if you consider buying property for sale in Istanbul, you can check the site. 

Needed Paperwork for Foreigner to Get Married in Turkey 

First of all, it would be better to ask the registry office if it is a necessary document to prepare based on your special situation. Otherwise, the required documents are as follows.

Required Paperwork, Which Is Asked, From Turkish Partner to Get Official Marriage

  • Turkish identity card 
  • Copy of the identity card with a picture
  • Excerpt from the personal status register
  • Registration certificate
  • Five passport photos, not older than six months
  • Health certificate, issued by a state hospital in Turkey

Required paperwork, Which Is Asked from Farieng Partner to Get Official Marriage

  • Hand in a notarized translation of the passport
  • Hand in five photos that were taken at last in the previous six months
  • Health certification was proved and issued by a determined Turkish health center.
  • Admitted certification issued by a local registry office in the country of a foreigner that proves there is no impediment to marriage. In addition, all these documents could be 

Prepared easily. But note that a bit of a lead-time situation is expected from executives of both countries. Obtaining an international certificate of a non-impediment to marriage is almost a time-taking process.

Following, the writer explains the process of obtaining an international non-impediment to marriage.

Steps of Getting International Non-Impediment of Marriage

International non-impediment of marriage certification must be applied from a registry office of a foreign partner residence place in an official writing form. 

Whenever the foreign partner has not lived in his/her country for a long time, the international non-impediment of marriage can be issued by a registry office in the latest residence place of the foreign partner.

Remember that ,the registry office  takes responsibility for the details, claimed in admitted documents attached to the application. Following a standard procedure, required documents are mentioned below, but please consider that changes are possible at any time. 

Required Documents Are Needed For Foreigner Partners to Get the International Non-Impediment of Marriage

  • Birth certification, family descent, or excerpt of family register of parents  
  • Certified copy of the passport that proves the citizenship
  • Proof of last place residence issued by the registration office
  • Notarized proof of marital status by the registration office  

Required Documents Are Needed For Turkish Partner to Get the International Non-Impediment of Marriage

  • Births certification, family descent, or copy of excerpt family register of parents
  • Certified copy of the passport that proves the citizenship
  • Proof of last place residence issued by the registration office
  • Confirmation of marital status, proof of isolation if previous marriage exists

All documents, whether from the registration office or civil status registration, should be translated into Turkish by an admitted translator. Moreover, an apostille of Turkish authorities is needed after translating documents. In the case of a divorce decree, an apostille document is critical.

Health Certification Before Marriage

One of the critical documents for official marriage is health certification. Some determined tests are obligatory to be done. The registry office is responsible for informing you about what tests must be done. From up to now, the vital tests that must be done to complete the required papers for official marriage are the following:  

  • Examine lungs with X-ray 
  • blood group determiner test
  • Special test to distinguish Syphilis
  • Special test to find out Hepatitis
  • Special test to examine Aids
  • An anemia determiner test is better to know an anemia test can be ignored if the applicant is over 50 years old.

According to Turkish law, Syphilis, gonorrhea, chancroid, leprosy, and tuberculosis are impediments to marriage, and a health certification will not be issued in these cases. 

The other important point is that regardless of which hospital you had the test, the final health certificate must be signed by your family doctor; thus, it would be better to get in touch with your family doctor before the test. Moreover, the test will be valid for six months.

After getting the necessary documents to marry, no one can stop you from getting married. You can set a time from the registry office whenever your documents are complete. Both partners should be present at the setting time, at the city hall. 

Witnesses at Turkish Ceremony 

After setting the ceremony date, the fun parts start, like nominating a witness for the ceremony. But you may ask what legal sequences of choosing witnesses for weddings are. It is easy, like a piece of cake. Two witnesses are enough, but it is possible to have four witnesses if you prefer. The witnesses must carry the following condition:

  • They must be at least 18 years old or above
  • They must present their identity card or passport
  • Witnesses should be familiar with bride and groom

Be careful that parents of couples are not accepted as witnesses. Also, some registry offices allow you to have four witnesses; it is better to ask before filling out your form.

Marriage in Registrar Office in Turkey

The wedding ceremony in Turkey’s registry office is usually held as fast as possible. Because of numerous appointments and closeness. It will be over in 10 minutes. It is customary for the bride to come to the registry office with a gown. 

