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Property For Sale In Bahcelievler Istanbul

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Yenibosna Merkez, Istanbul
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Knowledge About Bahcelieveler Istanbul

Bahcelieveler is one of the large-scale residential districts in the European part of Istanbul. The area possesses significant importance; hence it is near to Istanbul. In the Turkish language, Bahchalievler is translated to houses with broad gardens; the area is named in this way as it previously had abundance and vast gardens with small houses in the middle. The population of Bahcelievler is almost 602000, which has increased since 2008.

A Piece of Geographical Information About Bahcelieveler

The whole area is approximately16 Km2 and includes 11 residential districts. Bahcelieveler shares borders with Bagilar in the north, Bakirkoy in the south, Kucukcakmace in the west, Gungoren and Zeytinburnu in the east. Istanbul airport is accessible in ten minutes by car.

History of Bahcesehir Istanbul

Bahcelieveler was a dominative official and military center during the Bizance emperor’s reign. Therefore, many churches were constructed in this period of history. Although this area possessed significant importance previously and the Bizance emperor founded many historical places after being occupied by Ottomons, less evidence remained.

Bahcelievler has faced development since 1960 because the area’s potential attracts a flock of companies, and by raising population, more properties were built. These changes provoked famous investors and buyers to pay attention to bahcelievler as valuable land.

These days Bahcelievler is a pivotal economic part of Turkey and plays a crucial economic role. The coca-cola industry was inaugurated in Bahcelievler .

Public Transportation of Bahcelievler Istanbul

Bahcelievle possesses an organized transportation system. Citizens commute to Istanbul by bus, taxis, and subway besides E100 highway makes it easy to reach Istanbul in 30 minutes. The Asia part of Istanbul is accessible by efficient water taxis, which are always ready to serve passengers at the Bakirkoy station. With the help of a competent and renewed transport system, commuting time is decreased by almost 30 minutes.

Amenities and Facilities in Bahcelievler Istanbul

Bahcelievler is an educational pole in Turkey with numerous well-known schools, high schools, colleges, and universities. Some famous universities are Kultur University, Kadir University, Ayden University, Marmara University, and Economic Science university.

Moreover, there are enough well-equipped hospitals; one of them is Memorial hospital. In addition, there are plenty of shopping centers in Bahcelievler; the most distinguished are Onverdi and Gelin shopping centers. Also, there are lots of luxurious jewelry shops in Bahcelievler.

Why Buy a Property in Bahcelievler Istanbul

Bahcelievler is a satisfying choice for those who want to buy property in Istanbul to live in a peaceful area and, at the same time, need to commute to Istanbul. Bahcelievler benefits from an efficient transportation system with easy accessibility with the help of the E100 highway and subway, besides being a dominative educational and economic pole in Turkey.

These features are enough to attract many investors and compromise to build more contractions such as shops, apartments, or residential, commercial complexes leads to remarkable future growth and financial development. For these reasons buying a property in Bahcelievler seems a profitable investment.

Apartment For Sale in Bahcelievler Istanbul

You get more for the money as conveniences are more than your expectation with reasonable prices. Apartments are offered with one to three bedrooms with usual facilities like a spacious living room, furnished kitchen, luxurious amenities like a decorated pool, fitness equipped center, walking and jogging paths, and concierge service.

Villas for Sale in Bahcelievler Istanbul

Villas also have their own fans because they provide fantastic tranquility and privacy at a reasonable price for those who looking for villa for sale in Istanbul. They have some facilities but not as completed as apartments, but it is possible to order your preferences to the construction company. They will definitely equip and

decorate according to your priority as you command.

What do you need to buy property in Bahcelievler?

Making a decision always needs a trustworthy and professional advisor, and buying a property is not an exception, especially in a foreign country and in a city like Istanbul with many options and countless neighbors. City Realty Turkey is a knowledgeable and experienced agency that assists you in selecting the best choice based on your limitations and abilities.

The last point of Property For Sale Bahcelievler Istanbul

City Realty Turkey is not just an agency; we are a team, including professional coworkers. Each of them has a duty based on their education to guide you appropriately in every step till your dream comes true. You need to search our website, which provides you different properties with key information, then contact us to arrange a viewing part.

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