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Resale Property in Bodrum for Sale

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Where Is Bodrum

Bodrum is an alluring peninsula in the southwest of Turkey. It is part of the Aegean sea coastline. The area has been the top spot for snapping Halliday in Turkey and is discovered by floods of tourists every year. Bodrum has many opportunities for those into sailing, canoeing, and boat. They can get at least three amazing marinas through the most attractive watery road globally. On the other side, Bodrum is more than a trend holiday home, the area has deep roots in history, and old stone houses have stood up witnesses to centuries of Bodrum folklore. 


resale property in bodrum for sale


Why Buy Property in Bodrum 

Bodrum ticks all boxes for investors looking upon nature, capable facilities, and profit. Bodrum civilization features a beautiful and cohesive harmony between old and new. The old buildings have changed to bars and restaurants, and citizens walk through history, and daily life is going on in a modern atmosphere.

Next, Bodrum has a dynamic economy that does not rotate just around the tourism industry and could be a suite option for those looking for a permanent life base. Bodrum is an exceptional holiday resort in Turkey, heavily geared towards domestic buyers, and 80% of owners are Turkish. Robust and continuous domestic demand on real estate marketing and less vulnerability toward changing holiday home buying trends are crucial factors that must be underlined before purchasing.

More than this, investors seeking a healthy rental investment, Bodrum is an exact option. Owners benefit from a 6% annual rental agreement yield. During summer vacation, rental investment is comparable with Kalakan, the highest rental resort in Turkey. 

Property for sale in Bodrum caters to a wide range of budgets and desires, from bargain property to luxury villas with a price tag of multiples of millions.

The other reason that conceives investors to buy a property in Bodrum is the easy accessibility of the area in and out of the country. Milas airport, which takes a mere 30 minutes driving into the peninsula, makes it easy to commute between European countries and Turkey. Yalikavak is reachable in 50 minutes short driving distance, Turkbuku is 40 minutes away from Bodrum, and less than an hour takes to get to Gumusluk by car.


resale property in bodrum for sale


Resale Property in Bodrum for Sale

Resale properties for sale in Bodrum could be a suite option for those looking to get their feet on the Bodrum property ladder for the first time. Resale properties are offered with bargain-bottoms available in various options such as houses, villas, and apartments. The top places for buying properties in Bodrum are Yalikavak and Turkbuku. Owners offer resale properties in Bodrum instead of companies. Before buying resale properties, it is vital to estimate probably incur expenses.


resale property in bodrum for sale


How to Buy Resale Property in Bodrum for Sale

City Realty Turkey is a well-established agency in the real estate market in Turkey with a recent trajectory toward Bodrum property’s market. We walk through the process and stick around it from the first to the last steps, and we are always ready for after-sale services.

Our website is a complete and accurate source of available resale properties in Bodrum resale marketing with detailed information about properties.

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