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Land For Sale In Turkey

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Buy Land in Turkey


Many investors had shown a tendency to buy property for sale in Turkey, such as purchasing land in this country since 2018, when the Turkish government had litigated citizenship investment through ownership investment on property that costs 250000 dollars instead of 1000000 dollars. In this article, the writer explains the advantages of buying land for foreign investors.

Privileges of Buying Lands in Turkey

Buying land allows you to make your dreams true, which could come up from a brilliant idea. It is suitable for those with a special purpose and plan both for living, commercial intention and agricultural production. Usually, lands are offered with building permission and water, gas and electricity connections, also road accessibility to move easily.

Buying land in Turkey carries on several advantages explained below:

  1. Buying land in Turkey seems like a profitable investment with satisfying rising prices that helps to keep money value during high inflation periods.
  1. Buying land in Turkey will lead to citizenship permission if the land value is at least 250000 dollars.
  1. Buyers can obtain residency permission through buying land.
  1. Obtaining residency permission and citizenship permission leads to easy work permission.
  1. Land buyers in Turkey could get the international Turkish passport, the 39th powerful passport in the world, and with help of that,it is possible to  travel to European countries.
  1. Residency permission through land ownership in Turkey leads to getting health insurance.
  1. Land’s price is less in comparison with European countries.
  1. It is possible to buy land inTurkey with the help of low-interest bank loans.
  1.  Land buyers with less than 250000 dollars get temporary residency extendable annually. After 5 to 8 years, they can get permanent residency.
  1. Buying land in Turkey for construction purposes provides a living situation with low livelihood and capable facilities.
Lands for Construction Purpose in Turkey

Lands for Different Intentions in Turkey

Agricultural Intentions

Because of the Turkish government friendship investment program in agricultural intentions, many investors are inclined to invest in the agricultural field. For some reason, agricultural activity in Turkey is considered lucrative and a return investment activity. These reasons are mentioned below:

  1. Turkey has superior potential for agricultural activity, such as fertile soil and a suitable climate.
  2. Special geographical position and near the Bosphorus bridge agricultural production could be exported to 180 countries.
  1. Turkey’s agricultural production is prominent and known around the world; thus, business owners could sell products easily in international markets.
  1. The Turkish government gives advantages to agricultural activities and offers special facilities.
  1. Agricultural landowners in Turkey could get residency permission after being involved in agricultural activities in two years.
  1. Agricultural landowners get health insurance according to Turkey’s lawsuit.
  1. Investors in the agricultural field benefit from 3000 lira contributions through Turkish government friendship investment lawsuits.
  1. Agricultural investors take advantage of the tax-free program.

The Situation of Buying Land for Agricultural Activities in Turkey

  • Foreigners must take official permission before buying agricultural land.
  • According to Turkey’s lawsuit, foreigners can buy 30 hectares of agricultural land.
  • A buyer will get the right of ownership if the land is utilized just for agricultural activities.

Land for Construction Intentions in Turkey

If you want to get permanent residency permission in a short period and citizenship permission through a land ownership program, it is necessary to do construction in two years. Whenever you have investment intentions through selling the property or leasing out the property, it is necessary to plan the construction commensurate with Turkish taste and favor.

Lands with 2000m2 plots are suitable for family villas with wide gardens and fantastic interior designs that match with your preferences. You could bounce ideas off with Turkish architects to build a home distinctive for its scientific and beautiful structure. Also, there are numerous seafront plots up to 200000m2 proper for hotels. That is a chance for those who wish to enter the profitable tourism industry in turkey.

Land for Entertaining Purpose in Turkey 

It is possible to invest in entertainment by buying seafront lands .Buyers have a chance to step up the hill and enjoy a green backdrop and engage in a variety of activities. The main point is; these lands are neither for construction nor agricultural activities.

Seafront Land in Turkey

The Best Place for Buying Land in Turkey


Istanbul is a developed landmark in Turkey with top livelihood facilities and a stable dynamic economy which attracts countless investors from all corners of the world. Arabs, Americans, and Europeans are the majority of land investors in Turkey. There are different lands around Istanbul grate for planting.


Ankara is considered an industrial zone in Turkey. Land prices in Ankara are more reasonable in comparison to Istanbul; thus, most investors prefer to buy land in Ankara rather than Istanbul.


Izmir is a fantastic place for buying land because of the savory climate suitable for planting, especially has potential for raising walnuts. Also, Izmir hosts lots of historical sightseeing and benefits from the tourism industry, thus attracting many investors in different fields of real estate properties and land investment.


Antalya is a prominent area in the tourism industry. Lands are expensive in Antalya and are suggested for investors who have enough finance to buy land in this area. Antalya is the best place in Antalya to buy land.


Bursa is a green area with a Mediterranean climate in the southeast of the Marmara sea, one of the industrial zones in Turkey. People in Buras engage with planting and animal husbandry, such as raising horses and cattle. Bursa hosts plenty of qualified lands for different animal husbandry and agriculture activities.


Fethiye is located in the west of Turkey between the Marmara sea and Ejeh sea. Land prices are reasonable and could be an amazing option for those seeking inexpensive land.

Lands Value in Turkey

According to the latest valid statistical reporting value of land in Turkey is between 1000 to 40 dollars per m2. However, the value of land is variable according to location and qualification. Ankara and Bursa host the most low-cost land in Turkey.

Land for Agricultural Activity in Turkey

How to Buy Land in Turkey

As time passes, a large flow of investors tend to prepare land in Turkey, and many parcels are sold to international investors. These days finding land is not easy due to scarcity. On the other hand, the land is considered a profitable and return investment option for carrying different activities from residential construction, commercial purpose and agricultural intentions.

To benefit from the land investment, you need exhaustive information about parcels such as advantages, qualifications, location, prices and so on. Also, buyers had better know about friendship investment programs such as instalments, bank loans and other facilities to make a lucrative investment. City Realty Turkey is a professional team that provides a complete land suite list for diverse activities and guides clients to buy a profitable parcel according to their aim and budget.

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