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Property For Sale in Catalca Istanbul

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Buy Property in Catalca Istanbul

Catalca is a unique place in the western European side of Istanbul with magnificent advantages in all types of investment such as farm, land, and real estate properties. In this article, we introduce the area and inform you how to make an enjoyable lifelong investment. If you want to buy property for sale in Istanbul and you are interested in Catalca district, stay with us!

Global Information About Catalca Istanbul

Catalca is the largest northern part of the Marmara Sea area in Istanbul’s European side. It has a long coastline with the Marmara Sea, which reaches 135 Km, and has around 81/569 people. Catalca is 55 Km away from the center of Istanbul, and it is broadened by Buyukcekmece to the north, by Silivri to the west. Avcilar and Kucukcekmece are Catalca neighbours in the east. Catalca has strong, deep historical roots that touch the Byzantine and Roman reign. It was one of the pivotal gates of Istanbul during the Byzantine kingdom.

Catalca’s economy depends on agriculture, animal husbandry, and industry. The most dominant agriculture production among other products is barley, watermelon, and sunflowers. The city council takes green energy sources and gives the title of wind turbine city to Catalca. Besides, other unprecedented industry facilities push the city forward appropriately.

The Best Place in Catalca Istanbul

Catalca is a distinctive area for tourism destinations and worth paying visit, there are different.

Historical mounts, archaeological sites, picnic and barbeque areas, and unique villages for relaxing and unity with nature like the village of Nakkas,kapeka, and Mubadala, the cave of Kemal Sanal, and the Long Wall. Other alluring places we will mention constitute Catalca, a comprehensive and savory tourist zone.

1. Buy property in Flamingo area – Catalca Istanbul

It is located in Gokcali, an area for flamingoes gathering, and has an incredible view, a fantastic place for breakfast.

2. Buy property in Yalıköy area – Catalca Istanbul

Yalikoy is an amazing tourist zone with a vast panoramic green overview and a suitable for picnic

3. Buy property in Ormanlı Village – Catalca Istanbul

Ormanli is a deceiving place through its beautiful coastlines with the music of wave sounds. In addition, there are possible activities like surfing and paragliding.

Ormanlı Village Catalca Istanbul

Living Status in Catalca Istanbul

Catalca is a fantastic residential place among Istanbul’s outskirts and located in the western European side of Istanbul. Its beauty owes to the Marmara Sea, Kucukcekmece lake, and thick forest. It possesses many industrial projects and crucial establishments which push the economy forward and provide jobs for manpower.

It is near the Istanbul and International Airport and not far from the urban landscape. These city features make buying a property and living in Catalca a special plan.

Property Investment in Catalca Istanbul

Catalca is a glamorous place with a long coastline with the Marara and Black sea. Giving advantages to vital establishments and industrial investments provides opportunities to different types of investments. Some of them are industrial components necessary for factorizing and real estate investments in all their forms.

In addition, the vast space for industry and commercial investments triggers investors constantly.

Moreover, Catalca is an elegant place for family residential through luxurious apartments, country houses, and residential buildings in a modern complex.

Apartments for sale in Catalca Istanbul

Undoubtedly buying an apartment in Catalca is par excellent opportunity. You can enjoy the tranquility and aesthetic of the space and the ability to do exciting activities and benefit from the strong infrastructure. In addition, efficient accessibility to the center of Istanbul and public resorts.

 Villas for sale in Catalca Istanbul

Villas in Catalca provide a distinctive view and clean air, which evolves buyers to prepare a villa. Besides, the plans have been relied on, villas are superb, their environment is charming, and their location is unique, and their prices are variable.

Farms for sale in Catalca Istanbul

Buying a farm is a top authentic investment in the real estate area as you can get more than you pay. Farms can be implemented for agriculture activities like planting and selling them in the market, raising livestock and animals. as well as constructing a country house with a company farm is possible, not to mention with other public facilities and resorts it could be a complex and excellent collection

Lands  for sale in Catalca Istanbul

Villas in Catalca-City Realty Turkey

Lands are the most profitable sectors because those who want to buy land in Istanbul could carry on diverse implements. High return investment of buying lands always causes intensive demands of investors.

How to Buy a Property in Catalca Istanbul

Unquestionably buying a property in all its types could be considered a golden investment. Even though buying a property in a foreign country is a changing process, you can get to your destination safe and sound with a responsible, reliable, and professional advisor.

City Realty Turkey is a well-established agency in real estate marketing and other investment sectors as farm and land is ready to serve you appropriately till you reach your goal.

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