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Property For Sale In Esenler Istanbul

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Buy property in Esenler Istanbul

You can find property for sale in istanbul with a good price. Esenler is a top standard district in the European side of Istanbul suitable for those seeking a high-quality lifestyle and a profitable investment.

Exploring About Esenler Istanbul

Esenler is a part of the European side of Istanbul that had been under Bakirkoy due to some political issues that became under Gungoren administratively. Ultimately in 1993, the Turkish government declared Esenler an independent area.

These days Esenler is not only a residential district. It is also an industrial district.

It consists of 17 neighbors, and the whole area is around 5.227 Km2 with 450000 people of the population; according to 2019 statistical reporting, 51.30% of the population are female, and 48.70% are male.

Location of Esenler Istanbul

Esenler is north of Istanbul and shares borders with Zeytiburnu in the southeast, Bagilar in the west, Gungoren in the south, and Gaziosmanpasa in the north. Esenler possesses a great location which is 5 Km away from the city center and vital bridges are accessible easily thus transferring between Asia, and European parts are possible quickly.

Living Features in Esenler

Loving in Esenler could be explained in two words: tranquility and peace. Neat and clean environment with affordable residential prices and capable public facilities in companion with a fantastic location that makes commuting easy between the Asia and European sides prompt families to consider Esenler as a suitable place for living.

 The Best Places in Esenler

  1. Sultan palace

The history of the Sultan Palace goes back to the Ottomans’reign, an architectural masterpiece in terms of internal and external unique plans and colorful design.

2. Avas Arc

It is a valuable historical place constructed by the famous Mimar Sinan.

3. Esenler municipality

Esenler municipality is a special place for women and children to enjoy doing diverse activities in a secure and peaceful circumstance and being far from the city’s congestion.

4. Dawood Pasa Barrack

It is a crucial road used during the Ottomans kingdom after that, being used until 1993, which linked Esenler to Edrine near the Greek border.

Educational Facilities in Esenler Istanbul

Because of the large population in Esenler, the municipality of Esenler, with the help of the education minister, found numerous schools, institutes, and universities. These educational centers serve students in both private and public organizations. No matter the type of organization (public or private), they are well equipped and utilize the latest procedure in the education field. Besides, they are rich in entertainment and cultural commences.

Medical Centers in Esenler Istanbul

There is a large range of private and public medical healthcare and hospitals in Esenler. Patients benefit from comprehensive and scientific services in the company of knowledgeable specialists in a secure and peaceful environment.

Some of the prominent hospitals are :

  • Private Ensar Hospital.
  • Esenler Medipol University Hospital.
  • iYagizler Shopping Mall

The transportation system in Esenler Istanbul

As was mentioned before, Esenler has a rare geographical position, and the municipality of Esenler tries to boost the value of this advantage in the company of a capable transportation system. The Center transportation system consists of metro lines with four stations and an exhaustive special public transportation line provided by IEET company passengers can move from and to Esenler smoothly and quickly. In addition, many bus stations are available in every corner of the area.

Privileges of Investment in Esenler Istanbul

First of all, Esenler has a fantastic position. On the one hand, it is adjacent to the city center; on the other hand, it is not fat farm historical sightseeing. Besides, Esenler has a modern, efficient and capable transportation network that provides a wide range of diverse public facilities. These items magnify Esenler’s real estate market to attract more investors and businessmen to buy a property in Esenler. Moreover, Esenler is a collection of different real estate opportunities like residential property, shops, and parcels for agriculture and construction.

residential property in Esenler Istanbul

Advantages of Buying an Apartment in Esenler Istanbul

Esenler has a vigorous atmosphere and hosts multifarious cultural and economic events throughout the year. And the lifestyle in Esenler is commensurate with developing countries. Thus apartments and residential complexes reflect these special features.

All constructions are engineer bolding and scientific built with high-quality materials. Structures are designed based on the latest standards and provide top amenities according to luxurious tastes.

As a result of these characteristics, demands of preparing a property experience a steady increase every year, prices are going to accelerate. Then benefit investors from top profitable investment.

Apartment for Sale Esenler Istanbul

The apartment in Esenler is suited for high quality and top standards lifestyle and meet the needs of luxurious wants which provide numerous conventions such as camera surveillance system, engineering green, sport saloons, swimming pool, amphitheater, playground, restaurant, and so on.

Not to mention they are secured from earthquakes, and views are based on the district’s excellence.

Land for Sale in Esenler Istanbul

Parcels definitely are profitable investments in Esenler because the area devours new construction to meet residents’ needs. Owners can reseal the land to other business owners or run their own business and find new construction for a library, entertainment center, restaurant, and even residential property. Also, it is possible to use the land for agricultural production.

Shops for Sale in Esenler Istanbul

Investment in shops is a good option for those who want to run a business or benefit from a steady rental investment. Esenler is a fantastic place to do a profitable business.

How to Purchase a Property in Esenler Istanbul

Esenler is an awesome place with diverse opportunities in real estate investments, property, shops, and land. Because of the active features of the area, property investment is affordable and satisfying. Although Ensure provides a wide range of properties, finding a reasonable option is a challenging process that could be easy and sweet with a professional team in the real estate field. City Realty Turkey is a reliable agency that archives fame through honest manners, provides large portfolios of properties, and assists clients in selecting the best.

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