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Property For Sale In Gungoren Istanbul

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Buy Property in Gungoren

Gungoren is a small area in the European side of Istanbul, a powerful industrial and tourism zone in Turkey. These features make Gungoren a Thoughtful destination for investors. This article puts effort into introducing the area and guides you appropriately to choose the best property for sale in Istanbul.

Take Glimpse at Gungoren Istanbul

Gungoren takes the smallest proportion of the European part of Istanbul shares borders with Esenler, Bakirkoy, Zeytinburnu, Bahcelievler. The whole area is around 7.3Km2 and consists of 11 neighbors with 258.441peop;e of population. The area is crowded compared to the size because of flooding immigrants from European countries. The majority of citizens are considered peaceful and conservative.

Urbanization of Gungoren Istanbul

Gungoren is one of the ancient and organized cities in Istanbul. in contrast to other cities built by immigrants,Gungoren hosts neat, shipshape constructions in the maximum eight levels preserved well. Also, there are different complex malls, stores, and shops along the streets.

History of Gungoren Istanbul

Gungoren had been called Vidos and used as a hunting ground during the second Sultan Osman. In 1936 the whole area with the Byzantine name changed to Turkish. Until 1992, Gungoren had been part of Bakirkoy since then became an independent district after that faced a significant population rise.

One part of Gungoren is named after Merter with the honor of Ahmet Muhtar Merter, one of the colonels in the battle between Turkish and Greeks.

The Famous Place in Gungoren Istanbul

Previously Merte had been a cozy area until 1950 and experienced a huge change. Now Merte is an important place in Gungoren and catches this fame through its crucial role in producing textile and clothes, which consists 40% of the whole production in the country. With this volume of production, it is obvious Merte possesses an indicative position in the economy of turkey. In Gungoren numerous small and big workshops are active in textile and producing clothes; thus, clothes are offered at a reasonable price in local stores. In addition, these days the municipality of Gungoren attempts to inaugurate the biggest open clothes market, which will be one of the main tourist attractions.

The Entertainment Facilities in Gungoren Istanbul

There are different entertainment places in Gungoren, such as a cinema, coffee shops, restaurants, fitness clubs, funfair, hotels. Also, the third biggest swimming pool in Turkey is located in Gungoren named Tozkoparan, a standard pool in which international matches are held.

Investment in Gungoren Istanbul

The average size of properties in Gungoren is 100 m2 with 16 years guarantee of instruction.

Until 2020 the best neighbors in Gungoren for investments was ,Abdurrahman Nafiz Gürman,and Mareşal Çakmak,Tozkoparan,Gençosman,Mehmet Nesih Özmen.

Tourist Attraction in Gungoren Istanbul

Galata Tower

In the past, Galata Tower was the tallest structure in Istanbul. Today is a tourist attraction.

Topkapi Palace

Topkapi is the place of Ottomans Kings and a valuable source of Turkish history.

Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazar is one of the huge open markets globally located, which has 21 entrance doors. Varieties of products are offered in this market, from tiles to leather.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is one of the valuable historical sightseeing and architectural masterpieces in Turkey that was a church changed to a mosque.

Taksim Square

Taksim is the heart of modern Istanbul in the European side of Istanbul. Many shopping centers and the Istanbul metro are located; besides the famous republic moment built by Pietro Kanonika is in Taksim.

The Transportation System of Gungoren

The E5 Highway is adjacent to the area, which makes fast accessibility also, the M1 metro line prompts quick transferring. In addition buses and minibosses are available in every corner of the area.

Privileges of Buying a Property in Gungoren Istanbul

Gungor citizens benefit from the stable and dynamic economy because of the distinctive position of Gungoren in the textile production field .Furthermore, there are a lot of public facilities such as parks, historical places, and entertainment places in the area. These characteristics evolve investors to consider Gungoran a profitable place to make a profitable investment.

Apartments for Sale in Gungoren Istanbul

As Gungoran is an economic area because of the large proportion of textile and clothes production, the existence of many sightseeing sites turns it into a dominant tourist zone. Therefore many properties are offered in the range of cheap flats to luxurious ones.

Luxurious Apartments for Sale in Gungoren Istanbul

Luxurious apartments provide diverse services such as nice positions, concierge services, camera surveillance systems, and convenience facilities like swimming pools, fitness clubs, engineering green space, and anti-earthquake constructions.

Key Ready Apartment for Sale in Gungoren Istanbul 

Panorama Project in Gungoren Istanbul

This project has significant advantages, as are mentioned below:

  1. The project is adjacent to E80 and E5 highways.
  2. Metro and bus stations are near the area.
  3. There are many important malls and shopping centers around the project.
  4.  The area has greater accessibility to public facilities such as schools, hospitals, and so on.
  5. Views are biased for the excellence of the district based on the concept of height.
  6. The project was planned with stores that cater residences; thus, they don’t need to go out to meet their requirements.
Residential property in Gungoren Istanbul

Cheap Apartment for sale in Gungoren Istanbul

For some who want to prepare a profitable investment, in return investment on a limited budget, cheap and resale apartments are offered. Although these are cheap but provide substantial facilities and it is possible to renew them according to your preferences.

How to Buy an Apartment in Gungoren Istanbul

Gungoren is a city with abundant structures. Each of them has its advantages and positive aspects, besides many projects are developed in the city and making the right decision is challenging. Therefore, finding a reliable agency to guide you truly is crucial.

City realty turkey agency could be the correct choice to help you reach your dream and make the best diction according to your budget and desires or priorities.

Our team is combined with expertise in different majors like lawyers, engineers, architects, and financial expertise to serve you exhaustively and appropriately.

Please check out our websites and find the property you like, then get in touch with us anytime. We are always ready continuously to share information and give a hand.

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