Afterward, couples wait in front of the city hall to receive gifts and congratulations and take photos with guests. If couples decide not to have a ceremony after registry marriage, stopping in front of city hall will take longer because all guests want to take photos and give gifts. 

In contrast, if couples have a plan for the ceremony, they will wrap up quickly as fast as possible to present at the wedding party.

Marriage Certification

Immediately after the ceremony, the registry office gives the couples a red booklet in DIA 15 format, the official proof that they are newly married. 

The registry office issued the official proof, ” Aile cüzdanı,” based on the 15 th CIEC Convention of 1974. However, the official marriage proof is not recognized in this form in other countries.

Please ask for international marriage proof if you want a valid marriage certificate in every other country, such as your own country. Then ask your country’s embassy for the procedure to get your marriage proof in your birth country.

Name Declaration After Marriage in Turkey

In Turkey, a woman must take her husband’s surname after getting married. Many women want to have their husband’s surname next to their birth surname. 

If a woman wants to have her surname beside her husband’s surname, she should give an application to the marriage officer or later to the registry office. 

Sensitive couples can have a name declaration before the turkey register to be more precise about which surname will be used by couples. But the declared surname in the Turkish registry is not recognized in the foreign partner’s country.

If a foreigner wife wants to get a passport with a new surname, she should submit her name declaration at her foreign consulate. To do this, spouses should set an online appointment, with the presence of both personal appearances. 

Through this interview, some information will be asked. The questions cover personal information such as passport confirmation, excerpt of civil status register and citizenship. 

This information is sent to the foreigner registry office,if the confirmation is received from the foreign country registry and the new passport with the new surname will be issued.

Residence in Turkey After Marriage

Now you are married and wish to live in Turkey; you need a residency to apply. Please apply for it and obtain it like a piece of cake. 

Take it to heart that residency permission does not guarantee your work permit. Getting a work permit has other processes and depends on the company willing to employ you.

Citizenship in Turkey by Marriage

Neither in Turkey nor other countries marriage does not lead to citizenship automatically. But it is achievable under certain circumstances. As citizenship is a bit sophisticated and needs expertise to pass precise information, the writer prefers not to go through the citizenship process in detail. The writer recommends you study citizenship legislation through accurate sources. 

In conclusion, the marriage process is not a complicated issue in Turkey, and you must take legal steps to get married. 

But if you are time sensitive and under snow, there are legal companies that can prepare the required documents for your official marriage, and what you do is just getting ready for your wedding party in a relaxed mood.

Tolerance and Cultural Diversity in Turkey

Tolerance and Cultural Diversity Discourses in Turkey

What is the history of cultural diversity in Turkey?

What was the policy of Turkey on the issue of tolerance and cultural diversity during the past decades?

What is the Turkish government’s recent view about the issue of tolerance and cultural diversity?

What are the different domains around tolerance and cultural diversity discourse that Turkey has experienced up to now? 

Which events affecT Turkey’s policy and society through tolerance and cultural diversity discourse?

In this article, the writer aims to explore tolerance and cultural diversity in Turkey from the past to now and brings a complete overview of Turkish society and policy about carrying the issue. 

As many people in recent years are interested in buying property for sale in Istanbul or other cities in Turkey, knowing about the culture and diversity tolerance is a big issue. 

Also, the writer defines famous diverse domains about tolerance and cultural diversity discourse and tries to explain Turkey’s evolution according to these domains. Moreover, the CityRealtyTurkey tries to pass information about significant events that had a conspicuous effect on Turkey’s turning point about the tolerance and cultural diversity discourses.

Turkish Tolerance and Cultural Diversity in Turkey Compared to Other Countries 

According to a lecture given by Will Kymlicka in 2003 and published at Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkish tolerance, and cultural diversity discourses were comparable with Eastern European countries. 

The interesting issue in his lecture is debating the minority cultural rights in terms of security and justice. In the East, the term security is the main goal, and they aim to be sure the minority culture is not a threat to the existence or territorial integrity of the country. 

In contrast, justice, the main domain term in the west, prepares fair accommodation for both minority and majority culture diversities.

Considering justice for minority cultural groups brings the right to self-government. As opposed to western countries, self-government is an opening threat to territory. 

The main reason to resist the self-government of minority cultures and following threatening considerations is the possibility of collaboration with neighboring countries. 

Compression of these two contemplations: justice and fairness, on the one hand, and security and loyalty, on the other hand, revealed the most public favorite idea sharply turns to justice and fairness. 

