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Villa For Sale In Kas

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Buy Villa for Sale in Kas

Buying villas in Kas undoubtedly is a coveted dream for many prosperous European investors and nature lovers. This amazing peninsula in the west of Antalya province in Turkey has bing changed from a sleepy fishing village to a sought after tourist zone and favorite district for real estate investment among European nations such as Russian, British, and Germans, also Arabs and people from The Middle East show raising tendency to buy a property for sale in Kas.

Kas beautiful nature beside the turquoise Marmara sea and green dense pine forest, white houses among pink bougainvillea flowers cascade down the mountain on one side, and bags for capital appreciation, on the other hand, tick all boxes for investors.

Properties’ value in Kas in line with the price of properties in Antalya shows an annual yield of around 10%. Moreover, Kas marketing provides healthy rental interest for property owners and 4%-6% an annual rising rental agreement is expected. 

Three vicinities in Kas are suggested to expatriate buyers. These neighborhoods are the central part of Kas, close to prime facilities, a new marine side, and the Greek island of Mels called Kastelorizo. All these districts provide a high lifestyle, but Melse is a sample of modern civilization and good for those seeking specific life features.  

Kas is not a place for towering buildings and high residential properties. This area’s real estate marketing provides houses, apartments, and villas. Villas are the most suitable properties for buyers looking upon luxury, tranquility, and privacy. Villa prices start at least 200000 euros, although villas’ prices vary in size, location, age of construction, and used material. 


villa for sale in kas


Buy Luxury Villa for Sale in Kas

Luxury villas in Kas are usually established in Mels and provide inexplicable peace, aesthetics, privacy, and top high facilities that meet all needs for an expensive lifestyle.

Luxury villas’ owners benefit from a private beach, open front seclusion swimming pool, and manicured easy keeping garden. According to interior design, luxury villas in Kas have a sense of modernity and traditional Turkish architecture. These structures provide spacious bedrooms with open traces, a fully furnished kitchen and floor to ceiling windows with panoramic Seaview.


villa for sale in kas


Buy villa for Sale in Kas with City Realty Turkey

City Realty Turkey is a familiar brand in the Turkish real estate market with numerous headquarters all around the county. We gather every available villa for sale in Kas with detailed information about the properties such as size, age, facilities, price, and others to give a holistic perspective about properties to help clients choose the best villa, commensurate with their desires and budgets. Check out our website, glimpse at cases, and then get in touch with our experts to set a viewing time.  

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