The importance of the translator’s presence in Turkish transactions

The importance of the translator's presence in Turkish transactions

Today, Turkey has become one of the countries with a high rate of buying and selling in the field of real estate. The city of Istanbul in Turkey has the highest amount of real estate transactions, because it has excellent welfare, educational and medical facilities. Therefore, the presence of a translator in Turkish transactions is very important.

It is better to know that in 2021, Istanbul was chosen as the first Turkish city with the highest rate of real estate sales. Among the reasons for choosing Istanbul, we can mention the special beauty of this city, its comfort, educational and medical facilities. In addition, Istanbul is known as one of the most lively and crowded cities in Turkey. Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, China, and Yemen are among the countries that are among the most important buyers of Turkish real estate.

Istanbul is the main destination of tourists who travel to Turkey, as a result, it can be said that due to the expansion of the tourism industry in this city, it is the best place for foreign businessmen to invest. The presence of professional and expert real estate agents in Istanbul is very important due to the high volume of real estate transactions. CityReality properties one of the real estate transaction centers in Turkey, which offers you the best option according to your budget and priorities. CityRealty real-estate is one of the companies that conducts real estate transactions in Turkey.

But the important question that concerns the mind of the buyer in this regard is whether it is necessary to learn the Turkish language in order to establish a relationship and make a transaction in Turkey. Or can we benefit from the presence of an expert translator in the transaction?

The reasons for the importance of the translator’s presence in Turkish transactions

As you know, learning the language of a foreign country in a short period of time is very difficult, so the best way to communicate and talk about real estate transactions with the real estate seller is to use expert and skilled translators who translate They have complete command of commercial and conversational orality. Considering this, it can be said that the presence of a translator is very important in Turkish transactions. In the following section, we want to examine the importance of the translator’s presence in Turkish transactions from different aspects.

One of the reasons for the importance of the presence of a translator in all types of real estate transactions is the ability to provide efficient communication. The presence of a translator makes it possible for the representatives or sellers of the property to convey the necessary information to the buyer in their mother tongue and benefit from the opportunity to share their knowledge or ideas.

In addition, with the presence of a translator in Turkish transactions, the translation is done simultaneously. In this case, the messages are sent to the other party without any shortcomings and this makes it possible for people to express their views, thoughts and ideas easily in their mother tongue.

Also, with the presence of a translator in transactions, we will achieve better results. Because in this case, the correct and appropriate communication between the buyer and the seller is established and both sides of the transaction can communicate freely in their own language. As mentioned, the presence of the translator is very important in the transaction. But it is better to know that the translator present in real estate transactions must have unique characteristics and abilities. In this section, we would like to point out the characteristics of an expert translator in the field of Turkish transactions.

Features of a translator specializing in Turkish transactions

It is better to know; The desired translator for conducting business in Turkey must have sufficient command of the source and destination languages, so that he can perform the translation at the same time. For this purpose, the translator present in the transaction scene must have abilities beyond the excellent language comprehension that he learned in universities or language training institutions.

The translator should not allow too much time between translating and receiving what is said. He only needs a short pause to be able to express the words well and fluently. The translator must convert speech in the source language into the target language without any shortcomings. This type of people should update all their language skills and add to their scientific knowledge regularly.

Therefore, it can be said that the existence of a translator specializing in Turkish transactions leads to an increase in business. CityRealty real-estate is one of the companies that provide civil services in Istanbul, which, by using skilled and fluent translators, leads to an increase in efficient communication and the transfer of information with great accuracy.

In general, it can be said that a translator must be a good listener. Strengthen sensory, motor and cognitive skills. Have a wide range of vocabulary, be aware of the culture of the destination country and study about it so as not to cause discomfort during the transaction with inappropriate gestures or behavior. His self-confidence is high and he can control his stress well. He can be aware of his emotions and recognize them.

Proper communication between buyer and seller through translator

A good conversation leads to a good deal. Today we need to communicate with others. Establishing a proper communication requires excellent language skills. In some cases, we need translators who are experts in this field to communicate with people abroad, so that they can help us in doing better transactions and increasing income.

The existence of a translator is very important in real estate transactions in Istanbul, because among all Turkish cities, Istanbul has the highest amount of real estate sales. For this reason, both the seller and the buyer must be aware of all the points and rules related to their transaction so that they can obtain the necessary information about the transaction between us.

An expert translator helps them a lot in doing this. In fact, it can be said that the importance of the translator’s presence in Turkish transactions is well demonstrated. CityRealty real-estate is one of the best companies that deals with real estate in Turkey. This company has expert translators who will help you in this process and lead to a great deal. The power of excellent expression and having a very high quality of communication are the requirements for the success of people in real estate transactions, so do not neglect to pay attention to this category.

The importance of simultaneous translation in Turkish transactions

If you intend to buy a house in Istanbul  , but you don’t have the ability to speak Istanbul Turkish and you can’t communicate well with the people of this country, it is better to use a translator at the same time, because understanding the content and also talking about the property Opinion is very important. Therefore, it is better for both the buyer and the seller to understand and understand all the conversations.

Having a safe and professional translator is necessary to make things easier and also to increase your communication with the other party. Today, people’s relationships around the world have become international, so attention to the presence of a translator in any real estate transactions in Turkey has increased and is becoming more colorful day by day.

The meaning of simultaneous translation is to translate the meaning of the sentences orally from the source language to the target language. It is very important that the translator has sufficient knowledge about the source language and the target language. Also, he has sufficient command of both languages and can convey all the contents well for both buyers and sellers without any mistakes. The translator must have a sense of responsibility. In addition, he can convey the expressed sentences to another person without the need to refer to the dictionary.

In addition, the presence of the translator’s mind is also very important so that he can remember the sentences well. Oral translation is a very big responsibility because it cannot be modified like a written translation. The translator must have a good knowledge of the words, terms and specialized expressions of both languages and be able to translate the sentences correctly. In addition, he must have a good memory and high listening power so that he can memorize all the speaker’s sentences well and transfer them to the recipient without any deficiencies.

By buying a property in Turkey, you can get a residence permit from the Turkish government and benefit from the benefits of Turkish citizenship. Needless to say, you will be the owner of the property when the deed is transferred to your name at the Tapu office . So, when the promissory note is only in your name, you are not considered the owner of the property.

What is expertise?

Expertise report

Expertise is a report on the real value of real estate in Turkey, which is required for foreigners who intend to invest in real estate in this country. By receiving this report and purchasing the property according to its true value, you can easily obtain Turkish citizenship and permanent residence.

Property expertise report in Turkey

Today, Turkey is considered a popular country for Iranians to invest, because many Iranian citizens can easily obtain permanent residence in this country by purchasing real estate in Istanbul . This has caused a significant expansion of property transfers in this country. But what is important when buying real estate in Turkey is to receive an expertise report . Expertise report is actually a report that discloses the true value of real estate to buyers.

This report is very important for people who decide to obtain Turkish residency and citizenship. Because by using this report, they can easily buy the desired property in Turkey and be officially recognized as a citizen of this country. This report will be known by other titles such as evaluation report or property price valuation in Turkey.

Contents of property expertise report in Turkey

The evaluation report reflects all the accurate and correct information of the desired property, which is verified by the government and provided to the buyers. Documentary information about the desired property such as its geographical location, square footage, exact price of the property, etc. can be seen in the evaluation report. This report also includes real photos of properties, property debt status and technical specifications of the property in the General Directorate of Land Registration and Municipality, etc.

In addition, by receiving the evaluation report, you can see the predicted price of your desired property and other similar properties. In general, it can be said that the Expertise report will reveal all the positive and negative features and detailed information of the property you want in Turkey, so that buyers can purchase real estate with real value in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.

How is the property expertise report received?

If you intend to buy real estate in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, you must first choose the desired property through the relevant experts. CityRealty real-estate is one of the best real estate agencies in Turkey that, with high work experience and the use of relevant experts and specialists, introduce you to the best real estate options according to the investment budget. After choosing the desired property and meeting with the property owner, you must receive the evaluation report.

This report is usually received by the property owner. The property owner must inform the capital market board of the request for the evaluation report , and then the licensed experts, after visiting the property and evaluating it, prepare the real price and relevant specifications in the form of an official report and provide it to the property owner. Finally, this report will be provided to the buyer through the property owner, and the transfer of the property document will take place. You should know that a copy of the expertise report will still remain in the Land Registry Office.

Costs of transfer of real estate documents in Turkey

In general, the costs of real estate transfers in Turkey since 2020 are four percent of the real value of the property, which the buyer and seller must pay to the real estate agency according to the agreement. Note that in order to receive the expertise report, you have to pay a separate fee to the relevant government body, which is determined according to the size and characteristics of the property in question. But on average, this cost is between 1000 and 2500 liras. It is worth noting that the CityRealty real estate agency will not charge any fees for the evaluation report, and provides the related services for free to its customers.

Is it necessary to receive the evaluation report?

Receiving the expertise report is important for those pilgrims who intend to obtain Turkish citizenship and passport. For this purpose, it is necessary to receive the evaluation report for the transfer of the document and the official purchase of the property. But people who decide to make small investments in this country and often look for properties with a maximum price of 250 thousand liras, will not need to receive an evaluation report.

Of course, you should note that many property owners in Turkey, due to tax evasion, state the price of properties much lower than their real value in order to avoid paying taxes, for this purpose, the government has received expert reports since 2019 . has declared it necessary for all property transfers of foreign nationals.

How long does it take to prepare and validate the evaluation report?

When the owner of the property informs the relevant government bodies about the request to receive the expertise report, the experts will visit the property and check all the documents and maps registered by the municipality, and finally they will provide the evaluation report. This process takes about 2-3 days. It should be noted that the property evaluation report is about 20 to 35 pages long and should be provided to the foreign buyer of the property.

Also, in accordance with the new property laws, the validity of the evaluation report is a maximum of 3 months, after the expiration of the validity period, the evaluation report will be worthless, and if the transfer of the document is not done within this period of 3 months, the property owner must again receive the Do the evaluation report.

Which investments require a valuation report?

Expertise report is not only for residential real estate buyers, but receiving this report is necessary for all investments of foreign nationals in Turkey. Investing in land and residential properties, buying a hotel in Turkey, buying business centers and investing in them, buying a villa in Turkey, etc. are among the investments that require receiving an evaluation report.

In addition, investments in agriculture and industry, as well as the purchase of related parts and equipment, also require an evaluation report. Creating commercial brands, buying airplanes, ships, investing in urban projects and mines, as well as buying companies are other investments that cannot be transferred without an evaluation report.

The difference between the property price and its value in the appraisal report

One of the reasons why it became mandatory for foreign buyers of real estate in Turkey to receive an expertise report was that some property owners, in order to receive a higher price from the sale of their property, charged several times more than the real value of the property from the buyers, which of course This is still observed in some transactions. In general, a 20% difference between the real value of the property and the price stated by the seller is normal.

However, you should note that the Turkish government only considers the real value of the property, which is included in the evaluation report, as a criterion for providing citizenship of this country to foreigners. For example, if you paid 300,000 liras when you bought it, but the real value of the property in the appraisal report is equal to 150,000 liras, you will not be granted Turkish citizenship. For this reason, to buy real estate in Turkey, it is better to get help from CityRealty real-estate agency consultants so that there is no disruption in the process of obtaining citizenship and permanent residence in this country.

Benefits of receiving an evaluation report

Receiving the expertise report allows you to analyze the plans of the desired property and its features with an open view and make a cost-effective purchase. In addition, listing the real value of the property for the buyers caused the destruction of many fraudsters and real estate brokers.

Another piece of information mentioned in the appraisal report is information about the area of the desired property and the forecast of the value of that area in the coming years. This has caused many foreign buyers to learn about the future value of their investment, which has had a significant impact on the purchase of real estate in areas with a bright investment future.

The best real estate agency in Turkey

In order to be able to buy real estate in Turkey with confidence, you can visit the city real estate agency. CityRealty real-estate agency, consisting of professional and expert forces, is the best option for foreign buyers in Turkey. The agency also provides free property consultations to its clients and shares the best investment opportunities with buyers on a daily basis.


One of the solutions that can bring Turkish passport and citizenship to foreigners is investing and buying property. To achieve this, it is necessary for the buyers to receive the expertise report . This report reflects all the detailed information and specifications and the real value of the property desired by the buyer and is considered the main requirement for the transfer of the document and the official purchase of the property. The validity period of this report is 3 months and it must be received by the property owner from the General Land Registry Office and be given to the buyer.

What is the use of Nomaratage in Turkey?!


Numarataj number is one of the most important documents that can bring you Turkish residence. The positive features of Turkey, such as unique employment opportunities, economic growth and income generation, etc., have made immigration to this country a priority for Iranian citizens. But today, Turkey has considered new laws for immigrants to ensure their intention to settle. Obtaining a registration form is one of the new immigration laws of this country, which will be required to be received and submitted to the immigration office for all people who decide to obtain Turkish residence through the purchase of property.

