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Land For Sale In Istanbul

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Luxury designed
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Kumburgaz, Istanbul
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670 M²
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Büyükçekmece, istanbul
2800 M²

Buy Land in Istanbul Turkey

These days, anyone with some capital prefers to buy land for sale in Istanbul for construction or agriculture in Turkey to avoid devaluation. The Turkish government’s law on residence permits required the acquisition of property worth $1 million before 2018, but that law was revised in 2018 and the threshold was decreased to $ 250,000.

This discount by the government has prompted more foreign nationals to buy property in Istanbul and invest in land in Turkey. Therefore, in this article, we will list the specific benefits and advantages of buying land in Turkey for foreign investors. We invite you to stay with us if you want to buy property in Turkey and learn more about the land for sale in Istanbul, its costs, and its benefits.

If you are planning to buy land in Istanbul, you must first fully understand the benefits of this investment. In the next section, we will explain the benefits of buying land in Istanbul. You can read the rest of the article to learn about the options of cheap land for sale in Istanbul and you can contact our company for more detailed information.

Benefits of Buying Land in Istanbul Turkey

Buying land in Istanbul is a safe and secure investment for you. The biggest reason for this situation is the increase in the value of Turkish lands day by day. As Turkey grows, your money will not be wasted in vain, on the contrary, the value of your money will increase many times over. Thus, the increase of land in Istanbul for sale and the capital will make you less financially vulnerable to inflation in Iran.

On the other hand, thanks to the land for sale in Turkey Istanbul, foreign citizens can easily obtain the right to become Turkish citizens. The price of the land must, however, be greater than the amount permitted by the Turkish government ($250,000).

By obtaining Istanbul citizenship, it will be easier to study and find a job in this country. In addition to being insured, living in Turkey also provides the opportunity to travel to many European countries and places such as America with unlimited passports. That’s why you can consider buying residential land for sale in Istanbul.

Why is it Advantageous to Plot for Sale in Istanbul?

Land price in Turkey is lower than in many other countries and it is possible to buy land for people with average economic income. Buying land in Turkey allows buyers to get loans at low-interest rates.

On the other hand, since Turkey is geographically very close to Iran, this proximity makes it easier for you to purchase land in Turkey. If your budget is less than $250,000, you can buy land for less than $250,000 and extend your stay annually.

As a result, after 5 to 8 years of residence in Turkey, you can apply to become a permanent resident. In summary, your quality of life will automatically increase as buying land for sale in Istanbul and living in Turkey will allow you to live in a country with advanced facilities and a low cost of living.

Land Prices in Istanbul

Istanbul is both an Asian and a European city as it consists of two parts, one in Europe and the other in Asia. On the other hand, as the Asian part of Istanbul has developed more in the last decade, most houses and apartments in the area are therefore new. Moreover, it can be said that most of the buildings in this section are new and more resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes. Therefore, we can say that if you are looking for land for sale in Istanbul, you should choose the Asian region.

On the other hand, there are no restrictions on access to various facilities on the Asian side of Istanbul, such as shopping malls, public transport facilities, and resting places. However, in terms of price, houses and apartments are not the same in every region. In general, house and flat prices vary with the effect of many factors. For example, if you have 340,000 liras, you can buy a one-bedroom apartment in the completely new Kartal area with all the amenities in the neighborhood.

Land Prices on European Side

If you want to buy land for sale in Kadıkoy and its neighborhood in Istanbul, the same amount will be approximately one and a half times. The reason for this is that most of the houses on the European side have an old texture.

However, in the last decade, the construction of new houses and apartments on the European side of Istanbul has gained momentum. This has resulted in districts with completely modern and newly built low-rise houses or towers.

The city of Istanbul has two parts, upper and lower, and the price of land for sale in Istanbul is higher in the upper part of the European side. For example, you can buy a one-bedroom flat in Beylikduzu for approximately 200.000 liras. However, if you buy the same flat in Sisli, the price of the house or flat may be higher. In summary, you may need to spend approximately 500,000 liras for a house you will buy from Sisli. Therefore, you can consider options for buying land in Istanbul. For detailed information on the subject, please contact us.

Farm For Sale in Istanbul

While Istanbul is the economic capital of Turkey and buying a farm or land for sale in Istanbul is a pretty good investment. However, this situation does not only raise the issue of farm prices in Turkey. At the same time, this situation motivates people to buy Istanbul farms due to the beautiful climate, natural beauties of the country, and long-term tourism of the visitors. As a result, many tourists are looking for farms in Istanbul to invest in.

Turkish farms are frequently rented in Istanbul, such as Buyukcekmece, Beylikduzu, and Zekeriyakoy near the Black Sea, due to the diversity of Istanbul farm villas dispersed over diverse places. In this case, you must be in contact with our company to be aware of the potential of making such an investment and land for sale in Istanbul.

Agriculture Land For Sale in Istanbul

Istanbul’s climate and rich geographical regions make it possible to produce various agricultural products, especially based on the fact that its more than 1,600 products are popular in 180 countries. Therefore, investors are very willing to buy farms in Turkey.

Turkey ranks first among European countries and seventh in the world in the agricultural sector and leads the world in growing many agricultural products.

Generally, the purchase of agricultural land and land for sale in Istanbul is in the form of a livestock farm investment in Istanbul or a chicken farm investment in Turkey. On the other hand, these investments are among the investments that have increased significantly in recent years.

Turkey is one of the leading countries in agriculture with its fertile soil, climate, and water resources. As a result, Turkey is one of the countries that produce the most figs, hazelnuts, raisins, dried apricots, and cherries in the world. It also produces more than 70% of the world’s hazelnuts. That’s why acquiring agricultural land for sale in Istanbul is one of the biggest investments you can make in your future.

Rules for Buying Agricultural Land in Turkey

When purchasing farmland in Turkey, you must follow several rules for the government to allow this purchase. When you comply with the terms and conditions regarding the purchase of agricultural land, the Turkish government does not object to your purchase.

First of all, foreign nationals must obtain permission from the Ministry of Property to purchase agricultural land in Turkey. According to the rules of the agricultural project, foreign nationals can purchase up to 30 hectares of agricultural land in Turkey. The right to own property and land for sale in Istanbul is only possible if the person uses his land only for individual planting and harvesting, not for commercial agricultural projects.

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