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About Izmir

Izmir is a city in the west of Turkey along the Aegean sea. It is the city of turquoise sea waves, a golden sandy beach, savory climate, and welcoming people. Izmir has robust roots in history and has been host to at least 32 civilizations like Byzantine, Greeks, Romans, Assyrians, and Ottomans. The area had been under the rule of Romans, then was part of the Greeks region. After That, during Mehmet I, governing one of the Ottomans, King Izmir experienced prosperity and glory. After world war I, following the Ottoman emperor’s defeat, Greeks occupied Izmir. Under Turkish pressure, the Turkish army under the command of Ataturk seized the city.

These days Izmir is the third most populated city in the country after Istanbul and Ankara, with the youngest population, the majority of them are under 30 years old and educated. The young, educated, and motivated generation create a firetail channel for a thriving economy. Izmir is the dominant cog in Turkey’s economic wheel. More than tourism industry, textile, automobile, and food industry are booming fields in Izmir. According to the statistical center of Turkey, 13.9% of whole domestic productions are produced in Izmir. 

Izmir provides highly qualified public facilities such as schools, universities, transportation networks, and hospitals. More than 50 hospitals in Izmir attract many knowledgeable medical experts.

Stretching history, prosperous economy, and thriving urbanization leave a mark on the architecture of Izmir, an eye-catching harmony between new and modernism. In combination with a low cost of living, these features of the city tick all marks for investors, holidaymakers, and people with permanent life intentions to buy property for sale in Izmir.

In this article, the writer tries to give an overview of Izmir, focusing on real estate marketing of Izmir, especially resale properties for sale in Izmir. Besides, the writer hopes to put light on safe purchasing for readers with an intention to buy a resale property, but they are not yet sure. 


resale property in izmir for sale


Resale Property in Izmir for Sale

Izmir provides diverse resale options such as houses, villas, apartments, and residential properties. Because of constant domestic demand, a dynamic economy that does not rotate just around the tourism industry, and being invulnerable to changing holiday trends, Izmir faces a continuous turnover between buyers and owners.

Moreover, the increased value of properties, around 8%-10% annually, evoke investors looking for bags of potential capital appreciation. Also, buying property in Izmir is a great chance for those interested in healthy rental investment with an annual rising rental agreement of around 4%-6%.


resale property in izmir for sale


How to Buy Resale Property in Izmir for Sale

Resale property in Izmir for sale is a robust market with lots of fans because of significant profitable prices and potential for a future return investment. It means resale properties provide a lot of advantages at a much more lucrative price. Thanks to the dynamic economy, resale marketing experiences stable rising prices; thus, owners will profit more when they sell their property. 

Long story short, resale marketing is an affordable market and revolving continuous turning of buyers and sellers. Hence, unlimited options in different quality could be a confusing deal for foreign clients.

The lack of a reliable advisor to provide complete portfolios with detailed information about location, size, structure quality, price, and amenities hardly leads to a satisfying selection. City Realty Turkey is a professional team with capable staff who take over all districts in the country. It puts effort to bring up the best option to clients commensurate with their desires, expectations, and budget. Please search our website and look up your favorite property, study details and keep in touch with our coworkers who are ready to clarify any query in all 24 hours.

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