Methods of obtaining permanent residence in Turkey

Today, Turkey has become one of the countries that accept immigration, where countless foreign nationals seek to obtain citizenship and permanent residence in this country every year. One of the simple ways by which you can obtain a permanent residence permit in Turkey is buying property and apartments in different cities of Turkey, including buying and selling apartments in Istanbul . Of course, provided that its value is more than 400 thousand dollars.

For this reason, after purchasing a property at the value set by the Turkish government, foreigners can apply for residency in this country. However, in order to realize this, it will be necessary to present valid documents that show the seriousness of people to obtain Turkish citizenship. One of these documents is a sheet known as numbering or numarataj, which we will discuss in detail below.


What is Numarataj?

Currently, there are whispers about Turkey’s new immigration laws, which foreign nationals are required to comply with in order to receive the citizenship of this country. Although the presentation of the number sheet is not mentioned as an official document on the Turkish immigration website, but according to the predictions, this law will probably be implemented seriously from the beginning of the new year.

According to this new law, citizens who want to obtain permanent residence in Turkey must submit the number document to the Immigration Department of this country. Numarataj sheet is a valid document issued by the Turkish government and provides detailed information about the map address of a person’s habitable property in this country and its legal details to the immigration officers.

How to obtain a number

According to the recent strictures of the Turkish government to provide citizenship rights to immigrants, receiving a number sheet has become a necessary and mandatory matter. In order to receive this document, immigrants need to go to the municipality of the area in which they want to buy property and submit the request for the Numara Taj document along with the required additional documents to the relevant staff. The municipal officials will also issue the number certificate on the same day after reviewing the documents provided by the immigrants. It is worth noting that the municipality will not charge any fees for the issuance of number plates and all the services provided in this regard will be provided to the immigrants for free.

The documents required to receive the NumeraTaj card

One of the solutions that can be considered as a positive point for you to receive Turkish citizenship as soon as possible is to submit the required residence documents in a completed form. Because if there are defects in the documents, your appointment at the embassy will be postponed. For this reason, it is recommended that you receive the number sheet from the municipality as soon as you specify the residential property. But you should know that in order to receive this official and important document, you must also deliver documents to the municipality.

The first document required to receive the number sheet is the rendezvous message, which is sent to immigrants via email or SMS. Presentation of tapu is also considered as one of the important documents for obtaining nomarataj. Note that if you cannot afford to buy the property and you are a tenant in a residential unit, you must submit your lease to the municipality in addition to the tapu for review.


What does tapu have to do with numarataj?

In Turkey, residential property ownership documents are known as tapu . In fact, if you buy a residential property in this country, a title deed will be issued in your name. This document is one of the most important documents that you have to submit to the municipality in both original and copy form to receive the numarataj. Contrary to the opinion of some immigrants, it will be possible to get Turkish citizenship even if you live in rented houses.

In this case, it is necessary to deliver a copy of the title deed of the rented house in the name of the owner to the municipality. Do not forget that along with the owner’s tapu, it is necessary to provide the original and copy of the lease along with other documents to the employees of the municipality’s immigration department.

Email rendezvous

The Turkish government, like other countries, provides several different types of visas to those interested, the most common type of visa in this country can be considered a tourist visa. In general, the validity period of a tourist visa is three months or 90 days, and after the expiration of its validity, foreign nationals are required to return to their country. Of course, if foreigners decide to obtain permanent residence, they must first obtain a tourist visa and arrange an appointment with the Turkish Immigration Office before its validity expires.

Requesting an appointment with the Turkish immigration staff is known as a rendezvous, and all foreign nationals who intend to obtain permanent residence in this country must submit their rendezvous request to the Turkish Immigration Department. After that, a message about reserving the date and time of the rendezvous will be sent to the expatriates via SMS or email. After receiving the rendezvous message, the immigrants should go to the municipality and show it to the relevant officials.

Submitting a rendezvous request in order to receive a registration number is for the municipal staff to ensure the serious intention of the immigrants to stay permanently in Turkey. It should be noted that if you do not intend to obtain the right of Turkish citizenship, but you want to extend your tourist visa, you must go to the Turkish Immigration Office and submit your request to attend the rendezvous meeting to the immigration officials.

The validity period of the number card or Numarataj

In general, it can be said that the validity period of the numbering document depends on various factors. If you have purchased a property in the first year of your stay in Turkey and have received its registration form, you can easily apply for your residence in this country by visiting the Turkish Immigration Office. The registration form obtained under these conditions does not need to be renewed in the following years, and the immigrants in the following years can receive the right of Turkish citizenship again with the same number registration document as their previous one.

However, if you sell your current property and buy a new residential property in the following years, the current Numarataj will no longer be valid and you will have to get a new Numarataj form again through the municipality. However, this process has no effect on obtaining Turkish residence, and for this purpose, only one registration form will be issued. This has caused administrative activities related to residence extension to be reduced and residence extension processes to be carried out more quickly.

Information recorded in the Numarataj

All the information recorded in the numbering document actually proves your ownership of a property and your residence in it. In other words, this document is known as the TAPU supplementary document and its receipt will be mandatory for all foreign applicants to obtain Turkish residence. In this document, two types of general information can be seen, the first type belongs to the personal information of the owner.

In this section, the owner’s name and surname, age, nationality, marital status, education status, employment status, etc. are mentioned in detail so that the immigration department can obtain detailed information about the owner of the house. In the next part, all the properties of the purchased property will be recorded in detail, including the size of the property, its real value, etc. It is worth noting that this document is only for the purpose of informing the immigration department about the residential status of the immigrants and will not have any other use.

The services of CityRealty real estate agency in order to receive registration number

Obtaining Turkish residence requires timely attendance and submission of various documents to the immigration office of this country, which will be accompanied by difficulty in knowing all the steps and completing them on time. For this reason, the presence of an intermediary company can help you in immigration matters. CityRealty real-estate Agency is one of the reliable Iranian institutions active in Turkey, which will guide immigrants to buy suitable properties.

This well-known brand also has extensive activities in the field of acquiring number registration documents, and its consultants and experts can facilitate the process of obtaining number registration and finally obtaining Turkish residence for immigrants. In order to get more detailed information, you can contact the real estate consultants of the city.


It is possible to obtain Turkish residence through various methods such as buying real estate, employment, establishing a company, studying, etc. However, if you have a good financial situation, buying residential real estate will be the best option to get residence in this country. For this purpose, it is necessary to receive the number sheet. This document is actually a document proving your ownership, which will be issued by the municipality and must be provided to the immigration department. Numbering is known as a positive point for obtaining Turkish citizenship and will speed up the process of obtaining residence in this country.

Is it profitable to buy property in Turkey?

Is it profitable to buy property in Turkey?


In response to the question, is it profitable to buy property in Turkey? It should be kept in mind that many factors will make people want to invest in buying property in this country.

Turkey is known for its unique tourist attractions, which is why many tourists will want to stay in this country for a long time.

So many people want to buy a villa in Antalya or buy a house in Istanbul . In addition to receiving residency, one should think about whether buying a property in Turkey is a good investment. Or sometimes it proves the opposite.

For this reason, in this article, to the basic questions in this field, especially the question, is it profitable to buy property in Turkey? We will respond at CityRealty real-estate Services Company.

Investigating the purchase of property in Turkey

Undoubtedly, buying a property in Turkey is one of the fastest ways to obtain citizenship of this country. In addition to this, it should be kept in mind that people will get one of the best passports in the world by buying real estate in Turkey.

Also, by buying property in this country, a positive step will be taken for profitable investment. As it is evident, buying property in Turkey is the goal of some big investors, and since this country is known as a tourist hub, the demand for buying property is increasing day by day.

One of the main points in answering the question, is buying a property in Turkey profitable? Paying attention to the laws related to how to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying property. For more information on how to obtain Turkish residence, you can visit the website of the Turkish Immigration Department .

Rules for obtaining residence by buying property in Turkey

A lot of investors are buying villas in Antalya or buying a property in Istanbul in order  to obtain citizenship from Turkey and invest economically .

Undoubtedly, there is a minimum amount and cost for buying a house and property in Turkey by the government of this country. This has a significant effect on the answer to the question, is it profitable to buy property in Turkey? Will have.

Investors can own a property in the tourist country of Turkey by spending 400,000 dollars. Of course, after completing the process of buying a house, people must submit their request for citizenship to the official register.

Also, in order to maintain their citizenship title as Turkish nationals, the aforementioned investors must comply with some predetermined criteria and adapt themselves to these criteria.

The government of Turkey has imposed some legal restrictions to create obstacles for real estate brokers and intermediaries in this country, which are mentioned below.

  • Not allowed to sell the property for up to three years
  • In order to receive a three-year residence in Turkey, it is necessary to pay 60,000 dollars.
Is it profitable to buy property in Turkey?

Necessary documents to buy property in Turkey

In order to go through the legal process of property registration in any country, it is necessary to provide some documents. Therefore, the Turkish government will force the applicant to submit some documents to register the property.

In the following, some of these documents are mentioned by the CityRealty’s real estate trading agency. Of course, it is recommended to contact the consultants of this company to get more information in this field.

  • Provide photos of the seller and the buyer
  • Provide all identity documents
  • Providing an earthquake insurance policy is mandatory.
  • Registration of real estate evaluation report
  • Providing the official and legal document of the traded property

Obtaining permanent residence in Turkey

Those interested in obtaining permanent residence in Turkey will quickly achieve their goal by purchasing a property worth 400,000 dollars.

In fact, these people will receive a residence permit for one year by registering the property in this country. Of course, every five years a person must renew his residence.

Applicants for permanent residence are also required to pay 60,000 US dollars, so that after paying the said fee, they will receive a temporary residence card and renew it after one year.

It should also be kept in mind that in order to obtain permanent residence in this country, the applicant must be present in this country for 3 years and 11 months each year.

Comparison of property purchase in Europe and Turkey

In some cases, applicants to buy real estate in foreign countries will have difficulty in deciding where to invest. To answer the question, is buying a property in Turkey a good investment? It should be kept in mind, it will require a more comprehensive view.

It can be mentioned that the time required to obtain a residence in Turkey is much shorter. This is if in European countries it takes 5 years to obtain residency. Also, the principles and rules of obtaining residence in Europe are far more complicated than in Turkey.

Of course, it goes without saying that Turkey’s economy is weakening, while Europe has maintained the material value of its money.

Advantages of buying real estate in Turkey

In this section, in order to complete the above information and a more complete answer to the question, is it profitable to buy property in Turkey? We will discuss the main advantages of buying property in Turkey.

As mentioned, buying property and investing in Turkey can be a launching pad for increasing the capital value and financial reserves of investors. The advantages of buying property in Turkey include the following.

  • Obtaining Turkish residence and passport after 60 to 80 days
  • Get a bank loan with the lowest interest rate
  • The possibility of opening an account
  • Get free medical services
  • adoption of the tax code
  • The possibility of free education in this country
  • Low cost of living in Turkey
  • Increasing the probability of receiving a Schengen visa

Investigating the conditions of buying property in Turkey

The conditions for buying property in Turkey are a little smoother than in Iran. In such a way that by purchasing real estate in this country, people will be able to get many facilities and desirable housing by spending less money. Also, it is not far from expected that in this country depending on the specific situations, the price and costs needed to buy real estate vary.

The factors affecting property prices in Turkey are as follows.

  • The desired place to buy property
  • The distance between the property and the sea
  • The amount of infrastructure
  • What type of housing

Investigating the purchase of a villa in Antalya

Antalya is considered one of the most popular regions in Turkey, due to its beautiful nature and many tourist attractions, many businessmen are interested in investing and buying property in this region.

Antalya is known as one of the top five provinces of Turkey, and due to the desire of investors to buy housing in this region, its housing situation is subject to severe fluctuations.

For this reason, it is suggested to consult with professional consultants in this field in order to buy a property in this area. You can also access the required information about buying housing in this area by visiting the CityRealty real estate website.

Conditions for buying a house in Istanbul

According to the analysis of some information obtained by the Turkish Statistical Institute, the average cost of each square meter of housing in the Istanbul region will be 485 euros.

Also, the average cost of buying an apartment in this area is about 56,000 euros. Of course, it should be kept in mind that buying a property in this area, like buying a property in Antalya, is associated with difficulties and unfavorable economic fluctuations. It should also be kept in mind that real estate prices in Istanbul will always rise.

Basic points before buying a property in Turkey

To answer the question, is it profitable to buy property in Turkey? In addition to the above, you should pay attention to some points before making any purchase.

In the continuation of the contents of the reliable CityRealty real-estate Company, in order to further guide its audience, it has mentioned some points related to measures before buying a property in Turkey.

  • Comprehensive review of the area for investment
  • Field and in-person visit to the said area
  • Get advice from experts and real estate consultants
  • Submitting a power of attorney to a trusted lawyer to purchase commercial property
  • Obtaining an insurance policy and determining the amount of tax paid


In this article, we tried to answer two questions: Is it profitable to buy property in Turkey? And the question: Is buying a property in Turkey a good investment? Provide a complete and efficient answer.

Of course, it is recommended to refer to CityRealty real-estate website for more and more detailed information in this field and benefit from the information of this company’s consultants.

