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Duplex for Sale in Bodrum

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Where is Bodrum

Bodrum is located in Mugla province in Turkey’s sought west of the Aegean sea. Bodrum is a top spot for snapping holiday resorts. Buying a property in Bodrum o is more than investing in bricks and mortar. Life features in Bodrum are sophisticated and laid back, a harmony between new and old. Antique stone houses had been witnesses to centuries of Bodrum folklore, turned to restaurants and bars. Citizens in Bodrum walk into history and live in modern urbanization. 

The Features of Bodrum left their mark on the architecture of the city. Modern constructions emerged in ancient architecture and demonstrated an authentic combination of modernity and aesthetics. There are limitless properties for sale in Bodrum, from bargain options to properties with price tags in multiples of millions. Generally, Bodrum caters to a wide range of budgets and desires. 

Bodrum has capable public facilities and great accessibility, making it easy to commute in and out of the country. Milas airport, which takes a mere 30 minutes driving into the peninsula, makes it easy to commute between European countries and Turkey. Yalikavak is reachable in 50 minutes short driving distance, Turkbuku is 40 minutes away from Bodrum, and less than an hour takes to get to Gumusluk by car.

Moreover, life in Bodrum doesn’t rotate around the tourist season. Bodrum is a suitable choice for permanent living in a peaceful environment and benefits from acceptable facilities without straggling in the difficulties of megacities like Istanbul.

This article tries to give an overview of Bodrum. It passes useful information around properties marketing of the area, especially focusing on duplex properties referred to in Bodrum’s real estate marketing. Besides, the article directs readers looking for a duplex property in Bodrum to a safe and sound purchase.


duplex for sale in bodrum


Buy Duplex for Sale in Bodrum.

Duplex properties are usually more expensive than ordinary ones because they provide more bright and spacious space. The two floors are connected by stairs and give more opportunities for fabulous designs and architectural masterpieces. Lack of efficient land to construct makes duplex properties the most popular residential properties among buyers. Besides coastline and forest, many duplex properties are available to bring up the vast, wide, alluring view.

A luxurious duplex usually gives more private space and is made with pricey material to appear a layout with delicate elaborations. Also, different amenities could be considered based on buyers’ desires and preferences, such as a swimming pool, engineering green space, open traces, etc.

Modern duplexes are suitable for those seeking European fashion and fewer details in the design, leading to a reasonable price per square meter. Although like luxurious duplexes, amazing facilities could be provided according to buyers’ command. 

It is worth mentioning buying a duplex property in landmarks such as Istanbul with a luxury location and high-tech facilities will set back buyers hundreds of millions. 


duplex for sale in bodrum


Buy Duplex for Sale in Bodrum with City Realty Turkey

Undoubtedly Bodrum is a chance to make a profitable investment through buying a duplex.

There are affordable ordinary duplexes suitable for those looking for interest and benefit from the value raising of duplexes. Likewise, buying a flat in Bodrum is a mindful strategy to prepare a property on a limited budget and get sustainable earnings by leasing the flat.     

On the other hand, Bodrum is a paradise for those fans of luxurious lifestyles and looking for a pricey duplex with high-end facilities.

All these will come true with a professional team in residential property marketing such as duplexes and flats. City Realty Turkey is a successful agency that established itself in residential marketing through responsibility and sensibleness. We provide a wide range of portfolios of duplexes for sale in Bodrum, whether luxury duplexes, ordinary duplexes, and flats, to meet all tastes and budgets. 

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