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Buy property in Sultanbeyli Istanbul

Sultanbeyli is an area in the Asia part of Istanbul that provides amazing return investment opportunities in different properties, both land and apartments. In this article, the writer tries to share useful information and help readers select their destination. If you are searching property for sale in Istanbul, the Sultanbeyli area can be a good choice for you.

About Sultanbeyli

Sultanbeyli is located in the Asia part of Istanbul and borders Pendink , Sancaktepe, and Kartal. The whole area is around 35 km2 and consists of 15 neighbors with a 300000 population. It is worth pointing out that Sultanbeyli was part of Kartal by erecting industrial workshops, changing to an important economic zone in Turkey, and becoming an independent area. The main privilege of Sultanbeyli is the distinctive location among dense forests that leads to a pleasant climate.

History of Sultanbeyli in Istanbul

Sultanbeyli has deep roots in history, reaching to the Byzantine kingdom, then occupied by Turkish and was possessed by Sultan Mohamad Fateh, which was donated to the Bulgarians.

Sultanbeyli was a crucial area during the Ottoman’s reign because of its vital geographical position sitting between Asia and the European side of Istanbul.

Aydos Castel is one of the important structures related to Otomma’s kingdom.

After founding the o-4 highway and Sultan Mohammad Fateh bridge, the area had experienced a significant alteration; as a result of that, many people from the Anatoli district immigrated to Sultanbeyli.

Urbanization of Sultanbeyli Istanbul

Sultanbeyli started developing after it had separated from Kartal. Although it was part of Istanbul, the luxurious environment is not tangible. The area is surrounded by forest in the west and southeast. The other part of the district is enclosed with different workshops that have a vital role in the economic power of the area.

Most of the citizens are employers who are involved in local factories.

The Turkish government intends to boost future growth through friendly investment, considered a mindful destination for investors. Thus the feature of Sultanbeyli is going to change and civilize rapidly.

 The transportation system of Sultanbeyli Istanbul

The area is adjacent to the E80 highway. The metro line is going to be inaugurated as soon as possible. In addition buses and minibuses are available easily. Taxis are other option pricey.

Public Facilities in Sultanbeyli Istanbul

Through the Turkish government’s plan to enhance the lifestyle in Sultanbeyli, numerous public facilities are constructed, such as schools, universities, shopping centers, and hospitals.

Educational Centers in Sultanbeyli Istanbul

There are different institutions in Sultanbeyli organized in public and private centers. All educational stages are prepared and include kindergarten, elementary school, and high school. One sample of famous schools is VEGA Okullar. A well-known university that could be pointed to is Özel Altınay Koleji.

Medical centers in Sultanbeyli Istanbul

Medical centers prepare complete and diverse services to patients.hospitals and medical centers divided in to private and public parts . some of dominate hospitals are SULTANBEYLİ DEVLET HASTANESİ,ÖZEL SULTANBEYLİ ERSOY HASTANESİ, and SULTANBEYLİ DERVİŞ ALİ-HESNA CEYLAN AĞIZ VE DİŞ SAĞLIĞI MERKEZ.

Shopping centers in Sultanbeyli Istanbul

Although Sultanbeyli does not host lavish and expensive malls, citizens have comprehensive and efficient shopping centers. Some notable centers are Atlas Park Shopping Center and Plato Alışveriş Merkezi.

Apartment for Sale in Sultanbeyli

Advantages of Buying a Property in Sultanbeyli Istanbul

The most key point of buying a property in Sultanbeyli is the green overview in the middle of the jungle and fresh air. The other privilege is the most reasonable price compared to other districts in Istanbul. Also, a variety of options are available such as land and return investment off-plan apartments. Besides, owners could benefit from profitable property resale or steady rental investment income.

At last, the citizenship investment program through ownership property is a fantastic opportunity to obtain a Turkish passport in 3 months.

Apartments for sale in Sultanbeyli Istanbul

Sultanbeyli is not a place for neither luxury apartments nor residential towers. In stade, many profitable apartments with efficient conveniences are offered. Most apartments prepare two to three bedrooms, spacious living room semi furnished kitchens. The awesome point is that most apartments are offered with a profitable installment according to friendly investment.

Land for sale in Sultanbeyli Istanbul

Sultanbeyli is a place to devour modern lifestyle and development, so lands could be a profitable option that guarantees future return investment.

Residentia Plroperty in Sultanbeyli

How to buy a property in Sultanbeyli Istanbul

Sultanbeyli is a virgin district in Istanbul for those who seek a profitable investment with expected future growth. This golden opportunity is not possible unless with a reliable advisor.

City Realty turkey is a skilled team in all types of investments, especially the real estate investment field, that search all offered properties, whether lands or apartments in all neighbors of Sultanbeyli, to assist clients in selecting the best one commensurate with one aims and budget. You can look up our website and find the property suited, then keep in touch with our co-workers who are ready to answer you any time.

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