Important points to know about the history of architecture in Turkey!

History of architecture in Turkey

The history of architecture in Turkey
 , which is a combination of modern architecture and historical architecture, has received much attention as one of the rich historical heritages after the rise of the Ottoman Empire, and in the last century, its effects on the architecture of other countries were also very evident. Is. Considering that the changes in the history of architecture in Turkey have had a great impact on the properties and houses of this country, we have decided to continue providing you with information about the architecture of houses and villas in this country and you will be introduced to the formation of the current architecture of Turkey. to introduce

Getting to know the styles and history of architecture in Turkey

When the republican government started in Turkey, Ottoman and Seljuk architecture became more popular than other architectures in Turkey, but since the beginning of 1930, Western architects such as Austrian, French and German architects have significantly witnessed the activity and performance in this country. This is what caused the architectural style in this country to move towards modernity, and after that, the modernization of Turkish architecture is seen more than ever before, and now the history of architecture in Turkey is achieved in this way.

This is the reason why the traditional structures of Turkey are seen less than its modern structures in buildings today, and this shows the growth of modern architecture in this country.

The architectural difference between Istanbul and Antalya buildings

It is good to know that different cities of Turkey have been influenced by the history of architecture in Turkey and modernity, and at the same time, there are many differences in the architecture of these cities.

Some of the buildings located in the east of the city of Istanbul have a very old and traditional texture, and the historical texture is quite evident in these buildings, but in the west of this city, a different architectural history can be seen, and the buildings have completely moved towards modernity. Hence the purchase of a penthouse in Istanbul and the purchase of a villa in Antalya require various investigations that can only be done by experienced CityRealty real estate consultants.

This issue can be seen in other cities such as Antalya, and in this city it can be seen that the architecture of the buildings have joined the European architecture, and in Antalya, the historical and traditional texture is no longer visible, and all the textures of the buildings in this city are modern. It might be interesting for you to know that this is why the prices of villas and other properties in Antalya are 43% cheaper than in Istanbul.

The most common architectural style in the history of architecture in Turkey

When you have the necessary consultation with the real estate consultants of the city to buy and rent a house in this country, you will realize that the buildings that have been built in this country today are all designed to solve all the defects of the previous structures and meet the needs of the residents of this country. Buildings are built. To create a very natural and simple atmosphere in modern and realistic designs, bright colors are considered for these structures.

Also, modern architecture and historical architecture are combined in the history of architecture in Turkey , and new styles such as the normal use of circles and villas are more visible in Turkey from 1980 to this moment.

How to connect European architecture and Turkish architecture and the formation of the history of architecture in Turkey

Today, a special architectural style is seen in Turkey, which is competing with the architecture of the European Union, and in the process of upgrading all its architectural standards, in large cities such as Ankara or Antalya and Istanbul, commercial buildings and large buildings in The construction of this country has been prioritized, and this kind of modernization is being done at a very fast pace in Turkey. Therefore, to rent office buildings with a large area in the mentioned cities, you can have the necessary consultation with the city’s real estate and after getting the necessary advice in this field, you can rent or buy and sell the units you want.

Maybe until 1950, we didn’t see the existence of skilled and capable architects in Turkey, but after that, the influence of countries like Austria, France, and Germany, caused Turkish architects to start building structures with architecture in Ankara and Istanbul. modernize and put various projects under construction and use modern architecture in the construction of these buildings so that today the history of architecture in Turkey will be like this. This has caused us to see a combination of modern architecture and historical architecture in different cities of Turkey such as Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya.

History of architecture in Turkey and types of architectural styles in this country

Four modern house building styles can be seen in the history of architecture in Turkey, which are divided into 4 categories, which include sites and circle style, and the style of residences and villas.

Fortunately, all the four mentioned categories can be seen in newly constructed buildings in Turkey, and if you are interested in any of these categories, you can describe your expectations to the real estate consultants of CityRealty properties and all your expectations will be met, Tell us about the building or house you are interested in and buy a villa in Antalya more quickly or a penthouse in Istanbul more quickly. In the following, we will introduce the four named categories to your service.

In the history of architecture in Turkey, we see a style called Cite. Sites is the name of a group that includes a large number of complexes with the same shape and architecture, all of which are built on one site.

Depending on the conditions of each project, the facilities of each site are different, and depending on the facilities of these buildings, each of them has different prices.

This style of construction is not limited to a specific area of Turkey and those interested in this style can build this type of structure in any part of the city, but the prevalence of this type of construction industry in the modern media of Turkey is more than others. We see parts.

Residence style in Turkish construction

Despite all the changes we have witnessed in the history of architecture in Turkey, today modern towers known as residences are being built in this country and as new buildings, very high quality, modern and up-to-date materials are used in They have been used and are considered one of the most popular buildings in this country.

These structures are fully equipped and are a suitable choice for those who are interested in modern life. Depending on which neighborhood you want to live in, the price of buying or renting each of the buildings with this type of architecture is different, and to get more information, CityRealty real-estate agency will provide you with very good advice in this field.

Despite the changes in the history of architecture in Turkey, today in the coastal cities of this country, such as Istanbul, we see the construction of villas with high facilities, which rich people who want a luxurious or prosperous life buy these types of villas. are

Therefore, in the very famous docks of the city of Turkey, people live a more prosperous life than in other parts, and in these areas, we see the expansion of construction in Turkey, where special attention is paid to meeting the needs of the residents of these villas and buildings. Is.

Depending on the size and facilities you want to buy this type of villa, you have to pay different fees from about 35 thousand dollars and above. Of course, these prices have a lot of fluctuations, so for more information, we recommend that you consult with active consultants in the CityRealty real estate to get the necessary information about the details of the prices of these villas and buildings.

Buying an apartment in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul, unlike the city of Tehran, has structures or textures of the same type, and the upper or lower neighborhoods of the city have no meaning in this city. This is why you may see a combination of old and historical buildings and new and modern buildings in one neighborhood of this city. This has caused price fluctuations in Turkish houses, especially in Istanbul and Ankara, more than in other cities of this country.

In 2020, the process of upgrading and growing houses in this country has become very intense, and for this reason, the price increase in newly built houses has brought many problems for home buyers.

What is the net and gross margin in buying a property in Turkey?

Net and gross meters in buying property in Turkey

When buying a property in Turkey, its size is one of the most important factors to consider. In Turkey, the size of a property is expressed by net square footage and Brut gross square footage. There is no single standard for real estate advertising in Turkey, and as a result, people will encounter wide differences in property sizes when buying property in Istanbul, as some construction companies use net measurements, while Some others use impurity measurement. That’s why it is very important to consider the net and gross size when buying a property in Turkey.

What is net and gross meterage?

Net or gross square footage is the total area of the enclosed space measured from the exterior walls of the property. It is a transactional term in buying property in Turkey that includes everything in a property, including unused spaces, such as areas between walls. This is the amount of space that a property occupies, regardless of whether that space is used or not.

Meanwhile, gross or net square footage is the area of usable space that is available for furniture, equipment, and people. gross is basically the net square footage, minus the unused space. Areas in net square meters are measured from the interior finished surface of the surrounding walls, excluding any area bounded by structural columns, shafts or exterior finished surfaces.

Rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies are all counted when considering the total usable area of the property. If we want to say in a simpler language what is net and gross square footage, we should say that net square footage is the amount of space inside a house from the boundary walls to the inside. Gross exterior square footage includes exterior areas such as landscaped gardens, parking lots, or social facilities of the apartment complex. Indoor net meterage refers to areas such as elevators or public stairways.

Meanwhile, in comparison, gross or net square footage is the amount of space that can be physically used in a house. This can be defined by net external square meters such as balconies and terraces or net internal square meters which refers to the usable space inside the rooms.

Transaction terms in buying property in Turkey

But why should we know the transaction terms and why is it important to analyze the property purchase contract in Istanbul completely before signing it. Since there is no net area data on the title deed, a convenient way to know the net area is to request a property appraisal or purchase it from an expert such as CityRealty real-estate agency.

If the property is being built off-plan or is still in the early stages of construction, buyers or their representatives should request a floor plan as well as a specific number of net and gross (gross and net) square footage to be included in the contract.

When buying a property in Istanbul, it is important to fully evaluate the contract. The contract must include the net and gross square meter specifications of the property. It is very important not to sign the contract in a hurry. If your contract does not include net and gross details, it is recommended that you ask for this information to be added.

You can work with professional agents like CityRealty real-estate who will take this into account and get signed documents to prove the declared net and gross. These are one of the most important transactional terms in buying property in Turkey.

Buying property in Istanbul

If you are comparing properties on the internet or in brochures and you decide to buy a property in Istanbul, you will definitely come across different prices accompanied by terms that confuse you. One of these matters is what net and gross square footage is and what role it plays in prices when buying a property in Turkey.

Fortunately, these days, most real estate professionals such as CityRealty real-estate use laser measuring tools that can instantly calculate the net square footage, which is the most important aspect of a property purchase contract in Turkey. Also, the registry office can confirm the total gross area of ​​a private villa or apartment complex.

If you need expert guidance in this regard, you can benefit from the city’s real estate services and advice. Buying a property from CityRealty Properties has the advantage that you will benefit from their experience and knowledge in order to fully understand the terms of transactions in buying property in Turkey, and you will have a safe purchase.

Why should we know trading terms?

Now the point is raised, why should we know trading terms and understand the difference between net and gross meterage? Since contractors base their sales price estimates on the gross floor, this makes it very important to potential buyers.

On the other hand, customers cannot compare rates based on net areas and may make mistakes when comparing prices when buying property in Istanbul. On the other hand, if you’re comparing properties where one is offered gross and the other net, it may seem like the bigger price is the better deal.

If the net square footage of the property is only three-quarters of the usable area, the property that looks like more on paper may be less than you think. That is why knowledge of transactional terms in buying property in Turkey is of particular importance.

Buying a penthouse in Istanbul

Penthouse apartments provide many advantages to their owners. While making a profitable investment in a central city location, you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Dominating the surrounding landscape
  • Outdoor comfort with terrace
  • High and wide ceilings
  • Selection of quality materials
  • A living area dominating the landscape
  • Functional kitchens with various designs

The design of a penthouse apartment, which is located on the top floor of the structure, provides the maximum view for the interior space. For this, there are large windows that stretch from the ceiling to the floor, which give a relaxing effect to its residents. You can purchase a penthouse in Istanbul using the expertise and experience of CityRealty real estate.

Steps to buy property in Turkey with a bank loan!



Have you ever thought about immigrating to Turkey or buying a villa in Antalya or other resort cities of this country? Migration and living in better conditions is one of the concerns of Iranians today. Definitely, one of the requirements of immigration is to consider the welfare and immigration conditions of the destination country. Meanwhile, one of the most popular countries for Iranians to immigrate to is Turkey. Turkey, which is in the neighborhood of our country, is one of the best countries for immigration due to its moderate weather conditions, closeness of culture and customs to Iranian culture, historical and religious compatibility. The methods of buying property in Turkey with a bank loan and in installments are among the most convenient methods of obtaining a citizenship visa and buying property in this country. Stay with us in the next article to investigate this issue.

What are the rules for buying property in Turkey through a bank loan?

It is possible to apply for a loan in Turkey by foreign nationals after obtaining the residence of this country. First, you should determine your purpose of getting a loan. It should be noted that there are no problems or obstacles for foreign nationals to collect loans in Turkey. Proof of favorable financial conditions is one of the main and most important conditions for receiving a bank loan in this country. Note that paying monthly loan installments should not exceed 40% of your income. It is interesting to know that the interest rate of Turkish bank loans is only between 7 and 13 percent. Also, you can pay your loan installments in 10 to 16 years.

What documents do you need to buy a property with a bank loan?

Among the documents required to buy a property with a bank loan, the following can be mentioned:

  • Delivery of completed bank forms
  • Original and copy of passport
  • Tax number, to obtain this number, you should refer to the tax office in Turkey.
  • Copy of the document and confirmation of the address of the desired property
  • Confirmation of non-debt to Iranian banks along with embassy confirmation
  • Presenting and delivering a certified pay slip, if you are employed or retired in Iran.
  • Valid statement of your assets in Iran
  • Reliable and documented report of your monthly income in Iran, if you have a freelance job in Iran.

You should pay attention to the fact that all the documents mentioned above must have an official translation and confirmation from the Turkish Embassy in Iran .

What are the conditions for applying for a loan in Turkey?

In order to apply for a bank loan in Turkey, in addition to having the documents required to buy a property with a bank loan, you must also meet the necessary conditions for receiving a loan. Having the necessary conditions to get a loan, you can easily apply for a loan in this country. Among the conditions required for applying for a loan, the following can be mentioned: Turkish residence

  • Benefit from a valid guarantor in Turkey
  • Having cash deposits in Turkish banks
  • Having a work permit and activity in this country
  • Providing confirmation of employment and ability to pay the loan

What are the conditions for buying property in Turkey?

