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Buy Property in Sile Istanbul

Sile is a tourist attraction zone with charming nature and calm atmosphere and an alluring scene of the Black Sea coastline. Being a property owner in Sile could be a remarkable chance. This article introduces the area and carries on useful information for those who decided to buy a property for sale in Istanbul.

About Sile Istanbul

Sile is located in the Asia part of Istanbul; it covers 72 Km2 of the area with 36516 people. Sile has borders with Pendik and Gebze in the south, Beykoz in the west, Cekmekoy in the southwest, Daridere and Korfuz southeast and Kandira in the east. This area is famous in the title of beauty that owes to the Black sea coastline, and also thick jungle gives a distinctive nature to the area.

The Transportation System in Sile Istanbul

The main road in the Sile that connects the area to the Asia part of Istanbul is Uskudar – Sile highway. The metro line is not active in this area, but buses and minibuses are available in every corner of the area. Besides, Sile is adjacent to the International Sahiba airport, a significant privilege of the district.

Educational Facilities of Sile Istanbul

Students in Sile benefit from a variety of schools giving service in both public and private organizations . all educational stages are offered, such as kindergarten, elementary school and high school science and the novel procedure used for teaching and learning process. Some examples of schools are Özel Şile Yönder Okulları.and Özel Bilgi Kuram Okulları.also numerous universities engage with training students, even international students. One of the special and prominent universities is FMV Isik University.

Medical Care Facilities in Sile Istanbul

Sile has enough medical care centers and hospitals that provide complete and diverse services to patients in a secure and serene environment with international criteria specialists.

One of the important hospitals in Sile is ŞİLE DEVLET HASTANESİ, a public centre, although other private hospitals are involved in serving patients.

Shopping centres in Sile Istanbul

Sile is a tourist zone in Turkey, and a flow of passengers come to the area for psychological comfort and relaxation; hence there are not trendy and pricey shops or comprehensive malls like other parts of Istanbul, but there are supermarkets and top grocery stores for creating tourists.

The Best Place in Sile

Sile cast light on tourists because of its deceiving nature and exceptional coastline with rare coral reefs, dense forests, and waterfalls. The whole area is worth paying a visit to. There are lots of restaurants, coffee shops and open bars. some of the valuable tourist attractions are pointed below:

  • Sile lighthouse
  • Kefken Island
  • Seyrek Park
  • Dikili

Advantages of Buying a property in Sile

Sile is a powerful tourist attraction zone with a beautiful nature that attracts visitors from every corner of the world. It is a fabulous place for spending holidays and special occasions with family and friends, taking rest and enjoying different activities provided by the diversity of nature, such as hiking, running and jogging. In addition, Sile is accessible as it’s close to International Sahiba Airport with Sile – Uskidar highway. Besides, overtaking visitors prompts stable income for property owners. It is worthwhile reminding the reliable tourism industry guarantees profitable investment and future growth,moreover, values of property rise every year.

Apartment for Sale in Sile Istanbul

Apartment for Sale in Sile

Apartments offered in Sile are profitable and benefit owners from capable facilities that provide wide green space, modern design, engineering bold constructions, and most views are based on the district’s excellence. Also, it is possible to make purchases by instalment.

 Villas for sale in Sile

Buying a villa in Sile means romance and tranquility,which could be a lucrative investment. Villas provide top facilities in the middle of nature and usually a wide yard for different activities.The main material used is wood and is a suitable choice for nature lover.

Villas for Sale in Sile Istanbul

How to Property in Sile

City Realty Turkey is a professional team to help clients to prepare a property commensurate with diverse tastes, preferences, goals and budgets. Our team brings up a comprehensive list of options from the whole area and guides appropriately to find out the best selection for residency purpose or profitable investment through both renting and reseal investment.

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