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Is Living in Beylikdüzü Good? Pros and Cons of Living in Istanbul’s Thriving District

A brief introduction about Beylikdüzü Beylikdüzü is a large and increasingly popular district in the European side of Istanbul. Located on the northwestern shores
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is living in esenyurt good

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Living in Esenyurt: Is it the Right Choice for You?

A brief overview of Esenyurt, Turkey Esenyurt is a district in Istanbul province under the rule of the Istanbul municipality. As an investor, you
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The importance of the translator's presence in Turkish transactions

The importance of the translator’s presence in Turkish transactions

Today, Turkey has become one of the countries with a high rate of buying and selling in the field of real estate. The city
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Expertise report

What is expertise?

Expertise is a report on the real value of real estate in Turkey, which is required for foreigners who intend to invest in real estate
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What is the use of Nomaratage in Turkey?!

Numarataj number is one of the most important documents that can bring you Turkish residence. The positive features of Turkey, such as unique employment opportunities,
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Is it profitable to buy property in Turkey?

Is it profitable to buy property in Turkey?

Introduction In response to the question, is it profitable to buy property in Turkey? It should be kept in mind that many factors will
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