All You Should Know About Property Taxes In Turkey

Property Taxes In Turkey

In this article, we are going to explain everything about property taxes in Turkey. Today, Turkey is one of the best markets to invest money on properties because of having one of the most competitive tax rates in COED countries and tax laws are so evident, objective and also supports international standards.

Here I should emphasize that there is no difference in tax legislation for Turkish citizens and foreigners. Here we provided every information about taxes in Turkey for foreigners to invest wisely

property taxes in turkey
property taxes in Turkey – CityRealTurkey

The Turkish legislation is classified into three main types: 

  • Income tax
  • Taxes on expenditure
  • Tax on assets

Tax on assets have three categories:

  • Property taxes
  • Motor vehicle taxes
  • Inheritance and gift taxes

Here we are going to discuss everything about Turkey’s property tax.

Property taxes in Turkey

If you consider buying  property in Turkey or any other  foreign country , you should know about property tax legislation in that country. In addition to taxes, you pay when you purchase a property, there are other types of taxes such as annual tax, monthly tax and also value added tax (VAT).

property taxes in turkey
Property taxes in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

Tax of buying property in Turkey

When you buy a property such as buildings, apartments, villas and lands in Turkey, you are issued to pay property taxes around 4 percent of the property’s price. This tax is named title deed registration tax (tapu) and imposed by the real estate registry department in Turkey . 

This fee is usually divided between the seller and the buyer. But based on an agreement between two sides of a deal, only the buyer or seller is obligated to pay the tax. 

Value added tax (VAT)

When you want to sell a property in Turkey, you should pay value added tax. In essence, value added is all about the difference between the price of buying and selling a property in Turkey. VAT is usually added to the property’s whole price; therefore, you aren’t bound to pay the amount separately. 

According to Turkish law all commercial, industrial and professional transactions made are issued to VAT or KDV in Turkey.  

However, under certain circumstances, you are exempt to pay VAT:

  • If the seller don’t have any business with any commercial activities
  • If the seller isn’t in real estate trading business and possessed the property for more than five years

How much is VAT property taxes in Turkey:

  • VAT for commercial properties are around 18%
  • VAT for residential properties are between 1% to 18% 
  • VAT for residential properties under 150 m2 are around 1% to 8% 
  • VAT for residential properties over 150 m2 are 18%

VAT is enforced for 5 years, therefore if you attempt to sell the property in the first 5 years. You have to pay VAT.  You should note that this law is just for residential properties and commercial properties always have to pay value added tax, when they sell the property. 

Annual property taxes in Turkey

When you own a property in Turkey. You have to pay the annual tax. This tax should be paid twice a year, in May and November but also you can pay it in one installment.

This tax is based on the type of property and also which city is the property located in. Annual property taxes in Turkey are between 0.6% to 1% that is calculated over the price of property. Here in CityRealtyTurkey our experts can help you to figure out everything needed for annual tax for property in Turkey. 

Annual property tax in Turkey:

Type of propertyProperty taxes in local citiesProperty taxes in Metropolitan cities
Residential properties0.2%0.1%
Commercial properties0.4%0.2%
Land 0.6%0.3%

Stamp duty for property taxes in Turkey

Stamp duty is a kind of tax that the government includes for any kind of agreement, contract and investing bonds, so you can confirm the contract’s accuracy. 

The sale agreement for a property is 0.948% stamp duty which is determined by the value of the agreement. 

property taxes in turkey
Pay your taxes in time – CityRealtyTurkey

Income tax of property taxes in Turkey

As shown in the above sentence; if you decide to rent your property and have income from it, then you have to pay income tax for it. If you decide to sell your property within five years, you have to pay income tax. Like other income taxes, the tax on property rental income in Turkey is progressive. So, the more you make from your rental properties, the more you will pay taxes.

Of course, the income taxes rate is calculated according to rental income in the Turkish lira:

  • If the rent is up to 14800 lira, you have to pay 15% income tax
  • If the rent is up to 14801- 34000 lira, you should pay 20% income tax
  • If the rent is up to 34000-80000 lira, you should pay 27% income tax
  • If the rent is over 80000 lira, you should pay 35% income tax

Inheritance and gift taxes of property taxes in Turkey:

Another kind of property taxes in Turkey is the tax you have to pay when you get a property by inheritance or getting a gift. The inheritance and gift taxes are around 1% to 30% of the property’s value, and according to law you can pay it in 3 three years and two payments. 

Valuable housing tax for property in Turkey

According to new legislation from January of 2021, an extra tax will be paid for houses with the value of more than 5.25 million Turkish lira.

 So residential properties with a value of around 5.25 to 7.87 million liras will be taxed 0.3% of the property’s value.

properties with a value between 7.871  to 10.455 million liras will be taxed 0.6% of the property value.

properties with a value over 10.455 million liras will be taxed 1% of the property value.

The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre will calculate the house’s valuable housing tax. After the valuation process is completed. A notice will be issued to properties whose value exceed 5 million liras, also results are available on the official site. The property owner can object to the tax in the first 15 days. 

The owner should go to the nearest tax department by 20 February along with the valuable housing tax statement and tax form given by the municipality.

The tax can be paid in two equal payments in August and February of the following year.

Property insurances:

There are two types of property insurance in Turkey:

  • Compulsory insurance which consists of earthquake insurance (DASK) 
  • Non-compulsory insurances which have many different  types that you can choose according to your preference

After explaining property taxes in Turkey, it is also important to  talk about the tax number.

Tax number: 

The Tax number is an ID number you need for any registration and financial transaction in Turkey. A Tax number is a ten digit number given to a person. 

If you are a foreigner in Turkey, you need a tax number for anything you do, for example, opening an account, purchasing a property,  for utility services, paying earthquake insurance, using health services, issuing insurance, doing a notarial process and also applying for residency and so on.

How to obtain a tax number:

  • Get your tax number online
  • Get your tax number by visiting tax offices

You can get your tax number online; just follow the steps below:

  • First, you should visit this link to tax affairs in Turkey
  • Then on main page you should click on Yabancılar İçin Potansiyel Vergi Kimlik Numarası (application for non-citizen potential tax number)
  • Then in a new page that opens you can see the form for applying tax number
  • So you can fill and send the application and after that your tax number will be shown on the screen and also texted to your cell phone
  • After getting the tax number, you should go in person to tax offices (vergi dairesi) or the internet system of Immigration Department (Göç İdaresi)
  • And pay for the card

Also you can get your tax number by going to tax offices:

  • You can go to local tax offices and apply for tax number
  • You should have your necessary documentation (listed in below)
  • Then you can register for tax number
  • And finally, pay for the card to obtain your tax number

Necessary documentation to get tax number:

  • Original passport
  • Filling the form
  • Copy of the passport
  • Active sim card
  • home lease agreement
  • Water or electricity bill in the name of applicant

Note: if you don’t have an active sim card, you can only register for tax number by visiting tax offices

After getting your tax number, your tax number is monitored in all financial institutions so you can freely open an account in a bank and after that do any financial business you have for example purchase a property and so on.  

If you have any problem in getting your tax number here in CityRealtyTurkey we can help you to get your tax number.  

Now after knowing all about property taxes and obtaining a tax number you can purchase a property.

how can you buy a property in Turkey:

The Turkish land registry office is in charge of enrolment of properties in Turkey. Earthquake insurance is needed when you are buying a commercial property in Turkey. 

Another thing you should know is that pre-sale approval is needed to buy a property in Turkey and you can get it through the Turkish land registry offices. 

Foreigners who want to purchase a property in Turkey should get approval from the Turkish Council of Ministers. 

Here in CityRealtyTurkey, our experts can help you thoroughly in the process of purchasing a property in Turkey so you can feel assured that you know anything necessary in this process and obtain the best property you want. 

How to pay property taxes in Turkey

You can pay your property taxes in Turkey by different methods:

  • Pay your property tax online
  • Pay your property tax through bank
  • Pay your property tax through municipality in metropolitan cities

Consequences of not paying tax for property in Turkey:

By the law you should pay your tax for property in Turkey in time, if you delay in paying your taxes, 1.4% of the fine you get for your tax value. The fine can’t be eliminated but each year you delay your tax for property in Turkey it will be added.  

How can you get Turkish citizenship by investing in property

One way to get Turkish citizenship is through purchasing a property in Turkey that values over 250000 dollars.

Through this investment you can get your Turkish citizenship but you should note that according to law you can’t sell your property for three years to obtain citizenship. In CityRealtyTurkey, we can help you through the process of finding the best property to get your citizenship easiest and fastest. 

Last advice in buying property in Turkey

In recent years property investment in Turkey has been one of the best investing opportunities in this country. But there are some things you should know and at CityRealtyTurkey we provide proper real estate consultancy. CityRealtyTurkey is one of the leading and successful real estate agencies in Istanbul, which provides the most befitting advice to buyers and sellers who reach us. 

Is property tax in Turkey for foreigners and citizens differ?

As I mentioned, there is no difference in tax legislation for Turkish citizens and foreigners

Tax in Turkey 2022, how has it been changed?

In 2022 Turkey increased the corporate tax rate for financial sector companies and also provided VAT exemption for the manufacturing and tourism sectors.

How to pay annual property tax in Turkey

The annual tax payments are accepted at the municipality of the district to which your property belongs.

Guidance for living in Turkey

guidance for living in turkey

Introduction of guidance for living in Turkey

Turkey is Iran’s northwestern neighbor. A country where half of it is a neighbor of Asian countries and the other half is a neighbor of European countries and due to its proximity to Iran in terms of culture and lifestyle are very similar to Iran. In this article, we are giving a through guidance for living in Turkey. Living in Turkey can be suitable for many people.

We begin this article with a general overview of Turkey’s geography, Turkish climate, type of government, provincial divisions and major cities in Turkey, and atlas-like information, and then move on to more detailed topics of life in Turkey, such as culture and customs, lifestyle, and Turkish cuisine, urban living in Turkey, working and investment status in Turkey, Turkish working days and holidays, Turkish transport system, Turkish education system, Turkish healthcare system, cost of house expenses to give off a perfect guidance for living in Turkey.

