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Commercial For Sale In Bursa

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Why Buy Commercial for sale in Bursa

Bursa sits in the southeast of the Marmara sea. The city demonstrates modernity and tradition simultaneously. Bursa is successful in the tourism industry because of its beautiful coastline, dense green background, surrounding mountains, and historical sightseeing. On the other hand, Bursa has been one of the important cities in the northwest of Turkey, and its history has stretched back to Byzantine and Ottomans regions. 

Bursa’s reputation in a thriving economy had stepped to the 15th century when Bursa was famous in silk production. These days the city is one of the crucial zones in the industry in which 4% of the whole production of turkey is produced. Bursa is powerful in the car industry and textile. Numerous famous car industries such as Renault, Fiat, and Peugeot have their headquarters in the city.

A prosperous economy provides endless business utilities with that prompt population growth, rising demand for buying properties in Bursa, in all types of real estate fields. Buying commercials in Bursa is a key for bags of potential for capital appreciation, running a business, and leasing out the property to other business owners. Commercial properties include different options such as shops, buildings, and offices offered at the lowest price compared to other cities in Turkey like Istanbul. More than this, commercial property owners benefit from the rising value of properties estimated at around 8%-10%. Also, owners could benefit from the annual yield of rental agreements around 4%-6%. 


commercial for sale in bursa


Office for Sale in Bursa

Buying an office in Bursa is an authentic investment for those who wish to stretch their business. Likewise, Bursa provides the golden potential to run a business and buying an office in Bursa could be a path for those willing to have their own business in a prosperous economic atmosphere. Also, it is possible to get a sustainable salary by leasing out the office.

Prices of offices vary in size, location, age of construction and others. 


Shops for Sale in Bursa

Shops are desirable as an investment destination in Bursa. That happens because of a vigorous economic system and plentiful business opportunities resulting from successful industries in different fields.

Prices of shops intensively depend on location. Shops in prime locations with a constant flow of pedestrians usually are expensive, but their value is significantly lower than in other cities like Istanbul. Buying a shop in a prime location of Istanbul costs more than three times.


Advantages of Buying Commercials Properties in Bursa

  • Significant reasonable price of commercial properties compared to other landmarks.
  • Solid and dynamic economy system in Bursa.
  • It is possible to obtain work permission through a commercial investment program.
  • Getting citizenship permission following work permission makes commercial investment an alluring destination.


commercial for sale in bursa


Buy Commercial Properties in Bursa with City Realty Turkey

City Realty Turkey is well established at real estate marketing in Turkey. Bursa gets the top seat in our list due to exceptional advantages such as reasonable properties, capable public advantages, beautiful nature and a flourishing economy.

These days commercial properties in Bursa allure many investors and business owners. Our team gather every available commercial property in Bursa, such as a shop, store, buildings, and offices, with elaborated information about properties and put them on a website.

We walked through the process from start to finish and held a good negotiation to get a good deal. Also, we are at client service for after-sale requirements. 


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