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Property for Sale in Eyupsultan Istanbul

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Delivery Date: July 2023
Suitable for Citizenship
Eyup Sultan
2+1, 4+2 Beds
1, 2 Baths
80 -220 M²
High Rental Income
Prime Location
Eyüpsultan, Istanbul
370 M²
Guaranteed By Turkish Goverment
Family Concept
Eyüpsultan, Istanbul
1+1, 2+1, 3+1 Beds
1,2 Baths
50-147 M²
Central location
Golden horn & Green view
Eyüpsultan, Istanbul
1+1,2+1,3+1,4+1,5+1 Beds
1,2,3 Baths
70-358 M²

Buy Property in EyupSultan Istanbul

EyupSultan is a historical place with a flock of tourists around the year and has the potential for an affordable investment. could be suggested to those who want accessibility and modern facilities at the same time show a tendency to be part of history. If you are searching property for sale in Istanbul and you care these points, follow this article!

Let’s Get a Piece of Information About EyupSultan

EyupSultan is located in the European part of Istanbul and consists of 21 neighbors. The whole area is approximately 242 km2. The population is estimated at around 383000.

 EyupSultan has two coastlines; one of them is short and located in golden horn, the other is long located between Akpinar and Ciftalan, beside the Marmara sea. EyupSultan is broadened to the west by Sarir, has borders with Kaythaneh and Bayogloo on the southeast, Osman Pasa, Kazi Pasa on the southwest, Zeytinburnu, and Fatih on the sought, and Arnavat Koy, sultan Kazi on the west. EyupSultan previously had been considered a part of Fatih and Bayoglo, but in 1936 became independent.

About History of Eyup Sultan

EyupSultan belonged to the Bizance kingdom. During the Bizance reign, the area was uninhabited. After the conquest of the Ottomans, the city was established and developed. Eyup was the name of companion prophet Mohammad who had been killed and buried in the area; after a while, Sultan Mohamad bullied a tomb over the grave; after that, the area was called Eyup Sultan.

Public Facilities and Amenities in Eyup Sultan Istanbul

Citizens in Eyup Sultan benefit from great accessibility. There are prominent schools, colleges, and universities in which students are trained with the latest modern education system; some of the famous universities are Ozel Doga Koleji, Ozel Kenerburgaz, and Bilgi University. One of the well-known schools is Ozel Si yah Marti Kemer Koleji.

Moreover, many trendy shopping centers in Eyup Sultan make life easy, and some of the most distinctive are the Istanbul Shopping Center and Javaher Mall. Furthermore, Eyup sultan possesses a historical background with lots of sightseeing. 

Luxurious Apartment in Eyup Sultan-City Realty Turkey

Eyup Sultan Is Worth Considering as Your Destination

Eyup Sultan stands out through its historical background with loaded tourist attractions which draw huge crowds every year; thus, the tourism industry causes a dynamic economy. Besides, the area is home to many factories, which boosts the economic power of Eyup Sultan. Moreover, the city provides easy accessibility and modern facilities. With all these advantages, the Ayub sultan could be your choice to buy a property, especially when property prices are significantly lower than other districts of Istanbul.

Apartment for Sale in EyupSultan Istanbul

There are a variety of apartments in EyupSultan, from an ordinary type to luxurious with top conveniences. prices are variable according to location, property condition, and modernity. 

Luxurious Apartments For Sale in Eyup Sultan Istanbul

You are surprised at what you get for the money. If you seek apartment for sale in Istanbul that is modern apartment with the latest technology and affordability, Eyup Sultan will be a mindful selection. These apartments provide a spacious living room, three to four bedrooms, swimming pool, fitness center concierge services.

Cheap Apartments for Sale in Eyup Sultan Istanbul

For some who want to prepare a profitable investment, in return investment on a limited budget, cheap and resale apartments are offered. Although these are cheap but provide substantial facilities and it is possible to renew them according to your preferences.

Shops for sale in Eyup Sultan Istanbul

Eyup Sultan is a place with a dynamic economy and successful tourism industry; thus, buying a shop 

is a lucrative investment even for renting to other business owners. There are many opportunities from small to spacious shops. You can choose based on your budget.

Commercial Residential in Eyup Sultan-City Realty Turkey

How to Buy a Property in Eyup Sultan


Eyup Sultan is a place with a wide range of opportunities, from luxurious apartments to cheap ones. It is possible to run your own business by buying a shop or benefit from the rental investment. All of these possibilities would be in your hand if you had a reliable advisor who provides numerous properties and assists you to make your decision concerning your desire, budget, and goals.

 City Realty Turkey is a professional team with a successful resume on the property market providing you a completed portfolio with key information about cases to make the process simple and safe. 

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