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Property For Sale In Bahcesehir Istanbul

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7% Yearly Rental Income
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Esenyurt- Bahçeşehir, Istanbul
1+1, 2+1 Beds
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Bahçeşehir, Istanbul
1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 5+1, 6+1 Beds
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54-467 M²

Buy Property in Behcesehir Istanbul

Bahcesehir is one of the outstanding places for those people who don’t want to be trapped by the urban landscape and at the same time benefit from modernity and a high-quality lifestyle. Moreover, buying a property in Bahcesehir with prospective future growth seems authentic investment and attracts many buyers and companies worldwide. This article gives information about Bahcesehir and explains the best way to buy a property in this beautiful city.

Let’s take a Glimpse at Bahcesehir Istanbul

Bahcesehir is part of Basaksehir in Istanbul. Besiktas has 11 neighborhoods, and Bahcesehir is one of them. The whole area of Bahcesehir is approximately 5 Km2., which is located northwest of the European section of Istanbul.

According to the name of the city, Bahcesehir, this area benefits countless parks, gardens and green space.In Turkish language (Bahce) means garden, and (sehir ) means the city; hence Bahcesehir means a green city. This spotted feature of the area makes it special among other districts in Istanbul. Istanbul is a distinctive urbanization landscape; therefore, Bahesehir, with abundant green space, possesses a remarkable advantage.

History and Urbanization of Bahcesehir Istanbul

The city was erected in 1994, and it is one of the satellite cities in Turkey. The mapping pattern of the Bahcesehir was designed based on preserving, maintaining and enhancing green space and forests.

Bahcesehir municipality policy successfully protected, boosted, and took care of the green environment in contrast to other districts that were criticized for the detriment of green space. To prioritize keeping green space, most of the properties in bahcesehir are villas.

Bahcesehir, in other words, is a symbol of a green city with an adorable overview. You experience a satisfying life and benefit from clean and fresh air. In other words, Bahcesehir is a serene, green and clean area in the heart of Istanbul and makes it possible to experience modernity and nature simultaneously; the urbanization of Bahcesehir is shortened in two words. Modern heaven. So it’s an amazing choice for the people who want to buy property in Istanbul.

Population and Culture of Bahcesehir Istanbul

As mentioned above, Bahcesehir is a green outskirt of Istanbul; hence it is not a crowded city. People in Bahcesehir like the nature of the city are serene and calm ,welcome to other nations.

The majority of nations who settle in Bahcesehir are Turkish, European migrants, Iranians and Arabs. Although they are from different cultures, all citizens are living together in peace.

In general, the citizens of Bahcesehir are prosperous and educated. They are a business owner who prefers to run their business in Istanbul but has a house in a beautiful and calm place.

Claimant Type of Bahcesehir Istanbul

Whenever you decide to buy a property abroad, invitations on climate situations seem a crucial matter. Thus we put an effort to give a piece of brief information about Bahcesehir climate.

Altulug Bahcesrhir is one OF THE Istanbul suburbs, but the types of climate in different parts are various. Bahcesehir in summers usually is hot but not annoying. There is not much fall during summer.

Springs and uttems are enticing because of the numerous green spaces during spring; you can experience a colourful nature with blossoming flowers around. In autumn, trees turn orange and red, creating a tempting scene, and the weather is not cold. The same as springs., during utteme falls are at maximum level.

In contrast with spring and autumn, winters are usually cold but not freezing because Bahcesehir doesn’t have any coastline. During winters, the weather is usually snowing, but it’s not long-lasting snow. Thanks to Lots of Green spaces, the air is always fresh and savoury, and air pollution is never experienced.

Eventually, in Bahcesehir, you can enjoy beautiful nature and pleasant temperature and reasonable falls and fresh air during the year. Although Bahcesehir is not near the sea but benefits from the dense green neighbourhood, the climate situation has its advantages which are hardly comparable with other districts in Istanbul and could be one of the main reasons investors to prepare a property in Bahcesehir and construction buildings to construct new projects.

The Transportation System in Bahcesehir Istanbul

Although Bahcesehir has no accessibility to the Istanbul subway, it is near the E80 main highway, making commuting easy for citizens to get to the main centers in Istanbul.

It is worthwhile to mention Bahcesehir subway project will be completed in future days. Furthermore, there are enough double-decker buses to connect Bahcesehir to three main districts of Istanbul such as Bakerkoy, Majidie, and Taksim.

A new airport was recently founded near Bahcesehir; the important Istanbul Kanal project is contracting near the area. These two current projects benefit Bahcesehir geographical and economic advantages. With the help of these transportation system characteristics, Generally, Bahcesehir does not suffer from traffic jams.

