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Land for Sale in Bodrum

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Where Is Bodrum

Bodrum is a peninsula in Mogula province in the southwest of Turkey along the Aegean coastline. Bodrum is one of the top holiday resorts for snapping up holiday homes. Also, this area is an ancient site in Turkey. The old stone constructions have stood up as witness of Bodrum history, which recently were changed to bars and restaurants to satisfy tourists from being parts of history. Life features in Bodrum are sophisticated and laid-back at the same time, and the architecture of Bodrum demonstrates newly built buildings in a cohesive harmony with ancient structures.

Bodrum is something more than an ordinary holiday resort with historical sightseeings, a jewel of the Aegean, and provides multidimensional enjoyments to do. From each part of the sea town, it is possible to find a tranquil gateway and enjoy nature. People into sailing and canoeing have quick access to at least three alluring Marians in Bodrum through the most attractive roads. 

Bodrum has exceptional accessibility in and out of the country. Milas airport, which takes a mere 30 minutes driving into the peninsula, makes it easy to commute between European countries and Turkey. Yalikavak is reachable in 50 minutes short driving distance, Turkbuku is 40 minutes away from Bodrum, and less than an hour takes to get to Gumusluk by car.

This city provides a variety of property for sale in Bodrum, from land to residential properties. Bargain properties in Bodrum’s real estate marketing are golden chances for buyers. The other characteristic of Bodrum that allures a bunch of buyers is a dynamic economy that does not rotate just around the tourist economy.   

The writer in this article puts an effort to bring light in land parcels marketing in Bodrum, which is highly demanded. Moreover, the writer hopes to help buyers looking upon land parcels in Bodrum to make a sweet and confident investment.


land for sale in bodrum


Why Buy Land for Sale in Bodrum

Bodrum is a desirable coastline in Turkey and recently has changed to sought-after real estate marketing in the country. Lands are suggested for buyers seeking long return investments through investor-partner projects, residential processes, and commercial processes. Likewise, land parcels are bags of potential for capital appreciation. On the other hand, scarcity of land causes rising demands, leading to double the value of lands in Bodrum. Not to mention foreign investors can get citizenship and residency permission through property investment. However, most of the owners in Bodrum are Turkish, as real estate marketing is majority geared toward domestic investors. 


land for sale in bodrum


How to Buy Land for Sale in Bodrum

Land buyers need professional guidance in the real estate market for three vital reasons.

In the beginning, available parcels of land are covered as a secret, and getting accurate information is hard.

Moreover, available parcels of land are rare and cause price tags with multiples of million. A master’s in real estate marketing can help buyers get a good deal through professional negotiations with owners.

At last due to the constant changing of the law, buyers ought to consult with a knowledgeable advisor before purchase to be informed what can be built. For example, the waterline, how close a construction can be built to the seafront, and extending the backyard are changed entirely. 

City Realty Turkey is a well-established team in real estate marketing in Turkey, and Bodrum is on the top of our list. We aim to satisfy clients through correct information about available lands for sale in Bodrum and stick around the process from the first step to the last. 


land for sale in bodrum

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