The right age to buy a property in Turkey is between 25 and 70 years old. If your desired property has two owners, it is necessary to complete separate forms for both owners. In addition to the methods of buying property in Turkey through bank loans and in installments, another method of buying a house in Turkey is buying property from projects under construction. When buying a house from a project under construction, you have to pay 20-30% of the amount as an advance and pay the rest of the cost in installments according to the agreement and contract with the project owner.

How can you own a property in installments?

In recent years, with the increase in people’s desire to buy property in Istanbul and other Turkish cities, there have been many requests for bank loans by foreigners. For this reason, the banks made a contract with the construction companies of real estate projects, so that foreigners can refer to these companies to receive facilities and buy real estate. According to the contract between banks and real estate companies, in addition to cash sales, these companies also have installment sales and can sell real estate to Turkish citizens and foreigners by receiving advance payments and in installments. The requirement to buy a house in Istanbul and other Turkish cities in installments is to enter into a legal and official agreement with these companies.

The buyer can settle the installments and debt of his property within 1 to 3 years. Of course, it should be noted that the settlement period of these installments is different in different real estate projects and depends on many factors.

How many types of taxes are there in Turkey?

  • Direct tax

This type of tax is directly collected from people’s income and assets, and the most common types are: tax on individual income, organizations, economic institutions, and tax deducted from employees’ salaries.

  • indirect tax

Indirect tax is a tax that is paid by citizens in an inconspicuous way at the time of purchase.

How many types of taxes must be paid to stay in Turkey?

It might not be bad to take a look at the taxes required for the residents of this country while examining the methods of buying property in Turkey through a bank loan and in installments. In general, these taxes are:

1. Income tax

This type of tax is for any income and profit received by people residing in this country. The different types of this tax, based on the type of income, are:

  • personal income
  • Institutional revenues
  • Property rental
  • dividends
  • Freelance profits
  • Income from agriculture
  • Profit from investment in real estate and assets
  • important papers, worthy documents

This tax is between 15 and 35 percent for each person.

  1. Expenditure tax

Cost tax has 4 sections: value added tax, special consumption, banking and insurance transactions, and stamp duty. Value added tax is set between 1 and 23 percent. This amount is different for different cases. For example, VAT is 18% for domestic companies, 1% for rental income, 23% for car rental and 8% for other land vehicles.

  1. Property tax

Payment of property and real estate tax is mandatory if you use the methods of buying property in Turkey through bank loans and in installments or other methods. In general, this tax is related to real estate and property and includes three parts, which are:

  • Property tax
  • Vehicle tax
  • Inheritance and gift tax


Buying a villa in Izmir, owning an apartment in Istanbul or obtaining a residence in Turkey is the dream of many people in Iran and the world. But not having enough information may keep you away from this dream. Fortunately, CityRealty real-estate Agency, with a stellar track record in buying property in Turkey, is here to help. This collection will be with you during all the steps and methods of buying and renting property in Turkey. At the same time, our expert lawyers and consultants speed up the processes related to buying property and obtaining your residence and they bring you to your dreams quickly, easily and of course at a reasonable cost.

What are the most famous historical cities in Turkey?

Historical cities of Turkey

Find an attractive destination to live by knowing the best historical places in Turkey!

Turkey is always a popular destination for tourism. But nowadays, many people have chosen this land to live. As witness to some of history’s greatest moments, Turkey holds the remnants of many of these events. This land is the origin of Alexander the Great and the Ottoman Empire. If old-world style and historical diversity excite you, then it’s time to take a fresh look at your destination. If you are looking for an ancient city to stay in, CityRealty real-estate has introduced the popular and best historical places of this country in this article. This collection provides consulting and property purchase services for buyers. 

Which is the most famous historical city in Turkey?

1. Istanbul

You must have guessed this option yourself. People who have visited this city always remember that Istanbul is a fascinating combination of old and modern elements. When you look at this city, you will see stunning skyscrapers on one side and mosques and wooden buildings on the other.

Centuries of construction and reconstruction have not affected the age of historical cities such as Istanbul. For more than 2,500 years, this city has been at the center of conflict between religions, cultures, natural disasters and imperial world powers, but its historical monuments are still protected. Among its most important places to visit, we can mention Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Basilica Reservoir and Grand Bazaar.

Istanbul is a wonderful combination of history, nightlife, religion, food and culture. Therefore, by buying a villa in Istanbul , experience all these events closely and live in a city with a rich and modern culture. CityRealty real-estate has also made it possible for our valued customers to buy second-hand apartments in Istanbul .

The description of Istanbul as the bridge between East and West, although it seems cliché, is undeniable. Therefore , buying an office in Istanbul is a way to expand your business in the international arena. For buying and consulting property in Istanbul, refer to CityRealty Properties. 

2. Izmir

This city with a history of 6000 years is located in Izmir. Ephesus has a special place among Christians and is mentioned in the Bible. From an ancient point of view, it should be examined in three Neolithic, Hellenistic and Roman periods. This city has been inhabited since the late Bronze Age and has undergone many changes over the years. The temple of Artemis, the Greek goddess with a long history, is one of the historical places to see in this city.

At one point in time, Ephesus was considered one of the richest and most important cities in the Mediterranean, so you can imagine its importance. While visiting, don’t miss the impressive ruins of the Library of Celsus, the Church of St. John, the Cave of the Seven Sleepers, and the Church of Mary. As mentioned, Efes is located in the city of Izmir.

Izmir is considered one of the best cities in Turkey for living and tourism. This border city is the third most populous city in Turkey and the second largest city in the Aegean Sea. This ancient and popular city, which is among the historical places , is a modern, developed and economically and socially dynamic city today. 

3. Mugla

It is among the most visited and top cities in Turkey in many rankings. Mugla offers a perfect combination of history and nature. The longest coastline of Turkey with a length of 1100 kilometers is located in this area and the mild Mediterranean climate is one of its other attractions. Historically, Mugla was a favorite of the 14th century emperors.

This city is located in the southwestern part of Turkey. Also, Bodrum is one of the most famous historical places near this city. The famous historian Herodotus was also born in Bodrum. Many examples of traditional Turkish architecture can be seen in the center of Mugla city.

  1. Konya

Konya is one of the oldest inhabited cities in Turkey. Thanks to its central location along the famous trade route (Silk Road), the city has played an important role throughout history. Konya is also the last home of the famous Persian poet Rumi. In this city, you can visit the Mevlana Museum and Mausoleum, Aladdin Mosque, Applikchi and the local life of faithful Muslims in the region.

  1. Cappadocia

We all have seen the pictures of the colorful balloons of this country, the location of this fascinating recreation is Cappadocia. This city can be considered one of the most symbolic areas in the whole country. Cappadocia’s legendary landscapes, caves and impressive cliffs will enchant every viewer. There are many places to hike in Cappadocia, which attracts many hikers to this city every year. Many transport options are available from Istanbul to Cappadocia.

Therefore, you can visit its historical places by both land and air . Among the most famous sights of this area, we can mention the stone churches in Gorme Open Air Museum, the underground shelters of Drinkuyo and Kaimakli. The cave-style hotels of this area provide a pleasant experience for visitors. 

6. Ankara

The capital of this country has the second place in terms of population and is an important city in terms of industry and commerce. Despite the large population, the crime rate in Ankara is very low, and in this sense, it is an attractive destination for residence and tourism. Usually, the age of historical cities is known, but Ankara is an exception to this rule and the exact time of its establishment cannot be determined. Although archaeological evidence suggests that the city has been home to humans since at least the Stone Age. While this city is industrial and lively, it is less crowded than Istanbul.

Ankara is a seamless fusion of history and modern times. Different cultures have combined in this city and created a rich civilization. Ankara’s important works include:

Ankara Castle is among the most famous historical places as a symbol of this city . Some of the museums are built in restored Ottoman-era buildings and offer a complete overview of Anatolian history. The most important of them is the Anatolian Civilizations Museum . A collection of Hittite works of art and an ethnographic museum that explains the history, folklore and art of Turkey are housed in this museum. Atatürk’s mausoleum and museum are also located in Ankara. 

7. Antalya

The name of Antalya is familiar to almost everyone. This beautiful city stands out on the Mediterranean coast. Millions of tourists always visit this amazing destination and its historical places . This city is also a popular place to live. Rapid growth, many recreational facilities, turquoise beaches and historical attractions are all features that can be found in this city. Antalya is surrounded by forests, mountains, ancient ruins, stunning waterfalls and hiking trails.

This dream city seems tempting for any adventure. Kenyalti Beach is seven kilometers long and is one of the most attractive parts of this area and is located right in front of the Taurus Mountains. However, Antalya is not limited to beautiful nature and includes many historical places . For example, the old museums of this city are famous. Antalya Aquarium is the largest tunnel in the world with different species of fish. 

8. Bursa

The ancient city of Bursa, which was originally known as Bursa, is located near the Sea of Marmara and northwestern Anatolia. The fourth most populated city in Turkey is famous for its green nature, parks, trees and mountains. The popular and famous food of Iskander Kebab belongs to Bursa. Since this city was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, religious buildings and historical places related to Ottoman architecture are abundantly found in it. In the 15th century, Bursa became the center of silk trade, and in the 17th century, it became famous in Europe and Asia for its silk textiles.

You can visit the world’s largest 360-degree panoramic museum in this city. Bursa is rich in famous mosques, tombs and baths. Yesil Kami Mosque, Yesil Türbe and the complex of the old theology school are among these buildings. In general, a large number of architectural and historical masterpieces in the Ottoman style have decorated the city of Bursa.

  1. Malatya

It is a city of several thousand years old in Eastern Anatolia. Eastern Taurus mountains surround this city. The Romans called this city Melitene, but when it was conquered by Turkey, it was named Malatia. This city is famous for its delicious apricots. 80% of Turkey’s apricots are supplied by Malatya. Accordingly, it is also known as “Kayısı Diyarı” which means Apricot City. During the Roman and Byzantine empires, Malatya was considered an important capital. This beautiful and historical city has amazing places to visit as well as many historical places. Examples of it are:

  • The new mosque located in the central square was built in 1912
  • Waterfalls
  • museums
  • The largest park in the city called Hurriyet Park
  • Ataturk Museum

10. Yalova

In terms of location, this magnificent and beautiful area is located near the eastern coast of the Sea of Marmara and the northwestern region of the country. Spectacular views, walking and cycling routes, historical monuments and natural resources all make this city an ideal destination. The first settlement in this area dates back to 3000 BC.

Most of the historical cities of Turkey are very old and Yalova is included in it. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was very interested in this city and the house that was built by him in Yalova is now open to the public as a museum. One of the most famous sights of this city is the thermal area, which has hot springs, thermal baths and magnificent waterfalls.

11. Manisa

This large area was captured by a Turkish tribe in the 14th century and called Manisa. Accordingly, there are amazing examples of Ottoman architecture and historical places in Manisa. This old city is one of the most attractive areas of Turkey. Like other cities located in the Aegean region, Manisa is rich in history and culture and holds many civilizations. Many historical and religious monuments of ancient times are located in Manisa. In terms of economy, Manisa is considered a rich city.

Due to its rich economic resources and high investment potential, it has attracted people from all over the world. During the years 2004 to 2006, this city was known as the best investment location in the world. In addition to historical places, there are other attractions for this city. You can see Turkey’s largest vineyard in Manisa.


Turkey has succeeded in attracting the attention of investors by providing investment infrastructure, especially in the real estate sector, and also by providing attractive recreational facilities, hotels, restaurants and ancient cities in order to satisfy tourists. CityRealty real-estate offers consultancy and property buying services in this country for the audience and helps you to make more profit and make a better choice.

The importance of learning the Turkish language for living in Turkey

Learning the Turkish language

The necessity of learning Turkish becomes important when you want to travel to Turkey for life or work. Having a residence and passport of another country provides you with the possibility to move to another safe space to continue your life when life becomes difficult for you in your own country. A country like Turkey, which has proven in recent years with its economic progress, is the best choice for us Iranians to immigrate.

Some people have a concern for immigrating to this country, that is how we can learn to speak Istanbul Turkish. Of course, in order to get a permanent residence in Turkey, we must first know what ways we can take action. The first and easiest way for everyone is to buy property in Turkey. The very beautiful cities of Turkey with Mediterranean climate make it difficult for everyone to choose. Because each of the Turkish cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, etc. has its own beauty and advantage

The necessity of learning the Turkish language in order to obtain residency

The requirement of living in any country is to first learn the language of that country and communicate with its people. It is very important to learn English to immigrate to other countries. We all know that learning this language requires learning grammar. While the Turkish language is so easy and comfortable that you can even learn it easily in a few short sessions. This language is the third living language in the world, which is taught in many universities of the world, according to the announcement of the international organization UNESCO .

People who are interested in immigrating to this country and want to get their residence easily can live in Turkey by buying property and investing in this country

How can we learn to speak Istanbul Turkish?

To learn any language, you must first learn its alphabet well. Most of the letters of the Turkish alphabet are pronounced like the English alphabet. But some of them have completely different pronunciation from English letters. For example, the letter c in the Turkish alphabet gives the sound of g. You must be very careful when pronouncing Turkish letters. Another point in learning Turkish is that you will not find any present tense with the meaning of being in this language.