This article has tried to examine and scrutinize everything you need to choose Turkey to live in. So you can choose with comprehensive information.

Geography of Turkey

Turkey is a vast country in the Eurasian region, surrounded on three sides by the sea. The country’s northern borders are covered by a large area of ​​the Black Sea; half of the southern borders of the country are surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. With guidance for living in Turkey you can find suitable lifestyle for yourself in this country.

The country’s land borders are mainly in the east and southeast of the country; Turkey has wide land borders with Iran and Armenia from the east and Iraq and Syria from the southeast and south. It also shares a land border with the European country of Bulgaria to the northwest and the European country of Georgia to the northeast. 

Turkey’s border with its western and European neighbor, Greece, includes sea and land borders, which are very complex and disputed between Greece and Turkey. Living in Turkey is more affordable than in other European countries.

In addition to its capital, Ankara, Turkey has three other extensive and populous cities, Istanbul, Izmir, and Antalya, which we will discuss in more detail below.

guidance for living in turkey
Guidance for living in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

Turkish Weather

Turkish cities have a variety of climates in each season due to their geographical location, abundant mountain ranges, and proximity to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Some Turkish cities, such as Antalya, Izmir, and Istanbul, which are built on the coast, have cold and rainy winters and hot and relatively dry summers. Spring, autumn, and summer are some of the best times for tourists, especially in the coastal areas of this country. Living in Turkey can be suitable for many people.

The rest of the Turkish cities follow a similar pattern, except that they may have a colder winter or a warmer summer.

Turkish political system and currency

The political system of this country is a republic. Hence its original name is the Republic of Turkey. The capital of Turkey is Ankara, which is located in the central part of the country. The currency of Turkey is the lira, which is known by the abbreviation TL. The all-red flag with the crescent and white star symbol is the symbol of this country. 

The official language of Turkey, as the name implies, is Istanbul Turkish, which differs from Azeri Turkish (the official language of Azerbaijan) in some ways. The script of the people of this country is the same Turkish language which is written in the Cyrillic alphabet or the Latin script. Living in Turkey can have certain benefits.

guidance for living in turkey
Guidance for living in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

Provincial divisions and major cities of Turkey

Turkey is divided into seven regions or climates (in Turkish: bölge) by decrees passed by the Congress of Geography in 1941. This division was formed based on the climate and geographical conditions of the regions, and each region has several provinces.

In total, Turkey has 81 provinces; the names of the central cities of all these provinces are the same as the name of the province. Only the three provinces of Khatai, Ghoja Ili, and Sakarya are not like this, and their centers are called Antakya, Izmit, and Adapazari, respectively. By getting a guidance for living in Turkey you’ll have clear understanding of benefits of living in Turkey.

  • Istanbul

With a population of 15,067,724, Istanbul is the most populous and famous city in Turkey, with many tourists visiting its tourist attractions every year. As you can see in the picture above and on the map, this city is located in the westernmost point of Turkey, the farthest distance from Iran and in the European part of Turkey, on the shores of the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara. Living in Turkey is more affordable than in other European countries.

guidance for living in turkey
Guidance for living in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

Turkey can be the link between Asia and Europe to know.

It is the largest metropolis in Europe and the second-largest metropolis in the Middle East after Cairo, Egypt, which is very popular with tourists due to its large and famous historical monuments such as the Hagia Sophia and the Ball Museum.

Hot and humid summers and cold, rainy, and snowy winters are characteristic of Istanbul’s climate. The climate of this city is temperate, and it is usually in a suitable temperature range in winter or summer. Living in Turkey can be suitable for many people.

  • Ankara

Ankara is the capital and political center of Turkey, and with a population of 5,445,026, Istanbul is the most populous city in Turkey. The city of Ankara is a strong economic base in Turkey and can be considered one of the best destinations for foreign investment in Turkey. In recent years property investment in Turkey has become one of the most important opportunities for investing. For more information contact CityRealtyTurkey.

The average annual temperature in this city is 11.7 ° C, and the rainfall in this city is generally low. Temperatures in the winters of this city rarely fall below 15 degrees below zero. Living in Turkey can have certain benefits.

  • Izmir

Izmir is the third most populous city in Turkey, with a population of 2,938,546. This port city is located on the shores of the Aegean Sea and is one of the commercials, industrial and port hubs of Turkey. The city is also famous for tourism, and its beautiful beaches attract many tourists to this port city every year.

guidance for living in turkey
Guidance for living in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

Study in Turkey One way is to get a residence permit in Turkey.

Izmir also has a temperate Mediterranean climate, with hot summers reaching a maximum of 31 degrees Celsius (although a record 46 degrees Celsius has been set for the city). The winter in this city is often accompanied by rain, and the winter temperature rarely falls below 12 degrees Celsius, and it usually does not snow in this city. Living in Turkey is more affordable than in other European countries.

  • Antalya

Antalya, with a population of 1,311,471, is the seventh most populous city in Turkey, located on the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This city is one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey, the beauty of its beaches is unique in the world. Its beautiful beaches and numerous tourist destinations have made it one of the most popular tourist destinations, like the city of Istanbul.

The climate of this city is hot and humid. It has hot summers, and the average temperature in summer is between 28 and 36 degrees and sometimes rises to 40 degrees Celsius. In winter, the temperature of this city is more balanced and is on average between 9 and 15 degrees Celsius, and snow and ice are rarely seen in this city. Living in Turkey can have certain benefits.

Culture and customs of the Turkish people

The culture of the Turkish people is very close to the culture of the Iranian people due to its proximity to Iran and having religious and cultural commonalities. The Turkish people are very hospitable and patriotic people. 

An interesting case related to the patriotism of the Turkish people dates back to 2016. After the failed coup in this country, about 1.5 million Turkish flags will be sold in the country tomorrow. The Turkish flag is a sacred symbol for the people of this country. Living in Turkey is more affordable than in other European countries.

guidance for living in turkey
Guidance for living in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

The most important population difference of the Turkish people is the language.

Turkey is almost a religiously united country with 99.8 percent of its population being Muslim, 75 to 85 percent of Turkish Muslims being Sunni, and 15 to 20 percent Alawite. The Muslim religions of this country are in the minority.

Turkey is made up of a majority of Turkic-speaking and Kurdish-speaking regions in the southeast of the country, bordering Iraq and Syria. About 70 to 75 percent of Turkey’s population is Turkish-speaking, and 18 percent is Kurdish-speaking. The Kurdish regions of Turkey are generally considered to be deprived provinces and have not developed as well as other provinces in Turkey due to their minority status. Living in Turkey can be suitable for many people.

One of the very good cultures among the Turkish people is respect for animal rights and animal welfare. Almost all tourists who have traveled to Turkey have noticed the love and respect of the Turkish people for animals. Feeding and sheltering animals is a common practice among the Turkish people, and animal cruelty is hated and condemned. 

Due to this culture, the municipalities of large cities also have very good treatment of animals, and while protecting and numbering the animals, they also vaccinate them. Living in Turkey can have certain benefits.

guidance for living in turkey
Guidance for living in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

Other popular cultures of the Turkish people include respect for the elderly.

 Hand kissing of elders is common in this country and is considered a sign of respect. Usually, people use the titles Abla and Abi, meaning big sister and big brother, even when they are complete strangers to each other. It is very common in Turkish culture to use these two titles to address strangers regardless of age.

The culture of marriage in this country is similar to Iran, and there are slight differences between the two countries. One of the differences is that women use their husband’s surname after marriage. Living in Turkey is more affordable than in other European countries.

In terms of surnames, there was no surname in this country until 1934. After 1934, when surnames became mandatory in this country, people began to use their father’s surname in their surnames, so that family letters had the word Oglu (meaning son) increased in this country (like Ahmed Oglu meaning son of Ahmed). 

In 2013, statistics were published on the most common surname in Turkey, which introduced Yilmaz as the most common surname in Turkey. Living in Turkey can be suitable for many people.

Lifestyle and food of the Turkish people

The lifestyle and food of the Turkish people in the eastern regions, such as Iran, is based on meat and spicy foods, and the further west we go to this country, the less the food tends to be vegetarian and the use of spices. Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. For this reason, two types of two-meal and three-meal diets may be observed among the Turkish people. Living in Turkey can have certain benefits.

guidance for living in turkey
Guidance for living in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

Turkish public universities usually cost between $ 400 and $ 4,000.

The three-course diet, like the Iranian diet, includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but in the two-course diet, the lunch is omitted due to the elaborate breakfast and is replaced by fruit and snacks. So if one day you were a guest of a Turkish family and you witnessed this, do not consider the omission of lunch as disrespectful and lack of hospitality.

Among the dishes cooked in this country, the types of soups are more popular among the Turkish people; the Turks eat different types of soups almost before every meal and even before breakfast, the type of these soups varies according to each season of the year.

 Among the drinks, tea is very popular among the people of this country, and the Turkish people drink a lot of tea and like to pour their tea into small cups and drink it sweet by dissolving sugar and sugar. Living in Turkey is more affordable than in other European countries.

In general, the style of Turkish food is very similar to that of Iranians, and even in Iranian cities, we see restaurants with Turkish food, which has many fans, and many of their dishes have entered the menu of Iranian restaurants.

Urban life in Turkey

Urban life in Turkey can be described by the category of urban services in Turkey. What services the people of a city have access to in urban life can be an accurate description of urban life in a country. Most Turkish people have access to services such as water, electricity, telephone, and even gas, which we will try to explain briefly below. Living in Turkey can be suitable for many people.

guidance for living in turkey
Guidance for living in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey
  • Domestic gas piping in Turkish cities

As you know, Turkey, unlike Iran, does not have large sources of gas and fossil fuels, and most of its gas is imported from neighboring countries such as Iran, Iraq, and Russia. Therefore, the price and access of Turkish people to natural gas may not be as low and easy as in Iran.

Natural gas pipelines cover approximately 78 of Turkey’s 81 provinces, and only in some tropical or disadvantaged areas is there no gas piping. Living in Turkey can have certain benefits.

