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Apartment for Sale in Bursa

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Why Buy Apartment for Sale in Bursa

Bursa is located southeast of the Marmara sea, famous for its green nature and alluring beaches. The city is the second populated area in the Anatoli district and the fourth province in terms of population growth in Turkey. Features of the city provide numerous outdoor activities such as hiking, walking, fishing, besides one of the prime skiing resorts is located in Bursa. 

About the city’s economic situation, it is worthwhile pointing out that Bursa has a crucial role in domestic goods production and exporting. Bursa is an important cog in the county’s economic wheel, in which 4% of the whole production of Turkey is produced in Bursa. The dynamic economy of Bursa is not only because of the success in the tourism industry, but also it is the result of the thriving car industry and textile field. Many well-known car brands have their headquarters in Bursa; some of them are Renault, Fiat, and Peugeot.

The city has been rejuvenated by new constructions, whether residential or commercial structures, that provide high-tech conveniences at a significantly reasonable price compared to other parts of Turkey. Moreover, properties’ owners get affluent year after year because of the sustainable raising of properties’ value around 8%-10% each year.

Bursa has a capable transportation system, an exceptional worldwide sample , which prompts easy commuting in and out of the city. More than this, thanks to Sabiha Cokce International Airport, traveling to Bursa from other countries is swift. It takes  4hours from Bursa to Ankara and Istanbul. Sabiha Cokce Airport is one hour away from Bursa. Therefore, buying property for sale in Bursa is a promising investment. 

With these characteristics, the city accommodates a modest daily lifestyle and luxury desires at the same time. Apartment investment in Bursa ticks all boxes for investors seeking a second home for holidays, all-around year dwelling, investment with the aim of potential for capital appreciation, or rental income. Also, it is possible to buy an apartment with a payment plan. Apartment marketing in Bursa includes bargain cases and luxurious options and can cover a wide range of budgets.  


apartment for sale in bursa


Luxury Apartment in Bur Payable

Luxury apartments provide the latest architecture and new home trend facilities. To buy a luxury apartment in Istanbul, investors have to pay more than three times and they are just able to buy a property in the suburb of Istanbul. The price of luxury apartments is determined by distance from the sea, a private beach, level of facilities, and construction company. Most buyers are willing to purchase in the central part of the city, and also Mundayna and Nilufer are famous neighborhood luring apartment buyers. Luxury apartments meet every requirement for a high-level lifestyle, such as a swimming pool, gym center, landmark green space, tennis court, restaurant, 24 hours concierge service, surveillance camera system, and maybe a private beach.


apartment for sale in bursa


Flat for Sale in Bursa

Flats are offered with rock bottom bargains. These properties are suggested for those who want a property for holidays, rental investment, bags of potential for capital appreciation. Also, buying a flat in Bursa is suitable for those looking to get their feet on the Bursa marketing property ladder for the first time.


Buy Apartment for Sale in Bursa with City Realty Turkey

Buying an apartment for sale in Bursa is a coveted dream; it could be sweeter with City Realty Turkey has established its footprint in Bursa real estate marketing such as residential properties. We take over the area carefully and bring a complete list of available apartments for sale in Bursa marketing.

It is our honor to satisfy our clients by considering their budget and preferences to direct them to the best case. We put effort into covering a wide range of budgets and desires. Our website includes diverse offered apartments in Bursa with detailed information about apartments. 

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