In order to be able to use this verb, you must choose a suffix that matches the subject pronoun in the sentence. If you look at the different sites that teach Istanbul Turkish, you will find that with the given explanations and a little practice and repetition, and by watching Turkish movies or listening to Turkish songs, you can easily learn this language. When you have mastered this language to a high degree, you can now think about investing or buying property to live in Turkey.

The benefits of learning the Turkish language

1. Easy communication

The necessity of learning this language appears when you want to communicate with the people of that country. Imagine that you don’t have the power to speak and you can’t express your feelings to people. how do you feel? At the present time, when you live in Iran, if you could not talk to people, how would you like to live among them? Now think about buying a villa in Istanbul or other cities in Turkey. For this, you must learn its language so that you can easily interact with the people of that city and country.

2. Create a business

Some people ask how we can learn to start our own business in Turkey. When you go to Turkey for work and want to invest and buy property to live in this country, you should think about generating income and working in this country. Every job has its own customer. To communicate with customers and understand their needs and succeed in business, it is necessary to know their language.

3. Migrate easily

In the matter of immigration, the need to learn the Turkish language increases a lot. Iranians consider Turkey to be the best country for immigration due to its very similar culture to Turkey and the exchanges that take place between Iran and this country. Of course, this is not easy. Because we have no knowledge of the cities and the living conditions in them.

So here we need a consultant who can give us the best suggestions for immigration. CityRealty real-estate is one of the best consulting agencies that you can easily refer to their website for immigration and get the best services. CityRealty real-estate provides you with all the necessary conditions and necessities to get a residence in Turkey through property purchase and investment and other other available methods.

Why is learning the Turkish language booming?

The need to learn Turkish became very popular when people realized that living and buying property in Turkey is not as difficult and exhausting as it seems. In recent years, this country has made many efforts to join the European Union. Based on this, the Turkish national football team has been able to qualify for the European League. All these cases show that this country can soon join the European countries and have a bright future.

You can now provide for yourself and your family’s future by buying a villa in Antalya , Istanbul, Izmir and other cities. According to the numerical calculations of CityRealty real-estate consultants, the price of buying a house and buying a villa in Izmir or other cities is completely equal to the price of houses and properties in Tehran and other cities of Iran. While the quality of life is definitely much better in Turkish cities than in Iranian cities.

After mastering the Turkish language, now think about getting a residence

If your goal in learning the Turkish language is to immigrate to this country and get a residence there, we must remind you that you must take legal action. Many people intend to immigrate to Turkey through illegal means or by trusting companies that are not valid. But these people will definitely face many problems or end up falling into the trap of fraudsters.

We conclude that you must go to an institution that has valid records in this field to take the necessary measures for residence. CityRealty real-estate assures you that it will complete all the steps of obtaining your residence.

The necessity of learning the Turkish language in the world

Currently, it has been proven to people all over the world that many quality and beautiful fabrics and carpets are produced in Turkey. Now, to answer the question of people who ask, how can we learn to have business transactions with Turkey so that we can earn income for ourselves in addition to conducting these transactions with the businessmen of this country? It must be said that in order to meet with Turkish businessmen, you must learn the Turkish language in order to create a suitable job market for yourself. On the other hand, Turkey is a country with a mild climate, beautiful beaches and attractive historical places.

All these points make Turkey a tourist country, and traveling to it is not without pleasure. In order to have a comfortable stay when traveling to this country, it is necessary to learn the Turkish language. Many others also want to travel to Turkey for study or permanent residence. The necessity of learning Turkish language for these people is much more than other groups.

the final conclusion

If you are planning to travel to Turkey or get permanent residence by buying property and investing in this country, the city’s real estate consultants are at your service. You might say to yourself that by entrusting your work steps to an institution, what is the necessity of learning the Turkish language?

But it must be said that it is true that CityRealty real-estate does all the work related to getting your business or permanent residence completely. But it is you who have to live in Turkey for a long time. So don’t try to forget learning the Turkish language and don’t underestimate it. Learn this language in the best possible way as soon as possible by looking at different sites or visiting reputable schools.

Tips to know about the difference between blue and red property documents in Turkey!

Blue and red property document

What is the difference between blue and red real estate documents in Turkey ? These days, the number of people who are eager to buy property in Istanbul or other Turkish cities is increasing day by day. Especially after the concessions recently given by the Turkish government to foreign owners. Among the most important of these privileges, we can mention the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate. But there are important things that you must know before buying a property in Turkey.

One of the most important issues that you should know is the difference and how to recognize the blue and red document , which we have explained in detail below. We suggest that you read this important article and if you have any questions, contact us at CityRealty real-estate consulting agency.

What is the use of a property deed or tapu?

A property deed, or tapu in Turkish, is actually a document through which you can prove the ownership of a property. In this document, all the basic information about the property, the owner’s name and photo, and details related to the background of the property are written.

It is important to know that this document should only be in the hands of the original owner and no other person has the right to carry this document under Turkish law. In case of partnership ownership, the names of all owners should be written in full detail. If only one owner’s name is mentioned in this document and his ownership percentage of the property is not mentioned, according to the rules of document reading and property documentation in Turkey, all the ownership will belong to the mentioned person. This document must be in Turkish and registered in the Real Estate Department of Turkey.

How to distinguish blue and red documents

Turkey has many lands, each of which may be different from the other. For this reason, the Turkish government had to find a way to categorize these properties and consider different ways to profit from them. It was here that the red and blue realty document came up.

What is the difference between blue and red real estate documents in Turkey?

  1. Blue property document

The blue property deed is actually considered an agricultural deed and is assigned to agricultural lands in Turkey. According to this document, the owner of such land has the right to carry out agricultural and livestock activities on this land.

The blue property document in Turkey is divided into two types:

  • Blue Earth document

Land with this type of document can be under cultivation and under construction. This type of document is assigned only to lands that include the organizational plan of the city. In the topic   of document reading and document analysis of the property , if you are the owner of this document, after receiving the necessary permits, you can also do construction on this land.

  • Agricultural blue document

This type of property document or tapu is assigned to large lands in Turkey. According to this document, the owner can do construction on this land in addition to agriculture. But the desired structure can cover only 20% of the entire land.

  1. Red property document

The way to distinguish between blue and red real estate documents is that the red real estate documents include residential or commercial land. According to this document, such lands can be under construction and become villas, arcades, offices, or houses and apartments. The red property document in Turkey is divided into three categories:

  • Red document with partnership ownership

This type of red document is given to properties that have more than one owner. This type of ownership is usually used in Turkey for spending holidays. According to this document, each of the owners will be considered the owner of the desired property in a certain period of the year.

  • The right to own a high floor (Kat Mülkiyet)

In terms of document reading and property documentation , this type of red document is awarded to owners who purchase the land before construction. According to this document, the locations of this land are divided so that after the construction, it is clear which part of the land belongs to which owner.

  • Height and floor right (Kat Mülkiyeti)

This type of red document is awarded to the owners who make their purchase after the completion of the construction. According to this document, ownership of a specific floor of the building is granted to the owner.

How to recognize blue and red national document

The question is, what is the difference between blue and red real estate documents in Turkey ? The most basic difference between the blue and red land titles in Turkey is that the owners of the blue land titles do not have the right to build on these lands (unless they have obtained permission under certain conditions). The owners of the red certificate also do not have the right to carry out agricultural and livestock activities on such lands.

Without paying attention to this important issue in the law of document reading and property documentation , you will face problems in the future. For example, if you want to use the land for residential or commercial purposes, the blue property document will not be suitable for you at all.

If you do not pay attention to this point when receiving the document from the previous owner and receive a blue document but start construction on the land, your work will be considered illegal. This is why it is very important to pay attention to document reading and property documentation in Turkey.

What documents do we need to get a blue or red real estate document?

  • Photos of land seller and land buyer.
  • National card of buyer and seller. (Both persons must also be present.)
  • Obtaining the Turkish tax code (this issue is obligatory for every person who wants to buy a property in Turkey.)
  • Earthquake document (this document will actually be considered as a kind of insurance for your land against natural disasters. For this document, the Turkish government will be obliged to pay you compensation in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes.)
  • If for any reason one of the persons (seller or buyer) cannot attend, another person who is considered his legal representative must be present to complete the process of buying and selling the property.
  • After all the required documents are prepared, the seller and the buyer have to appear at the government department. At this stage, after making agreements on the amount, the signatures of both parties will be required. After completing these steps, ownership of the desired property will be transferred from the seller to the buyer and the new owner will receive a blue or red document.

What services does CityRealty real-estate agency provide in relation to buying property in Turkey?

We at CityRealty real-estate consulting agency are at your service to guide you in the best way to buy a property in Turkey. We don’t just help you buy a property, we will be with you from start to finish to ensure that your investment goes smoothly. We are not sellers, but our advisors and consultants’ job is to put you on the way to making a profitable investments. Our services in CityRealty properties includes the following:

  • Legal Consultancy

Buying a property in another country definitely requires legal advice. Without receiving correct legal advice, you may face problems and troubles due to lack of knowledge about real estate laws and property document reading and notarization in Turkey. Our consultants at CityRealty real-estate will ensure that your buying and selling process will be done without any problems.

  • Property management

If you own a property and intend to rent it, we will be your right hand in this direction. From finding a tenant to setting up and executing the agreement, collecting the rent and maintaining the security of the property, you can leave it to us.

  • Legal services and obtaining Turkish citizenship

After investing in Turkish real estate, you no longer need to worry about obtaining Turkish citizenship. Our experts in city real estate consulting will provide Turkish citizenship to you, dear investors, through the fastest possible methods.

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last word

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this article about city real estate. If you are planning to buy an office in Istanbul , buy a penthouse in Istanbul, or any other investment in the beautiful country of Turkey, we are at your service. If you have any questions about buying property in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact us.

Procedures and costs of transfer of real estate documents in Turkey


Considering the facilities and benefits that the Turkish government offers to foreign investors to buy real estate in this country, we see a significant increase in the amount of investment to buy real estate in this country.

In order to buy a property in Turkey, we must first familiarize ourselves with the steps, documents and costs of transferring a property document in Turkey. Because each country, according to its laws and regulations, has considered special conditions for buying property and transferring it.

The CityRealty real-estate consultants always try to provide you with exceptional investment opportunities so that you can get a high profit through this investment. Buying an apartment in Istanbul and other cities in Turkey is the best opportunity for people who want to live permanently in this country.

In the continuation of this content, we will comprehensively explain the steps and documents required to transfer the property deed in Turkey.

The process of buying property in Turkey

If you want to buy a property in Turkey, in this article we tried to discuss the process of buying a property in Turkey. Also, in the other part of this article, we have discussed the costs of document transfer in Turkey so that we can answer all your questions in this field. The process of buying property in Turkey is as follows:

  1. Visit the desired property.
  2. contract
  3. Document transfer request
  4. Payment for the purchased property
  5. Get ownership.

What does the transfer of ownership of a real estate document mean in Turkey?

The transfer of ownership in Turkey means that the legal ownership of an apartment, villa, land, etc. goes to its new owner. In this process, ownership is transferred by means of a document, which must be signed and registered in the Turkish real estate offices. This document proves the ownership of the property by its legal owner, which includes the name and photo of the owner, the type of property, its current location, area and all the detailed information related to the property.

The owners cannot prove their ownership without having this document issued by the Ministry of Interior of Turkey. This is a general rule and when you buy a property in Turkey, you can prove the official identity of this property with the ownership document.

Important points before transferring the title deed in Turkey

Before you start collecting the necessary documents to transfer the document and perform the necessary steps, it is better to pay attention to a series of points and check them.

  • When deciding to invest and buy property in Turkey, you may need the help of competent authorities to monitor your transactions. Because in this way you can avoid legal problems. When you want to buy a property, if you don’t have any information about the foreclosure, mortgage and confiscation of the property, it is better to be very careful in this regard. Of course, to get rid of these problems, city real estate is at your service. Our consultants thoroughly examine the desired properties and then recommend them to you for investment.
  • You must register the title deed in the real estate registry. Any document that is not registered in this book is invalid.
  • Before completing the document transfer process, it is better to confirm the authenticity of the property’s collateral through real estate offices.
  • The property evaluation report must be submitted to the Real Estate Registry before the sale date.
  • In Turkey, there is a mandatory earthquake insurance for properties, which you must register and pay for this insurance policy through private insurance companies.
  • If you want to buy a property that has not yet been completed and a title deed has not been issued, you can sign a preliminary agreement with the notary of this property. The name of this preliminary contract is sales contract.

What should we do before transferring the property deed in Turkey?

  1. Before you prepare the necessary documents for the transfer of the document, you must first know who will pay the tax and the document of the desired property. Usually, the payment of these costs is the responsibility of the buyer.

2. In the next step, you should determine how much the costs related to the transfer of the deed, insurance and real estate commission, which are necessary for the deed, are and who will pay them.

3. You must open a bank account and check the maximum amount of money that can be transferred with bank accounts.

4. Now a contract under the title of house reservation contract is closed and you must pay at least 500 dollars or 10% of the value of the property to the seller or the developer of the property under the title of deposit.

