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Property For Sale In Bodrum

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Property type
Hotel Concept
Rental Guarantee
2 , 3 Beds
2 Baths
200m2 M²
Luxury-Designed Villa
Bodrum Türkbükü
Göltürkbükü Bodrum/Muğla
5+1 Beds
4 Baths
590 M²
Luxury life & Sea View
Bodrum Yalıkavak
5 Beds
4 Baths
454 - 464 m2 M²
Luxury Lifestyle
Bodrum Yalikavak
Yalıkavak Bodrum/Muğla
5 Beds
4 Baths
434 - 625 M²
Konacık, Bodrum/Muğla
2+1 , 4+1 Beds
2 , 3 , 4 Baths
95 - 165 M²

Buy Property for Sale in Bodrum


Turkey is a wonderful country to choose for studying and also working. This great country is the perfect place for all people who want to live in the best way possible in their life. One of the best cities to choose to buy property in Turkey is Bodrum, where all people can find the best options according to their budget.

These are some prime reasons for domestic and foreign investors to buy property for sale in Bodrum. First of all, Bodrum is successful in the tourism industry thanks to its beautiful nature. Secondly, the area has a booming economy.

Moreover, the city has efficient public amenities such as a capable transportation system that connects every corner of the town. The transportation system consists of decent and neat buses, minibuses, vans, and taxis. The transportation fee is cheap and around 0.5 dollars for the bus and 3 to 5 dollars for taxes. Furthermore, the international airport is accessible in 40 minutes by car. It takes three hours from Europe to get Bodrum by plane.

The other important reason that turns Bodrum into a suitable place for buying property is the significantly reasonable properties for sale. It is possible to pick up a two-bedroom house at 55000 dollars. Also, a two-bedroom apartment is around 228000 dollars.

The most golden point for buying property for sale in Bodrum is the friendship investment policy of the Turkish government that makes it possible to take a low-interest bank loan for purchasing a property for sale in Bodrum and pay it back through a long payment schedule. 

Besides, the value of properties in Bodrum shows the sustainable raising of the value. Obtaining citizenship and residency permission through an ownership program are other superiorities. 

To buy the best place to live, City Realty Turkey is one of the most renowned real estate agencies that direct people who search property for sale in Istanbul or other cities such as Bodrum. So, they can trust and find their favorite properties to buy in a short period and in the best way possible.


property for sale in bodrum
Property for sale in Bodrum – City Realty Turkey


Important Information About City Bodrum


Everywhere in Turkey will be a good choice for fun and visiting for summer holidays. ‌One of these cities is Bodrum, Turkey. The city of Bodrum is located in the neighborhood of the Aegean Sea, and it is added to the list of coastal cities in Turkey.

Like other cities in Turkey, this city has a rich culture and antiquities, which along with its coastal features, have added to the visit of this city. Bodrum’s life begins one hour before sunrise after the call to prayer rises from the minarets. The sound of the call to prayer awakens some, reminding them that it is time to get down to business.

You are not far from the sea anywhere in Bodrum and its surroundings. Because of this feature, you can explore all the paradise beaches around this city and spend the night in Bodrum. With an average daily temperature of 33 °C in August and an average sea temperature of 25 °C, this area is ideal for water sports. Visit City Realty Turkey for more detailed and complete information.


property for sale in bodrum
Information about Bodrum – City Realty Turkey


Property Investment in Bodrum and Its Benefits


In this article, the writer hopes to pass handy information on real estate marketing in Bodrum and direct readers to a safe path to buy property for sale confidently in the area.

Bodrum is a top spotted area discovered by tourists from all over the world. This area is part of Mugla province in Turkey and counts the Southwestern coastline of the Aegean Sea. Bodrum has an eye-catching long sandy coastline. Also, it is an exceptional combination of history and modernity; in addition, it possesses capable public facilities. These characteristics of Bodrum are attractive for investors seeking to buy real estate in a lively atmosphere.

Life experiences in Bodrum don’t rotate around seasonal holidays. In contrast, the city is always alive and active and provides multidimensional activities from surfing, sailing, and riding a camel on the sandy beach. Moreover, there are many peaceful getaways to spend a fantastic time and enjoy psychological comfort. Gumusluk and Yalika are examples of unique sightseeing’s with alluring nature.

