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Kas is an alluring peninsula in168 km from west of Antalya province in Turkey. Kas is a typical sample of the Mediterranean district along the Marmara Sea, which gives an experience of savory evening breeze from the sea, shining morning sun, warm and humid summers, and cool winters.

The area is the destination of a flood of tourists seeking to enjoy nature, sea view, and seclusion. Kas is one of the favorable traveling zones in Turkey among Europeans. The area hosts white houses cascaded down the mountain connecting the road, which leads to the beach and harbor. Whit houses surrounded by beautiful pink bougainvillea flowers with the turquoise sea on the horizon create colorful and dreamy life. Moreover, Kas has easy accessibility to Europe thanks to the International Airport two hours away from the area.  

This amazing peninsula has endless options for those fans of sea activities. Kas is a place for rafting, scuba diving, canoeing, etc. For some who want to balance their adrenalin, paragliding, canyoning, and mountain bike riding are available.

 These days Many holidaymakers are interested in buying property in Kas, not only to have a second home to settle during vacation and enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine but also to benefit from bags of potential for capital appreciation. Kas properties are offered in three prime vicinities: the new marine side, the Greek island of Mels called Kastelorizo, and the central part closed to daily requirements and facilities. All these vicinities are inhabited, but Mels is the most attractive because of the vast panoramic sea view and eye-catching nature.

Real estate marketing in Kas has been experiencing a sustainable yield following value raising of properties in Turkey, besides rental investment satisfies owners with 7%-8% annual return of the whole investment. 

In conclusion, Kas is a dream place for those looking upon a unique atmosphere with catching nature and exquisite architecture. Kas Properties’ owners have a fantastic chance to escape from routine difficulties and benefit from return investment in a peaceful environment.


property for sale in kas


House for Sale in Kas

Houses in Kas provide daily commonplace conveniences usually in traditional architecture give the sense of calm and tranquility. Houses are the most reasonable properties in Kas offered at 45000 – 60000 Euro. Proximity to the sea and extra facilities such as swimming pools could set buyers hundred and thousands. Some old houses with worthwhile rebuilt land are great cases for buyers willing to build their property from scratch.  


property for sale in kas


Apartment for Sale in Kas

Mels in Kas hosts numerous luxury apartments with complete conveniences needed for an extraordinary lifestyle. These apartments provide open sharing swimming pools and engineering green space. Owners step into special Mediterranean architecture with ceiling to floor windows donating a wide clear sea view, specious bedrooms with big traces and a fully furnished kitchen. These types of apartments could be picked up at 75000-80000 Euro.


property for sale in kas


Villa for Sale in Kas

Undoubtedly having a villa in Kas is a coveted dream for those who want future investment, magnificent nature and seclusion. Villas provide a private beach, open front swimming pool, and manicured garden with barbeque. According to interior design, villas demonstrate modern and traditional Turkish architecture. Villas cost at least 200000 Euro.   


property for sale in kas


Resale Properties in Kas

As time passes, rising demand for real estate properties leads to dynamic marketing and constant turning over between owners and buyers. These properties are offered reasonably, although it is not possible to get them on installment.


Buy Property for Sale in Kas with City Realty Turkey

City Realty Turkey is a professional agency in real estate marketing in Turkey with a fresh view of Kas properties marketing. We gather every available property from land to apartments. It is our honor to serve our clients from the first step of purchasing to the last. We make an effort to find the best property according to clients’ desires and budgets. 

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