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Apartment for Sale in Yalova

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Property type
Historical Place
Yalova, Koruköy
10+2 Beds
1,2,3 Baths
380 M²

Buy an Apartment for sale in Yalova

Buying an apartment for sale in Yalova is looked upon as a dream. Yalova is a fantastic place beside the Marmara coastline, and with thermal springs and scenic jungle, it attracts a continuous flow of tourists. Yalova is between Istanbul and Bursa, 45 minutes away from the Sabiha Gokcen International Airport. A capable and organized inter-city transportation system comes into swift commuting in and out of the Yalova.

Gathering these features of the area and successful tourism industry in combination with the industrial characteristic of Yalova emerge a dynamic and prosperous economic system. Therefore Yalova evolves into a flourishing investment destination at different types of real estate properties with top priority on residential purposes such as buying apartments.

The high investment potential of Yalova provides a different opportunity for diverse tastes and destinations. Yalova is a place for holidaymakers who want to buy a holiday house and enjoy the beauty and vigorous atmosphere of the area during vacation. On the other hand, some buyers are seeking an apartment for sale at a higher value market and benefit from raising annual value by around 8%-10%. Others prefer to buy to let rental income and get advantages of raising rental agreement around 4%-6% ever year.  

The golden part of buying property in Yalova is the significant reasonable value of apartments compared to other landmarks such as Istanbul. More than this, the lifestyle in Yalova provides beautiful nature, top public facilities and a dynamic economic system; at the same time, it is easy to tap into landmarks such as Istanbul and Bursa without getting trapped into the difficulties of big cities. 

 In this article, writers endeavour to clarify the features of buying an apartment in Yalova and brings different types of apartments to the Yalova real estate market.   


Luxury Apartment for Sale in Yalova

Luxury apartments for sale in Yalova are offered facilities commensurate with top-level lifestyle and get the attention of investors seeking profit and modernity simultaneously. The structures are engineering bold and earthquake resistant.

 Layouts are planned with the concept of height to prevent the excellent view of the district and Seaview. The architecture is up to date and features the latest current home trends such as a suited bathroom, walk-in wardrobe, spacious bedrooms opened swiftly to huge traces and furnished kitchen. Also, luxury apartments in residential complexes bring more public amenities like a swimming pool, private beach, gym center and others. 


apartment for sale in yalova
Apartment for sale in Yalova – CityRealtyTurkey


Flat for Sale in Yalova 

Buying a flat in Yalova is an authentic investment for those who want to buy a property with a small budget and earn a rental salary. Also, it could be a suitable choice for a holidaymaker to have a small flat during vacation. 


apartment for sale in yalova
Apartment for sale in Yalova – CityRealtyTurkey


How to Buy an Apartment in Yalova

City Realty Turkey is an experienced team in real estate marketing operating all over Turkey; thousands of apartment buyers in Yalova have found their dream home with us. We go through the process and do all stages from start to finish and support after sale needed services.

We gather available offered apartments in Yalova marketing with every key information about properties to assist clients in selecting the best apartment suited to their budget and desires.

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