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Apartment For Sale In Izmir

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Luxurious Sea View Apartments
36 Months Installment Plan
Bornova, Izmir
1+1,2+1,3+1 Beds
1,2 Baths
89-247 M²

Global Information About Izmir

Izmir is the third city of Turkey in terms of size and population counted along the Aegean Sea coastline. The city has a deep route in history stretching back to 8500 years, and many nations had been living in the area.

Izmir had experienced well civilization during Ataturk’s reign in pursuance, defeating the ottoman king against the Greece military who mandated this area during world war I. After that, Ataturk got back, Izmir and started main development and organized infrastructure.

Izmir is an alluring area with turquoise sea waves and golden long sandy seashore. According to economists, a high range of young population is considered a strong potential to open main gates in the economy. Moreover, Izmir possesses high-level public services such as well-equipped hospitals, scientific universities, and well-known schools. On the other hand, the city is full of facilities such as restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centers and modern structures that cater a fully – flag civilization.

Izmir is a successful sample in the tourism industry; nonetheless, the economic system does not rotate around holidays seasons. Because the area creates diverse business utilities, in other words, Izmir tick’s endless boxes for investors to buy property for sale in Izmir and residential buyers.

As residential marketing in Izmir, especially in the field of apartments for sale, is vigorous and demonstrates boosting demand, this article is about apartments for sale marketing in Izmir and explains different dimensions of buying an apartment in Izmir. More than this the article may bring a trajectory to the safe and sound purchase.


apartment for sale in izmir
Global Information About Izmir – CityRealtyTurkey


Buy Apartment for Sale in Izmir

Izmir civilization is based on engineering structure and novel residential complexes. Also, residential properties provide basic comfort like access swiftly to general public services such as educational systems, health care centers, shopping centers, etc. In addition to the comfortable accessibility, complete residential complexes provide comprehensive amenities that meet all residents’ requirements, so they don’t need to go out to get their daily staff.

In other words, buying an apartment for sale in Izmir means having a modern, engineering property with incredible amenities and comfort in an environment with unlimited entertainment and benefits from top public facilities. These characteristics nominate Izmir as a great city for family residential and convince many to buy an apartment in Izmir to settle Permanently. On the other hand, buying an apartment in Izmir is a profitable destination for investment purposes due to the continuously rising value of properties.


Privileges of Buying Apartment in Izmir

  • Apartments prices in Izmir are more reasonable compared to European countries with the same amenities.
  • The friendship investment policy of the Turkish governments emerges as an attractive opportunity in favor of international investors. These policies include low taxes and even tax-cutting, low-interest bank loans and long payment programs.
  • There are numerous apartments for sale offered in Izmir in a wide range from off- plan layout to key ready properties.
  • A municipality expert prices the apartment.
  • The price of the apartment is documented in the registration office.
  • The owner could resale the property to Turkish citizens after three years and gets benefit from raising the value of apartments.
  • Owners have a chance to get an advantage from rental investment. Also, they can count on stable and sustainable boosting rental agreements.
  • According to Turkish legislation, property owners can obtain citizenship and residency permits.
  • Buying an apartment for sale in Izmir provides a fantastic family residence with novel amenities in a secured and well-developed environment.
  •  Living cost is remarkably reasonable in Izmir compared to developed European countries.


 apartment for sale in izmir
Privileges of Buying Apartment in Izmir – CityRealtyTurkey


Buy Apartment in Izmir with Confidence

Buying an apartment in Izmir unquestionably is profitable for investors and a magnificent place for families looking for developed urbanization. Buying an apartment in Izmir is a dream of many, but it is a tough situation even for informed and prosperous clients.

City Realty Turkey is a team in all branches of real estate as apartment in Turkey and

The Izmir property market is our prime trajectory. Our experts monitor the area exhaustedly every day and bring a complete list of apartments for sale.

Our website gathers endless apartments with crucial details about properties that help clients choose a safe choice. Don’t forget we are always ready to answer any question about properties and clarify any doubts about any regarded issue.

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