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Resale Property in Antalya for Sale

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This article is a path to pass information about Antalya district in Turkey as well as tries to clarify resale property marketing in the city. Also, the writer aims to assist investors willing to buy a resale property in Antalya for Sale, but they are not sure.


Where Is Antalya

Antalya is located in the southwest of Anatolian’s coast and bordered by Taurus mountain. Antalya is a province in Turkey and is the name of the province’s capital. The city stands at the first stage in terms of population number in the Mediterranean zone and is the fifth populated city in the country. Through capable roads, Antalya is connected to numerous neighboring cities. Citizens in Antalya have a chance to utilize superb public facilities such as shopping malls, schools, health care centers, and an international airport.

These days Antalya has turned out to be a hub of destination for tourists and a distinguished landscape in the Mediterranean. Therefore the city gets significant income through the successful tourism industry.


 resale property in antalya for sale


Why Buy Resale Property in Antalya for Sale

Beautiful nature, fresh air, developed civilization, and a prosperous economy provides a satisfying package for investors and holidaymakers. More than this, population growth and constant demand on properties bolster the value of properties which have risen 100% in ten years. Also, Antalya is a gold mine for investors looking upon a healthy rental investment with steady annual increases of around 4%-6%.

All these reasons get together and galvanize the positive economic cycle that releases positive waves to every aspect, such as property for sale in Antalya, on the lips of everyone, such as holidaymakers, people with permanent life intention, and professional investors. 

There are various resale properties in Antalya’s market, like apartments, villas, houses, and luxury residential properties. The best part of investing in resale properties is reasonable prices compared to other parts of the country under the same condition. 

The most popular districts to buy property in Antalya are Konyaalti beach, Belek beach, and the central part of the city, further the coastline. Konyaalti is Antalya’s most expensive district that caters to the young generation’s expectations. A two-bedroom apartment in Konyaalti could be picked up for around 60000 Euros. In Belek, a four-three bedroom apartment is offered for around 70000 Euros. The central part of the city price tags of apartments starts from 50000 Euros.

Villa values vary in location and facilities, offered from 100000 to 130000 Euros. Villas in Belek and Konyaalti with private beaches set buyers back hundreds of million Euros.


 resale property in antalya for sale


How to Buy Resale Property in Antalya for Sale


City Realty Turkey is a well-established team in real estate marketing in Turkey and Antalya as one of the main priorities in their list. Their staffs gather every available resale property in the Antalya market with information about properties, including price, location, facilities, and age of construction. 

expertise estimate probably incurs expenses to prevent extra payment. Also, the team is good at professional negotiation to get satisfying deals. More than this, they walk through the process and stick around from the first to last step and help clients for after-sale services.     

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