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Property For Sale in Sultangazi Istanbul

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Sultangazi, Istanbul
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Buy Property In Sulatangazi Istanbul

Sultangazi is a beautiful place in the European side of Istabul with diverse investment opportunities. This article aims to describe the area and give information about how to buy a property safe and sound. If you want to buy property in istanbul read this article.

Where Is Sultangazi?

Sultangazi is located in the European side of Istanbul with a savory climate and alluring scene of nature; it had been part of Esenler and Eyup Sultan but in 2008 changed to an independent district. Sultangazi hosts an important dam providing the majority consuming water of Istanbul and creates an alluring scene.

The dam is one of the distinctive tourist attractions and is named Alibey Baraji;in addition, in the company of Alibey baraji, the area is a suite zone for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, taking a walk, picnicking, holding exhibitions, and local market. Sultangazi had been considered a famous place since the ottoman reign and is a great destination for investors and immigrants.

Neighborhood of Sultangazi

Sultangazi consists of 11 neighborhoods, which are significant tourist attractions, and benefit from high-end public facilities. We are going to mention some of them below:

  • UĞUR

Educational Facilities in Sultangazi

It is important to mention that Sultangazi possesses many famous schools and universities that attract students from all corners of the world. Thus many investors are conceived to invest in the educational field.some of the prominent schools are Özel İstanbul Form Koleji and stek Özel Kaşgarlı Mahmut Okulları, Özel İstanbul Form Koleji.

Also, there are many scientific universities that are training a flock of students every year some of them are İstanbul Üniversitesi-Cerrahpaşa and İstanbul Universitesi Egitim Bilimleri

The Best Place in Sultangazi

Natural Protective Parktif

This park is one of the charming places with a beautiful environment and tall trees suited for psychological comfort, spending fabulous time with family, and diverse activities such as picnicking, jogging, and hiking.

Mimar Sinan Forest

It is one of the most valuable biological sources globally and the largest forest in Istanbul.

 Alibey Dam

This dam has a crucial role in providing the main proportion of water in the European side of Istanbul.

Privileges of Buying a Property in Sultagazi

Sultangazi is a calm and peaceful area in Istanbul but not trapped in an urbanization landmark. Citizens benefit from clean and fresh air and deceiving nature in combination with capable public facilities. These characteristics make the area a dream for investors to make a profitable property, especially real estate investments.

Residential property in Sultangazi Istanbul

Apartment For Sale in Sultangazi Istanbul

As was explained before, Sultangazi is not a place with towers, high rising buildings, or luxurious apartments. In-state is an area with lucrative and affordable cases. Apartments provide usual amenities like a living room, one to three bedrooms, a semi-furnished kitchen, and green space. Compared to other cities in Turkey, apartment prices are remarkably reasonable.

Farm for sale in Sultangazi Istanbul

Buying a farm is a top authentic investment in the real estate area as you can get more than you pay. Farms can be implemented for agriculture activities like planting and selling them in the market, raising livestock and animals. As well as constructing a country house with a company farm is possible, not to mention with other public facilities and resorts it could be a complex and excellent collection.

 Villas For Sale in Sultangazi Istanbul

Villas in Sultangazi provide a distinctive view and clean air, which evolves buyers to prepare a villa. Besides, the plans have been relied on, villas are superb, their environment is charming, and their location is unique, and their prices are variable.

Residential complex with a grate overlooking – Sultangazi Istanbul

How to Buy Property in Sultangazi Istanbul

Undoubtedly Sultangazi is an amazing place for investing because of the serene environment, and at the same time, the proximity of Alibey Baraji and forest contributes to a vigorous atmosphere. Also, citizens benefit from top facilities and conveniences. On the other hand, there are different t options available such as farm, land, and residential properties, in the companion of your tastes and goals.

These advantages promote a profitable investment for family residence and other financial opportunities, but buying a property in a foreign country is challenging unless you have a professional advisor that prepares useful information and guides you to the right track leading to a lucrative investment. City Realty Turkey is a prominent agency in the investment marketing field which obtains fame through responsibility and reliability.

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