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Moving to Turkey From Russia: Things You Must Know

moving to turkey from russia

How to move to Turkey from Russia? Reading this article is a must for anyone who is planning on moving to Turkey from Russia. What documents and paperwork Should I prepare? How can I rent an apartment perfect for my budget? Can I stay in Turkey without a Visa? How much money will the whole process cost? CityRealtyTurkey is here to give you all the answers and more!

What Kind of Documents Do I Need?

As a Russian, a foreign passport is one of the important documents you will need when entering Turkey. You will also need a certificate of Coronavirus vaccination. The vaccination must be done at least two weeks before

Moving to Turkey from Russia.

  • What if you have not done the vaccination, and you have less than two weeks left? A PCR test which is valid for about 72 hours would be an alternative.
  • You will also need a Covid-19 certificate. An antigen test could be done as an alternative to this certificate. Remember the fact that the antigen test is only valid for 2 days (48 hours).

Are there any exceptions? Vaccinations, tests, and certificates are not required for children up to 11 years of age.

There is a questionnaire on the Turkish Ministry website which you need to fill out during the last 72 hours before moving to Turkey from Russia. After getting this questionnaire done, an HES code will be generated by the system. This HES code will be required at the airport check-in desk, and at the entrance to public places such as cinemas, shopping centers, and restaurants.

Can I Stay in Turkey without a visa?

As a Russian citizen, you can spend 60 days in this country without a visa. Although, you can not stay in Turkey more than 90 days every 6 months.

What If I want to stay in Turkey for More than 90 days?

In that case, you need to apply for a residence permit. This is highly important if you are planning on moving to Turkey from Russia and staying more than 90 days. After applying for this permit, you can stay longer than 90 days legally in Turkey.

If you have moved to Turkey, we suggest that you contact the agency to help you with the paperwork.

What is the easiest way you can get to Turkey? Plane! The prices of Tickets from Moscow to Turkey/Antalya begin from about 21,000 rubles. Direct flights to Istanbul start from 37,000 rubles.

Remember the fact that the number of companies willing to work with Russia is decreasing every day. Some people who are planning on moving to Turkey from Russia decide to book their tickets in advance. Such an approach can help you save some money, but you might risk getting your flight canceled.

Do I Have To Learn The Language?

Turkish is the official language of Turkey. Although, you will find many people speaking English and Russian in large cities. Thus, it will usually not be very hard to have people understand you. However, you might face some difficulties concerning the language in case you stay in small towns.

We certainly suggest that you learn the official language if you are planning on moving to Turkey from Russia and staying more than 90 days. You will enjoy the fact that you can explain yourself with no difficulty in public places!

What Should I Do About My Money?

Turkish Lira is the official currency of Turkey. Although, dollars and euros are accepted in major cities of this country. Exchanging rubles is not profitable, though.

In Turkey, paying with a Mastercard or Visa issued in Russia is not possible. Neither can you use the UnionPay system. But there are some other options which you can give a try:

 “World Card ” which is a service in this country by state-owned banks such as Bankasi, Ziraat Bankasi, and VakifBank.

How to move to Turkey from Russia:

  • Opening a bank account which links the card to Turkish Liras in order to save on commissions or to avoid double conversion. (Try Tinkoff for this service)
  • Opening a card in large banks (You can go for this option if you have received a residence permit). We suggest organizations such as Ziraat Bankasi, Kuveyt Turk and DenizBank for this service.

Moving To Turkey From Russia: Housing

How to move to Turkey from Russia and buy or rent an apartment perfect for my budget? Here’s all you need to know:

How Much Does It Cost?

  • You can rent a room in Istanbul or Antalya with a price of at least 1.5 – 2 thousand rubles a night.
  • Prices for renting a studio apartment start from 2 – 3 thousand rubles per day.
  • It will cost at least 4 – 5 thousand rubles to rent a full-fledged apartment with two rooms.

What Service Can I Use To Rent An Apartment?

CityRealtyTurkey is here to help you find the place perfect for you. No matter how much budget you’ve got, we can certainly help you find a fair option. CityRealTurkey has so many offers for you! Just take a look at our website before moving to Turkey from Russia, and you will find the perfect offer for you in no time!

How Can We Help You?

How to move to Turkey from Russia? This is the question that we hear so often. Fortunately, CityRealTurkey Is here to help you with this question. How?

  •  In CityRealtyTurkey, we will help you with the documents and paperwork. As someone who is moving to a foreign country (probably for the first time), you might not be familiar with the paperwork. Thus, you will need to spend a lot of time, energy, money, and effort to get all the boring paperwork done. Sounds overwhelming? No worries! CityRealtyTurkey is here to make the process of moving to Turkey from Russia as easy as possible. You don’t need to deal with much of the paperwork, we will!
  • CityRealtyTurkey will help you find the best offer for your budget. If you want to move permanently to Turkey, we offer you buy a property in turkey for your needs, for example buy an apartment in Istanbul for living or an office for work.
  •  We consult our clients about the pros and cons of living in each city and area of Turkey. You might not know a lot about different cities and areas in Turkey. We can help you know the pros and cons of living in each area so that you can make the best decision.
moving to turkey from russia

Are you planning on moving to Turkey from Russia

 You will definitely need the help of a local or an interpreter with housing, since not all hosts can speak English. Don’t have anyone reliable enough to help you with housing? We are here to be at your service!


We tried our best to cover the answers to the most important questions people ask about moving to Turkey. If you’ve still got some questions unanswered, feel free to contact us.

We will happily be at your service to answer all your questions and help you to make moving to Turkey from Russia as easy as possible. Also, we advice you to check the Turkish immigration department website.

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