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Villa for Sale in Antalya

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Perfectly Modern Design
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Kadriye, Antalya
1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 Beds
1,2,3 Baths
65-95 M²

Villa for sale in Antalya Is a Fantastic Opportunity. 

Antalya is the largest city on the Mediterranean coast, between Taurus mountain and the Mediterranean sea. The city is the fifth international resort in Turkey. Beautiful nature and top facilities on the one hand and giving advantages to international investment on the other, change Antalya to the hub of villa buyers seeking an alluring nature in a peaceful suburb while benefiting from modern amenities and enjoying tranquility and peace during their spending time.

Buying a villa for sale in Antalya is also an experience to spend fantastic time with family and loved ones all 365 days around the year, thanks to a busy and active atmosphere. Antalya is a great city to cater young generation and also provide a serene environment for adults. Most of all, buying a property for sale in Antalya such as villa for sale means as an owner many public services such as shopping centers, private or public hospitals, schools, everything a family needs is in hand.


Why Buy villa in Antalya?

Antalya fully- fledge city with capable accessibility to Europe through an international airport and well-equipped road to other cities like Alanya. Besides the charming nature and long sandy beach as well as superb facilities turns Antalya to dream of many tourists. Successful tourism industry comes to a booming economy, creates job opportunities and new investment distillations.

These features, combined with the significant rising value of properties such as villas, conceive domestic and overseas investors to buy a villa for sale in Antalya. Residential properties such as villas usually face a 10% value increase each year. This boasting is higher among villas for sale by sea view in Antalya.

Taking apart the profitable investment of buying a villa for sale in Antalya owner could get more earnings through rental investment. Many travelers are looking for somewhere to rent for long staying during holidays. Villa buyers could benefit from steady rental investment and earn more through an annum rental agreement increasing around 10% yield up.  


villa for sale in antalya


buy luxury villa in Antalya

Most villas in Antalya are located in the city’s suburb with a sea view and provide convenience for both adults and children. A luxury villa provides high-end facilities and meets what is needed for a swanky lifestyle, such as an open-front swimming pool manicured green space. Interior design is based on floor-chilling windows, with a vast sea view, smart heating, and a camera surveillance system.

 Prices vary depending on the amount of amenities material used distance from the sea. A luxurious villa for sale in Antalya by the sea view, with a private swimming pool, engineering garden, and relaxing sunbath space, is around 150000 Euro.


villa for sale in antalya


Buy Reasonable Villas in Antalya

It is possible to find out the ordinary villa. These kinds of villas are offered at a reasonable price and provide efficient amenities such as sharing a swimming pool and garden. The pieces vary based on sea view, amount of privacy, and used material. A reasonable villa for sale in Antalya by sea view is a fantastic choice for those who want to settle during the summer holiday or take advantage of rental investment.  


villa for sale in antalya


How to Buy Villa for Sale in Antalya

Although Antalya is a unique place for investment with a variety of destinations, whether holiday resorts, future investments, or rental investments, none of them will not come true unless a professional team makes the process easy, quick, and safe.

City Realty Turkey is a qualified team at property marketing in Turkey also Antalya. We cover the area and bring the client a complete list of villas for sale in Antalya with details about the property, which help to make a suitable selection. City Realty Turkey’s distinctive feature is trying to find a villa to different tastes and budgets.  

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