  • The municipal electricity system in Turkey

Electricity is also an expensive energy in Turkey. As we mentioned, the production of electricity in this country is mostly done by imported gas, and for this reason, the production of electricity requires a lot of money.

Most energy consumption in the domestic and commercial spheres is for electricity, and in homes, they have a higher priority for heating water and heating appliances. Due to the high cost of energy in Turkey, most shops and small companies prefer to use the services of coffee houses that are located on many streets and do not set up a water house at work. Living in Turkey is more affordable than in other European countries.

guidance for living inturkey
Guidance for living in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey
  • The urban water system in Turkey

The quality of municipal water in most cities in Turkey, including Istanbul, is only suitable for washing, and for cooking and drinking, you have to buy drinking water from shops. In fact, this is a system that is common in many European countries, and unlike Iran, the municipal water supply system is used only for washing. This system reduces the cost of water treatment and prevents wastage of drinking water for use in washing and cleaning. Living in Turkey can be suitable for many people.

Labor and investment situation in Turkey

Turkish people usually work 9 hours a day, which is 45 hours more per week than European countries with 40 hours per week. As mentioned in the previous section, Saturdays and Sundays are closed in this country, and in fact, there are official working hours 24 days a month.

The salary base in Turkey is 2942 lira, which is paid after tax and insurance 2324 lira. In 2019, the average annual income in Turkey was 642,147 lira, and the dominant income of the people this year was 980.80 lira. Living in Turkey can have certain benefits.

The main industry of Turkey is tourism, and Turkey receives a large annual income from this industry, But industries such as fashion and clothing and the manufacture of machine parts are also very active in this country and will probably bring a lot of income to this country in the coming years.

Foreigners can acquire citizenship by buying a home in Turkey.

Tax and investment system in Turkey

Residents of Turkey will be eligible to pay taxes if they reside in the country for more than six months a year. Of course, if you have been in the country temporarily for more than six months, it is possible to be exempt from possible taxes. Living in Turkey is more affordable than in other European countries. Also, all people who own real estate in Turkey will be subject to tax, and whether or not they reside will have no effect on tax laws. 

Turkish income tax is levied on labor or on the amount of rent received and the profit from an investment, and it does not matter where the profit comes from. Income tax on people living in Turkey includes tax cuts and credit facilities. This rate usually varies between 15 and 35%. 

Turkish healthcare system

Turkey has grown significantly in the health sector over the past decade, with about $ 120 billion invested in it. The situation in Turkey in the healthcare system has changed compared to the past, and the most important sign of this is the decrease in the rate of medical services in this country.

The health care system in Turkey is such that 41% of the medical and health expenses of the Turkish people are covered by taxes, 31% of the insurance companies are responsible for it, and the people pay the average of the remaining 28% of these expenses. Living in Turkey can have certain benefits.

guidance for living in turkey
Guidance for living in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

Living in Turkey can be a good experience for people who want to experience a new atmosphere.

In Turkey, thanks to the Public Health Insurance System (GSS), health services are provided to all citizens, and thus many of the medical and care costs are covered by the government. The government has opened a special account to cover these expenses on various taxes, including car taxes and  property taxes

The style of health care is similar to the American style, in that the doctor initially prescribes any medication to the patient, but from the third drug onwards, more money is charged to the person receiving the medication. This is an advantage that removes the burden from physicians and medical service groups. Living in Turkey is more affordable than in other European countries.

Benefits of living in Turkey

  • Favorable weather in most parts of the country
  • Delicious food (if you are not a vegetarian!)
  • Reasonable cost of living
  • Growing economy
  • Diverse transportation system
  • Existence of diverse tourist areas and suitable for any taste
  • Obtaining easy accommodation

Having a company in Turkey, CityRealtyTurkey specializes in obtaining a residence permit in Turkey and buying a house in Turkey. If you need our advice and help, you can visit

guidance for living in turkey
Guidance for living in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

Best Opportunities For Property Investment In Turkey [2022 update]

2021 was just the perfect year for property investment in Turkey! Many believe that property investment in Turkey and Istanbul in 2022 is also an opportunity that might never happen again! So, if you have ever thought of investing in properties in Turkey, It’s time to take action. Why it’s such a bright idea to invest in properties in Istanbul this year? What are the best areas in Istanbul for property investment? CityRealtyTurkey will cover all you need to know to take the first step!

property investment in turkey
property investment in Turkey -CityRealtyTurkey

Is it a Good Idea to Invest in properties in Turkey/ Istanbul in 2022?

Could it be a good idea to invest in properties in Istanbul this year? Yes, Yes, and Yes! Let’s see why investing in properties in Istanbul can be the best choice you can make this year. 

1- It’s easy, quick, and affordable!

Whether you are a local or a foreigner, you can always purchase property in Turkey and Istanbul as quickly as possible. The process of buying property in many other countries is complex and time taking for foreigners. That’s why property investment in Turkey is an ideal choice if you don’t want to waste a lot of time and energy. 

 Are you looking for a country with great investment opportunities, and at the same time, low prices? The price of real estate and property in Turkey is low compared to many other countries, and so are the taxes! 

2- The growing market

Did you know that Istanbul has overtaken cities such as Rome when it comes to the number of visitors? When a country has many visitors, it means the real estate market is constantly growing. The good news is that Turkey is one of the most highly-visited countries in the world.

 If you consider to invest in properties, you’d really want to invest in a city with a growing property market. That’s why property investment in Istanbul can be a brilliant idea!

3- Maintain a steady stream of cash flow

Property investment can provide you with a steady flow of cash and a stable income. It could provide you with extra cash to use for you and your family’s welfare. Many of us working on a 9-5 job find it hard to save money for holidays and nice-to-have stuff, which is understandable. Property investment in turkey and Istanbul can give you another source of income that provides you with a stable flow of cash to spend for what you like or just to save!

4- Reduce risks

You might already have gold, stock, and other types of securities. If so, we have a suggestion for you! Spreading the funds you have in a variety of several channels can help you reduce risks and offset losses. That’s why we suggest you consider investing in properties in Istanbul, which is an ideal city for property investment.

property investment in turkey
property investment in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

5- The growing rate of the youth population

An ideal place for investment is the one that has a growing rate of the youth population. Why? Because employment, labour and manpower have a significant influence on investments. Good news! Turkey has an increasing youth population, and the youth population of this country is more prominent than European countries. That’s why you will never have to worry about youth population, employment, and labour when you invest in turkey.

4. Flexibility of Investment Atmosphere in Turkey

It is known that in many countries, there are barriers to identifying foreign investments. Still, Turkey, a member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), has begun to raise such obstacles to foreign investors starting in 1997. Today Turkey reached a stage where a company is established every 6 days, and the State deals with all investors to equality, creating a competitive environment between them.

According to the Ministry of Economy, there are more than 37.000 companies with foreign capital in Turkey. Turkey also provides the possibility of reviewing international courts and tribunals to solve foreign investors’ intractable problems. It also increased Turkey’s appeal to foreign investors.

According to the Ministry of Economy, there are more than 37.000 companies with foreign capital in Turkey. Turkey also provides the possibility of reviewing international courts and tribunals to solve foreign investors’ intractable problems. It also increased Turkey’s appeal to foreign investors.

6- Ideal for foreigners

Turkey is an ideal place for foreigners to invest. As mentioned earlier, the process of buying properties in Turkey is very flexible and a lot easier and faster than in many other countries. You’d be amazed to know that there are over 37,000 companies in Turkey with foreign capital. Furthermore, Turkey can review international courts to solve the intractable issues facing foreign investors. In other words, Istanbul can be one of the best property investment choices for foreigners.

property investment in turkey
property investment in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

What are the best opportunities for property investment in Istanbul in 2022?

Take a second to check our website, “CityRealityTurkey“, and you’ll find a complete list of the best property investment opportunities in Istanbul, including all the information you need, such as price and all details. Below, we are going to introduce you to some of the top investment areas in Istanbul! Many of our projects are located in these top areas. Please go through our website, or contact us, to find the best options for your budget. We are happily at your service!

property investment in turkey
property investment in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

1- “Avcilar” to invest in property

This area, located in the European section of Istanbul, is one of the top areas for property investment. Many real estate companies around the world seek to invest in this area. Avcilar is an exceptionally fast-growing area. The social environment of this area is so elegant, and it is located in the middle of Beylikduz, Bakirkoy, and Kucukcekmece. 

 Ever heard of the charming sea view that Avcilar has? The perfect sea view of this area attracts anyone towards it and makes it a fantastic place to spend the holidays in. Several equipped parks in this area are just perfect for children’s play and family sessions. Besides, a metro line is being built in this area which makes transportation relatively easy.

2- “Sisli” area to invest in properties

Sisli is one of the touristic areas of the European section of Istanbul. This area is perfect for property investment. Why? Sisli is not only a touristic area, but it is also one of Istanbul’s main transportation nodes. Several important subway lines pass through Sisli and make it an important transportation node. Besides, there are several important universities in this area. But that’s not all! Sisli is also near the sea and has a lot of famous malls and commercial markets such as Jawaher Mall.

3- “Beylikduzu” area to invest in properties

Infrastructure has a rapid development in this area. Beylikduzu is one of the best choices for property investment in Istanbul and Turkey. It has a fantastic view of the sea, many modern towers and buildings, and many commercial centers. You might find it interesting to know that Beylikduzu has become one of the top fast-developing areas in recent years, and many investors have been attracted to this area. 

property investment in turkey
property investment in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

4- “Kagithane” area to invest in properties

Kagithane area is one of the most promising areas for property investment, and that’s precisely why it’s a magnet for property investors. This newly developed area is located near the luxurious central regions like Sisli, Maslak and Levent. As the government works on this area’s infrastructure, transportation, and metro lines are also developing. 

A budget of 401 million and 563 thousand Liras has been set in the previous year to develop this area, so it all seems like Kagithane will have an auspicious future. 