5. One of the points that you should pay attention to before signing the contract is that you should determine a part of the contract under the title of termination of the transaction and the resulting losses.

6. The best way for you to be able to carry out all the steps of document transfer in a legal and accurate way is to entrust the administrative work to a reliable consultant who has experience in this field. Cityrealty real-estate can easily solve your problems related to buying property in Turkey according to its experience.

Document transfer procedures in Turkey

As a buyer, you must choose an official agency approved by the Iranian consulate or a person through the Turkish embassy as your official representative. With official documents on your behalf, this agent can easily complete the property purchase transaction. In the next step, you need to get the tax number from the Turkish Tax Office .

The tax number is based on the buyer’s passport number and a copy of his passport, which must be translated and officially approved by Turkish notary offices.

At this stage, the seller of the property must go to the Turkish Real Estate Registry Office to transfer the property to the intended buyer.

Finally, after passing these steps, the buyer can receive his property deed.

Costs of transfer of property documents in Turkey for foreigners

In order to be able to buy and sell property in a foreign country. In addition to preparing the necessary documents for the transfer of the document , consider the costs of this transfer as well. The Turkish government has set certain fees according to the rules and regulations of the transfer of the document, without paying these fees, the transfer of the document between the buyer and the seller cannot be done.

In general, 4% of the sale price of the property under the title of official transaction fee must be paid to the Real Estate Records Office and Real Estate Registration Organization.

According to the rules, the amount paid for this cost must be divided between the buyer and the seller. But in reality, sellers usually leave the full responsibility of paying this four percent transaction fee to the buyer.

Note that even in order to buy a second-hand apartment in Istanbul or other cities in Turkey, you must complete all the steps of document transfer and pay the said costs. Because it doesn’t matter if you buy a new or second-hand apartment.

How to apply for a Tapu document in Turkey

In order to make transactions in the civil registration offices of Turkey, we must first book an appointment there. At this stage, we must go to the website of the Turkish Civil Registry or call 181. They send us the day and time of our visit via SMS.

Necessary documents to apply for a tapu document in Turkey

  • Certificate of the relevant property document
  • Citizenship confirmation certificate
  • Tax number
  • Original and copy of passport of foreign national along with their certified translation
  • Certificate of the real value of the property, which has been approved by the Turkish Cadastre Office.
  • Providing DASK earthquake insurance
  • One photo of the seller and two photos of the buyer
  • When a person is not fluent in Turkish, he should bring an interpreter with him.

Types of property transfer fees in Turkey

The costs related to the transfer of the property deed in Turkey when the property is considered to be newly built are divided in half between the buyer and the seller. 2% is paid by the buyer and 2% by the seller.

1. Property expert fee (Ekspertiz)

A report that is determined to determine the value of a property according to its existing features. This review is done by official experts of the government and its cost is about 1000 to 2000 liras.

How do we know that the price set for the property is fair?

We have no knowledge of the country of Turkey and the people who live there, so we are forced to either buy property in Turkey ourselves or leave it to consultants who work in this field.

But if we buy the property ourselves, how can we know that the price set for the property in question is fair and completely according to the rules and regulations.

Before proceeding with the process of transferring the document, you must go to the municipality of the desired region and ask them for a brokerage. Of course, you may not have the legal authority to do this because the property is not in your name.

So it is better to either send the seller to do this, or bring a photocopy of the document and identification information of the property owner with you to go to the municipality.

2. Delivery cost of abonmanlik unit / delivery

When a person has purchased a property, its water, electricity and gas must be renamed and transferred to the buyer’s name. This practice is called abonmanlik and its cost is about 3500 liras to 5000 liras.

When a person has purchased a property that has a swimming pool, gym and other amenities, the building manager keeps an amount of about 3000 liras as a mortgage for the use of the amenities when delivering the desired unit to the buyer.

3. Home insurance in Turkey DASK

DASK earthquake insurance is a mandatory insurance for Turkish properties, the right of which is different depending on each building. But normally, the cost of earthquake insurance starts from 240 liras and goes up to 1000 liras.

4. The cost of the translator in transferring the document

In Turkish transactions, both parties (buyer and seller) must be fluent in Istanbul Turkish, otherwise they are obliged to invite a translator, the cost of which is about 750 to 1000 liras.

5. Attorney’s fee to receive the document from the Turkish Document Office

If the buyer is not able to receive the document from the notary office, he should receive the document through his trusted lawyer. The cost of a lawyer is approximately 2500 liras.

6. Cost of value added tax

If a person buys a property in Turkey and sells it earlier than 5 years and makes a profit, he is obliged to pay VAT.

Value added tax for a building unit with a maximum area of 150 square meters is about 1%, and for residences with a net area of 150 square meters or more, it is about 18%.

Who pays the cost of documenting the house in Turkey?

Regarding the payment of the document transfer fee, 2% of it is paid by the buyer and 2% by the seller, unless the parties reach an agreement and 4% of it is paid by one of them. In the sale of second-hand property, if the seller sells the property below the price, 4% of the document transfer fee will be borne by the buyer.

Property debt inquiry for transfer of deed in Turkey

Before buying a property, you should inquire about the debts of the property in question from the municipality. In this case, if there are debts from water, electricity and gas receipts, the seller is obliged to settle all of them.

The seller goes to the municipality with the letter he received from the office, and if the building is not built according to the permit, the seller pays the fine.

How to calculate house deed costs in Turkey

The calculation of the costs of real estate documentation is done by the buyer and the seller based on the amount determined. For example, if the price announced to the Turkish Document Office is 100,000 liras, the buyer and seller must pay 2,000 liras. This fee, which is charged by the documents office, is separate from the commission fee.

The Turkish Document Office does not charge document transfer fees from newly built units in reconstruction projects. Also, when calculating the cost of transferring the document, the Turkish Finance Department must deduct the amount of value added tax from the amount declared between the buyer and the seller, and 4% of the property value must be paid as the cost of transferring the document.

How to pay the transfer fee of the property document in Turkey

After visiting the document registration office, the list of banks that are connected with the document registration office will be sent to you via SMS. In the content of this SMS, there is a 12 or 13 digit code that you must save and then go to your bank branch and pay the document transfer fee or you can pay this fee through your banking application.

The time required to transfer a real estate document in Turkey

In general, according to the steps and documents required to transfer the document in Turkey, it can be said that the process of this transfer takes from three to five days. In this way, the buyer’s request to register the ownership of the property, its acceptance by legal centers and the purchase process of ownership transfer takes less than one working day.

But according to the laws and conditions of Turkey, this process may be delayed a little. If you want the document transfer process to be done in the shortest possible time and completely according to the rules and regulations, it is better to get help from a consultant in this field. Cityrealty real-estate can give you the best help due to its brilliant records in the field of buying and selling real estate in Turkey.

Petition of regret for the transfer fee of property deed in Turkey

According to the existing laws in Turkey, it is possible to increase the fee declared to the registry offices by sending a complaint to the Turkish Revenue Department, and in the case of a complaint, we will pay the difference in the cost of the transfer of the property document (the parties in total 4%) It is payable with legal interest. On the other hand, in case of regret, there is no need to pay the tax penalty, which is calculated at 25% of the amount.

In which banks can I pay the costs of the house deed in Turkey?

To pay for the transfer of the property document, you can visit the Turkish Revenue Department website and pay the fee using credit cards of all banks except for Ziraat Bank, Vakif Katilim Bank and PTT, or if you want, through the branches. Pay the fee by bank transfer, you can pay the amount through the branches of the following banks:

  • Ziraat Bank
  • Ziraat katilim Bank
  • Halk Bank
  • Vakiflar Bank
  • Vakif Katilim Bank
  • Emlak Katilim Bank
  • PTT 

For more information on how to open a bank account in Turkey , you can refer to our article under this title.

How should we send the money to the seller’s account to transfer the property document in Turkey?

One of the most important problems that arise in the field of buying property in a foreign country is money transfer issues for buying property. If you can do this through the bank, you are at ease. Because in this way, the money is deposited in the bank, and when the transfer of the document is done, the relevant money is transferred from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account, and the agreement related to the payment in the bank is signed by the seller.

Be careful that it is better not to use cash to transfer property in Turkey and in other countries. Because there is a possibility that it is fake. If you want to transfer money through a bank, be sure to ask the bank if the account has a high limit for transferring money or not.

Obtaining a property document in Turkey

By following the steps mentioned in the above sections, you can easily receive the Turkish ownership document. CityRealty real estate will be your guide in this direction. You can refer to our articles to answer your other questions or contact our experts if you want to buy a property in Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the necessary actions after transferring the document?

After transferring the document, one should go to the relevant offices to pay the bill, and then go to the Turkish Population Office to register the place of residence, and in the last step, one should submit the declaration of ownership of the property to the Turkish Municipal Office.

2. What is the QR code on the Tapu document?

This code shows all the information and specifications of the property and is a way to prevent fraud and providing fake documents.

3. How much of the purchased property should be paid as a deposit?

One of the most important points in buying real estate is the amount of the deposit. At this stage, it is better to pay 10% or 15% of the amount as a deposit, and the rest of the cost should be paid on the day of transfer of the document.

Dusk insurance is necessary in Turkey!

Dusk Insurance Turkey

Arab and foreign investors who want to own real estate are heading to Turkey, because Turkey is a pioneer in this field, where commercial and residential towers and complexes such as buying apartments in Istanbul are increasing every day. . Before buying a penthouse in Istanbul , you should familiarize yourself with the rules and procedures that are important for you as the owner of this property, and among these rules, you can mention earthquake insurance in Turkey because Turkey needs real estate owners. So what is compulsory natural disaster insurance in Turkey? And how is it done?

Getting to know Dusk Insurance Turkey

Earthquake insurance in Turkey is a mandatory insurance for real estate in this country, whether residential or non-residential, and covers the costs of repairing property damage caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes. Compulsory natural disaster insurance in Turkey was introduced after the Marmara earthquake in 1999 and is mandatory for all real estate owners in Turkey, whether Turkish or foreign, of any nationality.

After 2012, the Turkish government established the Natural Disaster Insurance Foundation, known as DASK, as an institution that pays earthquake insurance in Turkey and is under the supervision of the Turkish Ministry of Finance.

The Turkish government guarantees the demolition of all seismically unsafe buildings and their reconstruction in accordance with modern conditions, and at the same time obligates construction companies in the private sector to achieve seismic safety conditions while exercising control over them. . The Turkish government has also conducted a comprehensive study of all Turkish buildings in terms of their ability to withstand natural disasters.

Why does Turkey apply compulsory natural disaster insurance in this country?

The history of imposing earthquake insurance dates back to the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Istanbul, when it was severely damaged due to extensive destruction that affected several neighborhoods, including Avcilar.

After that, Turkey took several measures to prevent a repeat of the disaster. Turkey’s steps are briefly as follows:

1. Implementation of earthquake insurance in Turkey

2. Demolition and reconstruction of endangered buildings

3. Implementation of the comprehensive urban transformation plan in Turkey

What effect do natural disasters have on real estate prices in Turkey?

The impact of the earthquake on real estate prices in Turkey is proportional to two main factors:

1. Appropriate preventive measures in the framework of disaster management improvement policy, which Turkey has already paid attention to, especially the history of earthquakes in Turkey, which has given Turkish government agencies good experience in dealing with them.

2. Continued population growth, which is approximately 1.8% in Turkey and crosses the threshold of 2.5% in Istanbul, which leads to a continuous increase in demand for residential buildings in the long term, which means that the earthquake will not directly affect the real estate market. unless there is a building that has construction problems or is classified as very dangerous.

Therefore, the mandatory natural disaster insurance in Turkey compensates the costs caused by natural disasters such as explosions, landslides, tsunamis, fires, and earthquakes within the scope of coverage specified in your insurance policy, even if your building is fully or partially damaged.

Familiarity with Dusk insurance in Turkey and its payment conditions

Compulsory natural disaster insurance in Turkey is paid by the property owner and the tenant has nothing to do with the insurance. He pays the insurance for the first time at the beginning of the construction of the property to receive certain services. which can only be received after paying the earthquake insurance in Turkey and this service is related to the payment of electricity, water, gas, telephone and internet insurance.

The DASK document is required to open a water, electricity and gas meter because this is possible only after paying the insurance amount for the first time and water, electricity and gas meters can be opened by the owner or tenant. Obtain a copy of the compulsory natural disaster insurance policy in Turkey and then the property owner will pay the earthquake insurance annually according to a certain date determined by Dusk Foundation. Also, earthquake insurance in Turkey is paid in banks, post offices and insurance companies.

What buildings in Turkey are covered by earthquake insurance?

Earthquake insurance in Turkey includes the following buildings and properties:

  1. Properties and real estates registered in the Turkish Real Estate Registry Office.

  1. Purchase office in Istanbuland real estate designated for work registered in Land Registry Office in Turkey.

3. Parts of floors subject to real estate law, such as roofs, garages, facilities, etc.

4. Buildings built by the Turkish government for public services or granted to people in times of disasters.

5. Buildings that meet construction requirements but do not have a description of the building, either commercial or residential.

