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Is It Expensive to Live in Turkey? | Cost of Living In Turkey

Is It Expensive to Live in Turkey?

One of the main determinant factors in permanent living abroad is the cost of living in the target country. As an immigrant, it is crucial to be aware of living costs overseas, particularly daily living costs.

Therefore, intending to help immigrants look forward to living in Turkey, the writer puts effort into giving valuable and up-to-date information about living costs in Turkey to those people enjoying living in this beautiful country. Please stick to reading to get helpful information.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Turkey? 

Undoubtedly living conditions are critical factors that affect your decision to live in any place in the world, and Turkey is no exception. Turkey is a country with low daily spending, especially when compared with other European and Asian countries.

Like other countries, the business, tourism, and economic hubs are the most expensive places to live. For example, if you buy an office for sale in Istanbul; it costs a lot compared to other types of properties or other cities. To continue, the writer brings classified elaboration about living costs in Turkey.


Turkey is a country with delicious food and enticing restaurants, and it is difficult to resist trying on.

Because of that, one of the pleasant things is going to various restaurants and trying on new tasty food. Therefore it is helpful to get information about restaurant costs in Turkey. Turkey is a country with safe and delicious street foods which are cheap. Also, there are different dinings with traditional foods with reasonable service cost.

But restaurants with alcoholic beverages could make a massive hole in your budget. One who wants to drink a shot of alcohol with the meal should pay at least 3 dollars for alcoholic beverages depending on the brand. Some alcoholic drinks may set you back much more dollars. As most Turkish citizens are Muslim, the government puts high taxes on alcohol drinking.  


Food and groceries prices in Turkey are surprisingly more reasonable than in other European countries. If you are savvy and follow the pattern of others to supply themselves, you hardly come to a problem. 

It is worth knowing that Turkish food productions are one the best and most high-quality in the world, healthy, hygienic, and tasty, which is not comparable with other brands in the world. They take traditional recipes of food production and combine them with modern methods to keep the taste and quality.

Transportation Costs in Turkey 

Most of the capital cities in Turkey have a capable transportation system, one of the best in the world in terms of capability and modernity, and numbers of loaded passengers. Citizens in most cities in Turkey benefit from organized public transportation systems such as the subway, which connects the lowest height from the beach to the highest peak of mountains.

Moreover, there are abundant bus stations around the cities to make commuting easier. Besides new, fast and clean taxis give service. Although Turkey has a modern, easy and quick public transportation system, surprisingly, the public transportation fee is highly cheap. Cabs are somehow more expensive than subway and buses.

Thanks to the systematic public transportation system, you don’t need a personal car to travel inside the city as a citizen. If you want a private vehicle, it is better to consider tax, repair, and insurance fees. For truck drivers, it is worth knowing that the gasoline price is neither high nor low. Gasoline expenses are affordable in Turkey.

Monthly Utility Expenses in Turkey

Utility expenses are incredibly affordable, and running a household is unbelievably cheap. Internet access service is reasonable, and it is not up to 16 dollars per mount.

Essential services for ordinary apartments are 70 dollars per month. Although, the fee of luxurious apartments is higher than standard types of flats, due to numerous needed services, for instance, maintenance of green space, keeping swimming pools, and gems and other services.

Sport and Leisure 

If you are a fan of gym centers, courts, swimming pools or etcetera, it is good news for you that there are many modern gym centers and other sports facilities with different offers at reasonable prices. Although most residential properties offer sports amenities in the complex, you don’t need to pay, which is on your monthly expenses.

Moreover, you can enjoy cinema with a low rock fee, less than 4 dollars for the latest cinema releases. 

Not that there are incredible discounts for school and university students to benefit from an amusement park and cinema services. It means you can have a fantastic time with your family without spending much more.

Clothing Expenses in Turkey 

Turkey is one of the world’s most famous countries in textile and clothes production. Casual clothes in some domestic brands are reasonable to buy. Also, you can benefit from great discounts at the end of each season. But like in other countries, luxury branded apparels are expensive.

Rent Per Month

Turkey is a wealthy country and provides varieties of modern amenities that meet convenient and high-level lifestyles, such as well-designed buildings and residential complexes. Most newcomers are enthusiastic about renting one of these enticing apartments.

The rent expenses in Turkey are fair for those foreigners who take salaries from their own country because the value of dollars is high compared to the lira. But rent expenses may not be reasonable if you want to pay with your wage in Turkey, and usually, rent payments include a high proportion of life costs in Turkey.

The average rent in Istanbul is 35 to 47 TL per square meter. According to this rate of rent expenses, a 100-square meters apartment in Istanbul could be taken for rent for around 3000 to 4000 TL.

Cheap apartments are offered for rent in some districts and neighborhoods of Istanbul, which is 20 -25 for a square meter. It means reasonable flats for renting are around 2000-25000 TL. 

Universities tuition fees in Turkey

 If you are wavery between charming European and famous Asia universities, you do not have to decide between them. Turkey is a country located at the intersection of Europe and Asia, with scientific universities listed by world academic ranking.

On the other hand, the fee and tuition expenses are extremely affordable compared to other countries. But how much is affordable? 

Tuition Fees at Public Universities

Public universities’ fees in Turkey are surprisingly affordable compared to European and well-known Asian universities. Students who come from other countries are supposed to pay 100 to 4000 EUR per academic term. However, some majors, such as medical science and engineering, are a bit higher in tuition fees.

Tuition Fees at Private Universities

No surprise, the tuition fee in private universities is significantly greater, around 20000 EUR per academic term. Turk’s private universities can offer privileges to some students from the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) to pay less. Therefore the writer suggests checking out the official university website for detailed information.

Spending Pattern of an Average Person in Turkey

Spending pattern in Turkey strongly depends on where and how you live. It means your location and lifestyle are crucial factors that determine your spending pattern.

Main cities and metropolitan areas are expensive in terms of cost of living such as rent, shopping, transportation, etcetera. It is better to investigate before moving to a specific city or location. Less urban cities or suburbs are reasonable in terms of living and renting expenses.

A middle-class family without paying rent can save 15% of their income and live comfortably.

The Average Salary and Minimum Wage in Turkey

The minimum wage in Turkey is around 260 per month. With this wage level, a single person can have a basic lifestyle. However, the major proportion of the wage is spent on rent. An average salary in Turkey is around 461 dollars a month.

With this salary level, a person is expected to cover routine expenses and gradually start a superior lifestyle. 

Buying a property in Turkey is easier than in other countries such as Portugal and Russia. You can get a bank loan with 20% interest or more.

In conclusion, a family of four in a capital city like Istanbul needs 1,305$ (21,695TL) per month. If they have their own flat to live in, they will have an acceptable lifestyle with this amount of budget. But renting should be considered a major budget spender.

A single person living in a huge city like Istanbul needs less than a family, around 373$ ($ 6,206TL) per month. You need to pay attention if a single person has to pay rent, more salary leads to an easier life.

Note that the cost in Turkey compared to the USA is significantly lower. It is estimated that the cost in Turkey is 58% less than in the USA. Moreover, the rent rate in Turkey is 82.26% lower than in the USA, which seems surprisingly remarkable.

Finally, renting is the major budget consumer, and renting fees depend on location. If you want to live in Turkey, it is better to consider a living place and choose a neighborhood commensurate with your salary.

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