Kagithane area is located close to the center of Istanbul, but it is a cheaper alternative. This area is not located close to the sea, and tourists do not highly visit it, but if you would like to invest in the center of Istanbul, but you find it too expensive, Kagithane can be your best choice!

property investment in turkey
property investment in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

5- “Umraniye” area to invest in properties

The property projects in the Umraniye area is growing every day, and that’s why many investors are seeking to invest in properties in this area. The International Financial Center of Istanbul is located in Umraniye, which promises more and more property development in this area and make it a perfect choice for investors! 

 Furthermore, the population of this area is growing day by day, and that’s one other reason why this area is so great for property investment. Besides, the metro line in this area that connects Uskudar, Cekmekoy, Umraniye, and Sancaktepe makes this place a transportation node. The presence of the Istanbul International Financial Center project makes this place an excellent choice for property investors.

property investment in turkey
property investment in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

6- “Kadikoy” area to invest in properties

Several important cafes and restaurants, commercial centers and residential complexes are in this area. Several famous shopping centers are located in this area, including the Dancing Fountain Complex, Acacia Mall, Capitol Mall, and Emaar Square Mall. But that’s not all! Baghdad Street, a highly luxurious neighbourhood, is one of the attractions of Kadikoy. If you are looking for a place that is quiet and peaceful, and at the same time very luxurious, you might want to consider property investment in Kadikoy.

property investment in turkey
property investment in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

7- “Basin Express” area to invest in properties

Basin Express is an excellent choice for property investment. This area is placed on the European side of Istanbul and is based between Istanbul’s important transportation hubs and main facilities. Property investment in this area seems like an awesome investment option in 2022!

8- “Bashakshehir” area to invest in properties

It’s 2022, and you are looking for a suitable property investment option? Bashakshehir, based in the city center of Istanbul, is one of the good options for property investment in Turkey. The prices of property are increasing these days, which makes it a good option for investors.

  Many schools and universities are located in this area, both governmental and international. Ibn Khaldun University is one of the most important universities based in Bashakshehir. Besides, there are many residential complexes in Bashakshehir, which make the future of this area very promising.

property investment in turkey
property investment in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

9- “Maslak” area to invest in properties

Being one of the very important business districts, quite secure from earthquakes, and one of the most luxurious areas in Istanbul, the Maslak area, is perfect for property investment. This area is based on the European side of Istanbul, near Sisli, Levent and Saiyer areas. That’s why this area is so important when it comes to investment. What else? Let’s see! 

 Maslak is near many famous shopping centers, art centers, sport and culture centers, and significant roads. You can enjoy fresh air, charming landscapes, and a variety of restaurants, playgrounds and many other fun activities. If you consider to invest in properties in 2022, Maslak can be a fantastic option. 

10- “Taksim 360” project to invest in properties

Taksim 360 project-based in the Taksim district is a transformation project. Taksim is one of the most touristic and popular districts of Istanbul, and that’s why Taksim 360 project is a perfect investment option for property investors. A variety of facilities such as shopping areas, sauna, gym, swimming pools make this project valuable. If you are interested in property investment or living in the city center, this project is a perfect choice!

property investment in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

11- “Avangard Istanbul” project to invest in properties

For people who live in big cities such as Istanbul, it is quite important to be close to their office. Avangard project is located in Seyrantep, one of the new residential areas developing and growing very quickly in recent years. Being only 3 km far from business areas, including Maslak and Levent, Seyrantepe is great for people who work in these business areas. That means this project can be a great property investment option. 

 Avangard project has a very stunning design which draws so much attention towards the project. This residential project includes 8 blocks, 11 shops and 935 flats.  This project is close to many swimming pools, walking tracks, Turkish baths, sauna, etc. This project has attracted many investors interested in property investment.

property investment in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey


Want to make the best property investment for your budget? It is understandable to have doubts and questions when it comes to big investments. Although, we are here to make everything as easy as possible for you!  On our website, you can find many property investment options located in the city’s best areas. Feel free to contact us with your questions, and we will do our best to clear your doubts, provide you with answers, and help you make the best investment possible with your budget. 

How To Retire In Turkey

Retirement In Turkey

Retirement is the dessert of many years of human life. You spend your time and energy so you can see its result when you retire. These years of retirement are very important, which is why some people choose to retire in Turkey.

Turkey is a great choice to have a proper social and economic life during this time. Retirement in Turkey has become one of the most popular choices among European and American and even Asian countries. Their most important motivation is to enjoy the endless benefits that living in Turkey brings them.

These days, Turkey is no longer just a destination for tourists and multi-day trips but has become one of the main destinations for immigration. If you want to retire in Turkey, you must know the wonderful benefits of starting a new chapter of your life with peace of mind. 

On the other hand, if you are still looking for a destination, be prepared to make Turkey your main choice after knowing the benefits of retirement in Turkey.

retire in turkey
retirement in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

Advantages of retirement in turkey

1- Easy and excellent transportation

If you are planning to live in any city in the world, you should consider transportation in that city. This is especially important for retirement in Turkey. During this period, you will want to go to different places and have fun, and the platform to have access to these places should be already there.  

The possibility of using public transport or urban roads with a personal car has provided this opportunity for you. Turkey has considered these two issues in all its cities. Deciding to retire in Turkey means that you will not have any hassle with urban transportation, which is a major advantage.

Usually at this age, getting involved with urban transportation problems can be overwhelming. In addition, public transportation lines and urban traffic situations are well managed. This management is one of the benefits of having a residency in Turkey and shows their respect for the citizens.

retire in turkey
retirement in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

2- Fantastic climate and weather

The climate of the country where you are going to retire is very important. You cannot stay in extreme weather due to your physical changes during retirement. You should choose an area with the most varied climates that your body is compatible with at this age. This makes retirement in Turkey a great option.

Turkey is a dream place for retirees due to its nature, long, clean beaches and therapeutic Mediterranean climate. From August to the middle of October, great beaches offer different activities like swimming, walking, and sunbathing. During winter, you have a chance to visit a winter sports resort or enjoy beautiful winter nature. Not to mention always, cruise ships are ready for different sea tours.

It is a four-season country with a well-preserved climate. Because of this, you can easily enjoy the natural changes in the weather. In addition, the intensity of the changes is not such that it is considered a threat to your physical condition. Deciding to retire in Turkey with a four-seasonal climate is a major psychological, physical and regional advantage.

Also, having such a climate means that you can enjoy different seasonal entertainment. So having good weather directly affects your hobbies and variety of entertainment, including sports that you can have.

It is a four-season country with a well-preserved climate. Because of this, you can easily enjoy the natural changes in the weather. In addition, the intensity of the changes is not such that it is considered a threat to your physical condition. Deciding to retire in Turkey with a four-seasonal climate is a major psychological, physical and regional advantage.

Also, having such a climate means that you can enjoy different seasonal entertainment. So having good weather directly affects your hobbies and variety of entertainment, including sports that you can have.

retire in turkey
retirement in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

3- Low cost of property

The importance of the financial aspect of retirement in Turkey is almost indisputable. You need to make sure that you can afford to live and retire in Turkey. The purpose of retiring in Turkey is to have years full of peace but financial worries can destroy this peace.

The cost of living in Turkey is much lower than in some European and American countries. At the same time, its benefits are far more than its costs. Fortunately, you will not need a lot of money to retire in Turkey. You just need to have enough money to buy a residential property or invest in a project to earn citizenship.

According to Turkey, retirees do not need to pay tax income. That is an excellent chance for foreigner pensions since they can live on their pension income from their own country while living in Turkey. It is an excellent bonus for foreign retirees who want to move more value for their money. Note that the high value of the Euro, as opposed to the lira, and the low cost of living in Turkey, encourage many retirees to live on their pensions in Turkey.

retire in turkey

4- Variety of amazing foods

Why having a variety of foods should be an advantage. Well, varied food means that every taste has a place in this country. For this reason, no matter what your culture or food style is, there are some delicious dishes for you in the Turkish food style.

Turkish cuisine is one of the most famous things about this country in the world. When you retire in Turkey, you have the opportunity to taste and enjoy dozens of new and varied foods. Remember that this diversity is very important for keeping your spirits fresh in your retirement life.

retire in turkey
Istanbul – CityRealtyTurkey

5- Different types of hobbies

Having fun in retirement in Turkey means having a fresh and dynamic life. Many countries have entertainment for young people and usually, retirees do not have many options. However, because Turkey pays special attention to retirees, it has provided various entertainments for them.

One of my best hobbies is access to international waters and various beaches. You will have access to the sea in many cities of Turkey, which means that you can have sea activities from sunbathing to fishing.

On the other hand, the strong historical background of this country has been a factor of entertainment. There are many historical sites, museums, mosques, etc., which are good to go when you retire in Turkey. Therefore, be assured that in this country you will never get bored.

6- Beautiful cities to live 

The geographical diversity of Turkey and its vastness is an advantage to retire in Turkey. Most of the cities in this country have historic places to visit. Social and civic services are also well provided in these cities.

Financially, the cost of living in different cities is not much different to limit your options. In addition, if you are interested in the sea, there are many coastal cities where you can stay. Deciding to retire in Turkey will be a perfect choice due to the variety of cities in this country.

Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

7- Geographical aspects of choosing Turkey

Turkey is a great destination geographically. If you want to retire in Turkey, you will have many international communication options. You are indeed choosing a country to spend your leisure time in, but it is still important to have communication.

This connection is a significant issue for having different trips and being acquainted with the culture of other countries. Turkey now has geographical access to both European and Asian countries. In addition, politically, you will have no problem communicating with these countries because Turkey’s politics does not limit its geography.

retirement – CityRealtyTurkey

8- Delightful lifestyle and culture

Turkish culture is one of the most beautiful and rich cultures in the world. Due to its historical antiquity, its cultural elements are interesting to the world. Deciding to retire in Turkey means living in the heart of this beautiful and rich culture.

You will have the opportunity to face a world beyond the cultural framework of your community. This is a challenge and a hotspot for retirement in Turkey. This kind of retirement will be a sweet challenge for you.

