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Land for Sale in Yalova

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Why Buy Land for Sale in Yalova

Yalova is in the northwest of Turkey and lies on the western coast of the Marmara sea. It borders to the south of Istanbul. The city has green plateaus: an alluring coastline and fresh air. Thanks to unique sparkling springs and public high-top facilities, Yalova has been a successful city in the tourism industry in Turkey.

Moreover, this city has great accessibility and contributes to thriving tourism and boasting industry in different fields such as agriculture, and other domestic production. Yalova is one and half hours away from Istanbul and takes 45 minutes to reach Sabiha Gukcen International Airport. On the other side, the area has crucial maritime transportation in the county and one of the prime ports in which a flood of international ships involves transferring burdens. So, buying property in Yalova can advantage you in many aspects. 

The main advantage of Yalova is its proximity to two major cities, Istanbul and Bursa, without getting trapped in the difficulties of landmarks. Therefore the price of properties such as lands is significantly fairer than other cities such as Istanbul. 

 Yalova is an up-and-coming city with predictable future growth and top urban facilities required for daily life, and reasonable properties’ value seems a complete package for investors in real estate marketing. Especially buying Lands in Yalova could be a priority for those investors seeking a profitable case with major return ;through involvement in diverse activities from agriculture to the inter-city development process.

This article attempts to clarify buying Land in Yalova and puts light on the path that leads to a safe and sound investment.


land for sale in yalova


Buy Land in Yalova with Different Destinations

  1. Buying Land with Agricultural Destination

Yalova is one of the fertile places for agricultural activities. The best products for planting are tomatoes, cotton, and vegetables. Overseas buyers are allowed to buy 30 hectares of land for agricultural activities. Owner permission is announced only for agricultural activities, and land buyers don’t have permission for building activities.


land for sale in yalova


2. Buying land with building Destination

Land investors for building purposes must start the project in two years. And they must inform the Turkish government about the timetable of the building process. The construction could be about the city development process or residential buildings.


3. Buying Land Future Investment

Yalova is an ongoing city with a dynamic economy that prompts raising the value of properties as well as lands. On the other hand, Yalova follows modern urbanization through the construction of modern public facilities; therefore, land buyers benefit from raising value and continuous demand for lands.


Some Crucial Point About Buying Land in Yalova

  • Foreigners are allowed to buy just 30 hectares of land.
  • If a land value is more than 250000 dollars, it leads to citizenship permission.
  • It is possible to buy land by taking low-interest bank loans.
  • Before starting construction, the plan of layout should be confirmed by the municipality. 
  • Landowners have to pay taxes around 0.1 -0.2 percent of the whole value of the land.
  • Lands with security and military usage are not permitted to be sold. 
  • The value of land is significantly reasonable compared to other cities.


land for sale in yalova


Buy Land in Yalova with City Realty Turkey

As time passes, a large flow of investors tends to prepare Land in Turkey as in Yalova, and many parcels are sold to international investors. These days finding land is not easy due to scarcity. On the other hand, the land is considered a profitable and return investment option for carrying out different activities from residential construction, commercial purpose, and agricultural intentions. 

To benefit from the land investment, you need exhaustive information about parcels such as advantages, qualifications, location, prices, and so on. Also, buyers had better know about friendship investment programs such as installments, bank loans, and other facilities to make a lucrative investment. City Realty Turkey is a professional team that provides a complete land suite list for diverse activities and guides clients to buy a profitable parcel according to their aim and budget.

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