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Property For Sale in Gaziosmanpasa Istanbul

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Buy Property in Gaziosmanpasa Istanbul

Gaziosmanpasa is a sample of civilized scientific urbanization. It could be a great investment destination for those looking for modern and active environments with top facilities commensurate with a high-quality lifestyle. In this article, we try to introduce the area and a well-known real estate agency City Realty Turkey that helps you find the best property for sale in Istanbul.

About Gaziosmanpasa

Gaziosmanpasa is an old, populated area in the European side of Istanbul, which had been developed due to its beautiful nature, significant geographical position, and traditional constructions in companion with the modern environmen

Accessibility of Gaziosmanpasa Istanbul

The area is close to E80 highway,73 Km from the recent International Istanbul Airport, and Taksim is available in 23 minutes by car and takes a quarter and one hour from the famous Fatih district.

History of Gaziosmanpasa Istanbul

The area’s name came from colonel Osman Pasa in 1800- 1932. Ahmed Sultan had acclaimed his braveness and gave him the title of Gazi that means brave fighter. When he passed away was buried in the royal cemetery.

The privilege of Housing in Gaziosmanpasa Istanbul

Although Gaziosmanpasa is a dense area, the contribution of an organized transportation network makes commuting easy and smooth; hence citizens benefit from a serene situation. Tramway connects Gaziosmanpasa to Fatih, Sultan Ahmet, Bayazit, and several important tourist areas in the city. Furthermore, buses are available in every corner of the city for internal transfer .

With the help of high-end social facilities, Gaziosmanpasa is a vigorous city with an enjoyable atmosphere. City features combine traditional and modernity on one side, historical place on the other modern constructions. In addition, there are a flock of restaurants, cinema shopping centers that always attract tourists and investors.

The Best Places in Gaziosmanpasa Istanbul

The most awesome place worth paying attention to is Venezia Mega Outlet, built like Venice in Italy. People travel in small boats between shops and galleries. The other famous places are :

  1. Mall of Istanbul is 15 mins by car
  2. Istanbul Theme Park is 15 mins by car
  3. Aqua Club Dolphin is 25 mins by car
  4. Istoc market is only 10 minutes away by car, the largest wholesale mall in Istanbul.

Schools and Universities in Gaziosmanpasa Istambul

Gaziosmanpasa hosts many educational centers such as schools, universities, and institutions divided into public and private organizations. All educational processes consist of kindergarten, primary school, and high school. Also, there are well-known universities training students every year.

Hospitals and Health Centers in Gaziosmanpasa Istanbul

There are some well-equipped hospitals in Gaziosmanpasa serving complete and diverse medical services. They are classified into public and private centers. Gazi Osman State Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Istanbul, with many specialists considering it one of the most distinctive medical centers.

Infrastructure in Gaziosmanpasa Istanbul

Gaziosmanpasa is a hub of urbanization in Istanbul by integrating transportation networks and fantastic public facilities. Residential complexes are bold engineering with outdoor and indoor green space and vital shopping centers like supermarkets, shops, educational centers, and other conveniences to meet residences’ needs and prevent them from going out for preparing requirements.

Investment Advantages in the Gaziosmanpasa Istanbul

Toward Gaziosman municipality, the area experienced modern revolution and urban construction in the last two decades. The area is civilized and modern, with a new overview of constructions such as anti-earthquake buildings and independent residential complexes. Also, a neat and serene environment because of a capable transportation network. All these privileges trigger investors to wish to enter the real estate market. Another amazing opportunity is the citizenship investment program through ownership property. According to lawsuits, property owners can obtain a Turkish passport in three months with 250 000 000dallors investment.

Features of Buying an Apartment in the Gaziosmanpasa Istanbul

Gaziosmanpasa is suited for those seeking modernity in a route of history in a civilized environment that provides an efficient transportation system, schools, hospitals, and universities. Also, shopping centers and other amusement places create a vibrant atmosphere.

Apartment for sale in Gaziosmanpasa Istanbul

The majority of apartments in Gaziosmanpasa are commensurate with civilized and modern destinations. They are secure from earthquakes, independence, and great accessibility with incredible facilities.

The Belvin Project Is a Real Estate Opportunity Gaziosmanpasa Istanbul

  • This project is located on the European side of Istanbul and covered by Gaziosmanpasa municipality.
  • The project is adjacent to the E80 highway and future metro station, which connects the ears to the Asia side of the Sultan Mehmet Fatih Bridge.
  • It will face price raising because of the ongoing metro station.
  • It takes 5 minutes to Taksim, Levent, Masalik and its commercial center and10 minutes to Bosphorus, which gives it an important position.

How to buy a property in Gaziosmanpasa Istanbul

Although Gaziosmanpasa is a prosperous district of Istanbul with novel and high technology construction, finding a reasonable property is not impossible. You can guarantee your investment under a professional advisor who provides a large portfolio of properties and gives competent advice to clients to spot the most profitable property that suits their preferences and designer.

City Realty Turkey is an experienced team in the real estate market that accomplished fame through its abilities and responsibility. We enjoy staying with you till your dream comes true.

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