9- Social respect for retirees

Turkey is a large country situated on a crossroad between Asia and Europe; this unique situation exposes the country to influences of both western and Eastern cultures from the eastern Mediterranean and eastern Europe to central Asia and the Caucasus. Moreover, Turkey is a rare mixture of traditional and modern conventions and religious and secular parties. Note that Turkey is a pioneer in starting negotiations about its identity as a large country with many secular citizens in the Islamic world. 

It is better to know cultural practices, lifestyles, and social attitudes vary across the country. Some essential items cause subtle differences among citizens. Some essential items mentioned are socioeconomic status, educational level, and ethnicity. However, Turkish nations share core cultural values such as a sense of honor, hospitality, and neighborliness.

In Turkish culture and society, old people and retirees are highly respected. Unlike some countries, which consider retirees to be insignificant members of society, retirement in Turkey has a completely different meaning. In this country, everyone shows special respect for these people, and in fact, they are considered the pioneers of society.

This way of thinking and behaving in society will bring you peace. Deciding to retire in Turkey brings you closer to a country that respects every single year of your youth. It is not possible to have such a position in any country, although Turkey has created this positive view of retirees.

retire in turkey
social respect of retirement – CityRealtyTurkey

10- Enjoying municipal and government services for retirees

The social service system in Turkey has had special programs and views towards retirees. The planning and executive policies of this government are such that you can enjoy a wide range of services if you retire in Turkey.

These services are generally intended for all retired citizens of Turkey, which alleviates some of the retirement concerns. Upon retirement in Turkey, you would receive residence in this country. Having this residence means that you are also a citizen and will have the right to use these services.

Some of these services are related to the medical field, which is very important for retirees. The quality of health care in-country should be one of the criteria for choosing to retire in Turkey. During this period, the need for health and medical services may be more than before, and being sure of the quality of services provided in Turkey can be good news.

11- Healthcare for retirement in Turkey

According to numerous foreign residents in Turkey, the country is one of the rare destinations for settling down during retirement. Besides the beautiful nature, vibrant culture, high-quality lifestyle, and excellent health care system contributing to modest cost of living, Turkey has turned into a favorite retirement country. 

 Adequate health care is required to enjoy the post-work era, as a retiree can join the Turkish government’s SGK schema and get personal coverage. In any case, you benefit from top healthcare services at highly reasonable payments.

12- Family-friendly parks in Turkey

If you enjoy thrill rides with modern parks, such as theme parks, the following samples of theme parks are recommended to be on your itinerary.

Adaland Aquapark

Adaland Aquapark in Kusadasi offers numerous water activities for a fulfilling day. It is a family-friendly park that can be a fantastic chance for long-lived memories with your family. Adaland park is a realm of boundless excitement and makes you and your family speechless. This adrenaline-pumping theme park is 80 Km from Izmir; thus, you have a chance to visit the picturesque nature.

Istanbul Aquarium

If you want to see an outstanding aquarium with a variety of marine creatures, and a unique structure among European countries, then do not miss Istanbul Aquarium. 

This conspicuous complex is 6000 square meters and is 1.2 Km between the black sea and the pacific ocean. Note that this complex has a 470 square meter zone.

Moreover, there are souvenir shops and coffee shops in the complex for visitor convenience.

Sazonova Park

The other family friend park worthwhile to visit is Sazova park in Eskisehir. You can benefit from fresh air, beautiful nature, and a rolling yard with your family. Some park attractions are Fairy Tale Castle, Pirate Ships, Mushroom Playhouses, and the Science Center. 

13- Well Maintained Sites In Turkey

Unesco lists at least 80 sites in Turkey that are of cultural and historical significance and published in its tentative world heritage site. However, 18 sites out of 80 tentative nominations are inscribed on the Unesco endless list. These maintained sites, in various parts across the country, are worthy of being on your travel bucket list to visit. Although it may not be possible to visit all of them in a single round trip, you need to make a schedule for years to come. 

 Sümela Monastery

This mysterious monastery is located in Karadag, in southern Trabzon along the Black sea, with marvelous nature.

Saint Nicholas Church

A short drive from the whimsical ancient city of Mayra, Saint Nicholas Church was founded. It is one of the tourist attractions and pilgrims’ gathering places.

The ancient city of Sagalassos

A scenic Zenit of Taurus Mountain, in Burdur is one of Turkey’s ancient cities open all the time for history lovers with magnificent nature.

14- Community Spirit in Turkey

Turkey is a vast country that is practicing secularism and religion. In other words, Turkey is a pioneer in pushing forward two spirits in the community. Turkey is an example of a traditional community with the intention of modernity which seems to have achieved an appropriate balance between the two parties. These days Turkey focuses on joining the European Union, which is a vital sign of the Turkish community’s tendency to experience democracy with a traditional background. 

Visa & Resident Permits Are Easier In Turkey

In general, resident permits in Turkey include short-term residency and long-term residency permits. As it is predictable, short-term residency is proper permission for those who want to stay in Turkey for a while, like entrepreneurs who run a business in Turkey. According to Turkish foreign affair legislation, a short-term residence permit is valid for one year.

After passing that time, a short-term residency permit needs to be extended, or the applicants must apply for a long-term residency permit. We manage an interview with one of Turkish the immigration lawyers to extract accurate information about residency rights in Turkey; if you have a plan to get a residency permit in Turkey, stick to reading and obtain exact information. 

Note that the process of getting residency permits in Turkey is not a complicated or overwhelming one.

A short-term residency permit is an appropriate selection for employment and students. Also, for medical purposes, training and family reunification, a short-term residency is a good option. The expected time for obtaining a short-term residency permit from applying to having permission is around 1 to 3 months. The validity of a short-term residency is one year that can be extended to two years.

Applicants need to hand in some necessary documents for obtaining short-term residencies, such as a valid passport, proof of income, health insurance, four photos, and a former temporary resident permit.

Foreigner citizens who want to stay longer in Turkey and obtain a long-term residence permit need to submit the following documents to Turkey authorities.

  • Application form
  • Two photos at passport size
  • A valid passport and a copy of it
  • A documented proof indicates the applicant has not received special aid from turkey authorities. 
  • Declaring your financial ability and proving that you can stay in Turkey for at least one year.
  • Your property document in turkey, if you have one
  • Police record
  • Your medical insurance

Note that to extend an applicant for a residency permit can be made online to the Directorate General of Migration Management. If this is your first time applying for a residency permit, you must go to the migration office and present the required documents in person. Remember, residence permits can be for a person or family, students, and humanitarian residents. 

Terms and costs of deciding to retire in Turkey

Many retirees want to spend their retirement in Turkey, but currently, Turkey does not offer a visa called a retirement visa. Instead of a retirement visa, people can think about getting permanent residence in Turkey through other means, such as buying or renting a property.

 Among these ways, we can mention the quarterly stay and its extension through renting the property, as well as getting permanent residence through buying property to retire in Turkey.

 Applicants can get temporary residence in Turkey by renting or buying a property worth less than $ 250,000, or they can get permanent residence and Turkish citizenship by buying a property worth more than $ 250,000.

People who intend to have Turkish residency and citizenship as foreigners will have easy ways to achieve this. Retirees can buy a property worth $ 250,000. Purchasing a property for less than $ 250,000 will result in a one-year and short-term residence permit.

 If you have enough money and you are certain about deciding to retire in Turkey, do not hesitate. Turkey is a great county for buying property and your money is well spent. Being worried about your money is natural but if you look at the economy of Turkey, you will understand that it is not a bad choice. 

 After living in Turkey on a short-term visa for 8 years, they can apply for a long-term residence permit. In addition, people can get temporary residence in Turkey by buying and renting a property in this country and showing the necessary financial means for 6,000 dollars for each member of their family.

Given all these conditions and rules, be sure to try to choose a suitably skilled team to have the opportunity to retire in Turkey. It would be almost impossible to do so without the advice of knowledgeable people. A lawyer familiar with the law of retirement in Turkey as well as a financial advisor will pave the way for you.

 Note that due to the importance of the legal dimension of the case, be sure to do more reflection and research on selecting your desired team. A professional and experienced team like CityRealtyTurkey can well overcome all the challenges and obstacles to be able to retire in Turkey.

retire in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

Best places to retire in Turkey:

According to statistics, Istanbul is the best place to retire in Turkey. Here is the list of cities recommended for retirement.

  • Antalya
  • Alanya
  • Ankara
  • Bodrum
  • Bursa
  • Fethiye
  • Istanbul
  • Izmir
  • Marmari
  • Mersin
  • Yalikavak

Final word

Retirement will be one of the best times of life for any person who should see and enjoy the result of his many years of working. This enjoyment and starting a new life can start with choosing to retire in Turkey.

Turkey is a great destination for retirees to spend these years of their lives. The benefits of staying in Turkey with the vote of retirees are one of the most important reasons for choosing this country. 

Now, considering all these issues and advantages, if you intend to stay in this country, you cannot do it alone. Immigrating to a new country always means facing its legal system. 

Facing these legal complexities is difficult and of course unknown to ordinary people. Therefore, benefiting from the services of active teams in this field will help you to have a great retirement in Turkey. 

City realty Turkey is one of the best in this field that helps you to have the opportunity to spend your retirement in Turkey in a short time. This team will assist you in all legal and financial steps. Having years of experience in this field and successful cases have made city realty Turkey the best choice for you.

If you want to retire in Turkey, you can contact our expert and ask all your questions about this life-changing decision. 

How much do you need to retire in Turkey?

It is not a specific number because of many factors such as owning property, the city the retiree is located and other reasons. But you need at least 5000 lira a month.

Is there a Turkey retirement visa?

There is no retirement visa in Turkey, so you must apply for a residency permit.

Is It Easy To Find A Job In Turkey?

find a job in turkey

Is it easy to find a job in Turkey? – Nowadays, Turkey has captured the attention of many countries’ citizens, and many people who want to apply for long-term residence in Turkey are considering working in this country. Before deciding to migrate, you need to make sure if you can find a job in Turkey.

Lately, due to the economic development of Turkey, we have witnessed an increasing number of migrants to this country, and millions of people are looking for property for sale in Turkey and also finding a suitable career. It’s worth mentioning that Turkey has a high ranking compared to other countries when it comes to employment.

