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Resale Property In Kas For Sale

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Buy Resale Property in Kas for Sale

Buying property in Kas such as resale property is an authentic path for those looking upon nature and profit; also resale property market is highly suggested for buyers who want to get their feet on the Kas property ladder for the first time. This alluring peninsula is 165 km away from Antalya in the middle of dense forest, the turquoise Marmara sea, and mountains.

Kas beautiful nature, in combination with capable public facilities and great accessibility to European countries, has changed the area from a sleepy fishing village to a prime tourist zone in Turkey. Therefore Kas is successful in the tourism industry. More than this, Kas is a crucial agricultural district in Turkey and tons of bananas, almonds, lemons, and pineapples are produced.

Amazing nature and savoury Mediterranean weather, the potential for future growth and efficient public service gather reasons for investors to consider Kas’s real estate as a sweet destination, whether as a holiday home to settle during vacation or future capital appreciation. Properties’ value in Kas, in line with the value of properties in Antalya, rose doubled over the past decades. Also, following a worldwide flow of tourists, property owners in Kas have a chance to benefit from the healthy rental investment.

Resale property refers to property offered by owners instead of companies. These properties are at reasonable prices, although they are not offered by instalment. Bargains are not as plentiful as before, but it is possible to pick up a resale property at the bottom of a bargain.  


resale property in kas for sale


Cheap Property for Sale in Kas

Cheap properties in Kas are usually addressed to properties ready to move in. They usually possess worthwhile land for the rebuilding process or suitable destinations for investor-partner processes. Buying a cheap property in Kas is a bag of potential for future capital appreciation.


Safe Strategy to Buy Resale Property in Kas for Sale

City Realty Turkey is a well-established agency in real estate marketing in Turkey with our representatives all over the country. Our experts gather every available resale property in Kas with exact information about properties such as size, location, age, facilities and payment program if they have. We go through the process from the first step to the last and stick around if you need after-sales service.

Please check out our website and find your suitable property, then get in touch with our staff ready to answer every query or set a viewing time.  

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