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Property For Sale In Arnavutkoy Istanbul

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About Arnavutkoy in Istanbul

Arnavutkoy is a glorious area in the European part of Istanbul, which is worthwhile to make an effort to be introduced to investors and those who want to buy property in Istanbul.

Arnavutkoy means “Albanian village‘’ as many Turkish Albanian have been living there.

It is important to mention that there are two districts named Arnavut; one is located in Besiktas of Istanbul, an aconite area, and the other was founded recently situated in the north of Istanbul. This information is about the oldest one that shares borders with the Black Sea.

This city is famous because of its peacefulness, tranquility, and being far from noise. Although the town possesses a rural character, the public transportation system makes easy movement between regions; recently, a new modern airport was founded.

Why buy property in Arnavutkoy Istanbul

As mentioned above, this section shares borders with the Black sea, which creates fantastic nature and attracts tourists, investors, and businessmen.

These things make Arnovutkoy a profitable place to invest in a property, which undoubtedly could be a successful investment.

This city experiences sharp ongoing projects that cause significant developments and industries, guaranteeing your investment.

Many properties are built quickly in which modern materials are used to provide conspicuous facilities to customers; besides, there are many traditional apartments at the same time, so you have different options based on your priority.

Kind of property to buy

In this city, you have different options based on your budget or individuality. If you are searching apartments, villas and commercial for sale in Istanbul and in Arnavutkoy, here we share some information with you.

Houses for sale in Arnavutkoy Istanbul

These days most people do not like to buy a house as. Usually, they are not as modern as apartments, but some houses are available to purchase. Averagely each (m2) of a house is offered 2/223 lira.

Villa for sale in Arnavutkoy Istanbul

Most well-off clients such as Arab nationalities prefer to buy villas. The lowest price for buying a villa is 400 thousand lire, and a luxurious villa could be offered approximately 800 thousand lire.

Apartment for sale in Arnavutkoy Istanbul

Apartments are offered based on project and level of modernity and location; most investors prefer apartments as more facilities are possible. A single room apartment and a double room are offered at least 375,000 and 600,000 respectively. Remember, prices go up based on type and modernity, and facilities.

Commercial for sale in Arnavutkoy Istanbul

As this city attracts more businessmen, a commercial flat could be a choice. Prices are offered based on distance from downtown and location; a tolerance is expected between 89,000 to 2,270,000 dollars.

How to buy real estate in Arnavut

To have a successful investment, you need a reliable counselor.

Please don’t be worried, as we are professionals who guide you and help you make every alphabet clear. You need to search on CityRealtyTurkey website to get information and contact our experts who are ready every 24 hours to answer your questions.

Our team covers all areas and offers the best based on your budget and choices. A variety of projects with advantages could be introduced, from building land to luxury villas and commercial studios.

Our team also can give legal recommendations that are crucial to obtaining citizenship and residence permit.

Make sure Arnovut is a place where you can chase your dream.

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