The western model based on justice and fairness provides the major minorities concerns in three folds: territorial autonomy, speaking and writing in their modern language, and institutional completeness. These particularities of the western model act well in adopting candidate countries to the European Union.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, only Switzerland and Canada joined the combination of territorial autonomy and the right to speak and write in modern language for minority cultural groups or sub-state national groups. 

After That, most countries, which were willing toward democracy, and sizable sub-state nationalist movements, joined the justice and fair track to reach the majority concerns of minority cultural groups.

With regard Kymlicka”s investigation, what happened in East and central Europe can be linked to Turkey from a security and justice point of view and the country’s evolution toward democracy led security view to the idea of justice for the subcultural union.

Turkey displayed typical similarities with East European countries regarding management and direction of minority and sub-state cultural groups. 

The country gives priority to carrying a security view in treating cultural diversity discourse. Turkey has deep roots in history in investing in national security; therefore, subcultural groups are considered a threat to autonomous territorial existence and national security. 

Even though different sub-cultures and sub-state nations enclosed Turkey, this view was the dominant idea.

Tolerance and Cultural Diversity Discourses in Turkey

How Has Security Discourse Changed to Justice Discourse in Turkey?

The main phenomenon in turning Turkey from security to justice was the country’s goal to integrate into the European Union. The prime situation for integration into the European Union is the importance of unity in diversity rather than unity. 

Undoubtedly the Helsinki Summit EU played out a historical turning point in the country’s movement from security to justice.

Kymlicka and many other experts believe the Helsinki Summit EU was decisive and essential to motivating Turkey to turn sharply from conservative views in all aspects and tolerance and cultural diversity discourses. 

In other words, the Helsinki Summit EU could be defined as a threshold of radical democracy for Turkey and prompted distancing from its strong-rooted conservatism and cold-war position.

The republic’s beginning in the early 1920 was the starting point in the classification of security and justice discourse in evaluating political, cultural, and ethnic diversity.

Different Philosophies in Diversities

Diversity is a new word extracted from political philosophies among developed countries and expanded to other countries willing to join democratic countries

Diversity recently conveys expanded meaning regarding religious, cultural, political, and ethnic attributes, a byproduct of globalization, causing a prime movement beyond the person or group to the ethnoscape. 

These days Diversity. Which links to human rights and democracy ideology, creates an important challenge for international and supranational entities such as international and European Union organizations. 

After the Helsinki summit in 1999, various ethnic groups in Turkey were inclined to consider diversity in terms of discourse/ideology. Also, after the Helsinki summit, the European Union preferred to apply diversity in unity discourse. 

Following the writer brings an evolution in diversity definition that greatly affects Turkey ideology.

Unity in Diversity

Will Kymlika believed in liberal democratic principles as a basis for cohesive social structure or unity. Moreover, unity must be recognized by communitarian rights for cultural minorities means diversity. 

In other words, unity in diversity guarantees a liberal democratic society. According to his notion, diversity does not contradict liberal policy; in contrast, diversity plays out as a pivotal for enabling individual freedom for the members of the minority group in question.

Unity over Diversity

Unity over diversity at first was proposed by Brian Barry, who was concerned about the cleavages of multicultural views. He argued respect for diversity might threaten the unity necessary for equal distribution among all citizens. 

He not only talked about economic equality rights, but also he was concerned about distributing entire equal rights. Brian Barry criticized Will Kymlika about sectarian religious groups.

 According to Brian Barry’s idea, it is not possible to guarantee specific group rights unless the state stays loyal to being impartial and neutral. His philosophy lies in majority rules concerning individual rights with a view beyond the principles of group-centered- multiculturalism, which exactly translated to unity or diversity.  

Together in Difference

This theory was proposed by Iris Marion Young, a communitarian who believes that unity is a necessary criterion for a modern pluralistic society. But the core of her theory is politics of difference. 

The pivotal part of her recent theory is recognizing the varieties of culture and social differentiation in a region and treating them respectfully. 

The worthy achievement of this theory is the residents in a region, instead of sharing the same basic ideas, prepare to concentrate on reaching fundamental agreements and coalitions to solve the political problems.

All definitions above are political posturing concerning cultural diversity in the nation-state context. But the prime problem is, none of these theories and definitions are an exhaustive umbrella coverage for all concerned about cultural, religious, ethnic, and national contexts. 

