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Tuzla is an industrial area with expected future growth and possesses beautiful nature besides the Marmara sea, which provides incredible opportunities for family residency and profitable investment. In this article, we introduce Tuzla and empower you to make the best selection. If you are searching property for sale in Istanbul please read this article.

Useful Information About Tuzla Istanbul

Tuzla is located in southeast Turkey and lies on the Marmara sea border, near the industrial Khojali province; thus, it poses an important location. Tuzla used to be a fishing town during the Byzantine reign following a peace agreement; they had moved back then Turks settled in the area. This time Tuzla is considered a dominative, huge shipyard in Turkey. Many people are involved, and every year numerous workers from neighbouring areas are employed in the shipyard industry. On the one hand, Tuzla is a summer destination for tourists and a summer holiday place for prosperous people; on the other hand, it is an industrial area that absorbs workers from suburbs.

The transportation system in Tuzla

Tuzla is accessible from Kadikoy with buses and minibuses. The journey takes around one hour . A qualified train line links the area to downtown Istanbul. Tuzla is not served by metro, but it is undergoing to be acquired. The fastest transportation system is taxis although they are expensive. Sabiha Gokcen airport is available by buses which leave Tuzla to the airport every 30 minutes.

The Economic Situation of Tuzla

As mentioned above, the gigantic shipyard plays a crucial role in the Tuzla economy. Around 30000 people contribute in this field; this portion equals 1/6 of the whole Tuzla population. In addition to the current marine structure, unprecedented workers will be applied in maritime.

Educational Facilities in Tuzla

Tuzla hosts plentiful technical and scientific schools and universities. Most schools serve pupils in public organizations rather than private. All educational stages, such as kindergarten, elementary school and high school, are offered.

The science fields in universities are in companion with economic requirements in the shipyard. Thus, many universities train expertise in this field. Some of them are Tuzla Naval Academy, Tuzla Infantry School, Sabancı University, Okan University, Istanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty, Gedik Medeniyet University, Süleyman Şah University.

Shopping Centers in Tuzla

Citizens in Tuzla benefit from modern shopping centres and local traditional markets

.Neomarin AVM is one of the fantastic malls on three-wide floors with cinemas, restaurants, coffee shops, fashion shops and supermarkets. The other comprehensive shopping centre is Şifa Park AVM, which provides substantial needs for citizens consisting of a wedding hall, playing ground, restaurants, etc. Furthermore, a local market is always held every weekend, and organic products are offered. It is worth dropping in for vegetarians.

Interests in Buying a Property in Tuzla Istanbul

Tuzla is a place with a future growth guarantee. According to Forbes magazine, in 2019, Tuzla was recommended for investment as the area pursues systematic development. The government takes advantage of the area’s economic value and plans many new projects on the table like residential complexes, facilities structures, parks, and technology sites. With the help of government policy, property prices rise compared to previous years. In addition, buying a property in Tuzla provides psychological comfort, fresh air, and an enjoyable summer settlement. You have the nature of the Marmara sea to spend fabulous time with our family and future investment. It means to get more than you pay.

The Marmara sea coastline in Tuzla

Apartments for Sale in Tuzla

Apartments in Tuzla are more profitable than other parts of Istanbul, but they provide modern and unexpected facilities. Infrastructures are planned systematically by prominent companies. It is possible to buy a property in installments.

Luxurious Apartment For Sale in Tuzla Istanbul

Most of the elegant apartments are located beside the seashore and are close to shopping centres and other public facilities. Those kinds of apartments provide top conveniences like swimming pools, concierge services, restaurants, barbershops, massage services, etc.

Cheap Apartment For Sale in Tuzla

These apartments offer more than the money. Owners benefit from a playground, green space, supermarkets, and then residences don’t need to meet their needs. They are planned with two to three bedrooms and an average living room and semi-furnished kitchen.

Residential property in Tuzla

How to Buy an Apartment in Tuzla Istanbul

Suppose you decide to buy a home or investment, whether in Tuzla or every part of Turkey, you will need a trustworthy advisor. Our team in City Realty Turkey provides a large portfolio of properties and investment opportunities. City Realty Turkey established its position on the market as a renowned agency. We aim to provide an ideal home and investment opportunity to our customers. You can move to this project through our reliability and international team.

Tuzla is an industrial area with expected future growth and possesses beautiful nature besides the Marmara sea which provides incredible opportunities for family residency and profitable investment. In this article we introduce Tuzla and empower you to make the best selection.

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