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Property For Sale In Bayrampasa Istanbul

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Buy Property In Bayrampasa Istanbul

Bayrampasa is a small district in the European part of Istanbul, located between Ayub, Gungoren and in the north of Zeytinburnu. Previously Bayrampasa used to be part of Gungoren but now is independent. The area is almost 7.6 Km2 and includes 11 neighborhoods. The whole population is approximately 280/000. The majority of citizens are middle-class employees.

Bayrampasa is not a place for skyscrapers, high buildings, and luxurious apartments; in contrast, the city is known for cozy apartments. However, the features of the town have changed because of recent constructions. Maltepe and kocatepe are popular parts of Bayrampasa in which most new structures are founded.

These days with the help of turkey’s government policy, Bayrampasa is considered a developing city in which many old constructions are collapsed and replaced by new buildings and lifestyle quality is promoted.

History of Bayrampasa Istanbul

Bayr:ampasa possessed an industrial characteristic with numerous small and big factories. The city used to call Sagmalcilar in 1970 due to a cholera outbreak caused by water pollution. After 1970 when clean water was supplied, the name of the area was changed to Bayrampasa.

Transportation System Of Bayrampasa Istanbul

An efficient transportation system is a part of the Turkish government’s development schedule in Bayrampasa. This area is near the E5 highway, which connects Bayrampasa to the main part of Istanbul. Besides, the Istanbul subway covers Bayrampasa, And there are three subway stations in the city: sagmalcilar, Kocatepea, and Bayrampasa – Maltepe. In addition, plentiful buses are in hand.

Public Facilities Of Bayrampasa Istanbul

Bayrampasa is a developing area and facing significant lifestyle changes; hence abundance facility centers are run. Nisantasi University and international Balkan University are well-known universities in Bayrampasa. Also, there are public schools and some private schools, but the number of private schools is less than public schools.

Moreover, numerous hospitals serve patients so,e of the important hospitals are Bayrampasa Devlet Hastanesi, Ozel Baypark Hastanesi, and Vakfi Bayrampasa Hastanesi. Furthermore, there are famous shopping centers in Bayrampasa, such as Forum İstanbul, a noted shopping center in Bayrampasa and is illustrious in Europe. Another shopping center worth introducing is Axis Istanbul Shopping Mall.

Advantages Of Buying Property In Bayrampasa Istanbul

Bayrampasa possesses a fantastic potential for investing or buying a property. Besides, the Turkish government insists on renewing Bayrampasa and provides great opportunities for those who want to buy property in Istanbul and construction companies. This policy accelerates the development process in Bayrampasa; countless properties, whether apartments, houses, or lands, are available for investors from all over the world.

Bayrampasa is an ideal selection for seeking a residential home or investing in property in an area currently undergoing vast improvement. Prices are significantly reasonable and profitable; in addition, most of the properties are offered in installments and long payment plans.

Apartment for Sale in Bayrampasa

As was explained before, Bayrampasa is not a place with towers, high rising buildings, or luxurious apartments. In-state is an area with lucrative and affordable cases. Apartments provide usual amenities like a living room, one to three bedrooms, a semi-furnished kitchen, and green space. With the comparison of other cities in Turkey, apartments prices are remarkably reasonable.

Villas for Sale in Bayrampasa Istanbul

If you are planning to buy villa in Istanbul, it’s better to know there are plenty of villas in Bayrampasa offered with ordinary facilities such as garden, living room, one to two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. You can decorate it according to your preferences. Prices are vividly reasonable; then you can get lots for the money you pay.

Land for sale in Bayrampasa Istanbul

Abundant valuable lands are available for investors and construction compromise to run a business or found a residential property. By buying land, you obtain a secure and in return investment.

The Best Strategy For Buying A Property In Bayrampas

To buy an affordable property in Bayrampasa whether apartment, villa, or land, you’d better have a trustworthy advisor to go through the project appropriately. CityRealtyTurkey is a professional team that established itself in the market. It provides a complex portfolio of properties and puts our effort to serve clients till they find the best property concerning preference, desire, and budget.

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