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Duplex for Sale in Antalya

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Antalya is the name of a province in Turkey as well as the name of the capital city of the province. The area is located in the south west of Anatolia region and borders Taurus mountain. Antalya is the fifth populated city in the Mediterranean region. Its alluring nature, long sandy beach, vigorous lifestyle and savory climate round a year, turn the isolated, calm sea town to a crucial hub of tourists zone in the country. Antalya city itself without countering other neighboring cities in the province attracts 30% of foreign tourists. According to New York journal Antalya the capital city of Antalya province in Turkey was the third most visited city by international tourists 2011.

Antalya has a dynamic economy system bolsters to conceive holiday makers, and investors with permanent living plans, and provident investors with capital appreciation to invest in Antalya’s real estate marketing. Therefore buying property for sale in Antalya is a great opportunity. Among different options in Antalya real estate marketing, residential properties in Antalya are the most favorite properties of buyers.

This article is an attempt to give an overview about Antalya real estate marketing, especially duplex properties available in the Antalya properties market. Besides, the writer hopes to give helpful information to guide investors to buy a suitable duplex property. 


 Features of Duplex Property for Sale in Antalya

Buying a Duplex property in Antalya is a coveted dream. Duplex properties usually are available in modern residential complexes, planned by concept of height and the best view of the area. constructions are scientific and engineering bold. Also the latest interior home trend equipment is used in residential property complexes.

Moreover, there are some duplex houses in the Antalya market offered at bargain prices. Generally duplex properties provide amenities such as

  • Private elevator from garage to the entrance of the property
  • Owners have their private entrance and exit filter
  • Owners benefit from longitudinal view of environment
  • Duplex properties whether houses or residential properties have an open front swimming pool, manicured garden, and traces.


duplex for sale in antalya


How to Buy Duplex for Sale in Antalya

Antalya provides numerous duplex properties which vary in location, size, facilities, and price.

Buying a property in a foreign country is an overwhelming process. City Realty Turkey is a professional team in real estate marketing in Turkey and across Antalya. Our expertise takes over the whole area and vicinity of cities and gathers information about every duplex for sale in Antalya to help clients with different budgets and desires. 

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