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Resale Property in Alanya for Sale

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Where Is Alanya?

Alanya is a beautiful coastline of the Marmara Sea with easy accessibility due to a highway and two important airports. It is possible to get to Antalya in 30 minutes by car through the highway. On the other hand, thanks to Gazipasa Airport and International Alanya Airport, the area has great availability.

Alanya is the second city in terms of size and tourist attraction in the Mediterranean area; therefore, the city has a booming economy. These prime features of Alanya attract many to invest in real estate marketing such as residential properties.

More than above, finding a profitable property for sale in Alanya is a dream of many investors. High demand for residential property, besides the constant raising of property value, prompts an inclination to buy second-hand properties in Alanya. This paper attempts to explain different cheap properties for sale in Alanya and guide readers to find suitable second-hand properties in Alanya.   


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Resale Property in Alanya for Sale – CityRealtyTurkey

Cheap Property for Sale in Alanya

Although Alanya is a luxurious lifestyle symbolism in Turkey, with modern and pricey residential properties, it doesn’t mean the city is not a place to invest in cheap properties. Alanya hosts many lucrative second-hand properties for sale and experiences revolving turnover between sellers and buyers.

It is worth pointing out that cheap properties are the kind of properties offered by owners. In contrast to many investors’ ideas, the cheap property provides efficient and capable amenities.

Besides, these kinds of properties are magnificent chances to make a future investment or rental investment. It is possible to buy second-hand property at a reasonable price and get a significant profit through the conspicuous rising value of properties.

 On the other hand, buying cheap properties with rental investment destinations has become stable and increasing earnings through annual yield up rental agreement around 6% to 8%.


Useful Advice when Buying Resale Property for Sale in Alanya

It is better to do a diligent check before buying a second-hand property unless defects will incur extra expenses. water tank, water balls, sewage are important items to be checked. If there is a swimming pool that must be checked in terms of possible cracks and broken tiles.

Also, air conditioners are better to be checked while working. In addition, windows frame doors are other items that must be checked. Some old second-hand properties don’t have enough electricity sockets and sometimes hang out. Also, consider the budget for interior decoration and needed furniture, and any other alteration.

A careful viewing assists you in buying a healthy second-hand property at a profitable price.  


Second-Hand Duplex in Alanya

Second-hand duplexes in Alanya are available in duplex houses and apartments. Following scarcity of land and high demand for the residential proprietor market in Alanya, duplex layouts are an authentic solution.

 Moreover, second-hand duplex properties are the most affordable investment chance. They could provide a shared or private swimming pool, vast engineering green space, and others, but remember, upkeep and maintenance expenses are paid by annual apartment fees. It is better to investigate neighbors’ cooperation and bill and annum yield.

Maintaining the bill for the house is on the owner, but sometimes if three are six or more houses in the location, they can handle sharing sections such as painting outside walls. It is crucial to investigate the current procedure for repairing payment of electricity in the hallway.


resale property in alanya for sale
Resale Property in Alanya for Sale – CityRealtyTurkey


Second-Hand Apartment in Alanya

Alanya is full of second-hand apartments offered by owners who wish to earn interest through selling the property. Second-hand apartments in Alanya could be ordinary with efficient amenities and luxurious apartments with expansive sea views. 

It is possible to pick up a two-bedroom ordinary apartment in Alanya at 60000 Euros. The medium luxurious one could be purchased at 80000 to 90000 Euros. Superb luxury with three to four bedrooms and top conveniences such as private beach set buyers back into hundreds and thousands.


Buy Safe Resale Property for Sale in Alanya with CityRealtyTurkey

City realty turkey is a professional team in real estate marketing in all types, such as residential properties. It is our honor to direct clients to make profitable investments by buying second-hand properties, whether apartments or houses. We bring a complete list of second-hand properties in Alanya and do a meticulous inspection to cut extra expenses.

You need to drop in our websites and point to your favorite property and study key information, then get in touch with us and set a viewing time. 

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