6. Places that have real estate easement means they are under construction but have building and real estate registration conditions.

Costs covered by compulsory natural disaster insurance in Turkey

In case of any earthquake in Turkey or natural disasters, DASK covers the following costs:

1. Building principles and rules

2. Main and separating walls

3. Ceiling and floor.

4. Ladders and escalators

5. Skylights

6. Corridors between apartments

7. Entrance of buildings

8. Levels

9. Completed parts of the building

Familiarity with Dusk insurance in Turkey and the costs that are not covered?

The costs that are not covered by the mandatory natural disaster insurance in Turkey are:

1. Debris removal costs

2. Damage caused by breaking the lease

3. The costs of moving to a new home or good business

4. Loss of furniture, luggage and goods

5. The deceased

6. Physical damage

7. Psychological damage

8. Building damage caused by damage in the building itself

How to calculate compulsory natural disaster insurance in Turkey

The calculation of earthquake insurance in Turkey differs according to several factors related to the property, which include:

1. Construction location such as the city where the building is located and the neighborhood and street.

2. Building skeleton.

3. Age of the building.

4. Building or apartment area.

5. It is calculated and it is expected that in 2023, updates will be made regarding price determination.

Benefits of investing and buying property in Turkey

1. Turkey usually treats foreign investors in a way that is similar to domestic investors.

2. Turkey’s economy is one of the economies that has a bright future all over the world. Expectations are that in the next ten years, the country will become one of the fastest growing economies in the world due to the annual attraction of 15 billion dollars of foreign investment, and it will increase every year because it is the 16th largest economy in the world. is the world

3. The population of Turkey helps the investment, because the population of Turkey is 77.7 million and Turkey is larger in terms of population compared to the European Union.

4. The infrastructures in Turkey have advanced technology in everything that a successful investment needs from transportation, remote communication means and advanced marine transportation facilities and it has low cost.

final word

Compulsory natural disaster insurance in Turkey, called DASK, covers damage to your property caused by an earthquake, but does not cover any other risks such as theft or damage caused by water leaks. So, if you want your personal belongings to be insured in the event of an earthquake, you must have additional insurance, and it is better to have comprehensive homeowners insurance to replace appliances, furniture, jewelry, etc. damaged by earthquakes or other natural disasters. CityRealty helps buyers get home insurance.

The city’s real estate experts will help you to complete all the steps of obtaining compulsory natural disaster insurance in Turkey. Correct and up-to-date information is very important for home insurance and DASK. All documents must be filled out completely and accurately. If you buy a property in Turkey through the CityRealty real-estate website, experts will help you in collecting and preparing documents. So you can contact the CityRealty experts and use their consulting services to find more and great real estate opportunities.

Important and frequently used terms for buying property in Turkey


Knowing the terms of buying property in Turkey , when investing in any real estate in this country, will help you a lot in this process, and you will also be safe from the trap of profiteers. For this reason, in order to learn the real estate terms and laws of this country, you can contact the CityRealty’s real estate agency consultants and buy real estate with the help of the agency’s experts with peace of mind.

Considering that concluding a contract in today’s world is particularly complicated and every signature in real estate offices can have consequences, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with real estate terms and their meanings before concluding a contract.

Familiarity with these terms in the process of buying and selling real estate in Istanbul will allow you to be able to buy and sell real estate with an open mind and examine different aspects.

Administrative and legal terms of buying property in Turkey

1. Tapu (TAPU)

One of the most important Turkish real estate terms that you should be aware of is the Tapu document. Tapu is actually a document in which all the detailed information of the property and its owner are recorded.

This document has a QR code, which is inserted in order to protect the information, and by scanning this code, you can see the information of the property and the owner. Tapu document in Turkey is divided into 2 categories of blue and red documents, the red documents are for land with construction permit, while the blue documents mean that there is no construction permit in the respective property.

2. Tapu and Cadastre Administration in Turkey

Among the important offices and organizations that you should refer to after concluding a real estate contract is the Tapu and Cadastre Office. This office is considered the only official authority for registering real estate documents in Turkey, and the purchase of an apartment in Istanbul or its sale must be registered in this office in order to issue an official ownership document in the name of the buyer. This office is also one of the subsets of the Ministry of Urban Development of Turkey.

Types of documents (TAPU) in Turkey

– separate ownership document (KAT MÜLKİYETLİ)

This type of document is one of the easiest and most carefree types of Tapu documents. In the separate ownership document, the nature and type of the building and its area are fully and clearly stated. The color of this type of document is blue, which indicates that this building was built legally. Buildings with this type of document have a residence permit.

– Easement document (KAT İRTİFAKI)

This type of document is given for one floor of buildings under construction or without residence permit. In this type of document, the amount of land purchased by the owners is shown on the map. For example, if the land area is 1000 square meters and 40 houses are built on it, your share is 1 out of 40.

This type of document is converted into a separate ownership document after receiving the completion of work and separation of building units and is issued in blue color.

– Joint document (HİSSELİ)

One of the types of ownership documents is the joint document. In this type of document, the share of each owner and the scope of its share are not clear on the map. In this type of document, only the owners and partners can determine the share and part of each by their agreement. This document is pink in color and is not acceptable for obtaining a loan. In the new amendments, the QR code section has also been added to common documents.

3. Document exchange system (TAPU TAKAS) in Turkey

This system is an intermediary between the buyer and the seller, and its steps are all done online, and its security has been approved by the Turkish government.

This system has been launched in cooperation with the documents department and banks to prevent fraud. In this way, a person pays for the purchased property by entering the details of the property. After signing by the seller, transferring the document and confirming the document by the Tapu office, the money is transferred to the seller’s account.

4. Deposit (DEPOZİT) of Turkey

When renting a property, the owner of the house receives a fee in advance to compensate the damage to the property. The deposit is equal to a minimum of one month’s rent and a maximum of three months’ rent, which is received as a guarantee from the tenant.


Of course, buying a penthouse in Istanbul , a villa, land and other real estate will require paying a lot of money. For this reason, in all documents, the title of Lori consumption tapu is used, which is another Turkish property term.

This term actually refers to all the official costs that the buyer and the seller must bear and pay during the purchase and sale of real estate as well as the registration of documents in Turkish offices.

6. VERGI in the Turkish government

In Turkey, all taxes paid by citizens are known as vergi. This term is also used in Turkish real estate documents and it means all the taxes that must be paid to the Turkish government when buying and selling real estate. Note that the property tax must be settled when buying and selling real estate.

7. Noter offices in Turkey (NOTER)

Notary or notary office is an office that provides documents and legal documents to carry out transactions for natural and legal persons according to existing laws. These offices prevent disputes by presenting legal documents.

8. Expertise report (EKSPERTIZ RAPOR) in Turkish cities

Expertise’s report is among Turkish real estate terms for foreigners who intend to buy real estate in this country. The experts who provide this report determine the real value of the property according to criteria such as the age of the building, the region, etc. and mention it in the expertise report.

9. IPOTEK in Istanbul

Ipotek is considered one of the most important real estate terms in Turkey that every party to the transaction should be aware of. A mortgage is actually a document that is issued for real estate and other real estate that is mortgaged.

In fact, the owner received a loan from the bank, institution, manufacturer or any other organization with his property deed, and the property deed is known as a debt document. For this reason, you should purchase an office in Istanbul , an apartment, land, etc. that do not have a mortgage document.

10. Income (AİDAT) in Turkish apartments

Income in the word means tolls and it is a building charge that is collected from all residents for its expenses. The cost of income varies according to the size of the building, facilities, etc.

The cost of income includes cleaning, elevator service, sports facilities, security, etc.

Terms representing property characteristics in Turkey

1. Parsel

Among other Turkish property terms, we can mention parcel, which is actually a title that belongs to separated lands. In other words, the lands that are divided according to the relevant regional laws in the country are called parcels.

The owner of the parcels can be one or more people and they can also belong to Turkish public and private organizations and foundations.

2. Brut size (BRUT)

One of the most important real estate terms in Turkey is the gross meterage, which can be seen in the tapu documents. In fact, it can be said that the gross square footage represents the owner’s share of all common parts of residential complexes such as elevators, corridors, etc.

It is worth mentioning that during the purchase of real estate, this area is assigned to the buyer, and during the sale, it must be given to the new owner. Sports halls, swimming pools, green spaces, parking, etc. are also included in the gross area.

3. Net size

Net meterage is another Turkish real estate term that appears in purchased real estate documents. This square footage represents the usable parts of the property. In this way, parts such as under the cabinets and places that cannot be stepped on, will not be part of the net size.

4. PAY

Pai can be considered as another Turkish real estate term that will represent the properties of the purchased property. Pai in colloquial terms means dang. Dang is also the final share of a person from the total area of the property. In other words, pai can be considered as the common share of each person, which is accurately recorded in the Tapu.

5. Satis Bedeli

Every property in Turkey has two monetary values, which will include the real value of the property and its purchase value. Basically, these two values should be the same in the tapu document and the expertise report, but in some cases, the buyer may have purchased a property more or less than its real value. In this way, you will get acquainted with another Turkish property term, which is called Satish Bedeli.

Satish Bedeli shows the purchase value of each property and should be mentioned in the Tapu Deed.

6. DEPREM Sigorta

Every building that is built in Turkey must have earthquake insurance, that is, the existence of this insurance policy is necessary for all buildings, which is called DEPREM Sigorta.

7. Housing document

This document is issued for buildings and houses that have a blue document and are habitable.


Important tips for buying property in Turkey for foreigners

When concluding a contract, in addition to familiarizing yourself with all Turkish real estate terms, it is necessary to consider some of the rules mentioned in the contract as clauses. Note that foreigners can only buy property in some regions of Turkey and cannot purchase real estate in all regions of the country. In addition, every foreigner will be allowed to buy a maximum of 30 hectares of land in this country.

When buying real estate in Turkey, make sure that the property in question does not have any debts such as taxes, water bills, electricity, etc., and make sure to transfer the purchase amount to the seller’s account through banking systems. Otherwise, it is mandatory to receive a written receipt in order to pay the full amount of the property from the seller.


Familiarizing with Turkish real estate terminology and buying real estate in this country is associated with certain complications that foreigners generally do not know about. For this reason, in order to conclude a real estate contract, it is better to go to real estate agencies so that the relevant consultants and experts can guide you to buy the property. CityRealty real-estate Agency is one of the Iranian real estate agencies active in Turkey, whose commitment and responsibility will be guaranteed to foreign nationals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What stages does the expertise report have?

This report is done by real estate appraisers who are licensed by the Capital Market Board and has the following three stages:
In the first stage, the physical environment of the property is evaluated.
In the second stage, the records and documents of the property are examined by experts.
In the third step, the obtained information is analyzed and an expertise report is presented.

2. What is the cost of expertise report in 2022?

The cost of preparing an expertise report in 2022 is 1000 to 1400 liras.

3. What does the cost of income in ordinary apartments and large complexes include?

The cost of income in ordinary apartments includes the cost of cleaning and elevator service, and in large complexes it includes sports facilities, water and gas rights, security, lobby and amenities.

The cheapest neighborhood in Istanbul to buy property in 2022

The cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul


Due to its proximity and neighborhood with Iran, Turkey sees many immigrants from Iran every year. One of the best Turkish cities that has always been attractive to Iranians is Istanbul.

This city is divided into 39 urban areas, some of these areas are located in the Asian part and some are in the European part. If you want to buy a property in the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul, we recommend that you stay with us until the end of the article.

In Istanbul, as we get closer to the Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus Strait, we see an increase in real estate prices. So, if you are looking to buy a property in Istanbul at a reasonable price so that you can easily obtain Turkish residency and citizenship, it is better to stay with us.

In this article, we will introduce the cheapest areas of Istanbul so that you can invest in the most suitable area by fully knowing this beautiful city. You know for sure that the price of real estate varies according to the area, size, year of construction, etc.

Istanbul, with a population of about 15 million people, is considered the largest crowded city in Turkey. It is better to choose your place of residence near your workplace to save your time and money. Of course, it goes without saying that Turkey has made significant progress in the development of public transportation and has developed its transportation system well.

As you know, one of the prerequisites for immigrating to another country is knowing the prices and how to live there. This issue will be discussed further.

Advantages of buying cheap property in Istanbul

Investing in Turkey has many advantages, including the favorable economic conditions of this country and obtaining residence and citizenship of this country, which is possible by investing with a certain minimum amount. To buy a house in Istanbul , you must first determine your goal, in which area and in which type of property you want to invest. 

Many people want to buy an apartment in Istanbul. These people have chosen this option for the reasons mentioned below:

1. Price

2. Building quality

3. Dropping the price temporarily or permanently

4. High amenities

5. The annual increase of tourists and the possibility of high rent

6. The best opportunity to invest in a foreign country

The cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul

Introducing the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul

1. Esenyurt neighborhood

Esenyurt is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul. This area is located in the European and western part of Istanbul and is a short distance from the city center and is very popular among Iranians living there. Esenyurt neighborhood has made significant progress in the last few years and engineers have transformed the face of this part of Istanbul with huge construction projects. This neighborhood mostly has residential apartments, among which there are also commercial units. The presence of parks and abundant green space covers the existing gaps.

