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Duplex For Sale In Alanya

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Alanya in Turkey


Alanya is part of Antalya province, with a short driving distance of around 135 km. The area is located along the Marmara Sea and is surrounded by Taurus Mountain. This rare and pure nature with a combination of savory climate attracts many tourists from every corner of the world.

Thus, aesthetic of Alanya with the contribution of Turkish policy caused a successful tourism industry. Constant tourism flow leads to a stable, financially promising economy. Many investors wish to buy real estate property of all types, such as residential property, whether to settle during summer holidays or benefit from the rental investment. 

One of the affordable residential properties in Alanya are duplex types; therefore, in this article, the writer tries to put light on duplex properties trading and direct readers to safe perches.    


duplex for sale alanya
Duplex for sale Alanya – CityRealtyTurkey


Advantages of Buying Duplex

Duplex properties in Alanya could be an authentic destination for those inclined to start small in residential properties because duplexes’ layout prepares a roomy space in a smaller parcel of land. 

On the other hand, the high demand for buying properties in Alanya leads to scarcity of land. Therefore, the value of properties is affected by the high price of land; in this case, duplex properties are a mindful solution to provide affordable properties to respond to high demands of real estate marketing in Alanya.    


Duplex Apartment in Alanya for Sale

Duplex apartments in Alanya are available at residential complexes or ordinary buildings. These kinds of duplex properties in Alanya are reasonably priced with efficient amenities. A semi-furnished kitchen, two to three bedrooms, spacious living room, a small dining room, and a jacuzzi in the bathroom are provided. 

Not to mention duplex apartments are based on the concept of height with an excellent view of the Marmara Sea. A residential complex swimming pool, complete spa service, gem centers, and engendering vast green space.


Luxury Duplex in Alanya for Sale

Alanya equals a luxurious lifestyle and hosts plenty of bold engineering duplex properties for sale. These properties give unimaginable conveniences in favor of expensive and lavish taste. Owners benefit from innovative interior design, high-end materials, a fully furnished kitchen, three to four bedrooms, vast green space. 

Imagine ceiling to floor windows with an alluring sea view of the Marmara Sea. The most exciting point is private seashore ownership. Also, an open-front swimming pool and other special courtyards for outdoor activities such as tennis and hours riding are other worthwhile facilities at luxurious duplex apartments for sale in Alanya. 


duplex for sale alanya
Duplex for sale Alanya – CityRealtyTurkey


Buy Duplex Property with City Realty Turkey

City Realty Turkey is a safe path to direct investors to confident investment in Turkey and Alanya. We gather knowledgeable and responsible staff to give the best service to our clients. It is our honor, achieve a reputation, through reliability and professional abilities, to establish real estate marketing successfully. 

Our website brings up-to-date information about properties for sale in Alanya. Please go to the duplex properties section, check out your favorite case, study about key information such as value, size, amenities, and location, and then make a call to our coworkers, always ready to answer you every 24 hours. It is possible to set a viewing time to take a look in person. Don’t forget we are good at negotiations to get the best deal. 

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