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Bursa sits in the southeast of the Marmara Sea, which nickname is “green city” because of surrounded green plateaus and high biological value species of plants. Moreover, Bursa has deep routes in history with many ancient and worthwhile historical sightseeing all over the city. Alluring beaches, fresh nature, and historical places are enough to attract most people who desire to visit. 

Bursa is a pioneer in other fields such as the textile and car industry. Taking apart the successful tourism industry, the area produces 4% of the whole goods produced in Turkey. Many famous car industries such as Renault, Fiat, and Peagute have their headcount in Bursa. Therefore, Bursa’s economy does not rotate just around the tourism industry.

Likewise, Bursa has a capable and decent transportation system that links every part of the city and connects the area to other provinces such as Istanbul. Thanks to an organized highway, it takes 4 hours from Bursa to Istanbul. The transportation network of Bursa is going to be one of the well-known profiles in the world. 

A thriving economy prompts limitless business utilities, which contribute to population growth which raise continuous demand for properties priced at a low value compared to other cities like Istanbul. Bursa is the second province in terms of a prosperous economy and the fourth in population growth.

These characteristics of the city tick all boxes for investors who want to have a second home during holidays or live in the area that has bags of potential for capital appreciation. More than this, Bursa is ideal for investors seeking profitable investment in the commercial field to run a business and be part of this affluent economy.

Buras presents plentiful bargain properties, but it does not mean the city lacks luxury properties for those who follow a special lifestyle. In a brief sentence, Bursa provides affluence and a dynamic economy, guaranteeing investors’ money in a beautiful atmosphere with satisfying public facilities and reasonable value of properties compared to other capitals. Then investors have a complete package to make a sweet investment combination of beauty, freshness, prosperity, and profit.  


House for Sale in Bursa

The central part of the city is full of detached houses offered with bargains. Usually, houses need repairing. However, there are some ready-to-move cases. These properties are suggested for those who want privacy and profit at the lowest price.


Apartment for Sale in Bursa

Buying an apartment in Bursa is a satisfying investment for those looking for a holiday home, more profit by selling it on another date, income by leasing out the property, profit from the increasing value of the property with the dream of long term capital appreciation, and a place to live around a year. 

Apartments are highly suggested properties that provide modern architecture and high-tech home trend facilities. The city is rejuvenated by new residential properties with completed amenities such as a swimming pool, 24-hour concierge service, high-tech surveillance camera system, spa service, sauna, gym center, restaurants, landmark garden. These are a few possible amenities.

Ordinary apartments provide modernity and capable facilities needed for a satisfying daily life. Residences feel tapping into higher standard buildings with eye-catching architecture and interior design. These kinds of apartments are presented with the rock bottom of a bargain.  

Prices of apartments vary in size, location, distance of the sea, and available amenities. The golden part of buying an apartment in Bodrum is that the budget for purchasing a luxurious apartment in a prime location is half the required budget for the same property in Istanbul.

The best places for buying apartments are Mundane and Nilufer.


property for sale in bursa


Villa for Sale in Bursa

Buying a villa in Bodrum with green nature beside Uludag mountain, one of the famous skiing resorts, an opportunity for lots of outdoor activities, savory weather, and walking along the Marmara sea seems a coveted dream. Villa buyers are types of investors who want a holiday house, permanent dwelling, and income. Others are looking to invest in real estate marketing with bags of potential for capital appreciation. Therefore villas’ marketing in Bursa ticks all of these possibilities. Munday and Nilufer are districts full of spectacular villas. For those who prefer more privacy, Egerce village is suggested.


property for sale in bursa


Commercial for Sale in Bursa

Bursa is a great destination for those investors who want to run a business by preparing a commercial property. Also, it is possible to get a solid salary by renting the property to other business owners. Commercial properties in Bursa are a wide chain of properties, such from small shops to lands.


Resale for Sale in Bursa

Resale properties are referred to properties offered by owners instead of companies. Bursa has experienced constant turnover between owners and buyers. Resale properties are sought after cases because of presenting bargains lead to lucrative investments.


property for sale in bursa


Land for Sale in Bursa

Lands are suitable investments for those seeking long-term profit through constructing residential properties, inter-city development programs, and investor-partner processes. Bursa is a coming-up city and welcomes investors who help city evolution to rejuvenate features of the city. 


How to Buy a Property for Sale in Bursa

Finding a reliable and knowledgeable counselor is crucial to chase your dreams. Our professional team is always ready to stay with you from the first step to the last until you reach your goal. Our coworkers are an experienced team of lawyers, and state agency experts, who help you make the best choice. 

You could follow our website and make contact with our experts. We cover the whole area of Bursa and update our information continually. Our final goal is to help guide you to have your dream in your sight.


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