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Land For Sale In Alanya

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Alanya in Turkey

Alanya is located 135 km away from Antalya and part of the Marmara Sea coastline, surrounded by the Taurus mountains. Thanks to its beautiful nature, Alanya is a distinctive tourism industry in Turkey that prompts a stable, dynamic, and financially promising economy, so it is a great opportunity to invest in property for sale in Alanya. With a combination of Turkish government friendship investment policy, these features trigger foreign investors to buy real estate properties, including land in Alanya. 


land for sale in alanya
Land for sale in Alanya – CityRealtyTurkey


Useful Information About Buying Land in Alanya

  1. Buying land in Alanya is a safe and sound investment that benefits buyers from interest following the rising price of lands and helps investors keep the value of money against inflation.
  1. Buying land in Alanya is a way to obtain citizenship and residency permits. Lands lower than 250 dollars are enough to get residency permission. Citizenship permission could be achieved by lands higher than 250000 dollars.
  1. By getting citizenship permission through investment, finding a job or studying opportunity will be easy. Also, obtaining a Turkish passport, one of the strongest passports globally, following citizenship permission, creates the opportunity to travel to 39 countries. 
  1. The value of land in Turkey is less than other European countries, and Alanya is not exceptional. 
  1. With the help of friendship investment, Turkish policy buying land in Turkey and Alanya is possible by taking low-interest bank loans.
  1. Buying land in Alanya with residential complex construction intention or business building construction creates a chance to live in a city with a lower livelihood compared to other European countries. 


Advantages of Buying Land in Alanya

Alanya is beside the Mediterranean Sea, has beautiful nature and a savory climate. This alluring nature conceived a flock of foreign and domestic investors to do a profitable investment at all types of real estate properties, especially land property.

And at reasonable prices compared with other properties. Moreover, the value of land is continuously increasing because of the steady high demand for land.


land for sale in alanya
Land for sale in Alanya – CityRealtyTurkey


Value of Land in Alanya


Lands are offered for different destinations in Alanya: construction intention and agriculture intention. The value of land depends on the usage of land.

 Generally, lands with planting potential are expensive. In contrast, infertile lands are affordable. Thus, before purchasing a parcel of land, it is better to settle the destination in advance. 


The Best way to Find out Land for Sale in Alanya

City Realty Turkey is a professional team in real estate investment and land property all over Turkey and Alanya. This area is a pure chance to invest because of numerous reasons mentioned before. Although Alanya provides lots of opportunities, making out of risk investments with confidence will not happen unless with a reliable advisor who brings a complete list of possible properties and assists clients to select the best one match with their budget and intentions.   

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