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Resale Property For Sale In Turkey

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Property type
3 Years Rental Guarantee
Suitable For Turkish Citizenship
Esenyurt, Istanbul
310 M²
Obtain Turkish Citizenship
Investment Opportunity
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
48 M²
Amazing Opportunity
Best Location
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
108 M²
Brilliant Opportunity
Rental Guarantee
Esenyurt, Istanbul
519 M²
Suitable For Turkish Citizenship
High Rental Income
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
94 M²
European Side
Magnificent Villa
7+1 Beds
5 Baths
537 M²
Near Bosphorus Bridge
Asian Side
Kadiköy, Istanbul
1,2 Baths
140 M²
Suitable For Citizenship
Sea View
Küçükçekmece, Istanbul
2+1 Beds
1,2 Baths
108 M²
Excellent Opportunity
Affordable Price
Esenyurt, Istanbul
1+1 Beds
1 Baths
75 M²
Prime Location
Building For sale in Nisantasi
Nisantasi , istanbul
Sariyer Villa
Luxury Lifestyle
Sariyer, Istanbul
4+2 Beds
4 Baths
352 M²

About Resale Properties in Turkey

Resale properties are demanded at a high volume among buyers because resale options in all types of property for sale in Turkey, such as apartments, villas, and houses, are profitable. On the other hand, many owners are inclined to sell their properties as they could make a satisfying amount of money on their property. The Asia part of the country and areas along the Mediterranean coastlines home plenty of resale options.

This article provides a piece of information about reselling properties. The writer hopes to help readers to take the right track to reach their destination with confidence.

Resale Apartment for Sale in Turkey

Important Points Are Better to Consider Before Buying

Resale properties are usually free from faults common in new buildings, but they are not guaranteed, and all defaults will be on the owner. It is better to inspect the property at first viewing.

The vital cases that should be checked are windows and doors. Additionally, examine electricity safety and sockets. Some resale options have insufficient and disposition sockets. Other better items to check out are a water tank, hot water baller, and air conditioner. If a swimming pool exists, check it for possible cracks and tiles.

On the other hand, the property may need painting, repairing, and changing in decoration and design. If the property is furnished, some alteration would be necessary. These details gather and cause the high cost for repairing and changing.

Buyers can avoid spending lots of money on fixing and alteration by careful investigation and ask the owners to repair or negotiate a good price to get a discount on the total value of the property. Otherwise, buyers have to pay additional valuation.

Advantages of Buying a Resale Property in Turkey

Resale properties in Turkey are super affordable options among all types of real estate properties such as apartments, villas, and commercial. Buyers benefit from well-priced investments with a predictable boom and experience conspicuous rising prices.

Moreover, resale properties are also suitable for family residential destinations, and immigrants to be a landowner at a reasonable value.

On the other hand, some luxurious resale cases prepare a wide range of amenities and conveniences suitable for those seeking a high-end lifestyle in Turkey at a low price. The facilities could be a swimming pool, concierge services, west green space, bold engineering constructions, and lots of others.

Furthermore, buying a property in Turkey, even resale properties, is a way to get residency and citizenship permission through a citizenship investment program legitimated by the Turkish government.

Resale Apartment for Sale in Turkey

Before buying a resale apartment, please investigate the maintenance procedure for the communal area. Usually, a maintenance and management team is in charge of the upkeep process. A block of building or residential complex consists of at least six apartments; the maintenance process is handled with the cooperation of residents. Also, a swimming pool and garden in a residential complex are the amenities preserved through cooperation procedure. In this case, residents pay a monthly fee.

Resale Residential Property for Sale in Turkey

Resale Villas for Sale in Turkey

Every maintenance process is on villa owners. If there are six, seven villas in a neighborhood, some amenities are handled collaboratively. If one wants to buy a villa, it is better to investigate common procedures about paying electricity bills, maintaining exterior walls, and cleaning sharing space.

The Best Place to Buy Resale Property in Turkey

The best places to buy a resale property depend on your expectations and lifestyle. Because of plenty of off-plan, new-build, and key ready properties in the European side of Turkey, the resale properties market is strong and dominant in the Asia side of the country. Mainly the Mediterranean coastline is a primary place of the resale properties market. The Mediterranean seashore is a popular location that provides lots more than paid. below, the write lists some famous locations of resale markets in Turkey:


Analya attracts many fans of resale properties in Turkey located in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean coastline. This area hosts numerous resale options at a reasonable price. the most high-grade neighbors of Analya include Mahmutlar, Oba, Karaglack, and Kestel.

2.    Bodrum

It is a famous resale market consisting of a central city and 18 seashores that make a hedonistic peninsula. Bodrum is a place for fans of shopping and nightlife. Likewise, Bodrum is a hub of transportation networks. Yalikavak is the famous neighbor of Bodrum, which hosts a continuous resale properties market. Another rustic, peaceful neighbor in Bordun with less destination is Gumusluk embraces all pleasure of the Bodrum peninsula.

 3.    Fethiye

Fethiye is the favorite place of British people who have high-loaded resale purchased properties. Fethiye has a wide range of resale properties, and finding an appropriate option is not a big deal. Owners in Fethiye get a fabulous bonus, thanks to the stunning nature of Fethiye. The most dominant neighbors of Fethiye in the resale market are Hisaronu, Ovacik, and Uzumlu.

4.   Antalya

It is the second popular district zone in the resale properties market, and buyers and sellers are replaced constantly. It is an urban landscape with two well-known districts, Lara beach, and Konyaalti counted as the best beaches of Turkey.

5.    Kalakan

Kalakan is a beautiful area full of luxurious, eye-catching villas and apartments. The beauty secret of Kalakan is scientific architecture, as structures are constructed on hill landscapes to ensure all residents enjoy the amazing sea view. Owners have a chance to be pleased with hedonistic floor-ceiling wide windows with panoramic sea view, open front swimming pool, and open traces for summer evening tea times.

Price of Resales Home in Turkey

The price of properties is variable according to location, size, branded material, construction quality, and types of conveniences. For example, properties in Kalakan are offered at a higher price than Bodrum. Generally, it is possible to have a 1-2 bedroom apartment at 50000 Euro. Villas’ resale market compared to resale apartments is stronger. To pick up a resale villa, at least 70000 Euro is demanded.

Luxurious Residential Property for Sale in Turkey

How to Buy a Resale Property in Turkey

Resale property in Turkey is a robust market with lots of fans because of significant profitable prices and potential for a future return investment. It means resale properties provide a lot of advantages at a much lucrative price. Thanks to the dynamic economy resale marketing experiences stable rising prices; thus, owners will get more profit when they sell their property.

Long story short, resale marketing is an affordable market and revolving continuous turning of buyers and sellers. Hence, unlimited options in different quality could be a confusing deal for foreign clients.

The lack of a reliable advisor to provide complete portfolios with detailed information about location, size, structure quality, price, and amenities hardly leads to a satisfying selection. City Realty Turkey is a professional team with capable staff who take over all districts in the country. It puts effort to bring up the best option to clients commensurate with their desires, expectations, and budget. Please search our website and look up your favorite property ,study details and keep in touch with our coworkers who are ready to clarify any query in all 24 hours.

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