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A Brief Information About Antalya

Antalya is the biggest province in the Mediterranean district and consists of several areas. These areas are Alanya, Kemer, Belek, Kumluca, Aksu,Kas, Kalkan, Serik, Finike, and of course Antalya is the capital city. Antalya province is famous for its alluring and long sandy coastline and also hosts plenty of historical sightseeing.

These features with a savory warm typical Mediterranean climate turn Antalya into a popular tourist zone in Turkey. Besides giving advantages to the tourism industry by the Turkish government, the area benefits from a continuously powerful tourism industry that comes to a dynamic and financially promising economy. Therefore buying property in Antalya is a great investment. 

Thus, Antalya is a paradise for tourists; also, many investors consider the area a profitable destination to invest in properties such as apartments.

This article is an effort to put a light on Antalya investment opportunities and direct readers to buy an apartment in Antalya safe and sound. 


apartment for sale in antalya


Why Buy Apartments For Sale in Antalya?

Antalya is the hub of the Mediterranean area in Turkey. For decades, it has been the dream of many nationalities such as Iranians, Russian, Arabs, and the majority of north European people. The popularity of the area is a result of several prime reasons.

First of all, if the people of Antalya hadn’t been friendly, Antalya would not have been a favorite place among expatriates. Secondly, the warm and pleasing climate and virgin nature of Antalya attract many Europeans who don’t want to be trapped in harsh freezing European weather. Moreover, Antalya is a vigorous place thanks to a successful tourism industry which helps to emerge a strong economic system.

Furthermore, Antalya provides top suburb facilities like health care centers, public and private hospitals, shopping centers, and easy accessibility because of proximity to Antalya International Airport located10 Km away from the Northeast of downtown. Besides, other neighboring cities are available within a short driving distance.

Another decisive reason to buy apartments in Antalya is the lower cost of living than in other European countries. Also, the value of apartments is significantly more reasonable than in other developed European countries. 

Thus buying apartments in Antalya is a profitable investment, especially through friendship investment Turkish government policy such as opportunities to buy apartments by taking low-interest bank loans or installment payments.

The golden part of buying apartments in Antalya is obtaining residency permission and citizenship through the ownership program. Citizenship permission leads to getting a Turkish passport, making it possible to travel to 39 countries.


apartment for sale in antalya


Is Buying Apartments in Antalya a Good Investment?

Antalya is an intensive desirable investment destination because of rental investment chances for owners with the possibility to yield up rental agreement around 8%annually. This rental agreement enhancement could be expected to expand sea view apartments or luxurious types. 

On the other hand, the value of apartments in Antalya experienced a 100% rise during the past ten years.

It means the whole district is worth investing in real estate properties such as residential properties, like apartments. 


apartment for sale in antalya


How Much Do Apartments for Sale Cost in Antalya?

A two-bedroom apartment in Konyaalti is around 60000 Euros. This area is one of the distinctive areas with modern apartment constructions catering to the young generation. Also, Konyaalti is an appropriate place for rental investment with a 6% annual yield.

At the center of Antalya, it is possible to pick up a two-bedroom apartment for 50000 Euros. Also, a three-bedroom apartment with access to a shared swimming pool and private garden could be bought for 110000 Euros.  

In Belek, a two-bedroom apartment starts at least 70000 Euros; for buying a three to four-bedroom in Belek, you need to pay double. More than above, luxurious apartments in Antalya are traded at the market for high hundreds and thousands of Euros; these kinds of apartments provide unique amenities such as a private beach. 


How to Buy Apartments in Antalya?

Undoubtedly Antalya is a golden area for investing in real estate properties such as residential. Properties, for example, apartments. Although many different apartments are available in Antalya, marketing without a professional advisor buying an apartment in Antalya could be a challenging process. 

City Realty Turkey is a well-known team in real estate marketing and established its footprint in the market through reliability and responsibility manner to direct clients to find out the best apartment commensurate with their preferences and budgets. 

Our website brings a complete list of apartments with key information about the property, such as size, location, value, and payment installment. After searching on the City Realty Turkey website and selecting your favorite apartment, get in touch with our staff to set a viewing time. Don’t forget our team is always ready to answer any queries.

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