These life features of Bodrum: beautiful nature, postmodern civilization, energetic atmosphere, thriving tourism industry create a dynamic and boosting economic system which prompts a fertile place to invest in real estate marketing. Buying property for sale in Bodrum is the dream of many who want to have a property to settle during vacation or prepare a property for a future investment destination.

Iranians currently traveling to Turkey can only stay in Turkey with an Iranian passport for 90 days. This period is usually enough for tourist and business trips. However, those who intend to stay in this country for more than 90 days for any reason must obtain a card from the Immigration Office called a Turkish residence card, and this is one of the conditions for staying in Turkey.

In addition to this condition, the Turkish government decided in 2013 to grant a one-year residence permit to those who buy property to encourage people from other countries to invest in the country. Of course, this period was later increased to two years in 2017. Those who apply for residency by buying a house in Bodrum can temporarily and temporarily extend their temporary living.


property for sale in bodrum
Property investment in Bodrum – City Realty Turkey


Benefits Of Property Investment in Bodrum

  • The port and safe city of Bodrum in a quiet area
  • Low cost of living in Bodrum
  • Cheap affluent houses and apartments
  • Unique job opportunities and opportunities through sea exchanges due to proximity to the coast
  • Buying food and clothing is less than in other cities.
  • The abundance of natural and organic agricultural products
  • A variety of exciting and magnificent beach and water recreation
  • International relations by sea have led to cultural and economic prosperity.
  • Quiet city


Terms And Conditions to Buy Property for Sale in Bodrum

  • They do not have the right to own or rent land located in military and security areas.
  • Each foreign citizen can only buy up to 30 hectares of land in Turkey.
  • A foreign citizen can buy only up to 10% of the lands and properties of each city.
  • Foreign nationals can apply for credit purchases from reputable owners and financial institutions (banks), which does not limit.


Needed Documents for Buying Property for Sale in Bodrum Turkey


The document of the desired property and all the information include the location of the property, its address, land coordinates, and the approval of the document registration organization regarding the takeover of the property owner.

  • Owner’s documents, including national card, passport, and identity card with an official translation into Turkish
  • Tax number
  • Pay municipal taxes to purchase the property.
  • Two 4 * 6 photos of the seller and the Owner
  • Two fair witnesses to make the deal
  • Presence of the lawyer of the parties, original and copy of a power of attorney with official translation and approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Justice of the issuing country
  • Presence of simultaneous translator if not familiar with the Turkish language.


A Summary of the Process of Buying Property

  • Travel to Turkey and visit the desired property
  • Property pricing by a municipal expert (expertise)
  • Record the price set by the expert in the document
  • Deposit the prepayment amount to the Owner’s account
  • Deposit the remaining funds to the Owner’s account on the day of document transfer
  • The lawyer then shows it to the relevant authorities to carry out the process by Turkish law, and an official document can be awarded.
  • Less than a week later, the property document purchased in Turkey will be delivered to you.
  • You then request an appointment with the Turkish Immigration Service.
  • At the appointed time, you go to the Immigration Office and answer a few simple questions with all the documents in hand.
  • Finally, the Turkish residence card will be sent to your address in Turkey.


Prices Of Property for Sale in Bodrum


This lovely city has Gumbet, Baghla, Aktor, Kara Injir, Beatz, Arta Kent Yalisi, and Bardakchi located on the south coast with beautiful sandy beaches. The Beatz area is located covered with beautiful blue lilies.

In all these areas, magnificent and modern buildings are ready for sale and market. The trendy neighborhood of Bordeaux is called Trabuco and is known for its exceptional villas. The average purchase price of a house in Bodrum is 500,000 euros.


Yali Kavak Bodrum


Formerly a tiny fishing village that later became a popular resort, Yali Kavak was at the forefront of the region when the port of Palmarina opened its doors to tourists with countless yachts. With the acceptance of luxury yachts worldwide, Yali-Kavak’s fame reached its peak.

Of course, there are other recreational facilities in this area because the old town and the port area still show a nostalgic image of the past. Although Yali-Kavak’s luxury image is at the forefront of social life, it is also suitable for a low-cost lifestyle.