2. Sultanbeyli

The Sultanbeyli area is located in the northeast of Istanbul and is considered to be the place where most of the non-natives of Turkey live. This part has a very favorable climate and also the price of real estate in this area is low. For people who are looking for good and quality weather, and in addition to that, low real estate prices are important, they choose this part for residence and investment.

The fame of this area is due to the presence of the historic Aydos Castle, which has attracted the attention of many tourists. The SultanBeyli area is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul, and this area has made life in this area easy for people due to public amenities, including the development of taxi transportation and the construction of the subway.

3. Büyükçekmece neighborhood

One of the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul is Buyukcekmece neighborhood, which is located in the western part of Istanbul. The mentioned neighborhood is more far from the center of Istanbul than other neighborhoods. This sector has a good potential for development and a bright future is waiting for it. The prices of villas and houses in this neighborhood are much cheaper than in other areas.

4. Arnavutkoy neighborhood

If you are planning to buy a house in the northern part of Istanbul, Arnavotkoy neighborhood will meet your needs. This area is near Istanbul Airport and is the most popular neighborhood after Basaksehir. Arnavotkoy has the longest coastline of the Black Sea. This neighborhood had a relatively low cultural level before 2016, but after 2021, due to the increase in the number of immigrants, the cultural level of this area of ​​Istanbul has also improved significantly. This neighborhood has many fans among non-native singles.

Arnavutkoy neighborhood is famous among tourists because of the presence of beautiful Ottoman houses.

5. Tuzla neighborhood

Tuzla is located in the eastern part of Istanbul. This area is mostly considered as an industrial area, because most of the parent factories are located in this area. And it is suitable for people whose workplace is nearby. This section also has beautiful buildings and apartments. It goes without saying that the largest area for keeping ships and shipyards is located in this area.

6. Silivri

People who want to buy a property in Istanbul in the western part and near the sea of Marmara, Silivari neighborhood is the best option for them. This neighborhood has water sports facilities. The price of a villa in Silivari is very reasonable, and this area is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul, and people who want to invest in buying a villa in Istanbul, this area is the best option. The apartments in this area do not have the same facilities, it is better not to rely solely on the photos to buy an apartment in this neighborhood. The reputation of Silivri neighborhood is due to high quality livestock and dairy production.

7. Avcilar

One of the neighborhoods located in the European area of Istanbul is Avcilar, which is 27 kilometers away from the city center. Due to its proximity to the E5 highway and various universities and industrial centers, this neighborhood is in a favorable condition in terms of comfort, and also because it is considered one of the happy areas of Istanbul, it attracts a large number of tourists, which causes the opening of restaurants and There are many cafes in this area. In addition to the mentioned points, due to many beautiful construction projects, despite all these positive features, this area is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul, and the price of real estate in this area is low.

8. Sultan Ghazi (Sultangazi)

According to the Iranian immigrants in Istanbul, the Sultan Qazi area is increasing day by day due to the easy access to the north and west of Istanbul and the location of the most important aqueduct of the Ottoman Empire in this area, as well as the proximity to the sea and the Ali Bay Dam. and it is one of the best, most desirable and cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul for investment by buying property.

The cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul

9. Başakşehir

One of the European areas of Istanbul is Başakşehir, which since 2009, due to the increase of immigrants, has made significant progress in amenities and… Başakşehir is the most unrivaled district of Istanbul in terms of the number of schools and amenities.

10. Kasimpasa

Qasim Pasha neighborhood comes to you from the old areas of Istanbul and the old markets are also located in this area. From the beginning, this neighborhood has been the residence of low-income people and also has fewer amenities than other neighborhoods.

11. Esenler

This area is very suitable for people interested in discovering lesser known attractions. It is also located near Ghazi Osman Pasha and Bagcilar. The residential part of this area is very popular because of the beautiful and quiet residential houses.

12. Caglayan

If you are looking to buy a house near the center of Istanbul that has a reasonable and cheap price, Caglayan area is a good option for you. Although this area is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul, the amenities of this area have improved significantly in recent years.

13. Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu is one of the areas where the number of apartments is more than other properties. The quality of the buildings and their distance from each other is very suitable, and it also has many fans due to its proximity to Esenyurt and the sea coast. Most of the residents of this area are educated people with a medium income level.

CityRealty properties

If you also want to invest in the neighboring country of Iran, Turkey, you can choose the desired area and property from the CityRealty real-estate website according to your budget and priorities, and then contact our consultants to get the best result for you. Buy property in Turkey. By buying a cheap property in the cheapest neighborhoods of Istanbul, you can easily get residence and citizenship of the Turkish government.



Conditions for obtaining Turkish residence by buying property

Conditions for obtaining Turkish residence by buying property

In the last few years, the number of people who want to obtain Turkish residence by buying property is increasing. Therefore, in this article, we intend to examine the issues related to obtaining Turkish residence through the purchase of property.

According to the laws of Turkey, any foreign citizen can apply for a temporary or permanent residence in Turkey according to a series of preconditions, and as long as the purchased property is in the possession of the buyer, it is possible to extend the residence.

In addition to the fact that obtaining Turkish residence has many advantages, it also provides the opportunity for many people who want to immigrate to European and American countries. So, if you are also looking to obtain Turkish residence by buying a property, we recommend that you contact the city’s real estate consultants and purchase a property suitable for your conditions.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish residence by buying property

As the title of the article suggests, we want to investigate obtaining Turkish residence through the purchase of property. For this purpose, you can check the available properties in Turkey through real estate sites such as the city real estate site, and then visit the properties you like the most by traveling to Turkey. After you have chosen the property you want. Go through the necessary steps to buy a property and transfer the document to become a property owner in Turkey.

There is no difference between the cities of Turkey to obtain Turkish residence and you can easily acquire the residence of this country by buying property in different cities of Turkey. If you want to live in big and modern cities, we recommend you to buy property in Istanbul , Ankara, Antalya and Izmir. But if you intend to buy a cheap house in a quieter and smaller environment, you can choose your desired property from the smaller cities of Turkey.

Of course, you can contact our consultants to get advice on buying property from different cities in Turkey, so that they can help you choose the right city to buy property.

Of course, when buying a property in Turkey, you should pay attention to the fact that if you are looking to obtain a Turkish passport, invest at least $400,000 in Turkish properties, and if you are looking to obtain a temporary residence in this country, invest at least $75,000 in Turkish properties. do it Now, after you have chosen the desired property according to your purpose, you can take the necessary steps to obtain Turkish residence  through the Turkish Immigration Office .

First of all, you must request an appointment to receive residence through the Turkish Immigration Department, and at the time specified by the Immigration Department, go to the office with the required documents and apply for a one-year residence, and after going through the administrative procedures, you will receive this residence. gain.

The minimum capital required to obtain Turkish residence by purchasing a property

Legally, there is no limit on the minimum capital required to buy a property in Turkey, but depending on your goal, this minimum capital required to obtain Turkish residence varies.

Considering that the price of buying a house in Turkey depends on various factors such as city, region, size, new property, property facilities, etc., it is better to first determine how much investment each goal requires.

If you want to acquire the citizenship of this country by buying a property in Turkey, you should know that since June 2022, the minimum capital required to obtain Turkish citizenship has increased from $250,000 to $400,000. In addition, in order to obtain a one-year residence in Turkey, you must invest at least 75 thousand dollars in Turkish properties in order to obtain a temporary residence in this country.

Necessary features to obtain Turkish residence by buying property

According to the laws of Turkey, an important and basic condition for obtaining Turkish residence through the purchase of property has been specified, and that is that six dongs of the property must be in the name of the applicant or jointly with a document of three dongs and three dongs in the name of two. be one of the family members so that you can apply for Turkish residence by buying a property.

Residence in Turkey by purchasing property and family members of the applicant

One of the questions that arise for a large number of applicants to purchase property in Turkey is whether it is possible to obtain Turkish residence for the members of the applicant by purchasing property in Turkey.

The answer to this question is yes, by buying a property in Turkey, you can get Turkish residency for yourself, your spouse and children under 18 years old. If you have children over 18 years of age, Turkish residence will not be granted to them through your property purchase. In this case, it is better to share your child over 18 years old with you in the deed when buying a property in Turkey, so that they will also be granted Turkish residence.

Do we need to open a bank account to obtain Turkish residence by buying a property?

There is no need to open an account to obtain Turkish residence by buying a property, and you can buy a property without opening a bank account through a trusted lawyer. Of course, our advice is to open an account for yourself because a bank account is required to receive a tax number, and at the same time, having a bank account for yourself and transferring the property purchase amount through your own account is a safe method.

Is it possible to rent the purchased property?

Yes, after buying a property in Turkey, you can rent it out, and considering that the rental rate in Turkey is higher than in Iran, this will bring you a high profit.

Considering the conditions of buying a property in Turkey and the possibility of renting it, it can be clearly stated that by buying a property in Turkey, you can enjoy the rental profit with the best rate of return on investment.

So as long as the property purchased in Turkey is in your name, you can obtain Turkish residence through it and enjoy the rental profit by renting it out.

Procedures for buying property in Turkey and obtaining residence

If you want to acquire a residence in this country by buying a property in Turkey. There are a series of steps that we will name for you below:

  1. travel to Turkey
  2. Visiting different properties and choosing the property you want
  3. Property expertise and pricing by a municipal expert

Note that there is not much difference between the pricing of the municipal expert and the real price of the property, and this difference is below ten percent. Therefore, this work is for the benefit of the buyers and the sellers cannot offer unreasonable prices for the purchase of the property. Of course, note that the price determined by the expert will be recorded in the document.

  1. Advance payment for the purchase of property by the buyer to the account of the property seller
  2. The agent of the real estate agency goes to the registry office in Turkey and starts the process of transferring the property
  3. Deposit the rest of the property money on the transfer day
  4. Receive the document in less than a week
  5. Go to the Turkish Immigration Office and get an interview appointment
  6. Go to the immigration office with the necessary documents and obtain Turkish residence
  7. Receive a one-year Turkish residence at your place of residence in Turkey

You can contact the city’s real estate legal expert for legal advice and get the necessary legal advice from them in the field of buying property in Turkey and obtaining residency in this country.

Costs of obtaining Turkish residence by purchasing property

  • The cost of notarizing a copy of each passport is 200 liras.
  • 2 to 3 percent of the total amount of the property for the transfer fee
  • Payment of municipal taxes in the amount of 2-3% of the property amount
  • The company’s commission payment is between 3 and 5 percent of the purchased property amount
  • Payment of soil money in the amount of 80 dollars and 89 liras per person
  • Paying the insurance fee between 300 and 800 liras per person

Is it possible to convert one-year temporary residence to permanent residence?

Yes, as long as the deed property is in your name, it is possible to extend the temporary stay. Of course, the conditions for obtaining a Turkish passport through temporary residence include a series of conditions that are listed below:

  • Extension of temporary residence for five years
  • You must stay in Turkey for at least 11 months every year
  • After receiving permanent residence, you must stay in Turkey for at least 11 months every year for three years in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.

It should be noted that in order to obtain a temporary residence in Turkey, you do not need to stay for a long time in this country, but if you want to obtain a permanent residence in this country, you must stay in this country for at least eleven months a year.

What are the conditions of the right to work for recipients of temporary residence in this country?

Every person who succeeds in obtaining a temporary residence in Turkey must obtain a work permit from the Department of Labor and Social Affairs in order to work.

There are two ways to obtain a work permit, which are:

  • Official employment by a Turkish-speaking employer and receiving monthly insurance and providing proof of employment to obtain a work permit
  • Register the company in Turkey and refer to the Department of Labor and Social Affairs to obtain a work permit

Necessary documents to obtain Turkish residence by purchasing a property

  • Notarized copy of passport
  • Providing an official translation of the birth certificate
  • Providing an official translation of the marriage certificate
  • Providing the document of the purchased property
  • Complete the application form
  • Four pieces of photos up to date three by four
  • One year insurance premium payment

Conditions for extending Turkish residence by purchasing a property

If you want to extend your stay in Turkey after buying, you must meet several preconditions, which are:

  • Verification of ownership of the purchased property
  • A minimum stay of two weeks in Turkey each year
  • Not committing criminal offenses in Turkey and Iran

last word

If you also want to acquire a temporary residence in Turkey by buying a property, our recommendation is to check the properties available on the CityRealty real estate site, and after a complete check, you can contact our consultants in Istanbul and arrange a time to visit Determine the property. We are with you from Istanbul airport so that you can easily buy all the property you want and apply for Turkish residence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to register a document?

  • Approximately one working week after final payment

2. Can we get a Turkish passport by buying the property in installments?

  • Yes, provided that we have paid an amount of about 250 thousand dollars of the cost of the property.

3. What are the side costs of buying property?

  • Payment of 2% of document transfer fee, expertise fee, 1% tax, annual tax fee