In this article, we will answer the question it is easy to find a job in Turkey, and you will also get all the necessary information you need about this case. And if you need more details you can contact us in CityRealtyTurkey.

How can foreigners work in Turkey?

As a foreigner, before starting to find a job in Turkey, you need to obtain a work permit. Although if you’re a conditional refugee with secondary protection, you’re even allowed to open your workplace within six months after getting this title. You can obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Services. Also, you can apply for a work permit inside and outside of Turkey. Note that to apply for a work permit, a company or organization should apply to the Ministry of Labor and submit the necessary documents, and you can’t do it individually.

find a job in turkey
Is it easy to find a job in Turkey? – CityRealtyTurkey

Is it necessary to know Turkish for working?

If you want to find a job in Turkey, the most important thing is that you need to be familiar with the language of Turkey, Istanbul Turkish. Having enough knowledge of Istanbul Turkish means that you should be able to talk fluently, write and do administrative correspondence in the correct way.

By mastering the Turkish language, you can successfully find a job in Turkey, and you will get better job offers. Of course, knowing other languages such as English, German and French will help you look for a job in multinational or even international Turkey’s companies. So it’s recommended to master Istanbul Turkish and other useful languages that can help you before moving there.

If you are also willing to buy property in Istanbul, please contact us through the Contact Form above this page.

Is It Necessary to have work permission in turkey?

A work permit is designed for foreigners trying to apply for work in other countries, and some types of work permits consider the foreigners’ conditions. Before trying to find a job in Turkey, you need to obtain a work permit to be able to work in any job, and you’re allowed to find a job in Turkey after your work permit is approved; otherwise, you might be punished and may even be deported or detained. Unless you’re willing to apply as a self-employed expert, you have to have an agreed contract with your employer before even considering migrating to this country. This way, your employer can apply for your job permit and gather the important documentation to support you.

How to get work permission in Turkey?

The first thing you need to know before applying for a work permit is that there’s no such thing as a work Visa in Turkey, unlike European countries. To obtain Turkish residency through work migration to Turkey, you need to have the following conditions:

  • Receive a job offer from a Turkish employer
  • Take job training courses to obtain a work permit in this country
  • Use a tourist Visa to apply for a job
  • Register your own company in Turkey

Note that you can only use the above methods to receive support from the government and only these methods are legal. 

find a job in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

You can obtain a work permit from Turkey or apply from the country you live in

Applying for a work permit from Turkey 

If you have the residence permit of Turkey and six months of validity left, you’re allowed to apply to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security directly. In this case, you and your employee should use the necessary documents to make an online application to the Ministry, submitted within six days. After 30 days, you will receive an electronic and written response. Also, after your arrival, you have 30 days to apply for a residence permit, particularly for working purposes. This way, you can obtain a work permit and find a job in Turkey.

Applying for a work permit from outside Turkey 

Suppose you’re not in Turkey or you don’t hold a valid residence permit, or you’re on your tourist visa. In that case, you need to apply to the Turkish consulate in the country you live in or the country of citizenship with the necessary documents such as your passport, a copy of your job offer, and a picture.

Suppose you apply to the Ministry directly after contacting the consulate. In that case, your employer can make an application within ten days, and after the submission of all documents, your application will be approved in 30 days.

How to find a job in Turkey?

The most vital thing that you need to consider before migrating to Turkey is finding a job in Turkey. Many countries such as Australia and Canada have specific policies for foreign immigrants. Anyone seeking permanent residence in these countries must have a suitable job and be hired by an Australian or Canadian country. But countries like Turkey allow foreign immigrants to live in these countries with only a Visa and passport. Still, it doesn’t mean that you should look for a job, and you need to make sure of your capabilities, skills, and expertise to immigrate with an acceptable resume. There are different methods for finding a job in Turkey that you can read in the following:

Find a job in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

The first method: newspapers

Just like any other country, there are various newspapers in Turkey where they publish their job offers, such as Zaman, Hurriyet, and Posta. You can find a job in Turkey by using the job advertisement section of these newspapers.

The second method: sites

Another method for finding a job is to use Turkey’s reputable sites. There are some sites where you can send your resume, and after the employer’s approval, you might get an interview. For example, Karyiar, Kariyerzirvesi, yenibiris, Elemanonline, and LinkedIn are some of the best websites that you can use in this case.

Don’t forget that you need a work permit in Turkey and you’re not allowed to work in this country just by finding a job.

Job hunting – CityRealtyTurkey

The Third method: training classes

One of the best methods for finding a job in Turkey is participating in Turkey’s training classes to increase your skills and expertise.

Vocational training classes

These types of training classes are designed to increase the skills of the unemployed so that they can easily find a job.

Start working training classes. 

These classes are for increasing work experience for the unemployed. An employer trains people who participate in these classes, and they can either find the employer they want themselves or ask the organization to find them an employer.

Entrepreneurship training classes

These classes are designed for people who want to become entrepreneurs or get a promotion at their jobs.

Job opportunities in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

Kinds of jobs and works you can do in Turkey

There are various kinds of jobs and works that you can do in Turkey. For example, one of the jobs you can choose is becoming a real estate agent to offer property for sale in Turkey. Due to the living conditions of Turkey, high-paying jobs are becoming more important every day in this country. Since the amount of income is very important to people who want to find a job in Turkey, we have decided to discuss some high-paying jobs that you can choose in this country.

What job to do in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

1- Financial Manager

One of the high-paying jobs worth mentioning is a financial manager who oversees the finances of a company. People in this profession must have graduated in economics and finance, banking, and business, and their average income is about 13 thousand Liras per month.

2- Biochemist

Another high-paying job in Turkey includes biochemistry. A biochemist is an expert who can perform all the necessary steps and interpret the results of patients. To become a professional in this job, six years of medical education and four years of specialized education are needed.

3- Information Technology (IT) Manager 

An IT manager is one of the most important jobs in Turkey, and this occupation plays a fundamental role in the world of business. As days go by, this profession is becoming more and more vital in organizations and companies.

4- Financial advisor

Sometimes a financial adviser can be considered a professional accountant. The average income of a financial adviser can depend on many factors such as their skills and experience but in general; it’s one of the most lucrative jobs that you can find in Turkey.

5- Marketing manager

Nowadays, marketing managers who graduate in fields such as economics and management are receiving more attention than ever before due to the high competition of companies. This job is among the highest-paid jobs available in Turkey.

Top Turkey Cities to Buy Property

cities to buy property in turkey

Top Turkey Cities to Buy Property are:


2- Ankara

3- Izmir





City Istanbul

When you buy a property in Turkey Istanbul, you will find that there are many options in terms of where you intend to buy the property, especially a city like Istanbul provides you with many ingredients and reasons that make you confused when you need to be in Istanbul, The owner of a specific property in one of the regions.

Istanbul is the main centre of tourism, education, commerce, and economy, accounting for the proportion of its real estate population. City Istanbul offers many options and extends in all directions, and more than 55 countries worldwide are only a 4-hour drive from Istanbul.

Cities to Buy Property in Turkey- istanbul

In addition to this, there is the new third international airport, which is a significant attraction in the country and Istanbul, making travel more convenient. 

Istanbul is expected to be among the top five cities in the world. The country’s economic policy for 2023 includes all the main attractive options that will make Istanbul the most desirable city for people with nightlife and modern conveniences. Istanbul is at the top of the list of Turkish cities. It has the highest proportion of the working population and attracts millions of tourists every year. Istanbul also has some amazing historical sights, such as the Blue Mosque.

City Ankara

Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is the country’s administrative center and the second-largest city after Istanbul. It has approximately 4.5 million, which is why Anakara real estate is highly sought after. There are luxury family houses, large houses, and large apartments. 

There are different advantages to buying and investment property in Ankara. Ankara is a city where real estate is booming. This city has attracted the attention of many foreign investors. Even if there is a general negative trend in the market, the loss of house value in Ankara is still minimal.

Ankara has many cultural values. There are many museums and galleries of art in the city. Ankara is an ideal education city. Ankara University is in the world rankings. This city offers good job opportunities and accounts for 9% of the country’s GDP.

There are bus services from the intercity bus terminal to all parts of the country. 

Projects that add value to Ankara will cause serious activity in the land market in the short term. Real estate investment can be made in Ankara or land investment.

Here are the main pillars of Ankara’s investment environment:

• Special industrial and technological zones

• Industrial and regional revitalization

• Knowledge centers, research centers, science parks, and campuses 

• Industrial clusters 

• Logistics centers 

City Izmir 

Izmir is Turkey’s third-largest city, with the country’s second-largest port and a perfect transportation hub. The city has tens of thousands of college students, scientists, artists, business leaders, and scholars. The tourism investment in Izmir, Turkey, is one of the best tourist attractions in the city, with millions of tourists visiting tourist attractions every year. 

Izmir, has the best features for nature lovers, such as scenic beaches, unique markets, and beautiful neighborhoods. Izmir has 13 organized industrial zones, four technological development zones, and two free zones, providing an ideal investment environment and infrastructure for more than 4 million investors. 

Among them, 42% of the witches are 30 years old. Under the age of 10, Izmir’s youthful spirit is one of the most productive cities in Turkey. Izmir has high rental potential for homeowners. Their annual income is 4-7%, depending on the house’s quality, the property’s characteristics, and additional facilities such as gardens and landscapes.

City Kusadasi 

Kusadasi is one of the earliest tourist destinations in Turkey and the first city for cruise tourism in Turkey. Today, Kusadasi has the third largest cruise port, and it is home to the largest cruise ships from all over the world. Kusadasi is famous for its tourist attractions.

Without visiting Kusadasi, the trip to Turkey would not be complete.

Kusadasi is connected to Istanbul via Izmir Airport, a 55-minute flight. This city on the Aegean coast of Turkey has attracted the attention of global investors for many different reasons. 

