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Land for sale in Antalya

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Why buy land for sale in Antalya

As all of you know, Turkey is one of the most attractive countries globally, with historical places, nice weather and beautiful islands. If you want to buy land in Turkey, Antalya is for you; it is one of Turkey’s most well-known tourist cities, located on Anatolia’s southwest coast with the Taurus mountains.

Antalya has more than 13.6 million tourists from all over the world since it is Turkey’s largest city on the Mediterranean coast. Antalya has dry summers and rainy winters. If you like the sun and want to live in such a lovely sunny city, Antalya is the best choice.

This city is full of agricultural productions, especially for those who love olives. You can find everything you want from any agricultural products to historical and religious places such as a number of mosques, old Turkish baths and so many others. 

So if you want to live in such a nice city, the CityRealtyTurkey helps you. We are here to tell you everything from this beautiful city and how to buy property for sale in Antalya such as land for sale in Antalya.


land for sale in antalya
Buy land in Antalya – CityRealtyTurkey


Useful Information About Buying Land for sale in Antalya

  • If you are thin-blooded and always like to be under a warm sun, without a doubt, Antalya is best for you.
  • Antalya is full of attractive sights; buying land for sale in Antalya gives you a nice chance to visit all the main and attractive sights of this nice city, such as Akdeniz kent parki, Antalya aquarium, Duden waterfalls.
  • Antalya is a city for every nature lover, buy land in Antalya and enjoy all the forests and green areas which are located outside the cities to make you feel calm.
  • Buy land in Antalya and enjoy its big and beautiful football stadium. The city always hosts a lot of international sports events because of its long-lasting warm weather. If you like sports, and you want to live in such a city, the CityRealtyTurkey gives you this chance.
  • Living in Antalya has more than you think. it is full of museums, festivals and events


land for sale in antalya
Why buy land in Antalya – CityRealtyTurkey


The advantages of buying land in Antalya

The CityRealtyTurkey has a lot of lands for sale in Antalya, not only because of its high welfare facilities but also because of its unique advantages that have recently been approved. According to the new law, if you buy land in Antalya for more than $250.000, you can be one of the permanent residents of Turkey. If you want to learn more about this, the CityRealtyTurkey is here to answer all your questions.


Value of land in Antalya

Buying land for sale in Antalya, one of Turkey’s most tourist cities, attracting many Iranians is the best chance for you to live in such a nice weather coastal city with many beautiful sights and historical places. The CityRealtyTurkey, with its professional team, is ready to provide you with any information you want. Contact CityRealtyTurkey to get enough information about lands for sale in Antalya.

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