Also, there is not sufficient discussion in the European Union on managing a wide diversity in different contexts. However, recent scenarios are in hand to get acceptable justice in the future. These scenarios mostly circulated unity in diversity, diversity, and European citizenship. 

These concepts in the west reflect repercussions in Turkey. Following reflection on diversity concepts in Turkey paved the way for cultural and ethnic diversity policy.

2002 Election Was a Path for Raising Justice and Development Party

In November 2002 AKP party won the election and took office while struggling with numerous dilemmas. These dilemmas were from the internal Turkey crisis, such as poverty and inequality, to overseas difficulties such as the Cyprus issue and Iraq tensions. 

More than this, the biggest problem the AKP party combated with the concept of stereotypical representation and reception of APK as a radical Islamic party both in Turkey and abroad.

After a while, AKP elites induced the universe to recognize their government as a new organization that set goals to access secularism and EU standards. 

The elite of AKP strickly departed from anti-Semitic, Islamic, and exclusionist traditional views and shifted to affiliate benign inclusive nationalism, which introduced itself as, reflective, democratic, right-based, and free-market oriented. 

The prime winning card of the AKP party was the organization aimed to embrace all segments of Turkish society, which seemed a minefield for rivals who couldn’t get the trust of the Turkish nation.

There are numerous reasons why the AKP party is successful in Turkish society. Still, the most worthwhile item is conceiving the importance of tolerance and cultural diversity in turkey. 

Undoubtedly, the accession of AKP is considered one of the events that helped turkey society take essential steps toward democracy and eliminate the traditional exclusive policy.

Post Helsinki Events a Time for Moderate Turn Toward Democracy 

The European Union Copenhagen political criteria held at the EU meeting in Copenhagen in 1993 asserted the main qualification for affiliation to the EU is applying complete democracy in the current rules of a country. 

These criteria are defined as implications of human rights without regard to gender, religion, ethnicity, and the support of minorities.

In Copenhagen, 1999, at an EU meeting, Turkey was nominated as one of the EU members under the same conditions as other candidates. 

Although this claim of the EU had hurt national feelings especially related to minorities, the post-Helsinki period provided an opportunity for Turkey to create an optimistic and dynamic condition to solve ethnic, religious, and cultural minority issues in the country. 

The most prosperous victory after the Helsinki process is intensifying the notion of diversity discourse rather than diversity-security.

The post-Helsinki period was considered an escalator toward democracy by unity in diverse points of view and prepared a path to diverse discourse.

In conclusion, Turkey has deep roots in history and, due to its special geopolitics location and beautiful nature, was the hub of many powerful empires. 

Istanbul is the only city in the world that straddles the intersection of Europe and Asia. Numerous nations, from the Byzantine empire to the Ottomans king, want to have their authority in this unique region. Therefore unity ties with security . 

In addition , exclusive policy had been considered a guarantee for the existence of the government and nation. 

But as time passed, Turkish policy and the public desire to access open marketing, which was not possible without the implementation of full democracy, the diversity-security notion was replaced with a diversity-justice perspective.

Architectural History in Turkey

architectural history in turkey

What do you know about architectural history in Turkey?

What are the distinctive characteristics of Turkish architecture?

What are the main eras in Turkey’s architectural style?

What is the position of Turkish architecture style these days?

Due to numerous historical centers and beautiful nature, Turkey has been the center of attention of many people looking to buy property for sale in Istanbul and other important cities of Turkey. Now, in this article, we are trying to address one of the main attractions of Turkey for visitors and property buyers.

Turkey is one exception in the world regarding architectural diversity and alteration from the past to now. Turkey’s variety and magnitude of architectural styles reflect its history and geographical position.

The country straddles the intersection of Europe and Asia and has been hosted by different nations and ruled by various governments, and each culture has influenced Turkish architecture style.

Therefore, like every aspect of lifestyle, Turkish society has experienced a different architectural history. Architectural history in Turkey emerged in its cultural melting pot conditions.

CityRealtyTurkey aims to review the architectural history in Turkey during different eras. Stick to reading and get interesting information about architectural history in Turkey.

Distinctive Eras in Architectural History in Turkey

According to evidence, architectural history in Turkey could be investigated in four determining classifications. Each era demonstrates special indicators that lead to different styles and architectural aspects. Here the writer brings a brief and clear definition for each era.