Although the local bus system from the city center provides residents with cheap and fast travel options, if they want to go further, the main Otogar in the suburbs also has routes to other parts of Turkey. Of course, for car drivers, the nearby Izmir and Aydin highways provide access to many easily accessible areas. 

One of the most important reasons for investing in real estate in Kusadasi is that the city’s real estate portfolio offers many apartments and villas for resale. The starting price for a two-bedroom apartment is around £60,000, and the payment plan depends on whether you are buying for resale or off-plan. 

Compared with other regions, real estate prices in Kusadasi are lower. The location offers a variety of properties, from affordable apartments to luxury apartments. Kusadasi itself provides terrific views and atmosphere. It has two of the largest theme parks in Turkey. The beach with white sand is breathtaking. With huge travel and tourism potential, Kusadasi properties also promise to provide guaranteed income in the form of holiday homes.

City Bodrum 

Turkey is famous for its perfect combination of modern and traditional architectural styles. In terms of real estate in Turkey, Bodrum offers the best architectural styles. Many ongoing projects incorporate traditional architectural styles into their buildings. And this trend of mixing modern and modern architectural styles is now the latest darling of foreign buyers.

Bodrum offers a comfortable lifestyle in all aspects. Whether it’s a weekly market, convenient transportation facilities, and numerous shopping and sightseeing options, Bodrum provides citizens with all-in-one packages. This peninsula location is also a tourist center. Bodrum is famous for its boating and yachting venues and impressive resorts. In addition, Bodrum already has a large number of foreign real estate owners. The language and culture of Bodrum give you peace of mind that all the locals here speak fluent English. 

City Antalya

Antalya is the second most popular tourist destination. This is a place where there is a never-ending demand for real estate because its history, entertainment, food, and relaxed ex-pat lifestyle make Antalya the best place to buy and own real estate. 

The tourism characteristics of Antalya city have attracted many huge investments. , Especially the favorite destinations of European and Russian tourists, until the annual increase of foreign tourists to 2 million. 

As long as you choose a good investment location and type, you can bring good returns to investors in this regard. Foreigners like Antalya because Antalya is a place of dreams to settle down. 

Interestingly, this location has been the most desirable place for foreigners in the past 60 years. When the Turkish government opened the door for foreigners to invest in real estate, Antalya witnessed the first increase in demand for real estate. . Own, that is a prosperous city.

It also has different locations and provides different environments. The climate of Antalya is pleasant, with nearly 300 days or more of sunshine a year. The two airports in Antalya have also established super connections with other cities. For those who want a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle, Antalya is the best place.

City Alanya

Alanya If you have always wanted to live abroad, Turkey may be your best choice. As a livable place, you can also make considerable profits from any investment property in Alanya. 

It may be not easy to imagine (especially if you have been looking for properties elsewhere in the world), but the real estate market in Alanya is definitely in an "upward" phase at the moment. People can finally get desirable prices for their properties, but they are still a truly outstanding investment in basements compared to the rest of the world. 

If we look back over the past ten years, official statistics show that hundreds of foreigners bought a freehold property in Alanya, Turkey. Located at the eastern end of the Mediterranean coast, the city center and smaller seaside towns have quickly developed into popular destinations in the Turkish real estate market. After Istanbul, which is known for its diverse population, Alanya ranks second. 

The location is a perfect example of a multicultural partnership. Yes, this place is currently a warm home for people in more than 80 countries. Alanya attracts real estate investors in many ways. Mainly the price is affordable. Next, it is worth experiencing the cleanliness and atmosphere of this place. 

The climate in this seaside town is pleasant. Not surprisingly, people from any country feel at home in this town. Another top-secret that allows foreigners and foreigners to invest in real estate is their affordable and portable lifestyle. Alanya provides a global life experience, but you only need to pay part of the cost in any other western or European city.

Final thoughts

Considering all its ‌facilities, Turkey could be the best choice if you have always wanted to live abroad. Therefore, careful consideration should be given to the location and type of houses. Turkey can become a paradise for foreign real estate investors.

Istanbul Districts

istanbul districts

There are 39 districts in Istanbul; 25 are located on the European side and 14 on the Asian side.

These 39 beautiful Istanbul districts on the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, beautify a wonderful city and make it a pleasure to explore. Whether it’s excellent shopping, great nightlife, or a family-friendly neighborhood for home buyers, every district of Istanbul offers something unique.

Istanbul is the main target of most foreigners to buy property in turkey; knowing Istanbul districts will also make it a more amazing real estate investment. While some areas are famed for their historic pretensions or modern tribute to the urban lifestyle, others have an excellent reputation for tourists looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you need more information and any guidance about property for sale in Istanbul please contact CityRealtyTurkey through the Contact Form above this page.

European Side Districts

Let’s take a look at the European side of Istanbul districts:

1. Arnavutkoy

Arnavutköy in Istanbul was once a well-kept secret but now has grown in popularity over the past decade as more tourists try to explore the city away from the main attractions of Sultanahmet Square.

Arnavutköy is located in the north of Istanbul districts, and real estate investments have tripled in recent years due to mega projects such as the planned canal route and Istanbul’s new airport.

2. Avcilar

Avcilar is famous for its location next to one of Istanbul’s most vital roads and close to the city’s most active urban spots, and its proximity to Istanbul’s new canal project.

The rapid urban transformation has resulted in sizeable residential housing projects with extensive facilities creating high-standard properties for sale in the city.

3. Bagcilar

Bağcılar is city’s center. It has significant value on both sides, for investment purposes and housing in its suburbs. It has a robust transportation system consisting of various vehicles operated by the metro network, facilitating transportation to multiple parts of Istanbul and serving its residents with more than one station.

This district is also famous as it offers the most exclusive and reasonable apartments for sale in Istanbul districts.

4. Bahcelievler

Bahçelievler, which means houses with gardens in Turkish, is a primarily residential area on the European side of Istanbul districts.

Which connects the airport to the Asian side of the city and covers 5% of the city’s landscape. Its one of the best areas of Istanbul districts for investment as it generates a lot of rental income because tourism is a lot popular in this region

5. Bakirkoy

Bakırköy is distinguished from the rest of Istanbul by its strategic location close to the city center; It is adjacent to Florya district and Zeytinburnu district, an investment area.

This coastal residential area is becoming famous as a commercial and shopping hub with landmarks such as 76,000 square meters Carousel Shopping Center welcomes over one million visitors each year with food, shopping, and entertainment centers.

6. Basaksehir

It is one of the most modern and original districts of Istanbul districts, characterized by numerous features. It includes the city’s largest and most prestigious real estate projects. Thus, wealthy Arabs residing in Istanbul took over the housing estates. They have a goal to start their business in all types and fields for business projects.

7. Bayrampasa

Istanbul’s Bayrampaşa district was one of the least talked about areas. Still, it has lost its old reputation for its professionalism, excellent urban planning, and family atmosphere in the last decade. Turkish real estate buyers consider Bayrampaşa the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life while being close enough to the heart and soul of the city.

8. Besiktas

Besiktas is one of the oldest districts of Istanbul districts, located on the European side of Istanbul. It is also considered one of the city centers, both residential and commercial, especially for small businesses.

It includes everything a tourist can do from the bazaar, fish market, cultural and artistic events, shopping malls, historical buildings, football clubs, beach recreation, and restaurants.

9. Beylikduzu

Beylikdüzü is a beautiful and modern suburb, with views of the Marmara Sea on one side and Büyükçekmece Bay on the other.

Beylikdüzü has gained popularity in recent years and has become an important area for real estate investment for many reasons, such as its location and the nature of its land.

10. Beyoglu

Beyoğlu is the cosmopolitan heart of Istanbul. The 1.6 km long Istiklal Avenue shopping street and Taksim Square are located in Beyoğlu. The lively area is full of restaurants and cafes, and the famous Istiklal Street is one of the significant landmarks of the Beyoğlu district.

For those who love active life and want to taste the different world of life, this region seems to be the most suitable accommodation for its taste, which constantly adopts a prosperous lifestyle.

11. Buyukcekmece

Büyükçekmece is one of the essential modern districts of European Istanbul and contains high-quality real estate and magnificent tourist attractions.

Büyükçekmece is undoubtedly one of the preferred regions for comfortable accommodation in Istanbul districts; With its main attractions such as Büyükçekmece Lake, a picturesque nature reserve, and the Corniche overlooking the Sea of Marmara.

12. Catalca

Çatalca, as per area, is the largest European region of Istanbul districts in terms of surface area. Located close to the city center, Çatalca is one of the most important stations you can visit on your touristic trips. This district is now in the process of making investment opportunities.

13. Esenler

Esenler does not have a large area but has a large population. Many immigrants from Anatolia and other parts of Asia have settled here in the last 50 years. After a great wave of immigration, the population rose to 150,000 in 1985 and has continued to grow to 450,000 to date.

14. Esenyurt

Esenyurt has become one of the fastest-growing regions in recent years due to the many benefits it brings to investors and many people to live or invest here.  There are many new low-cost properties, Esenyurt has managed to attract many foreigners to settle.

15. Eyup

The district is located on the southern shore of the Golden Horn, just outside the walls. It has many historical artifacts from the Ottoman period. Due to this historic structure, real estate projects have increased rapidly in the district, where interest is relatively high.

Many residences, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, etc., are under construction. And there is a lot of investment in infrastructure.

16. Fatih

Istanbul’s most crucial historic district is famous for its historic streets, hotels, and popular restaurants serving local delicacies. Fatih is also full of beings that will fascinate you at the beginning of your journey.

17. Gaziosmanpasa

Gaziosmanpaşa is a famous district of Istanbul. Its population changed rapidly. The massive immigration has brought diversity to the neighborhood. 

New urban transformation projects provide hospitals, shopping malls, mega outlets, and new housing projects.

18. Gungoren

Güngören district, which is expected to be re-established within the scope of the urban transformation project, was named after a village in the Mahmutbey district of Bakırköy.

It is the third smallest district of Istanbul in terms of surface area after the Islands and Eminönü. Güngören consists of 11 neighborhoods.

19. Kagithane

Middle-class employees buy real estate in this district and travel to big city centers. It’s a future potential with excellent transportation infrastructure and a well-established real estate market.

