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Commercial for Sale in Yalova

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Buy Commercial for sale in Yalova

Yalova is in the northwest of Turkey and the eastern coastline of the Marmara sea. The area evolved into a tourism zone because of its particular nature and its significant position in the industry. Thermal springs, beautiful coastline and lots of cruise visiting attract tourists.

On the other hand, Yalova is one of the prime ports in Turkey in which many international ships involve in transferring goods. Also, Yalova hosts numerous well-known universities which train many well-qualified labourers every year.

Moreover, Yalova is between Istanbul and Bursa and 45 minutes away from International Sabiha Gokcen Airport. The city has organized a transportation system to transfer passengers swiftly in and out of the area.

Yalova features a moderate and satisfying lifestyle in a vigorous daily atmosphere with the latest civilized facilities. Thanks to the successful tourism industry, crucial role in maritime transferring of goods, and the main industrial position in the country, Yalova has experienced a dynamic economy and abandoned business utilities. 

These aspects of the city tick all the boxes for investors in buying property for sale in Yalova, such as commercial properties. Buying a commercial for sale in Yalova is a chance for those who want to run a business and benefit from a progressive economy system, and others have plans for rental investment through leasing out the properties to other business owners.  

Moreover, commercial buyers profit through the sustainable raising value of commercial properties around 8%-10% every year. On the other side, owners could experience at least 4%-6% rental agreement every year. 


commercial for sale in yalova
Commercial for sale in Yalova – CityRealtyTurkey


Buy Office in Yalova

The particular potential of Yalova in diverse business fields on one hand and proximity to Istanbul and Bursa without struggling in landmarks daily life on the other hand and reasonable price of offices compared to other cities, evoke international companies, businessmen, merchants to buy an office to expand their trading.

Offices in Yalova vary in size, location, and price. Usually, residential offices near the sea with modern interior designs are more expensive. Ordinary buildings could be suggested as profitable offices for sale in Yalova. However, buildings with prime locations and a large flow of people are offered at high prices.


commercial for sale in yalova
Commercial for sale in Yalova – CityRealtyTurkey


Buy Commercial for Sale with City Realty Turkey

City Realty Turkey is a well experienced real estate agent all over Turkey. Yalova, with a beat-breathing going economic rhythm, sits on our top of the list. Many famous companies, businessmen and merchants find their suited commercial properties with us. Our website is the mine of diverse commercial properties and offices commensurate with wide tastes, budgets, and purposes.

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