At last, the transportation system of Bahcesehir is sufficient and efficient for citizens to commute easily without traffic experience. Moreover, the transportation system is progressing with the help of novel projects.

Famous Sight Seeings In Bahcesehir Istanbul

Samlar nature park

Samlar nature park is estimated at around 50000 hectares, and you can reach it in a short time by driving. It is a remarkable source of animal and plant species. Because of that it is a protected area. More European tourists like here as different amusement entertainments are available like zip-line. also, it is possible to go to picnic and enjoy nature

Commerce lake

Bahcesehir is located north of Cekmece lake, which is almost 16 Km. The lake became a tourist attraction after the Istanbul Kanal project became more noteworthy. It is a suitable place for spending time with family.

Yarimburgaz cave 

Yarimburgaz cave is approximately 20 Km west of Bahcesehir and north of Cekmece lake. Exploring the cave was started in the mid of 19 century. It is a unique fusil suit and supported by national geographic society. It is important for archaeologists, paleontologists and geoarchaeologist.

Main shopping centers and malls in Bahcesehir Istanbul

There are plenty of local shops and stores throughout the neighborhood, and citizens enjoy shopping and taking walks among them. Besides, a weekly market is held every week; it seems like traditional culture.

Also, the Istanbul shopping center is one of the best and most exhaustive malls with plentiful facilities like restaurants, cinemas, supermarkets and amusement parks located in Gokalp and accessible in 20 minutes by cart.

Why you might convinced to buy a property in Bahcesehir

In the beginning, Bahcedehir is near to E80 main highway, which leads to easy accessibility, Besides, an organized transportation system prevents traffic and air pollution.

Secondly, municipal policy insists on enhancing and preserving green space, establishing copious parks, makes the city fresh and beautiful and the city’s nickname, which is green city, matches with this circumstance. This valuable advantage benefits citizens with fresh air and fantastic views.

Thirdly, a variety of amenities and facilities such as shopping centers, sightseeing, well-equipped hospitals and educational centers with easy accessibility make life satisfying.

Moreover, prices of properties are reasonable in Bahcesehir, and future growth is predictable, leading to a profitable, return and authentic investment. Bahcesehir belongs to Istanbul, but citizens are pleased with tranquility and quality of life. Living in Bahcesehir makes it possible to experience modernity and nature coincidently and never be trapped in an urban landscape.

Like other parts of Turkey, by preparing a property in Bahcesehir, you can obtain residency permission and an international Turkish passport according to the property’s value. All these reasons attract flocking of buyers and construction compromises from different nationalities to invest in Bahcesehir.

Apartments For Sale in Bahcesehir Istanbul

Apartments buyers in Bahcesehir provide a lot of choices. There are quantity key ready apartments in a residential complex with usual conveniences such as spacious living room, furnished kitchen, suite bathroom, large two to four bedrooms. Others may have luxurious facilities such as prestigious locations, decorated swimming pools, gym equipped saloons, sun-trace, supermarkets, restaurant and reception services.

Also, old and ready to live apartments are offered; others may need to renew. These kinds of apartments commonly are cheap. All apartments are affordable based on installments and long term payments plan.

Villas for sale in Bahcesehir Istanbul

If you’re searching villa for sale in Istanbul, buying a villa in Bahcesehir could be delightful as there are lots to get for your money. Villas have a spacious living room, equipped kitchen, open spaces for outdoor activities, and a garden. If you need more, it will be affordable by ordering to the construction company. It is a good choice for someone who wants to have either their privacy or tranquility. Installments and long payment plans usually are possible.

The best way to buy a property in Bahcesehir Istanbul

Finding an appropriate, lucrative, based on your bugged and preferences among abundance cases might be frustrating and confusing if you don’t benefit from a trustworthy, reliable and knowledgeable advisor. City Realty Turkey is a professional agency to assist you in selecting the best property based on your abilities and limitations.

We have large portfolios of properties, including luxurious villas and apartments, with top facilities and trendy locations to usual cases with reasonable prices.

The main point is that the City Reality Turkey team put effort into advising and guiding you to choose satisfying and return investment. Our website presents innumerable cases with key information about location, facilities, conditions, prices, installments, and payment plans. But it is not the end; after investigating the City Reality Turkey website and still being unsure about the suitable property, contact us and set a viewing time.

City Reality Turkey gathers professional expertise in different fields to serve you completely, from helping to choose the best case to financial transferring.

Wrapping up

Eventually, Bahcesehir is a unique place to settle and experience a peaceful and high-quality lifestyle with your family. Besides, you have a chance to make an in return and profitable investment. All of these could be achievable easily with the help of a competent and reliable advisor. City Reality turkey is a perpetual counselor to assist you in achieving what you deserve.

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