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Apartment For Sale In Kas

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Buy an apartment for Sale in Kas

Kas is an amazing peninsula in the west of Antalya province in Turkey, sitting along the Marmara sea. The area is surrounded by a mountain called ‘Ytan Adam’ by local people as the shape of the mountain is like a lying person.

Kas is successful in planting with a wide range of agricultural productions such as lemon, orange, banana, almond, and sunflowers. The area hosts white houses in a fence of pink bougainvillea flowers which cascade down the mountain, and rich the road connected to the coastline. With the contribution of capable public facilities and proximity of International airport reachable in 2 hours, this unique nature evolved the sleepy area to a top tourist zone in Turkey.

Moreover, the area provides different sea activities such as canoeing, scuba diving, rafting, seeking, etc. Paragliding and mountain cycling are favorite activities for those who want to balance their adrenalin.

Many holidaymakers, especially those who come from Britain and Russia, wish to buy a property in Kas as a second holiday home to settle in their property during vacation. On the other hand, properties’ rising value in line with other parts of the country has encouraged investors to buy property in Kas to benefit from the potential for capital appreciation. More than this, Kas properties give healthy rental investment with a sustainable 7% annual raise.

Among different properties in Kas, real estate marketing apartments are more profitable due to scarcity and capitalizing on the demand. Apartment prices start at least from 100000 Euro. At least an 8% annual rising value of apartments is expected in the Kas apartment market. Three vicinities in Kas have suggested buyers: central part of the area closed to prime facilities, new marine side, and the Greek island of Mels called Kastelorizo. These vicinities are inhabited, but Mels is a sample of modernity in Kas with swanky luxury apartments and residential properties.


apartment for sale in kas


Luxury Apartment for Sale in Kas

Kas luxury apartments reflect unique characteristics of the area in their architecture. Although Kas is not a place for towering buildings, apartments’ layouts are based on the concept of aesthetics and science to give the best view of the area. More than this, these kinds of apartments, mostly constructed in Mels, bring owners fantastic conveniences commensurate with a particular lifestyle. Luxury apartments are planned with engineering green space, swimming pool, spa center, sunna, jack, and gym center. The value of luxury apartments varies in distance from sea and interior home trend amenities, size and number of facilities.


Flat for Sale in Kas 

Buying Flat in Kas is an authentic trajectory for those who want to get their feet on the Kas property ladder for the first time and benefit from potential capital appreciation or healthy rental interest. Flats in the central part of Kas are offered at reasonable prices. 


apartment for sale in kas


How to Buy an Apartment for Sale in Kas

City Realty Turkey is a well-established agency at real estate marketing in Turkey with a new perspective about Kas property marketing. Our headcount in Kas gathers every offered property in Kas that varies in condition and price. We aim to provide different properties to cover many desires and budgets. Please look up our website and glimpse at properties with elaborated information about size, location, value and facilities. Then get in touch with our experts to set a viewing time.

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