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Villa For Sale In Alanya

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Global Information About Alanya

Alanya is counted as part of Antalya district,135 km far from Alanya, after Belek and Managava. Also, Alanye is located along the Mediterranean Sea, because of that it has a beautiful coastline that attracts many tourists from all over the world.

Alanya with pure nature and efficient resorts such as hotels, restaurants which provide a variety of seafood and Turkish food, overtakes visitors and comes to one the distinctive tourism industrial zones in Turkey.

On the other hand, Alanya borders the Taurus mountains which give a charming scene within the company of the Mediterranean Sea visitors enjoy a colorful view during a year. The sea level between the highest and lowest points is around 1000 meters.

Climate of Alanya

Generally, the climate of Alanya is warm and mild. The level of falls usually in winters is more than in summers. The average temperature in Alanya is around 19 centigrade; the maximum and the minimum temperature is related to August and January, respectively.

The highest temperature during a year is related to July, September, and August. In contrast, the coldest temperature belongs to February and January.

Buying Property in Alanya

Buying property in Alanya in all types of weather villa, house, apartment, and lands are considered a profitable investment thanks to the dynamic and stable economy following tourism attraction.

Owners could use the property as a holiday resort and residential property to live in a modern and peaceful atmosphere adjacent to Istanbul with organized accessibility without trapping in the landscape.

In addition, it is possible, owners to benefit from the rental investment. During summer, many tourists wish to spend their holidays in Alanya. Therefore, owners could earn many by leasing their property. Rental investment is a significant return investment that prompts a stable salary during a year. In this article, the writer tries to explain villas for sale in Alanya.

Villas for sale in Alanya

Alanya hosts numerous villas because of its special geographical location, decisive nature that causes a vigorous atmosphere. Different kinds of villas are offered in Alanya in favor of varieties of tests and preferences. Cozy single-floor villas, duplex villas, and luxurious villas with different amenities are available. Generally, villas are constructed based on an excellent view of the district, high-end materials are used, and properties boast sleek layouts.

Luxurious villas for sale in Alanya 

Luxurious villas usually provide panoramic Sea-view and private beaches. The layout is spacious with two to three bedrooms which open swiftly to huge and open traces. Ceiling to floor windows link to an open-front swimming pool. Vast manicured gardens with amenities for outdoor activities are other services in luxurious villas.

Cheap villas for sale in Alanya

Cozy single-floor villas or duplex villas in a tranquil and calm environment with efficient amenities and modern interior design at a reasonable price could be a satisfying option for those who want a profitable villa for holidays or rental investments. Cheap villas in Alanya don’t provide private beaches, although residents enjoy charming Seaview.

Seafront villas for sale in Alanya

Seafront villas provide beautiful scene and savory sea music. These villas do not always cost a lot. It is possible to prepare seafront villas at a reasonable price. Luxurious seafront villas with private beaches are usually more expensive.

Price of Villas in Alanya

Ordinary newly built villas in Alanya stars from 70000 dollars. Not to mention villas in Alanya compared to other cities in Turkey is higher because of the distinctive financially promising economy and luxurious lifestyle. the writer list some key items that affect the price of villas in Alanya.

  1. Size of villas. The more spacious villa, the more you have to pay.
  2. Lands. Some lands are more suitable for constructing villas than others.
  3. Age of construction. New built and more expensive than resale villas.
  4.  Numbers of facilities are available. Completed facilities set you more back.

How to Buy a Villa in Alanya

CityRealtyTurkey is a professional team that brings a completed list of villas in Alanya with elaborated details to assist clients in finding their satisfying villa for sale in Alanya. Our honor is to possess a brilliant reputation in real estate marketing for many years. In addition, our staff are ready to answer any query. Besides, we are always next to you to negotiate a good price to get the best deal.

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