1. Early Turkey

To explore prime Turkey architectural history, we need to start from a far. Cappadocia has a lot of structures like venues around Goreme. The history of Cappadocia harks back to the Roman period when Christians had settled in this region and created stunning houses and churches by carving in the rocks and cliffs.

Some monuments related to this architectural era are Selima Cathedral, Rose Valley, and Kaymaklı underground city.

2. Seljuk architectures

A conspicuous architectural turning point sparked during the Seljuk empire in Turkey, which still is distinguished in Turkish architectural aspects in the country. The main Seljuk architecture characteristic is adapting cultural diversity with special architectural features to the Turkey region. 

The distinctive features of the Seljuk empire are bare frameworks with simple and harmonious proportions combined elegantly in structures. These structures are designed based on (Monumental Portal) concept determined by plain structure with colorful doorways and intricate embellishments. 

3. Ottoman architecture

Next to the Seljuk era, the following era is related to the Ottoman empire, determined by elegant structures and complex design that turned into a dominant characteristic of Turkish architecture. Ottoman architecture is an intricate complex of design principles and construction styles obtained from the Middle East and the Mediterranean and got some alterations and emerged as a new style.

Note that Ottoman architecture had been affected by Byzantine architectural methods and veins design. Mosques are the main examples of the Ottoman architectural era.

 More than this, schools, baths, tombs, and fountains are structures with a clear inner structure of ottoman architecture with a specific design that focuses on harmony and hierarchy.

Minarets, domes, and buttresses are the distinctive elements of this period. Monuments are the same in terms of material and general layout, with differences in interior embellishments, decoration arrangement, and size. All buildings induce a scene of splendor and majesty.

Blue Mosque is a magnificent monument in Istanbul and is considered the apple of Istanbul. The structure is the last impressive monument related to the Ottoman period. Its hand-painted blue interior tiles and extravagant exterior layout, with discreet utilization of natural light and dazzling interior design, throws the visitor to heaven, a fair place for religious contemplation, symmetry, and repetition.

4. European Fascination

During the last years of the Ottomans’ reign, it coincided with Europe’s power enhancing. 

 Western ideals shifted to the region in various aspects like architecture and lifestyle. European fascinations affected Ottoman’s architectural figures and created a new combination. For example, Baroque and Rococo are woven with Ottoman architectural style, resulting in a variety of Turkish styles like the Tulip style, the Baroque style, and the Empire style. 

These changes led to a shift in the construction and design of buildings in Turkey which demonstrate a combination of European elements in a traditional formwork. Important structures mentioned as samples of nobility and elegance are Ahmed III, an example of the Tulip style, the Nuruosmaniye Mosque, the Baroque style, and the Ortaköy Mosque, an example of the Empire style.

5.Nationalist Architectural Movement

From 1890 to 1930, nationalists have begun to instill diverse aspects in architectural dimensions. These years could be considered the first nationalist architecture movement in Turkish history.

Turkish expertise brought new styles that catered needs of nobility in combination with traditional local design. Ottoman and Seljuk architectural elements put their footstep in nationalist architectural design.

Stand out examples of buildings related to the nationalist architectural movement are Tayyare Apartments, designed by Ahmet Kemaleddin, and the Defter-i Hakani building, designed by Vedat

6.Modern Architecture

Following prominent shifts in Turkish society due to economic and political evolutions, architectural methods and design developed to cope with this new flow. During modern architectural flow in Turkey, the regionalism view was ignored and substituted with flexibility and modernism. Formworks adopted with recent alterations to meet new needs and expectations. 

Moreover, modernity in Turkey coincided with an economy-boosting to reach global trade, and cosmopolitan trading influenced all aspects of Turkey, including the construction industry.

Architects are equipped with new modern equipment and technology to fulfill drastic growth in Turkey. The utilization of new materials and new techniques caused an extreme shift in formwork and influenced tradition and the local architectural scene. 

A dominant example related to the modern architectural movement is The Atatürk Cultural Center, built in 1960. The construction reflects a new era in Turkish design and architectural concepts with the help of new materials and techniques.

Mimar Sinan, an Adventurous Turkish Architect

Mimar Sinan is a genius in Turkish architecture. It is not off the mark if Mimar Sinan is introduced as a cosmopolitan architectural adventurous who not only had a prominent effect on Turkish architecture but also his techniques influenced global architectural techniques.

Even these days, Mimar Sinan’s methods and designs are applauded by experts and cause visitors to be surprised.

