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Property For Sale in Sancaktepe Istanbul

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Sancaktepe, Istanbul
2+1, 3+1, 4+1 Beds
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114-214 M²
Asian side of Istanbul
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Sancaktepe, Istanbul
1+1, 2+1, 3+1 Beds
1,2 Baths
60-140 M²

Buy Property in Sancaktepe Istanbul

Sancaktepe is an outstanding developed district in Istanbul, a dream of tourists and investors because of its beautiful nature, fantastic urbanization, and dynamic economy. This article will introduce the area and guide how to buy a profitable property. If you are searching property for sale in Istanbul, read this article.

Let’s know a ‌Bit About Sancaktepe

Sancaktepe is in the Asia part of Istanbul with the thick and dense forest that borders Kartal in the south, Maltepe in the southwest, Atasehir in the west, Cekmekoy in the north, and Pendik in the east. The whole area is around 61Km2 with a 241000 population. Previously Samcaktepe was an underdeveloped and unknown cozy district.

After a while Turkish government Takes advantage of the distinctive nature of Sancaktepe, intending to convert it to a tourist attraction and an investor seeking place. Thus in a short time, the feature of the city was changed to well-developed and modern urbanization with high-end public facilities and top bold engineering infrastructures.

In other words, Sancaktepe is a unique complex of modernity, prosperity-capable facilities, fast transportation nodes, and new constructions with a charming nature in Istanbul.

Residential Property with Engineering Green Space in Sancaktepe Istanbul

Housing Features in the Sancaktepe Istanbul

These days Sancaktepe is going ahead with significant demographic development. New properties and public facilities were integrated. Every worn-out neighborhood was renewed systematically. This movement with the contribution of awesome nature was in favor of the tourism industry, which plays a crucial role in the economic stability of the area.

Sightseeing in Sancaktepe Istanbul

Sancaktepe possesses a deceiving nature suite for various activities such as jogging, hiking, picnicking. The area hosts valuable historical places such as the Safkenhak usta fountain, the Sarigazi Koyu well, the Baskoy Rumi cave, and the Sarigazi Koyu mosque.

Educational Facilities in Sancaktepe Istanbul

Pupils in Sancaktepe benefit from scientific schools. The latest educational procedures are applied and divided into public and private organizations with all stages like kindergarten, primary school, and high school. Some of the well-known schools are Basel International Schools.

And also, there are famous universities in which many international students are trained every year, Ozyegin University is one of them.

Hospitals and Health Centers in Sancaktepe Istanbul

Numerous private and public hospitals serve patients through diverse and comprehensive medical services. They could be classified into private and public centers. The most important medical center is Sancaktepe Educational Hospital, the extended hospital in the Asia side of Istanbul on 53000 square meters.

Markets in the Sancaktepe Istanbul

Citizens in Samcaktepe experience a vigorous and brilliant lifestyle with the help of modern and comprehensive shopping centers suited for all accessions with friends and family. The most famous are outlet centers, Sancaktepe Rings, and Metrogarden Shopping Center.

Infrastructure Status in Sancaktepe Istanbul

Giving special attention to Sancaktepe through renovating plans, many huge and trendy constructions are built successfully in a horizontal stretch with fantastic and vast green space. Also, the transportation system of Sancaktepe is an efficient system that makes an easy accessibility of the entire area. In addition, the existence of well-equipped hospitals, prominent educational institutions, and up-to-date shopping centers prompt much observation to be optimistic in profitable future investment in Sancaktepe.

Urbanization of Sancaktepe Istanbul

Advantages of Investment in Sancaktepe Istanbul

Sancaktepe is a growth area encountering rapid urbanization in companion with modern residential complexes, integrated with social facilities and amenities and beautiful nature. These characteristics evoke many investors to enter in real estate investment. not to mention investment citizenship program through ownership of a property is worth considering

Sancaktepe is a profitable future investment.

Advantages of Buying Property in Sancaktepe Istanbul

  1. Close to the Marmara sea that connects to the Bosphorus bridge
  2. Contribution of capable transportation network
  3. Approximate of International Sabiha Cokcan Airport
  4. Existence of distinctive educational institutions
  5. Systematic urban pattern and residential apartments designed in different elevations to availability an extensive indoor and outdoor green space and water wall
  6. Each Residential complexes have a special shopping center to cater to residences. Thus they don’t need to go out to meet their requirements.
  7. Obtaining Turkish citizenship through ownership of a property
  8. foreign property owners benefit from Turkish citizenship laws.

Apartment for Sale in Sancaktepe Istanbul

Sancaktepe is a magnificent district with top innovative residential complexes in companion with latest conveniences and combined social amenities, creating a complete place for satisfying living. This area is a perfect selection for those wishing for current top apartments surrounded by alluring nature. The majority of apartments provide camera surveillance systems, concierge service, incredible fitness centers, comprehensive shopping centers, fully furnished kitchens, etc.

How to Buy Property in Sancaktepe Istanbul

Although Sancaktepe is a prosperous district of Istanbul with novel and high technology construction, finding a reasonable property is impossible. You can guarantee your investment under a professional advisor who provides a large portfolio of properties and gives competent advice to clients to spot the most profitable property that suits their preferences and designer. City Realty Turkey is an experienced team in the real estate market that accomplished fame through its abilities and responsibility. We enjoy staying with you till your dream comes true.

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