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Hotel For Sale in Center Of Istanbul

Fatih, Istanbul

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6 Floors
7 Beds
7 Baths
217 M²
1 Parkings


The Boutique Hotel is located in Kumkapi-Fatih. The area of this Hotel is 217m2, consists of 7 apartments on 6 floors, each one is 31m2. The monthly Rental Income of this Hotel is 83,500 TL ( 6,160 dollars-5,399 euros ) .

More about Fatih

Fatih is one of the districts of Istanbul. The district, which was formed around Istanbul’s first great mosque and soup kitchen, and which bears the nickname of the sultan who ‘conquered’ the city, is one of the most famous and symbolic settlements of the Turkish period. If the secondary districts are not counted, Fatih is connected to Aksaray by the slopes descending to the Bayrampaşa valley in the southwest, with the Etmeydanı and Horhor districts in front of the Atikali and Yeni Rooms (janissary barracks). It is bordered by districts such as Zeyrek, Çarşamba and Yavuzselim in the east from Saraçhanebaşı towards Şehzadebaşı and the Golden Horn, and Karagümrük in the direction of Edirnekapı. The Constantine Wall passes just west of the Fatih Complex. Between the valleys descending to the Golden Horn, this high plateau, called the “fourth hill”, corresponds to the 11th District of the old city, although its borders are not definite. The area where the district is located has preserved its status as a religious symbol since the foundation of the city. Constantine (hd 324-337) The Apostolic Church of Justinian, whose mausoleum and martirion were later built in its place, was crowned with the great complex of Mehmed the Conqueror after the conquest and has always been integrated with the memories of great emperors and sultans in the history of the city.

Payment Plans & Delivery

Please contact City Realty Of Turkey for more information.

Fatih, Istanbul


Security Facilities

🔰 24/7 Security
🔰 Security Cameras
🔰 Doorman
🔰 Steel Entrance Door

Access Facilities


Swimming Facilities


Outdoor Facilities

🔰 Lobby
🔰 Sun Terrace

Bath Facilities

🔰 Bidet
🔰 Washing machine
🔰 Shower

Technical Facilities

⚙️ Airconditioning
⚙️ Indirect LED Lighting
⚙️ Power Generator
⚙️ Stuccoed Ceilings
⚙️ Aluminium Windows
⚙️ Noise Protecting Indoor Walls
⚙️ Satellite System

Kitchen Facilities

🔰 Aspirator
🔰Granite/Marble Worktop
🔰Microwave Oven
🔰Induction Hob


6000000 ₺
6000000 ₺

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