He undoubtedly influenced the Ottoman empire’s architectural era. Ottoman monuments are a combination of  Roma and Seljuk elements with intricate embellishments and interior design that changed them into unique art. Mosques like Selimiye Mosque in Endrine and Suleiman Mosque in Istanbul were his famous masterpieces.

 They were more similar to Roma terraces and Seljuk elements rather than Arabic style, a rare phenomenon in Central Anatolia and Central Asian.

The influence of Roma and Christian elements in Mimar Sinan may be linked to his previous religion, which was Christian before he came to Islam. He combined Roma design with Seljuk elements to create a unique masterpiece for the Islam world.

Ottoman architecture is woven with Mimar Sinan’s fame and reputation. But what catches the attention of experts and historians is more than Mimar Sinan’s designs and ideas. He had done beyond his time in engineering, techniques, possibilities, knowledge, and aesthetic understanding.  

What is Turkish Architecture These Days

Turkish architecture has passed turning points up to now. Turkey can acclaim itself as one of the exemplary items in terms of prosperous architecture that is going forward based on changes and needs while doing more for splendor.

Turkish architecture proves itself noteworthy in terms of typology, expression, and general design. In combination with scientific and authentic modern architecture and affluent architectural background, the country possesses a prime position in history, modernity, and contemporary architecture.

The secret of successful contemporary architecture and appearance of majesty is, getting used to obligatory changes and needs by using new materials and recent techniques with the same concern about reflecting extravagant and ancient turkey history and culture. 

The worthy point in Turkey’s modern architecture and design is taking care of methods that lead to sustainable energy supply for these buildings in an economical way.

These days, Turkey has set itself as a spot of vibrancy, energy, and a place with brilliant culture and history. In a brief sentence, modern architecture in Turkey supports modernity and liveliness, with a sight back to beauty and majesty.

In conclusion, Turkey has a magnificent architecture that weaves with the country’s history. The main prominent point in investigation Turkey architecture is the alliance of architectural methods and design with history and nature. Monuments in ancient Turkey were not built just for needs; they also were channels to show splendor and majesty.

After fundamental changes in different aspects of the country and the appearance of the global economy, architectural views passed huge points to accelerate economic prosperity.

But that is not the end of Turkey’s new architectural point of view that endeavors to show the modernity, beauty, and glamor of culture and history. This idea set Turkey in the prime position of aesthetic, prosperity, and treasure of culture and history.

In the end, Turkish architects are classified as a high architecture rank with worthy experience and knowledge that could be useful for other countries who want to carry modernity in the previous history.

Gross and Net Square Meters In Buying Property

Gross and Net Square Meters

What is a gross square meter?

What is a net square meter?

What is the difference between gross and net square meters?

Does the difference between gross and net square meters put buyers in trouble?

Which kinds of square meters (net or gross) are asserted officially in the title deed? 

One of the main issues in buying property for sale in Istanbul and other cities in Turkey is the property size without considering the property location or the target country you purchase. 

In this article, the writer tries to define the net square meter and gross square meter and the differences between them; in addition, the writer aims to give buyers useful information and help them make investments confidently.

The following information is the same in all corners of the world, but this article is especially for investors who want to buy property in Turkey. Let’s start with definitions and then go to differences.

What is the gross square meter?

A Gross square meter is an umbrella phrase that consists of the entire property’s space and encloses usable and unusable spaces. A gross square meter, in a simple definition, is how much space a property occupies and is measured from the outer surrounded walls of a property.

Gross square meter doesn’t care about used and unused spaces; the total property’s space is a matter of measurement.

What Is the Net Square Meter?

The purpose of net square meters is to measure used spaces. The places are utilized for furnishing, equipment, and people spend time together or benefit from the special activity.

The net square meter comes from the gross square meter minus unused spaces. The net square meter consists of the area of the property from outer walls except for structural columns, shafts, or outside finished surfaces.

In a brief and easy definition, net square meter compasses rooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, balcony, and yard. The following formula leads to calculating net square meter and gross square meter:

wall area + net area = gross area

From up to now, you get an obvious definition of net square meter and gross square meter. But as a buyer, you may ask what is crucial about realizing the differences between gross and net square meters. In addition, sometimes brokers hide the differences between gross and net square meters. 

The Application of Understanding Gross and Net Square Meters and Their Differences

In Turkey, the size of properties is mentioned based on gross and net square meters, and there is no uniform procedure for expressing the size of properties. The lack of standards for advertising properties causes tremendous shock among investors when comparing mentioned size in different firm constructions.

