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The importance of learning the Turkish language for living in Turkey

Learning the Turkish language

The necessity of learning Turkish becomes important when you want to travel to Turkey for life or work. Having a residence and passport of another country provides you with the possibility to move to another safe space to continue your life when life becomes difficult for you in your own country. A country like Turkey, which has proven in recent years with its economic progress, is the best choice for us Iranians to immigrate.

Some people have a concern for immigrating to this country, that is how we can learn to speak Istanbul Turkish. Of course, in order to get a permanent residence in Turkey, we must first know what ways we can take action. The first and easiest way for everyone is to buy property in Turkey. The very beautiful cities of Turkey with Mediterranean climate make it difficult for everyone to choose. Because each of the Turkish cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, etc. has its own beauty and advantage

The necessity of learning the Turkish language in order to obtain residency

The requirement of living in any country is to first learn the language of that country and communicate with its people. It is very important to learn English to immigrate to other countries. We all know that learning this language requires learning grammar. While the Turkish language is so easy and comfortable that you can even learn it easily in a few short sessions. This language is the third living language in the world, which is taught in many universities of the world, according to the announcement of the international organization UNESCO .

People who are interested in immigrating to this country and want to get their residence easily can live in Turkey by buying property and investing in this country

How can we learn to speak Istanbul Turkish?

To learn any language, you must first learn its alphabet well. Most of the letters of the Turkish alphabet are pronounced like the English alphabet. But some of them have completely different pronunciation from English letters. For example, the letter c in the Turkish alphabet gives the sound of g. You must be very careful when pronouncing Turkish letters. Another point in learning Turkish is that you will not find any present tense with the meaning of being in this language.

In order to be able to use this verb, you must choose a suffix that matches the subject pronoun in the sentence. If you look at the different sites that teach Istanbul Turkish, you will find that with the given explanations and a little practice and repetition, and by watching Turkish movies or listening to Turkish songs, you can easily learn this language. When you have mastered this language to a high degree, you can now think about investing or buying property to live in Turkey.

The benefits of learning the Turkish language

1. Easy communication

The necessity of learning this language appears when you want to communicate with the people of that country. Imagine that you don’t have the power to speak and you can’t express your feelings to people. how do you feel? At the present time, when you live in Iran, if you could not talk to people, how would you like to live among them? Now think about buying a villa in Istanbul or other cities in Turkey. For this, you must learn its language so that you can easily interact with the people of that city and country.

2. Create a business

Some people ask how we can learn to start our own business in Turkey. When you go to Turkey for work and want to invest and buy property to live in this country, you should think about generating income and working in this country. Every job has its own customer. To communicate with customers and understand their needs and succeed in business, it is necessary to know their language.

3. Migrate easily

In the matter of immigration, the need to learn the Turkish language increases a lot. Iranians consider Turkey to be the best country for immigration due to its very similar culture to Turkey and the exchanges that take place between Iran and this country. Of course, this is not easy. Because we have no knowledge of the cities and the living conditions in them.

So here we need a consultant who can give us the best suggestions for immigration. CityRealty real-estate is one of the best consulting agencies that you can easily refer to their website for immigration and get the best services. CityRealty real-estate provides you with all the necessary conditions and necessities to get a residence in Turkey through property purchase and investment and other other available methods.

Why is learning the Turkish language booming?

The need to learn Turkish became very popular when people realized that living and buying property in Turkey is not as difficult and exhausting as it seems. In recent years, this country has made many efforts to join the European Union. Based on this, the Turkish national football team has been able to qualify for the European League. All these cases show that this country can soon join the European countries and have a bright future.

You can now provide for yourself and your family’s future by buying a villa in Antalya , Istanbul, Izmir and other cities. According to the numerical calculations of CityRealty real-estate consultants, the price of buying a house and buying a villa in Izmir or other cities is completely equal to the price of houses and properties in Tehran and other cities of Iran. While the quality of life is definitely much better in Turkish cities than in Iranian cities.

After mastering the Turkish language, now think about getting a residence

If your goal in learning the Turkish language is to immigrate to this country and get a residence there, we must remind you that you must take legal action. Many people intend to immigrate to Turkey through illegal means or by trusting companies that are not valid. But these people will definitely face many problems or end up falling into the trap of fraudsters.

We conclude that you must go to an institution that has valid records in this field to take the necessary measures for residence. CityRealty real-estate assures you that it will complete all the steps of obtaining your residence.

The necessity of learning the Turkish language in the world

Currently, it has been proven to people all over the world that many quality and beautiful fabrics and carpets are produced in Turkey. Now, to answer the question of people who ask, how can we learn to have business transactions with Turkey so that we can earn income for ourselves in addition to conducting these transactions with the businessmen of this country? It must be said that in order to meet with Turkish businessmen, you must learn the Turkish language in order to create a suitable job market for yourself. On the other hand, Turkey is a country with a mild climate, beautiful beaches and attractive historical places.

All these points make Turkey a tourist country, and traveling to it is not without pleasure. In order to have a comfortable stay when traveling to this country, it is necessary to learn the Turkish language. Many others also want to travel to Turkey for study or permanent residence. The necessity of learning Turkish language for these people is much more than other groups.

the final conclusion

If you are planning to travel to Turkey or get permanent residence by buying property and investing in this country, the city’s real estate consultants are at your service. You might say to yourself that by entrusting your work steps to an institution, what is the necessity of learning the Turkish language?

But it must be said that it is true that CityRealty real-estate does all the work related to getting your business or permanent residence completely. But it is you who have to live in Turkey for a long time. So don’t try to forget learning the Turkish language and don’t underestimate it. Learn this language in the best possible way as soon as possible by looking at different sites or visiting reputable schools.

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