20. Kucukcekmece

Küçükçekmece attracts real estate investors due to its location on the planned route of the Istanbul Canal, including a large lake of the same name (Küçükçekmece Lake). TEM and E5 highways are approximate distances and are ideal for vehicles.

21. Sariyer

Sarıyer is one of the most desirable areas of Istanbul districts with history to explore. In recent years, its popularity has also spread to the Turkish real estate market, with more and more Turkish and foreign buyers purchasing property for their vacations and retirement.

22. Silivri

Silivri is a coastal town located in the westernmost part of Istanbul, on the border of Tekirdağ province and Büyükçekmece district. Although Silivri is a large district, it has a small population. Silivri attracts many tourists with its fine beaches in the summer months.

23. Sultangazi

In addition to its valuable location, the region is also the focal point of urban transformation projects. Many branded housing projects are being implemented in the neighborhood, which is increasing day by day.

24. Sisli

Home to famous districts such as Esentepe and Nişantı, Şişli is a high-profile district with highlights such as the Istanbul Military Museum, Türk Telekom Stadium, four shopping malls, and the city’s two tallest skyscrapers.

25. Zeytinburnu

Zeytinburnu is one of the oldest settlements in Istanbul districts that still preserves its residential value today.

Zeytinburnu is surrounded by walls on the outskirts of the historical center of Istanbul districts. Zeytinburnu promises to be a valuable place with its recent improvements and many new projects.

Asian Side Districts

istanbul districts
Asian side of Istanbul districts – CityRealtyTurkey

1. Atasehir 

This district has the headquarters of many companies, so this district is a business hub. The district offers a business opportunity with many luxury residences, and people with higher income live here. Means of transportation are reasonable in this business hub district.

New investments are coming into this district. Being a business hub investment made here will give a lifetime benefit.

2. Cekmekoy

This district has a big university campus, so it mainly attracts students. Buying an apartment or an apartment building is an excellent investment as university students will always demand it. This secure investee is life lasting. This site has less tourism as it has more minor tourist spots.

3. Kadikoy

Investment in real estate in this district brings out huge benefits. As this is the Asians famous district and it attracts tourists. This district is always a busy place as there are a lot of activities for tourists to do. It has a major ferry port. Whenever you visit this district, do visit its fish market.

4. Pendik

Today this district is crowded and is mix with middle-class homes and expensive apartments just along the coast. It’s always busy as it attracts a lot of tourists. Castle, formula one racetrack, and this area mosque are pretty good to visit.

5. Sancaktepe

The district attracts working locals as it’s not expensive to live in. Many locals live in rented apartments, so investing in a rental is an excellent opportunity. It has a relatively good local market and has a large amount of green space.

6. Sultanbeyli

It was farmland on the outskirts of Istanbul until 1980, when many people moved to settle in here. The transport links in this district made it attractive for settlement. It is excellent for the working-class suburb.

7. Üsküdar

Üsküdar is one of the most famous touristic areas of Istanbul districts. Üsküdar district is located on the Anatolian side of the eastern shore of the Bosphorus. It is one of the city’s most populated areas and is connected to other parts of the town and the European region by ferry.

8. Ümraniye

Ümraniye is the fastest urbanizing district of Istanbul. It is known as the district with the most significant infrastructure with the real estate investments made by the big companies in the market in this region.

It passes through the highways connecting Turkey and Europe.

9. Adalar- Princes’ Island

The Princes’ Island is a popular destination for trips for locals and tourists consisting. People visit this island by ferry ride from Istanbul. There is almost no traffic in this district. Bicycles, Horses, and carts are used only. It is a good tourist attraction, and investing here generates excellent rental income.

10. Tuzla

With economic and tourist activities in this district, it also has two universities, an educational center. It also has the leading industrial machine and is giving an economic impact. Fresh Fish restaurant on the coastline brings a lot of tourists in here.

11. Beykoz

This district has miles of coastline, which is a good destination spot for locals and tourists. Many politicians and the elite class live along this coastline in well-built villas.

This Istanbul district is also rich in history. The grave of Prophet Yusha, the successor to Prophet Musa, is here.

12. Sile

This is famous for its beaches, and being the northernmost point of Istanbul, it shares the sea conditions as the black sea. It also attracts the tourist for locally made cloth and a castle to see. Suitable for investment in terms it attracts locals and tourists.

13. Maltepe

The population has multiplied in Maltepe today. It’s straightforward to commute from here to the city with a highway bridge, buses to ferry docks. It’s famous for young families and newlyweds as apartments can be bought at lower prices as of now.

14. Kartal

It is a highly populated district due to its excellent transport links. Luxury apartments built on the coast have attracted shops and infrastructure. Two reputable universities and several schools are in this area. This area attracts investors as of every facility like shopping malls, museums, and successful marketplaces.

How To Get Turkish Passport With Buying Property In Turkey

If you want a Turkish passport, then you are at the right place. Turkey offers an investment program Turkish citizenship law that can make you get a Turkish visa. We could guide you on how to get a Turkish passport with buying property in the right investment. But at first look at the benefits!

Everyone can get Turkish passport with buying property in Turkey as it offers an investment program Turkish citizenship law that can make you get a Turkish visa. For more information contact us in CityRealtyTurkey.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship:

1. Visa-free travel

Turkish passport has an advanced global position, globally ranking 34th, registering 114 points on the Visa-Free Travel Index, and permits its holder for entering more than 72 countries without a prior visa! 

2. You can be a Non-Resident

Citizenship remains throughout your life. You can keep multiple citizenships along with your Turkish Citizenship. You can get Turkish passport with buying property and come and go whenever you please, so whether you want to live here or just come to Turkey for summer, you have the freedom to do so.

turkish passport with buying property
Get Turkish passport with buying property in Turkey – CityRealtyTurkey

3. Future of your family

Spouses, children under 18, and parents if they are dependent also qualify for Citizenship. Still, if you decide to have a family or add more children later, they will automatically become Turkish citizens by birth. So, a citizenship application also gives a family members peace of mind.

4. Health Standards in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most modernized countries when it comes to healthcare. By becoming a citizen through getting a Turkish passport with buying property, you are coming into a healthy healthcare system.

5. Citizen benefits

A residency permit would give you the right to live in Turkey, but you must apply for another license if you want to work. If you are going as a student, you have to take many other permits. But by gaining Turkish Citizenship by investment, you are set to live, work and Study. Planning your future was never this easier.

6. Turkish Aroma

Investing in Turkey does not mean you are buying mortar and bricks; instead, it offers much more. Its weather is refreshing and international cuisine is next level.

7. Turkish society

Turkish hospitality is known for friendliness the world over. It is easy to settle here and make new friends. It feels like home to home.

Let’s see who are the rightful applicants to get a Turkish passport with buying property in investment program.

turkish passport with buying property
Turkish passport with buying property – CityRealtyTurkey

1. Rightful applicants

Turkey, the minimum entry level for Citizenship, was $ 1 million. But after consultations, the Turkish government realized that it was wiping out a large part of the world’s population. And the foreign direct capital investment was not happening as expected. 

After issuing the amendment to the Law on Granting Turkish Citizenship to Investors in 2018, It became possible to obtain Turkish Citizenship and obtain a strong passport such as a Turkish passport with buying property in Turkey by investing in property which is worth at least $ 250,000. 

It was the best investment program in the world. All nationalities can now buy property in Turkey. Only Syria, Armenia, North Korea, Nigeria, and people living in Cuba cannot accept any property in Turkey. Anyone can apply for the Citizenship by Investment program from all over the world. Now we are going to walk you through the steps to get your Turkey Citizenship!

2. Getting Turkish Tax number

Turkish Tax identification is a ten-digit number assigned to the individual.

Foreigners should have tax numbers for opening a bank account, buying a property, taking utility services, issuing insurance, doing notarial processes, applying for residence permits, etc.

3. How do you get a Turkish Tax ID number

Getting a Tax ID number is an easy application. You will need to go to any local tax office in the province and apply for it. The documents you need for this transaction are

“Your original passport” and a “copy of your passport.” Registration is free of charge. After you are done with registration, your tax ID number s monitored at all Turkish financial institutions.

This transaction usually takes around fifteen minutes. After receiving your tax ID number, you can open your bank account and carry out any official transactions.

4. First bank account opening

Once you have the Turkish Tax ID number, you can choose from many Turkish and international banks like HSBC, AK bank, and Garanti. It is needed to give the bank the tan number and a utility bill showing your current address for verification. All this takes 30 minutes, and you will walk out with your bank account. 

5. Finding your property

You may already like an area to buy property, but if not, we can advise you on this. We recommend popular Turkish provinces and towns. At this point, you will need to consider how you will use the property investment since you will keep it for the first three years.

Istanbul city is always a good destination for investing your capital. Its best for mid to long-term capital appreciation. However, the Antalya region in Mediterranean Turkey would be far better for summers getaways by the beach. Make some passive income on your investments by renting out your home in Antalya, Fethiye, and Bodrum.

6. $250,000- Minimum property worth

All homes are not eligible for Citizenship by investment. So be wise in choosing a property. A property should be worth at least $250,000. Contact us today so we can share options with you!

7. Investment Program Property

For an Investment program, your property investment should be worth at least $250,000. It should have a habitation certification and be suitable for valuation reports.

And when signing title deeds, be sure to state the reason for buying for citizenship purposes for at least three years you pledge to keep the property. Make all transactions via Turkish bank account.

8. Turkish residency Certificate after property evaluation

After all of the above steps, you will get an official valuation report of the property worth.

Authorities will send the residency cards through the post. After this, it’s time to apply for your Turkish Citizenship by investment.

9. Applying for Turkish Citizenship

An applicant applying for the Turkish citizenship program should have the following documents:

  • Proof of Turkey residence
  • All documents that show the number of dependents
  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Birth certificate
  • Attested copy of foreign documents
  • Health insurance proof

This application process takes only six months. Congratulations! Now you and your family have Turkish Citizenship and can enjoy life in Turkey.