Some firms’ contracts are based on the net square meter and others on gross square meter.

Therefore buyers need to know how to compare gross and net square meters. When contractions are arranged on gross square meters, it gives potential buyers critical consideration because they can’t compare size based on the net square meter and make mistakes when comparing prices. 

Imagine there are two properties, A and B. These properties are the same in terms of gross square meters, and both have 100 gross square meters, but they could have different net square meters. Then consideration of net square meters helps you to compare accurately.  

The differences between gross and net square meters become more crucial when one selected property is advertised based on the gross square meter, and the other option is introduced according to net square meters. 

As the gross square meter contains the whole space from the outer walls of the property to the entire closed area, it is nearly more extensive than the net square meter, which includes usable areas of the property.

Therefore the property expressed on the gross square meter seems more spacious than the property advertised based on the net square meter. But in reality, if the mentioned gross square meter on the paper is three-fourths of the usable area, then the property is not as large as it is considered.

Analyze the Contract Truly Before Signing It

As a reliable suggestion, it is crucial to investigate the contract before signing. If, in the contract, the net square meter is not claimed in the title deed, the best way is to ask for a professional evaluation. A professional real estate expert could help you during the valuation process or purchasing.

If you want to buy an off-plan property or the property early to construction, you must ask about the amount of net and gross square meters and the layout. Moreover, buyers or their lawyers should ask to assert the exact amount of net and gross square meters in the contraction. 

It is highly suggested that you don’t sign the contract in a rush. Before signing any contract, please accurately evaluate net and gross square meters. Each contract must indicate the exact number of the net and gross square meters; if not, you have the right to ask for the mention of the accurate net and square meters in the contract.

Finally, it is better to hire a professional real estate agent like CityRealtyTurkey to take the issue into meticulous evaluation and consideration of the net. Gross square meters also prove the truth of net and square meters mentioned in the contract.

Gross and Net Square Meters

What Is Legal Action to Make a Right Purchasing

According to Turkish law, the sellers are bound to hand in the property within certain square meters, quality, and location asserted in the contract. Moreover, price was determined based on the measured square meter, unless parties settle on a flat price without regarding the size of the property.

It is better if the accurate size and other property characteristics, such as location and condition, are claimed in the contract. Whenever the contract is unclear, the parties come across a loss surface that causes discrepancy at the sold area level, leading to the cancellation of a sale or decreasing the price.

When parties come to a dispute, the Turkish court is the only reliable source to solve the problem. According to a special real estate lawyer, the court should be sensitive to special factors. It needs to prove the promoters were wrong and did not disclose certain elements to buyers.

Also, the lawyer persuades the court that buyers must be informed about square meters as essential criteria to purchase.

Sale Contract Is Foreigner Investors Saver

Turkey is a country that has exceptional conditions to attract many real estate investors from all over the world. As a foreign investor, you need to be conscious of the contract. Because sellers and buyers do not speak the same language and this may cause some misunderstandings. On the other hand, some real estate agencies are not experienced enough to handle everything in a legal direction.

Therefore please read the contract several times and be sure some essential factors are mentioned. Buying a home or an apartment is usually a lifetime purchase, so hire a translator and lawyer if necessary. Buyers from European countries must ask to change square meters in feet to better consider the size of the property. Also, requesting a clear assertion of gross and net square meters and feet is better. 

The last point in Turkey, one of the commonly faced marketing tricks, is unclear differences between gross and net square meters. Sometimes, brokers hide the accurate differences between gross and net square meters. The main problem buyers come through is calculating the property price based on gross square meters.

To be more conscious about the case, imagine there are two select properties with 200 gross square meters, and the price is estimated based on 200 gross square meters, but one of them has 160 net square meters, and the other has 120 net square meters. Buyers pay the same price but don’t get the same space. 

Moreover, a net square meter usually is not mentioned in the title deed. If you want to buy a second-hand property, the only way to estimate a net square meter is to ask for a professional evaluation. Whenever you want to buy off-plan property, you should ask to assert the accurate net square and gross square meters in the contract.

Even Though everything is written down on paper, some problems may happen during the dealing process. The real estate business needs knowledge, experience, and equipment awareness of rules and regulations. With a professional real estate agency, your errors will probably decrease. There are lots of buyers who lost big money due to ignoring detailed evaluation before dealing.