Homebuyers who want to live in Bodrum all year round should look at the Yali Kavak area because although the number of tourists decreases in winter, life still goes slower this season. In general, the edge of a cave is a good place to live in all respects.

Due to the excellent transportation system, it is easy to reach and has a wide selection of cafes and restaurants and a lot of work to do in front of you, especially in summer when beach life becomes the main focus.


Gumusluk Bodrum


Gumusluk is one of the great places to buy property in Bodrum, Turkey. Many say that Gumusluk is Bodrum’s secret. The region is a major destination for travel and tourism, but its ranking in the real estate market is also growing. Buyers are drawn to the rural and intimate atmosphere there, and the texture of the area gives the impression that the world could fall apart, and the locals still have their carefree days.

Rabbit Island flourished centuries ago when the village belonged to the larger and more prominent city of Minds. At the same time, most visitors to Gumusluk go to seafood restaurants with seafood and fresh fish, often in a surreal atmosphere. While Gumusluk’s shopping cart is not as large as other areas, buyers are satisfied with what is on the market and its prices. If you want to have a large family home with stunning views of the Aegean Sea, Gumusluk is an ideal option.

The mountainous location of the houses also has a constant breeze that makes the hot summer weather more lively. Due to the small size of Gumusluk, the choice of cafes, restaurants, and shops is limited, but the edge of Kavak and Turgutores are close by. If you are looking for a property for sale in Gumusluk, consider the Koyun Baba neighborhood with some amazing new apartment buildings.


Gondogan Bodrum


Gondogan, which means sunrise in Turkish, is one of the great places to buy a property for sale in Bodrum, Turkey. If you talk to foreign tourists in Bodrum, few people have heard of Gondogan, and at the same time, it is a popular option for Turks. Many Turks have summer homes there, while others have retired to experience Bodrum’s famous lifestyle all year round.

While the area is sparsely populated in winter, the population increases from May to October when people are sent to enjoy the mountain setting and the restaurants and beach cafes. Note that, as the name implies, if you want to wake up early in the morning to see a magnificent sunrise, this is a great place.

Located near the magnificent Yali‌kavak and the magnificent Golturkbuku, Gundogans reputation differs from both. This region is a land of different peoples with different cultures and customs. The traditional life of Turkish retirees is seen in this region, while the younger ones enjoy a wide range of water sports.

As a remote destination, the little restaurants, cafes, and shops options may disappoint some, but a short bus ride will bring you closer to the malls and large shopping malls.


property for sale in bodrum
Property for sale in Bodrum – City Realty Turkey


House for Sale in Bodrum


Bodrum has ongoing marketing in real estate properties such as houses. There are various houses for sale in Bodrum with different amenities. Many prosperous investors prefer to buy houses for sale in Bodrum because of superb privacy, tranquility, and reasonable price. The value of a house for sale in Bodrum varies based on size, location, age of the property, number of amenities, and others. Gumusluk, Yalikavak are the best neighbors in Bodrum to find suitable houses.


How to buy property for sale in Bodrum


Bodrum is a goldmine for buying real estate for sale in Bodrum because of its particular nature and lifestyle with beneficial properties. Also, buyers benefit from a steady increase in property value. All these will be a risky, overwhelming, and struggling process unless buyers have a sensible counselor to make this way to a sweet investment.

The critical thing that foreigners should pay attention to when buying property in Turkey is that they cannot buy houses in rural areas and near villages. But this cannot be considered a big problem, Because most foreign investors tend to live in luxury areas and modern apartments inside the city of Turkey.

For buying the best property for sale in Bodrum, everyone can visit City Realty Turkey, where everything will be available for anyone according to their budget. City Realty Turkey is the best option for all immigrants who want to buy a home or apartment for living in Turkey.

City Realty Turkey is a professional team at all types of real estate marketing, such as houses for sale. We provide a complete list of houses for sale in Bodrum with essential information about the property that helps you select an appropriate property. Our honor is to find properties that cover a wide range of budgets and preferences.  

property for sale in bodrum
Buy property for sale in Bodrum – City Realty Turkey

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